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Dale and Rob Revisit the Whacky Story of how Bobby V Became Athletic Director for Sacred Heart

Mar 31, 2013|

With opening day tomorrow, Dale and Rob look back at the ridiculous way Bobby Valentine handled various situations last year and his blatant, over the top lies. They hit on his new gig at Sacred Heart and just how insane it is that he will be the AD for a Division-1 school.

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-- from 978 says Rask was the reason the Bruins got up three to nothing in the series against the flyers in the second round of the playoffs great she went down series over. You are right by the way text -- about that Rask had one bad game. Depth is not enough to beat the penguins are you serious look nice -- right now. I don't think as as they are presently constituted -- good enough to beat the penguins in the east. I think they're good enough to get to Eastern Conference final. I think they're good enough right now. Now I think they've got to make a couple of moves if they wanna be a team who's considered capable of winning a Stanley Cup championship. I think they've got to make a couple of additions if they wanted to at all. United throw aside dishonest on Twitter this isn't this is off slightly off topic is off topic Bobby gone under the question and answer in your post. So we brought him -- earlier. After a late because I'd like to hang on every word I never stops and I mean that's the thing in never stops. And I'll read two questions -- -- What about the Kevin -- with comments but he wasn't playing with him emotion let me guess I never said that. At that and yes that's what I do it's it's odd video I don't Heidi say you -- and say I don't it's on video but that doesn't stop him. Answer I think that they were absolutely heartfelt of the time they were totally blown out of proportion and reacted to improperly by the outside world. Well. Now it's your fault well this I mean it has nothing to do with the fact that you say something about a player but don't say to him so he asked to find out from the media that statement. How would you carry characterized the difference between the Boston media in the New York media. And I read this and I understand every Wednesday while no one cares but you but listen. It's ridiculous. All the Boston. All the Boston ever want to do is prove that they were tougher are tougher media the New York. And I don't mean everyone with the same brush. I think some of those guys are absolutely terrific people a good group will perhaps -- horse. -- -- says that's -- who are stuck there are unprofessional laid -- -- us and should not be in the business up here. In my opinion one guy never talked to me the whole year because he said to be you'd like the answer I gave in spring training. He covered the whole year. I think the New York media knows more about baseball -- is more professional. Now that now Evans fight and work fight work now so which guys -- the media I'd. Come on rob don't peak season. He's the one of set there was a that in optimal year -- I applaud disperse and I want to applaud him by name oh yeah well. This just say that there was and a very very heated argument in Tampa at the end of the year. In the manager's office with the door open to everyone in the clubhouse Goodyear there was. -- And I say awesome from the from the media's perspective from the media persons perspective would sell out academy did an excellent job of defending himself against. Then I do applaud him by name because come. Yeah how long did it. It takes out over over Bobby every single time the act -- thin for most. Pretty early. I mean it in and as I I jokingly did call I -- it I admit I jokingly did call and Bobby Abner Doubleday Valentine in spring training. Because every time he opened his mouth and spring training it was how he was doing things better than anybody who's ever done it before had to. It's just this but I ever heard this before from Valentine. This the Boston media has an inferiority complex and New York media and their chronic show that they were going to be -- off. As a New York media is. Okay if if that's what he wants to believe that's. Anyway he's maker of the field hockey schedules. Oh yeah a lot of sacred heart is getting the best of his efforts. Talk show host on NBC sports he just took a gig now is a part time post our analyst for New York Mets baseball. I sure sacred heart you know when he's working out the bus schedule for the but he women's ice hockey team to make the trip or no he's got at all he's got all the heat it's unbelievable. And shame on sacred heart for doing that. Because you don't watch an obvious publicity ploy on their part. I mean I can even imagine what he did it. But you're right about sacred heart I I was ashamed of them because it devalues what athletic directors do. Which is it aid tremendously all encompassing job. And for sacred heart to hire this guy. And to make it seem like what to do all the things that you're talking about our schedule -- to pass up and pass up I'm sure they had a list. A very Bible candidates who had diesel professionally. To attempt that I've I've worked my whole life I studied in college I've worked my way up tipped to become an athletic director at A division one school. Now give Bobby Valentine and -- he'll put all of his heart and soul into this. Shame on them well shame on them which game and -- as well I mean it's. He's doing it