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The Jackie Bradley, Jr Debate Rages on During Sports Sunday -- It's Dale vs Bradford, and it gets Heated!

Mar 31, 2013|

The boys take on THEE debate of Spring Training so far as we prepare for opening day...should Jackie Bradley, Jr start the year in Boston or Pawtucket? Rob thinks with Ortiz on the DL, the Sox need to put the best team possible on the field and that includes Jackie Bradley. Dale on the other hand, says it makes absolutely no business sense at all to not let him spend a total of 9 games in the minors before bringing up. The battle goes back and forth and it's very entertaining!

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Let's let's talk about the red sox' decision by 3 o'clock today they have to submit their roster. You know I know everybody knows Jackie Bradley junior is going to be on I don't think it's the right move but that's beside the point. He's going to be on the roster today. I guess the issue here is the forty man -- get him on who asked to -- they've already granted Ryan Sweeney his release but that's separate issue. Yes that was there were buying some time they had some time. And regressive Jackie Bradley tore a hamstring in one the last games. The -- pat Ryan -- still under control now you don't. But not yet to clear a spot off the forty man roster and maybe that could be the trade. Because the forty man you look at guys like Alex -- and moral Gomez. Steven Wright. You say well -- -- of -- bag really matter right but it in their eyes they don't look at it that way Al tasks and for instance. Has three options a guy with three options who -- service to Jackie Bradley -- -- -- yes exactly. Stephen Wright terrible spring training. By the sale may be you turn around Gibson starting pitching depth. Moral Gomez vote you know you people may be not might not be impressed what they saw them last year. But this guy king has done everything possible hitting in triple -- so maybe serve a purpose power wise which is something -- need. So yes so the gives it easy answers to me and we can debate this -- I really haven't heard your Jacqui debt Bradley debate I. Soledad it probably not a whole lot different than others who who disagree with the idea he's got 499. Career minor league at -- spends too few in my opinion for most. You have the occasional guy the Mike Trout. You know you have the occasional guy who might not need all of those minor league at bats I know that really flies in the face of how the Red Sox have always done business. To meet. What you're looking at -- nine games at the beginning of the season. Only three of those -- at home six or on the road. Let's be honest you're gonna get a rain out or something in the -- might not even being nine games when all is said and done. For the sake of of leave while putting him in Pawtucket. And having him -- nine games at the most maybe less. -- -- by a 162. Games at the other render this deal that math is pretty simple. Mean if they are confused. Are you saying that the main reason he shouldn't be called up is because. He's not ready because -- to them enough bats because it's not just one reason I'm trying to be all -- and wondering OK so I guess I'll start the service time in nine games this kind of drives me nuts. Is that. Oh yeah I understand nine games if you just said you know what he's going to be called up and never be sent down again this year. Then and that your free of yours can be after 2018 instant 2090. I understand that argument might counterargument to that it is when -- ever -- comes back. There is not going to be a play for Jackie Bradley play. Every day which is this has been mandated. If he's going to be up he's playing virtually every single day so this -- David Ortiz comes back on May first. YouTube by the way but I and it's OK OK. Whatever let's be honest this was initially a seven day issue here remember you know albeit below with the Bobby -- -- -- -- yes. So what he comes back. There's not going to be a place and you can say what you want about joining domes it Shane Victorino Daniel Nava. But there's not going to be a place for Jackie Bradley to play every day. And no that's not necessarily. Okay because the counter to that is. He is ready I'm wrong he is ready eakins and your performs at a high level at the Major League level and and and and he starts tomorrow. Against CC sabathia at Yankee Stadium and a party heard this -- arrogance about the -- and boy it's personal he -- he's Larry's not he hits lefties better than right so so he consent. He starts tomorrow he performs at a high level. So now your gonna send him down to save the twenty games right it's laid a rotten you're gonna send him down to save that service year why not just get it out of the way now say it. Cut out the nine games and it probably will be less with rain outs or whatever. And then it does perform at a high level you've got the option of let him now. Is making your team the plastic can be. Without David Ortiz in the lineup this is your best option for this roster right now. Now when David Ortiz comes back wall why would you send him down if he's doing so well. I'll come back to. That it's twenty days in the minors it's may first. Jonny Gomes is sitting there and. -- -- -- makes your team the best to -- better than Jonny Gomes. -- can't send him down right might be you can be mr. team the best with the roster situation it is -- out plays Johnny golden. You're gonna send him down anyway. Right yes and I don't know how that makes sense that supposed to do when it now because because they are gonna give up on Jonny Gomes on May first. Said no thanks -- the best team you can like right now without Dave anything outperformed Jonny Gomes later he's making your team the best they can. Right because that makes the best team they are right now with out David Ortiz without Dave Ortiz. This is the best