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The Bruins are struggling, and Pete can't take it anymore

Mar 30, 2013|

After a disappointing 3-1 loss to the lowly Flyers, the Bruins appear to be in a rut and Pete has had enough. The offense is stagnant and the team isn't hitting. The time is now for the team to turn it around.

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This could get supply. The silver. Well how did you happen to go so far gonna have to do it's -- -- here with you -- sports reader don't create WEEI not at three point seven FM on a Saturday. What an absolute. Disgrace. Of a hockey game today. By your Boston Bruins in my -- -- borrowers apps will be one of the may be the worst loss of the season I can handle what happened on Wednesday night. I thought the was a lot of good things that happen in that game a couple of lucky things that happened. In that game against the brewers missed social a lot of heart some guts and that game there was not a that today against this -- that it Philadelphia Flyers team. That -- available for the most part. This season. I I don't understood I don't understand it I really don't let's just let's just fatigue. I mean it out -- out hustled out intense applied. Out face off. I mean all they are they should I mean that does this -- numbers to really be deceiving. Up about -- no shots on net equality scoring chances in the favored Bruins and a lot of BS. I mean absolutely. Unbelievable game today by the -- how they did not show up. Played a little bit better in the third period Rachel I was the only like today there appeared wanted to play which it created Edwards won the only one everybody else. Wasn't was more to you know what at best. Absolutely. Just an uncharacteristic bad play by guys like -- -- Johnson struggled again. -- just just not. What you expect out of Boston Bruin team the only thing I can say maybe it's just Petit catch an album but they've got to get their heads out of their what's real quick. Because it's a short turnaround and play in buffalo tomorrow night they better come up line it's matched that team to smithereens. That's all saying. I mean it just read that you lead -- -- four straight games you're down two nothing and four straight games. 1211 by the way most war. It just it's got to stop it has got to stop. Trying to overreact this doesn't really got to meet today it really did -- -- got a lot of people got the -- -- great tweets up here today. No question you can feel the fans' frustration on the 6177797937. The HTT tech slide at 37937. You can -- at the -- three to six upping -- until 7 o'clock. We'll keep the -- and all the republic basketball scores. And all the the hockey scores -- economic College Hockey Lotta people. Or follow me around your -- when the teams doing real well BC plays later on the this afternoon. At the province that senator. -- union. -- an upset by yell governor of Minnesota just last night that unbelievable -- this particular hockey game today was absolutely put that guy. I would talk to make the buffalo lost early in the season when they were up on what went 31 and then I kind of -- -- of the game. And even the Montreal when the other night I thought there was a ton of overreaction and panic because they did when the shoot out. And I can understand. People. Because it's Montreal in the game like that. It was only mean my god heroic -- it was only a point -- we lost a point that a couple of locate things about a goal off cyber race. One off charge stick that horrible call on Johnson the delay game. And an odd that brought a lot of good things initial lot of guts in the second period the best you heard of the year right they -- game. But that that did not build up that the cop out like yes against that team up fourteenth state. More teeth right now a -- lets up over three goals a game. And you don't he put hardly any pressure at all. At all. On the a billion up. Is a -- just unbelievable. I just I can't I can't understand how you don't show up for game like this and usually know the last few years and Matt made the brunt of most rock kind of flat. That's a really good case to -- ever really good record matinee games. It's just it's it's just alarming right now. Because it's four straight games -- as little bit of pattern developing here. You guys know I'm a big picture goddess of the big picture thing out of four straight games down to nothing. But they have got to come together here. They have got that they've they've just got to find a way to to you know I'd like this to get a lead back -- -- just yet. Jump and get a lead tomorrow night in buffalo for the first time in five games. I don't know up you know closed in on him -- -- winds again. Just ideal to show up was creatures line address from -- is just all the way around. They were socked a half past the best. Change. Gonna change. I'll play that opened power play I mean you think approach going to be right but also the first minute of the game. Bought it stick its role they get a penalty -- -- second to the game. And it looked like all who pull. Absolutely heart -- -- other power plays this year right but -- you know that -- -- at least get some quality shots on that overall the power play. As I've said so we times all you guys. It it's just. It's it's mediocre to bad at best. An amazing thing is and it happened again today. They get more quality shots short -- ever brings up to Jack. Last we were two weeks ago on the old on the old