because he's him. And that's -- that's what it's about. Like you know I can be the director of public safety I can do a million different things even though in a while I'm six years old or whatever is. I'm gonna keep on doing stuff and I'm not gonna stop and I applaud him and I applaud him for being active in trying to do a lot of things in life. But you know what your point. There had to have been more qualified people of that sacred heart job there was to bring more to that job and -- And I can't imagine that whatever and by the way they'll be looking at that list a year from now when Bobby bolts on the because -- a I had to do what. Yeah you -- what you want me to do one and I was most watched the volleyball team play this afternoon. And you know while -- with a lot of times when you went organizations do something like that is because hey you know what we can get money from people. Reading gitmo we can get. Political endorsement and -- moments. Can do that you do it this is gonna translate into a financial gain for the university. Well I don't believe that I don't I think they know -- a spot -- right in I don't regularly I don't either. Anyway enough about -- Dexter says it's funny Curt Schilling is a blow hard and he's -- -- Bobby Valentine is a blow hard and he's blasted go figure. I don't know how much Curt Schilling -- applauded in these parts anymore they're certainly was a a time when Curt Schilling was rather universally applauded. In the aftermath of of the things that he did on a baseball field. I actually thought to be honest with yet. Given how he performed here. And how admirably he performed here and he didn't do what you know he set out to do. I was actually surprised how quickly people turned on in here based on his political beliefs well. It comes down to if you -- opinion is one thing to have an opinion. And you can disagree with the opinion and then people might call you'll blow hard but when -- Bobby Valentine and you're just come out and say things to it are just. It accurate. False mean that Kostis in her view. It was up and down you can gold throw it and say this is wrong this is wrong this is wrong this is wrong and if you can't support your argument. The -- horrible hard. So that's that to me will be the difference wanting to be opinion and I think Kirch -- opinion dated. But I do think that he has a basis of facts when he makes his opinions. -- says being an athletic director is not difficult solved my goodness let's stop at 860. Wherever you are. If you're gonna do your job properly it's incredibly difficult it is long hours it is. It is endless hours doing your job properly being an athletic director is a very difficult job if you do it right. -- Bobby Valentine probably going to be easy. It's -- seventeen other people doing all the work and he'll be taken all the credit. You get there right out of the assistant athletic director is -- I promise that guy doesn't have much social life price we -- with art show up 6177797937. Is telephone number. AT&T text line is 37937. These same text or who said being an athletic director isn't that hard has responded to my -- It easy -- usually I agree with you which you have to admit simply being an accountant for instance is much harder be real wide. No idea how hard it is to be an account I don't know that. But I don't know that there's a lot more involved with being an athletic director again if you're doing the job properly. Especially at a division one school now sacred heart is at the bottom of the division one pecking order and I am -- no sacred heart fairly well -- my daughter went there to play hockey before she transferred to UMass. So I know the school I know I know the the ethos that. They they desperately wanna be better than they are they wanna be thought of in a bigger way than they are. And I'm sure that was behind the Bobby Valentine hire. You know will do this will make us seem bigger than we are now I think it's gonna fail miserably because I don't think he's gonna do the job. I I heard and argued the argument from people when he was hired an -- scoffed at the idea. And I heard people say this is simply yeah a fundraising -- well. Truly don't think he's gonna put the effort and a fundraising either. He he won't won't. Now I was shocked that you obviously sign on that radio program. Before he gets the athletic director job or -- he kept it -- -- shock it is in surprise me that he did but that he could. I thought that what you would be now flight director. -- your job right exactly. I mean it it it would be like. In on the athletic directorate at Notre Dame. You know holding a couple part time chops on the site it would need. It would even be considered. Nobody would even think of a holding down a talk show host job -- you could have a radio show. A weekly radio appearance appear the athletic director at Notre Dame that be fine. And which couldn't be a talk show host a year and at a Chicago Cubs analyst -- a certain number of games over there. It would even Notre Dame would -- You if you ask him for permission to do note yet it's it's a joke it's an absolute joke and you know and also we what is sacred heart thinking. I know you want the publicity in you think you might get some money out of it too but having. Doesn't this also show you Q what do loose cannon like this is the athletic director. Mean do you want this guy is the face of viewer read -- program read the quote you district. Not now a matching your the president