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Rob Bradford Has some Good News for Red Sox Fans -- John Lackey and Jon Lester Found Their Smiles

Mar 31, 2013|

Dale and Bradford continue their discussion about the start of a new season for the Sox and Rob mentions how their is certainly a different feel to this year's team than last year's Bobby V run club. Specifically, he mentions his discussions with Lester and observations of Lackey ... oh thank goodness, they seem happy!

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Text on the AT&T text line at 3793. Sevenths is dale you'll okay. Little sensitive on the Ryder subject I am sensitive to you stupid arguments. Stupid specious arguments and I've heard this will wait too long. Well you know the Bruins could -- Michael Ryder. Here's Erik Cole in his career he has had years of 3029222635. Goals. -- his plate is not at those levels now which is by the Montreal Canadians wanted to trade him. That's what the Canadians gave up to bring Michael Ryder back tell me what tell the Bruins equivalent of Eric call it. Why -- the caller said I don't how one. Just -- -- work because that's how you would have gotten Michael -- you'll that it had to at least match if not beat the Canadians. In eight trade not free agent signing in -- trade only what you wanted to give optic Adam. And then we can have a discussion I don't stupid arguments well don't tell me you know well surely screwed that up because I have Michael Ryder. Which you were willing to give up again. Now if you wanna make the -- moral argument when he went to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'll give you that went quiet -- again tell me what the equality as they traded forum. And stop with the Iginla stuff because god knows we've seen enough evidence over the last. Or five days of what happened there -- a foreign week where a couple days -- was -- well what was really cool was that. You just never see a general manager to win on a sign that. Ever I I can't ever remember general manager. Talking about the players he was trading away if I name. And say you know always full Coakley chip out of a lineup in Portland we pulled Bart cow -- -- -- we have you know we had a deal. You never hear -- you really need bench Eric and good to go off on someone because this week we -- sure knowledge. We change. -- Pat Riley off nights they shut the bleep I was great that was that -- eighties Celtics lakers that was all good luck he added there's not enough of that in the MBA. I mean even Rex Ryan and -- stuff like that about Bill Belichick for crime and it was it was absolutely awesome. 6177797937. Gave some cell phone hi David I don't. I go to Easter thank you do. You know I like return to being the pill making people feel better that's my my job he's here to fill out a more knock it down there -- parent and yet trying to be negative -- -- opt out of Iraq herb Albert it overpaid media player but at the thing about eight art and -- -- -- -- parts in that you and I think about the whole roster. A player is sort of records eighteen home run -- -- yet. Probably do worse than you know not gone up and down the line up -- -- years paper. People you know get on -- get around -- Obama. I only paint on the scene at the pitching and the guys don't like it played out -- -- Oprah. If you do you know or who it and lost or I know your. Pocket thirteen that as clear as you know. Or can gain in game later. Most are steamed over the years that -- -- one yet and it's like we feel like -- note the other guys. Or even actually -- A warm weather up. Well and turned to -- the -- is clearly wasn't hurting -- him again -- else. Stated it that's it because he was healthy well about the numbers and because I really don't put much knock in on right now it's gonna take. You have anybody coming off Tommy concert there Kiki is gonna take some time now what helps him is that his timetable. Lined up so they he had the entire off season. -- he started pitching again at the end of last year. It was only in a minor league game port Meyers but it would be encouraging spring training firm that's what you want. To me what struck me about John Lackey in this doesn't mean anything perhaps. But his demeanor was so different it was unbelievable. It in the clubhouse and being in terms of being approachable about. This being a guy who -- -- I want status but the smile is -- And doesn't mean anything but if you ask me for observations from spring training. That doesn't walk the -- and it was really stood out for -- in terms doing an about face what he was like last year. You're either at a question and -- go on record Beckett Lester and buckle. We looked pretty good didn't bring their training -- how much stock you. Well I said before that I haven't seen a spring training like Charlie -- had turned him from starting pitcher and long long time. It's encouraging but it doesn't mean anything until you start doing it that we cited up and down we were just talked about. The the hitters Darnell McDonald had an unbelievable spring training last year in translate. Sometimes as does sometimes it doesn't. But from what I saw Jon Lester if you're asking me in my opinion I think he's gonna have a very good year Clay Buchholz. When he's healthy and when he's on the mound usually produces other than me being a last year so. Right now he's healthy and on the -- You know what I one received from Lester tomorrow. I wanna -- the first time. He paints the outside it with a note too -- as adult at the call that's what it -- and because that crap Scott stop. I mean that that glaring in at the umpire and allowing the umpire by the way. And it happened on numerous occasions last year completely trauma is absolutely and that's -- I talked about Lackey in the persona. That was another 10 blaster -- me I did the interview with them navigate and I know he -- a lot of heat for everyone's like oh he's going down that road. But throughout spring training for a guy who IE you never ever -- smile. Ever meet you remember signal a pilot miserable although all the sudden he smiled and this doesn't mean anything. But if you ask me about perception in observations this spring training these are some of them.

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