big show about. While the jets -- have gotten this whole season shorthanded it is unbelievable. Today they got to not only was marched on. At a and other another odd man rush the best chance they have a special teams as peculiar and it. -- livable. It's happened all year are you go back and look at these games in the odd man rushes that they cap. -- had apparently killing unit. -- compares it to the exhibit two hours and obviously that team was a problem mortality Gretzky messier curry -- those guys coffee. When I mean the parlance have an amazing chances on the -- so I took on the pop web like. Shorthanded they played better shorthanded and -- the power play. That's one positive anyway. In the book -- up and Portugal power play goal. The former 6177797937. The AT&T text -- 37937. I'll be here until 7 o'clock. Lots to talk about the Bruins I don't care if you -- bringing up particular stop and you know -- -- rat again feel sorry I think it's been beaten to death though I think just amazed me that'd an onerous -- As the one in Calgary. NTELOS GMT just trade him to. To the news penguins even though he knows the Bruins had a much better deal on the table just to just please him. No precipitous and how does that help your team that's that's a whole other restored to talk about that is well I'll give -- -- -- rally. All the kudos and props in the world was I think the Bruins as a whole as an organization handled the whole situation class and dignity. And I European wire yesterday with my -- he was dead on balls accurate. About how liberals and whistle they are a lot of GM and you can imagine George Steinbrenner back there are some other GMs and high profile GM's. Would have handled the situation. Can't use it as an excuse he cannot have been nice to be here but he's not not going to be -- -- -- blame to go by the way pitchers in the -- penguins and blatant that. I just would have been nice that you wrote it was like to. You know the last twelve hours but I thought he handled that class and -- as the rest of the browns organization quote everyone else moving on. But this what happened today cannot continue to happen. That they come out tomorrow night and kicked the crap out of buffalo. I guess at this point also for one nothing win. What they're gonna start showing a little more heart. A little more smarts and a little more aggressiveness and a little more. A little. More sense of urgency. Absolutely nonexistent today not existent debt -- -- -- -- picked the pocket the boards getting out hit. Up critical afraid sometime to see guys want to go on the boards. That the -- that's the way they play. How was that today. God all mighty. It's gotta stop but I'm not mobbed up this ridiculous. The play that crappy today against that crap at Philadelphia. I mean it's it. Recent -- whatsoever absolutely not. Talk about 7 o'clock quick break as a -- Greg you guys all want up I don't blame here. Whatever you wanna talk about nuggets did not panic city I you know some -- to go way over the top I mean Wednesday's -- some of the FaceBook pages it's sums up my -- appropriate. Guys come on please don't like teens in the morning when the hate to lose a game in week three and and go ballistic like they've never been in the game again they're -- -- -- -- -- -- Big picture I understand today that I've I've done absolutely they deserve. They deserve all the criticism in the world today I get a let's not -- that big giant all over reaction rush where they can't recover but no way the -- -- -- in the playoffs got the audio out of blob -- a block. We all know playoff hockey just like playoff basketball much different particularly playoff hockey. It's our number eight seed team last year won the Stanley Cup. I know this loss sucks at it let's die and we can vent about a league but let's not. Let's not go crazy say they can't damage playoffs we can't do is we can't do that they've been well maybe they don't. I don't know but I still think it's too early Bristol too much hockey -- Still going to be a move to that can be made up by Peter -- I have no doubt. A quick break and get the report beat -- to step fired up about the broad that we didn't Red Sox and -- crap I heard this week. Oh my god. What is its organization continue to a caller brought great point this document date because Ito dismissed it -- he doesn't get it. The club what a great -- about the the Red Sox. Training their consumers like -- elected they do well this little help had Beers and do this atop -- -- stuff that people spoke flocked back. The Fenway Park. Because of that. Gotta be kidding me always got balls accurate I can't remember what was meant he would get on and they dismissed on that show and I virtual dead on accurate. -- represented how many of the pants belt. Public belt here during last season and I said -- wicket at the wicket to call up the call. About things like lettuce from wire coming up to go watch the Red Sox got a -- hallway -- kind of BS with that too. I'm tired tired up at this -- tired habit. Tell us in and get old Jackie Bradley junior should air which is that's it's it's another great job I can tell you I'm still split on it. I'm still split and I understand that get a both sides so all that's on the table right now I've got a lot of bad ever been on. It look like a law holly last week -- pick it up right Jessica you guys have a lot to get up of yours as well -- -- WEEI sports Saturday.

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