of sacred heart. And if it is and a Catholic institution. You know it it it's a very fine school and my daughter went there and spent a year there I have nothing bad to say about sacred heart. But imagine you the president of Sacred Heart University. And you hired Bobby Valentine to be your athletic director and you read this in your -- we were once like you stall open at -- or their dollar and I don't know the there ago. He says that Tom. Is as the quote in the in New York Post interview Bobby Valentine. He says. -- -- It is six months in a uniform I met a lot of great people lot of really good players had a lot of great experiences. -- that the fans were spectacular the female fans especially are second to none. I think it's ingrained in the families or something. The people you pass on the street the mothers grandmothers. Those incredible the passion and yet allow the season I thought the fans are really respectful of the especially the female fans apparently NN in regards to what he said about the previous thing is ridiculous comment he made. About the the reporters. And saying you know being reported and talked to win this thing was shot and talked to him a break. He talked to ask some questions. -- not stop. Mine alone Bobby Valentine said some some that it wasn't true lately trouble but that's -- in big ego. But that that in a nutshell is the problem the costs -- view was the problem. When he did that Kostis interview it was so easy to go through. And just say no this is wrong this the wrong this is wrong and for those people think you know while you don't want your he's gone in -- disrupt them. I went in with a Bobby -- that every single day I took it because you hear all these things. I just want to say every single day and try to be a clean slate to deal -- this guy one day at a time. There was some good but it is way too much. -- OK there are a little choked up talking about bonds -- 6177797937. -- -- apparently not like you were doing so as windows which is show start just stay right where you are lonely be a few minutes from now Bologna where gates and bad for -- -- -- ago. Are you thank you hey -- itself. -- AME EU earlier you brought up Bob -- rob you did. The talked about how bombs. Big guy in the in the clubhouse really get along with Bradley Bradley seems like a thirty year old you know. Which guy will he be sitting on the plane but going out to Brock who are does he really makes them as well as you you make us believe. But are mostly I wanted to know if anyone has asked rice or again. About Bradley. Rather than is currently the team. What would what would you as or rice know about -- I think -- about play left field. Well the united doesn't -- I guess attitude around down there in the. You yeah he's well he's there -- -- He's almost never with a Major League team he's actually in in the back fields. Keeping a low profile would be really really young kids but in terms of who Jackie Bradley is gonna hang -- -- that went on the plane coming up to New York. -- Why don't forget I don't think he's really close to a lot of guys on that team right now beeper if we also -- and that's nothing against Jackie Bradley York. A testament of what type of person he is but you have to remember is that this kid hasn't been around these guys before this off cease. -- before the spring training. They've never had to travel together. Well exact being you're talking about. -- -- Guerrero had as much experience with the major leaguers is Jackie Bradley did before -- war. These these guys. Sit at one end of the club house. For the entire spring training and then as spring training goes a long. PCs are to weed them yet they saw of them blockers get empty lockers get empty -- get empty if you noticed. This spring training. At that and the club author Jackie Bradley was his locker is right -- -- to Bogart's. And also on this volatile lockers down there that that are full stuff -- -- more the last couple weeks except for Jackie Bradley's. I think the most important thing is is -- from what I gather they respected Jackie Bradley. I would say that the only the only conflict. And I'm not suggesting there isn't the only guy who might have an issue with Jackie Bradley junior would be Jonny Gomes. Yes he might be the one guy. Who sitting here looking at this 23 year old kid and the possibility that he's gonna come up and take playing time away. Not at the beginning of the year while Ortiz is out but -- would be the one guy and I'm not suggesting that he feels this way who could feel threatened. Right Jackie Bradley June yet and and also a guy like Ryan Sweeney and talk to -- -- about this Ryan three the signs with the Red Sox minor league deal. And when he -- he's looking at the roster he's lining it up. At Jackie Brown is not part of the question right and and go to the next level of that absolutely. Because there was never thought that hey you know what you've got another option another every day option. Out there and help QB could not only does joining don't wanna play. Johnny Gomes ought to play every day in that one of the themes of Johnny Gomes a spring is hey I can hit right handed pitching. You know what it's gonna take a hit his chance to do sort of -- take ahead of Jackie Bradley is on the team and he knows that the good point. -- techsters says. Please take fifteen seconds -- Nicklaus. The Astros win more or less than sixty games. I'll save 61. There you --

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