roster that you can half with Jackie Bradley on. Now David Ortiz comes Barack. And Jackie Bradley is there now which is Jackie Bradley junior when he. If you going along great David Ortiz comes back. Would that be the best team maybe by the roster situation is different you have to factor all of this and right now. There is a spot because David Ortiz isn't there. When David Ortiz comes back. They are not penetrate Jonny Gomes on May first they are rockers sit down Johnny gill for four days at a whack. Because it's may first forty if you get into June and July the conversation changes here's the deal. I don't think he's ready but -- knows I'm no baseball scout I may be completely up to watch. Ortiz comes back let's use -- burst for the sake of discussion who knows when. And Jackie Bradley sitting in 0320 off. Playing -- dazzling defense of left field. Nobody thinks he can handle the job defensively. And you're gonna sit on what we got to send it down okay we got to send it to attack it. It's saved the twenty days because now it's not nine games now it's twenty days once you do know is your -- -- down to get your regular bats. Because dealt with it. So -- -- meat where's Johnny Gomes is 250 Eaton and and Jackie Bradley junior at 325. All gonna send it down. Okay let me ask you this. In that scenario. It's easy to say what does keep playing Jackie Bradley is keep client. Well -- to play every day you tell me. You tell me what are you gonna do with the other players that you have invested in the gonna give a -- after you could give up on them which is what you would be going under that scenario. After one month. Oh isn't that what Red Sox fans are saying he makes he's he's best outfielder other than Jacoby Ellsbury -- second best outfield right now right right. So what are Gomes is helping David Ortiz is healthy he's your second best outfield but David Ortiz comes back. And I sent him down to save my party to wait list for twenty days now you get to June. June 14 you can if you wanted to trade Jonny Gomes could -- trade Victorino I don't think they're gonna. But if you get roster crunch you could do that. Up until that point you've invested in these guys and they're -- it to say hey you know what. Jackie Bradley juniors here for the rest of the time and work wholly given up on you I that to me this is a simple math problem day. 162 is greater than. So this'll my my best case scenario here is I -- nine games and it probably going to be -- we all of college probably isn't going to be nine. I was eight or nine games at the beginning of the season and then my options are open if he's playing well like keep them here. He's the second best outfielder I got the best -- bright -- I keep them here. Why by the nine days at the beginning of the season nine games the beginning of the season ideally all my options open from that point forward and I hit it seems it. And I can understand that argument by. I would choose the argument that number one you have the built in in my estimation you have the built in time anyway. You have the built in excuse or whatever you wanna call it to get him his twenty days in the minors and if you have that. You have the option of starting the season which is to meet its hugely important that you put the best team out there to begin the year this year. If you have that are not important -- notice. Well what's different here all the differences is that they've got off to a terrible start it does that the franchise. I must say the be all end all because we seen him get off to a bad start 2011. And then by the all star break be the best team in baseball. But armed as saying that. For a lot of reasons Jackie Bradley junior makes this team better -- and I think that if you can do that. Which I think they can still get twenty days because of this. Scenario that campaigning. The need to know. And and so he's playing well I'm I'm sick. He's playing well we're gonna send him down to save the twenty days so instead of losing nine games now we're gonna lose eighteen games later on let me ask of I would I don't ask them ask you again. In that what -- -- were -- comes back. And he used in Jackie Bradley -- plane while by the way this is the assumption that Jackie Brown is gonna hit 315 Bartlett I'm not sure is going to anyway now but he brings other things that table and and that's why I think he's best for the team right now. So he he's playing well. And you get to that point. My question is with the understanding that this guy has mandated he's gonna play every day and what you do. What do you do for that month of may not talking about for the rest of the CN it if it. What I'm worried about is putting the best players on the field and he's out playing Johnny -- -- I don't. Every day. Rob you're the one who said the best team on the shore if he is the best player. At his position -- out -- Jonny Gomes for the position how it went up -- -- for that month for one month by the way at and I get -- and and I'm saving that whole other year by sitting him it sending him to the market today. Right but that's for -- one month for one month. Or whatever it is for twenty days. That you can say hey you know what. We wanna see more because the reality is an. People are gonna jump to hey you know what this guy's the best ever in this of the got a guy as the worst ever we thought Dustin Pedroia his first year. Everyone by the end of April everyone says hey you -- elks course should be the starting shortstop our second baseman every day. The last Red Sox player to make that jump from double in the major leagues with Shea Hillenbrand. Yes I mean if it if you -- look at it. Maybe that's the the unequivocal and I don't think it necessarily as. But it it is a huge jump we get to break or very late its efforts all I was never late on breaks when I sit here by myself Matthew just make note that.

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