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DJ Bean joins Pete to discuss the Bruins' woes

Mar 30, 2013|

Pete talks to WEEI.com Bruins writer DJ Bean about the rough showing in a 3-1 loss to Philly. They start with the issues that the team ran into on Saturday before getting into what GM Peter Chiarelli must do into order to get the team back on track.

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Acura sports -- got a three point seven if they haven't -- -- with you until 7 o'clock tonight borrowings embarrassing today overall. Losing today Philadelphia by a score 32 wanted to the Red Sox in the Jackie Bradley stuff on the table. A little bit later on. Are -- to what I heard earlier this week on the with a socket and holly. And regulatory the again the PR spin the Red Sox are trying to throw that everybody like we're all idiots. And you know that people flock back to the park like -- I think it's that ridiculous. They use it's exceptionally ridiculous some some things I heard chief operating officer arrested Kennedy. Which I know it's not you know he's getting it from. From -- and everything gets its notes it's votes okay gestures but to think that. If they think fans are gonna -- down and sale meant. Pointing to when the right thing. Honey get Jolie and -- hop in the car. You get too hot dogs might 72 why would be okay that's. Playing again in the eighth inning. And then we get to hear. Another -- on 20. That works. That works again not understanding. Overall fan base sorry doesn't work. It's what 77797. Under through seven backed loans but let's get back the most appearance but let's get a touch with that WEEI dot comes DJ -- DJ. Well what in God's name was that today I thought it was the worst loss of the season. And I I'm just stunned at how lethargic. How they got out hostile thereof physical. -- sort electric commitments are getting to the puck up against the boards the whole thing sucked today. And this -- that it deserves a disturbing trend four straight games down to nothing when was this what is this going to end. I didn't think dedicating today -- -- watching us and then they. Jack and record actually calling the flyers practice which and I got the right of that but. Actually -- -- unbelievable. What you said or street gains were having allowed the first two goals in the game. And I mean it's not like these guys are comeback kid the exception. A decade in Montreal -- which really is kind of very much proving to be you know wire. In this in the stretch that that second period they had in the Bible against Montreal of their last seven. In which there 241. It scored two goals a lesson in six of them which. I mean the up 32 win over the over the that they police to that was in the shootout so they always where we'll Turkey and they're not showing up offensively and after the game. Quote saying that. -- just one -- -- -- -- are -- actually read that you generally always have something from the low line but we're cardinal aren't showing up. You you don't. -- game NC manifold is admirable and it showed up today that's kind of a given you're gonna get another cheap now for oil in the at the top guys so I mean. Think if he can -- just -- that the curricula and wasn't even that good. Yes I had -- -- that's upset and OP by the close at one yet -- was praising I -- Britain where it also appraised at and Barry Petersen and dale. And the been between periods were but what everybody else sucked so bad -- look at all right a fantastic so we're able. They're -- they kind of sunk in the second period the addition of that goal in the second from from Portland to be -- or yes and that's so. I mean normally you get that second period out of outline. And say the spurs' -- killing which the -- -- arms market. -- the other line's going that the that the weakness that you look at Nike you'd say are the they really didn't forget that period but instead it's. There's a bright spot. Yeah. No Bergeron had that almost awesome -- -- I thought that was actually had a chance to go away and that would be great but on characteristic of him today DJ. Losing what twelve other nineteen face off she's been brilliant this year one of the best of not the best in the NHL that's -- that's a killer especially gives a crap team like the flyers. Right double guys aboard the league on street sub -- -- Updated. This step to he accused used twelve or -- use seven. Seven of -- which. That you said that does not happy with street merger on the guy you. What the so -- in large part to. How good he was and on drugs that he really justice. His overall games so and not necessarily talking a turn off stay right are exposed from up Patrice Bergeron but certainly not his strongest performance. His -- not their strongest performance the apparently like another bad go a -- yes it -- put Paraguay and uses its its -- to the point where. -- Outline I almost kind of -- pat says something that needs to be repaired. External third he beat you -- -- -- some sort of player movement or whatever the rest of the team and I'm in the midst of a reading your right now if they think that it traded get a cure what -- but right now. I mean they are sadly sadly mistaken it's a matter of showing up and not do it. I great I totally agree again a no -- you can't