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Butch Stearns Opens Running the Gamut on New England Sports

Mar 31, 2013|

Butch starts off his show on Easter Sports Sunday talking a little about all the 4 major sports - the start of the MLB season and the new approach with Interleague play, Jackie Bradley Jr and the Red Sox, the Celtics heading toward the playoffs along with Ainge vs Riley, the Bruins recent woes and not getting Iginla, and don't forget about the NFL Draft!

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Wow according to Scott -- a couple about to take over the airwaves. Well my Mikey Adams. I didn't bring anything to barricade the dual pretty everything that I can barricade the door with. All right I apparently don't think anyone here anyway okay that's right he's he's the real road everything's closed. Thankfully Dunkin' Donuts don't. Everybody and happy Easter I am Butch Stearns and according to that one text -- on the deal and Bradford show they couldn't wait. My -- are always for deal Bradford and I like to thank my wife -- the -- and at the particular. Perfect moment. -- welcome end to support Sunday on WEEI. I thought our Robin dale did a great job of not. Sort of covering the map on what's going ominous final Sunday in March as we embark on April. But 2013. So I would like to take the bid on from them. And sort of not. Set the table if you will see which you'd like to feast. User yeah pretty dead upon. Six on 777979837. -- on phones right now going to be the first analyst -- -- you'd like talk about 617. 77979837. Beetle for a clock. Matt Loper taking your calls. He'll be screening you when you call eighties a painful process I must warn you. At this particular moment but I'm Matt does his best offer and asked for a rubber gloves to make sure that it's comforting for you. Texts on the AT&T text -- 37937. You. Springtime. And April in particular are one of one out of my favorite months in Boston sports. October September October -- my -- for the fall and October in particular my favorite. For several reasons hockey and basketball just starting up again football is gearing up the shortest. Start to know what type team the patriots have. And ideally the Red Sox contending for something. But but April is interesting because we look at IV. Four major professional teams are all due respect count the revs the reverend is -- -- When you look at the major sports professional sports landscape here and Boston and April is an interesting month of course it's baseball. -- -- baseball these tons to talk about. -- to set the table and is gonna leave it out there here's a few with a bullet points I'd like to hit I think it is yes Jackie Bradley. By the -- 3 o'clock is the deadline we should have a an announcement from the Red Sox on a roster decisions I think -- chance doctor rob on the way out. But I don't -- roster he's in New York getting your decision about a forty man roster mole. That someone's gonna be moved from the forty man roster traded designated would have. So get Jackie Bradley and I think there's a lot of interest -- questions about Jackie Bradley. I agree would would deal said earlier and more rob echoed that this is a great debate. It's a classic debate its stake in modern day baseball I'm Mike Trout Bryce Harper debate let's hope Jackie Bradley and a category very soon. But really it's the debate about service time and him being up is not a debate at all. Scott Boris. Was in the paper the other -- -- believe Michael Silverman an article in The Herald yesterday -- Scott Boras and Boris outlook. They're gonna find a way. I'll pop the exact quote Iraq they're gonna find a way the Red Sox. To make sure they. He misses those twenty days. And he's gonna get their next year so it's just a way to case. Sold it's really a moot point whether restart the season or not now what makes this debate fun. Has everybody likes to say. What if he fails. What if these Bobby's prowl for those -- -- and after members from an -- and before his time and never recover. -- the other side of the argument the other side of the point. What is -- six seats. That's what makes it's -- -- argument. If Jackie Bradley starts tomorrow at 105. And that's seventh eighth or ninth. Employees left field against CC sabathia. What it becomes right out of the gate and goes one for four with a walk a stolen base and it is a triple. At a Red Sox win by one run and he makes a diving what does he mixes lash and keep signal. Now you've got some of the talk about. And again it's a small sample on April in this -- Bowl but what how do they send him down -- What if he makes a splash so let's talk about Jackie Bradley that. On -- in the Red Sox own original lineup I was love to do that. I don't wanna do is a texture says please not four hours of Jackie Bradley -- -- he created here. Let's talk about Jackie Bradley as part of this team. Team and let's talk about the bigger point which if there's one overall question I would ask it two ways TU c'mon Red Sox fans the season starts tomorrow. Is there one thing or anything that you're excited about the most about the seasonal or send a little differently and asked in a different way. What's the most angst you have about the reds as let's face. Many of us aren't happy unless were miserable and -- be miserable bout with the Red Sox. So what is it that you're looking forward to give you one thing I buckles. It's time. I liked clay I like we -- shown stretches for a period of time he's the Ritz east last year -- a team that didn't have a race for all the talk about Jon Lester. And the spring that he's had. I wanna -- Clay Buchholz put together a Jacoby Ellsbury season from two years ago. He's got the stuff that's one thing. It damaged but what do what do what do you wanna talk about would direct. Yeah I think from a baseball perspective not sure if you look at it and not sure if you care there's a couple of things. Baseball season starts tonight in Houston. That's right the American League Houston Astro. Baseball has for the longest time been dysfunctional. Like Matt -- spam. We joked about it it's an army because off. Aren't they wanna throw stones from your glass house. But baseball has forever been dysfunctional sixteen nationally teams which the F fifteen and fifteen now folks that starts tonight. Texas at Houston at 8 o'clock on Sunday night baseball on ESP and that's when the season kicks off and -- -- American League team so what does that mean. -- we should care. Exponentially about the Houston Astro. But with fifteen teams in each league did you know have you looked have you thought about the fact that there is an interleague series. In Major League Baseball every single day of the week. Did you know that did you look at that for example. When the seizing kicks off tomorrow did you know that the Los Angeles angels of that time the