play. This kinda hockey -- there's always exceptions sometimes of one guy committed via. A spark to a team and get to over the top that you -- the teams are playing really really well. And not fall down to nothing at times -- -- it is look we obviously -- gonna make a move before maybe even true who goes before April report. People -- Wednesday. I believe. Did he bites the fact Isaac is set -- I've heard that story before about how guys like Saint Louis are available to be traded and and they do get traded you buy into that at all. And in all right as of right now what do you think is and over the edge throughout there but realistically. We think the Bruins are gonna target. Well as far as the as far as the -- -- men. Thing goes. I think that he would just be perfectly fitting for the broad street Malcolm -- and her from -- and Saint Louis. In a trade that would defeat at both GM. We're older when they said they weren't true moving there guys but I do believe. But we've surely when he says that you'll moves through there especially I would -- -- -- -- now that mediated chat. And I don't believe -- -- when he says that he brought to the move and we I think that that team. The news. With the right tinkering and and a new coach. Could still contend in the coming years and I don't think you wanna break up that or. -- significantly. It's as far as other guys go I think that I would imagine that of the the big names are the bigger names what -- them. You're hearing -- to mark street -- the most -- -- the grievances they've gone after. The director. Two -- this point they've submitted offers for two -- -- in and borrow -- And it did look so. He brings leadership he also of course is he had become the puck moving defenseman he saw that one got moved today. In lead hold -- to blues so. -- let's let's start off the market I would think it's street as the guys that they would try to get done but. Who goes -- The other look into another couple -- -- -- you are you know Edmonton's Ryan -- year. Low from the sharks and I mean that it's. Right now I would take infusion of anything because they did they need something at that and again it's not an automatic and if they -- they make a trade it's gonna. Fix everything not buy the longest of shots but. May be the infusion of some new blood may help a little bit. Right I mean. I I think that. You know you hear Whitney end. I was reading your earlier today something -- forget where. Say that his Keating is is the concern at this point. The Bruins had a -- defenseman before couldn't skate and yeah it was over Cabral and -- -- actually pull it out for him as he to get waived by the Canadians but. Well I'm not sure what what with the sharks would. We demand. And I mean I think that this is going to be you mentioned earlier that. Peter will probably hit. Multiple guys I think that's the case because I think. It even if he had gotten divorced you would've worked do I think that he that he knows that. So I think it is your view of those years where they bring in 23 guys. And you know what don't be surprised if the guys that they do bring in the are on the that Chris Kelly recover the level where. So -- European linked to the Bruins at all who knows how much battery being brought up. In the in the in -- -- certainly not dissect his name but two guys who worked out. Now especially the playoffs. Right yeah it it might be a little bit more difficult. For surely. To me these deals in the you mentioned that a little bit -- today. In what was one of the most well what was the most fascinating press conference I've I've ever had attended. He mentioned that you know it's property just below and get the guys he wants this year because. So you have that are available given that everyone thinks they're contenders so. -- they're more big need to be moved I don't think there are. But there will be made to -- -- just not as -- certainly not a big disaster over BitTorrent are constantly. Profile question his feet were Vijay being -- -- comic covers the -- as a great job and he you anticipate a possible. -- lines shuffling tomorrow night yet again in buffalo cassette they lose that game tomorrow night. Then then they really have some serious problems here and that they've had a problem buffalo this year which is kind of scary. Yeah I -- they have losing two very. I don't think so on the line shuffling the -- she goes back to what he used not like. One and a half dean would -- the threat of quote -- each applicant. When you normally would quote troubled life he does it in practice. And then use them in the game so. Obviously the Bruins go back to the now and now in to market -- and upload so that they do shuffle line I think it Hewitt. Try to do minor tweaks like he did before with guys were -- another because. At at the last thing especially -- -- to is generally pretty consistent. The last thing that you want it is trying to figure out new light meat on the -- against. A team that that you said -- surprisingly agencies here. Rory DJ grace -- is always look forward to your upcoming article here you won for the game today it was a -- it was dead was dead on. They're on accurate so great stuff and we'll talk to -- on the road. Eight all right DJ BW EI dot com.

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