team many picked to go to the World Series are playing at the Cincinnati Reds. Did you know that did you know that this weekend in the first full week in a baseball excuse me next weekend. That the other interleague. Series. -- beat Kansas City. Royals at the Philadelphia Phillies and on and on and because fifteen of fifteen is not going to be interleague play all year long. Still going to be goes June series and -- Red Sox have teams coming economy will be going to their arch -- Phillies and all that stuff. But I mean that's changing names those a -- talk about based partly. Bruins. -- They talked a lot grown -- more intimate to continue that you get the thing is still a lot to talk about what I would like to do is tapping your memory banks. Boston sports fans on all four Boston sports teams. And the Bruins in particular. I am not trying to put the silver lining -- -- -- because I -- -- again like the rest of you. I did take a look with curiosity this morning to see that he made his debut in Pittsburgh yesterday game we're Sidney Crosby got. Teeth knocked out and the bigger as dale brought up -- two point. It's not necessarily oral surgery the key problem it's this is a guy with concussion missed a lot of games. Pittsburgh is his concern but again -- debuted but he played on -- line. We have without Sidney Crosby mainly because crowd out of the game remember all the talk Democrats don't get -- -- Was on -- James Neal and of getting mock him at the higher parts. The penguins won two to nothing game is the I was they -- fifteenth straight but my question cue from Boston sports perspective -- For all the angst about getting a guy like again what let's look back in our history. And see. When we have angst over and over and over again for much longer periods of time and again law. About the guys that we've acquired on the Boston sports you know missed out on how in hindsight some of those decisions have been good and bad. Need I remind you how long we talked about Iran coming to Austin. Has anybody wanna make the argument today that that would have been a good thing for all the debate that we had several years ago. So six on 777979837. Might Bruins be better off not getting -- again. I don't know just a question. Bruins have fifteen games left night at home six on the road they've lost five of seven tonight -- buffalo. They will play the Canadians next weekend and they -- Pittsburgh. -- Jarome Iginla coming here on Friday night at the garden April 19. Almost fifteen games they have laugh. I would make the argument at that point playoff contenders and every single one of them because there's nobody eliminated from the playoffs. The worst team in hockey is still in in in the Eastern Conference is still in contention. For the playoffs. So. For the rest of the season what you wanna see from the Bruins. I am bullish on Tuukka Rask like a lot of people are. -- I still think Tuukka has a whole lot to prove. Come playoff in -- Tim Thomas -- while Florida Panthers have 28 points or seven points on the final playoffs. They're the worst team in -- eastern Contra so the Bruins trade deadline coming up on Wednesday April 3 give -- missing out on that. Usually going having a press conference. A lengthy press conference to address the trade that was not made unique kind of refreshing to be honest. Love talk about that Celtics while we're talking about GM's how about Danny -- Celtics Thursday here with salt and -- How about the comment that he had about LeBron James -- -- was common by the way. This kind of day please don't talk to me about LeBron market here's the comment by the way with salt and Ali listeners you think that was a heart. I'll -- hi -- I don't know. But the referees got out of the referees got got the calls -- I don't think it was a hard foul on you talk about the one bit. At the at the end of the game where LeBron went to the basket. We're well LeBron said he was tackled on one early by pirate and I thought pirates took the worst of that collision and then there was one where he complained that Tajik yet Taj Gibson. I don't think either one of those were flagrantly. And I think that. And I think the one of those LeBron against Boozer was like yes I don't think the officials had it right. If you look at it to see your computer replay. He looked at Boozer is Elise size them up perfectly when he threw that elbow pretty high was just frustrated at that point I think it's always interesting -- -- Great players complain about the officials win more often than not they get the benefit of the doubt. I think that it. You know almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating after the. That quote he if he if you hear Danny. Who played later on again -- you can isolated he was thoughtful he he he kind of knew his instincts told them -- better be careful what I say a little bit but he was insane. It's almost embarrassing. Those are his words that the -- would complain about -- -- that they said it's almost embarrassed. I think that it. Well you know almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating. Come out this week yes that same round who coached the Yankees the lakers for so many years. Called Angel line the line players. Love this stuff might agree. We Gary Tang -- both Jerry Tang -- Cedric Maxwell at some guys seized -- radio station before. -- the other night I think it was rape as these guys. -- like this. And that's awesome. Right. And now looking at the standings and games that opens up at five at home five on the road. Com. It's more than likely if -- talk -- if the -- make the playoffs and I give him. The deal but the Miami Heat the first round -- Fodder for the 5067. 779790. -- Celtics. Knicks tonight John will be coming after me he'll -- -- up at 7 o'clock game grand acts out next. In New York you've also got the Bruins in buffalo tonight first of the year fifteen games left. What playoffs are the NBA playoffs start April. The calm and it tells him a couple of we'll start and of April where a month away and the patriots. And you've got the draft. Coming up in just a couple of weeks and just draft talk a couple of not -- -- does Larry Johnson -- top three. Here yesterday was caught a break now we didn't talk about it but that is his favorite topic he didn't have a stop watch. This is Craig. Must most home I want to hear. Larry is for years about it's it's all right it's. About it but it refresher it is -- the break. Back calls us here at their additions. Or guys that -- and additions and -- Com Adrian Wilson safety Donald and use between the jag. -- all due respect an average guy but. Michael Leon Washington kept the lead at home they lost Welker Lloyd shown. -- -- Donald Thomas and and they've added him and all Adrian Wilson Donald like we want people. At the draft coming out. With a page.

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