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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Preview the Upcoming Season for the Sox and of Course....Jackie Bradley, Jr

Mar 30, 2013|

Scott calls in with Craig and Larry to talk Red Sox and more specifically, the Jackie Bradley debate. Scott thinks he should be playing with the big club at the start of the year and they can somehow work him up and down so that the year of eligibility will not be lost. He also hits on the Ortiz injury, Ellsbury's potential in a contract year and more.

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEE. We're going to be here until I'm 130 this afternoon. Last spring training game boy it was a long mom doesn't always is and of course every looking forward to opening day. In the South Bronx where is beautiful. This time a year and here and ready to make that transition from Fort Myers to the South Bronx is our very own burial -- seems like he's been -- as our own ears are on. He's bars and no one else can have Scott Glover of the Boston Herald. Joining us on the Boston Johnson show -- got. You're good veteran that's got an abrupt transition going from the sunny climes of a southern Florida to the beautiful South Bronx and just a couple days. Yeah no kidding you know wanted to know made up the schedule because. You know aside from the fact the correct -- Havoc on the albeit in April and there's no place rather beat and New England it is -- road trips -- our New York. Toronto in Cleveland. How about or what place is in April. Now with Toronto taking care of I again I think there probably have a solution for in Toronto but. Well that you have to -- but you know the weather outside not going to be nights I mean you know I would go to Toronto in June at night. And you got Cleveland in the middle of the month. Sounds on start right there's so much confusion about the Bradley situation. Well only because they haven't actually put it on the team and my money. My exterior light that they -- the forty minute roster spot and forty -- mobsters. -- -- the year and the influx. So happy that somebody offered forty and you rather not lose that player but the closer to opening date ET yet. But let's have a chance you'll lose them so. The property here and I'm not sure that this will be the guy that lets say. You know moral pulpit but it got clocked forty man roster in the -- but rather not lose in the view that the depth player. If they do with the -- at 3 o'clock tomorrow possible well. Other teams' rosters might accidentally grab a spot or so you know I don't think -- I don't think it. There's any anything Nazi murder -- erecting technically you're you're gonna make the team. It's typical notebook -- and retain a player. And enact into reporting at rocker -- Can you explain to me and I hear these numbers thrown around forty reimburses 25 essentially the simplest way possible explain what is the difference. Well -- fifty players obviously. Right exactly like you know forty man roster include the 25 guys under active rock for about fifteen other players who can be called up. The meters. Quite easily get there on the forty their laughter so essentially accurate 25 votes at fifteen it acts squat. Other contractual issues that go along with that so not nearly that simple and I just explain that -- that's basically what it is. It's reported by the -- plot to attack a lot of guys. We can call up throughout the court that he didn't. And and there are contractual issues that go along with. Let me ask you this can you -- 2000 in nineteen service time by reporting Bradley on the forty man roster as opposed to the 25. I -- he and I -- he had spared the certain there aren't in the minor leagues. Year to preserve that year so I appreciate -- keeping goes along with certain power and that if he has. Not enough server. The end of at the end of this year to qualify for a full year in the -- then. That's according nineteen you'll be prisoner. Aka Scott this has been an issue this is been -- like no other a long time this brother Bradley should come up or not. From your opinion. -- -- the pros and cons of him coming on not our state our remaining in the minors. Well you know like he couldn't sit last week on the you know -- -- I think he should be independently. That start the season. And I think there -- a number of reasons or that. You know for the law I think it looked it became. A possibility for the Red Sox when they realize. Early in the monster by the middle of the month at least that it or not be ready. -- are the seat because they look at -- in America where he plays at least AAA wanted to play very. And that the possibility that he could pot that could play every day in the big leagues became a reality when it. Where he went down and realized that -- -- and be ready because -- -- good at turning on talk to each. Working day he executed anyway. And -- Jackie Bradley junior ridiculous he also. That became. It became. A possible thing to -- When they realized. That that was going to be it now. And he would you don't have David Ortiz -- going to -- -- At put even a greater emphasis than normal pitching and defense -- Bradley regardless of what he thought the plate is. Played really really good -- -- He's in you -- -- center fielder and I'll go with built there in their garrido. And it looked at everything that's it out that way that he you know he's he's got that we could arm. Everything we heard about in the -- that we -- crew people start spring training instinct out there -- So to meet. You know you can put them on the luck streak and played every day. Complete and play solid defense in the outfield -- and energy are in the light up as young guys -- into what it called up so I think those are all pros. Mean the old content. Would be great -- If you look service department free agency and I think that's not something that he'll put it on the -- are opening day it's not like it's important nineteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scott here's -- here's my problem -- that. You're dealing with eleven days in nine games if he starts of -- socket. But if he starts with a Red Sox who looks as if that's gonna happen. Now I gotta deal with any days or twenty games why why wouldn't you want the eleven game is favoring his Major League roster. Because you know for me your first two weeks of the season are all there elite team you played thirteen consecutive games to get the Yankees blockades. Re editorials and -- -- You know if you can -- -- -- start are not then your elders you're little mr. got to make it play out the first two weeks of the season. But it certainly with so quite the eight ball -- -- -- -- matter not the last few years so you know I think it really helped you win some important teams early in the year. David Ortiz is not there early in the year as opposed to you know I mean -- -- -- David Ortiz could be playing a minor league isn't getting great comebacks so. That the need for Bradley might not because hurt it at that point meanwhile it's innocuous and in the first two weeks. What do you say to guys like drummer Loney who really almost get angry at the idea the very notion. That he would make the the big club. But the first 23 weeks of the season. Buster only was on this radio station yesterday said it was a no brainer he should be put down for the nine games in eleven days. And Curt Schilling says the same thing these guys have all tremendous either plane experienced tremendous experience in Major League Baseball. And these guys are pretty adamant about the fact it's a no brainer. What are the little garden and you know -- no lose position is you know. You know if you if you hear young player or your tenure rhetoric and -- or start in the big lead in the and really be damaging for -- you -- -- recording. I hit in the head and better as much as a young guy -- that -- -- -- a couple of lay it. Call back and I respect that opinion then and certainly would know that better I would adequate in the at least but -- -- to meet. You know -- passed every test that the throughout the spring training and -- -- -- Utah. Last Sunday in Clearwater against Cliff -- with the test last Monday its air Soto coming off the bench to beat -- or stroke in the seventh inning. Were -- You know he's he's passed all the tests. I I think he's done nothing that spring training numbers decide -- they know the numbers are meaningless spring training he's done nothing to show me that he'd gotten. Or even from the start it yet yet to bring your 25 best guys -- -- you think he's one of those 25 guys that. You know it's -- terror. Some of the people you mentioned Lou in in Curt Schilling and some others you know like our. Differently in this week. For a story -- -- -- Nomar Garciaparra for a story that's coming up and you know those were the guy who. Who broke into the big league with the Red Sox as 22 year old certainly three year old. And people sit and look from everything we hear from everything we've seen. -- -- ready enough and they're currently admit it made it an interesting point we're not talking about a guy who's. Read out high school here -- talking about it a kid who's twenty cues and be point three who played in major college program went to college World Series. Currently an -- that's very similar college career. To check decrepit that your -- that you know I sell -- I in the big leagues when I was xxx and so. You know that the guys didn't -- -- situations before I don't see that opening -- it -- there's going to is going to -- -- much. I did different toughest thing about those two guys when his rookie year was before free agency occurred to -- more worried about service time and he did was called up the September before. No I believe started it he did he get any any time at all late 96 he was a rookie in 97 I don't remember army at bats he got. If anything in September 96. But they weren't -- there was no talk at all about controlling service time in free agency obviously was in in in force at that point. I just don't think the Boris and everything else isn't it is a little bit different scenario than it was for those guys. -- I mean you know it's certainly it can't talk about you know what I referenced those guys ability to handle right out what the big -- -- gonna -- -- approach survivor. You know contractually and and -- terms of service time. The question a different situation. But like its debt by putting him on the opening erupts you're not kissing 2019 to bite you that aren't. To manipulate that service and I thought the celts in the past few weeks. About the Yankees that Sidney young -- down after that you'll be erupted because a letdown and did you know that it is news so mature. And has the tea at the and it -- outlook on the game that I don't think it's in the back but restart the year in the big leagues. But it starts here triple A he is the people -- the whatever its own way and having net and then got in on the spring. I I believe that. I don't think that you're gonna wreck check prosecutors carpet at it what it turkeys come back whenever that maybe he sent -- -- the -- for two weeks or three weeks. I'm -- that's gonna have an impact on it at all. Because you talk to any of his teammates off directed even to look at people might -- feel comfortable on the record giving an opinion but any of the guys out Erica players what they think. -- -- -- Yeah I have an end and Eisner have been impressed. You know I don't think too many players are looking at it from media. From the service parts and right though. You know and and you know would you bring that out most of the say it looked. That's not my area you know that's the -- activate or illegal war -- -- stop that we do so this year -- it'll pinpoint. You know I think he -- -- there as much as he impress anyone so. Pedroia said recently you know I can't believe he's point two. You know it and I think that's kind of the that's kind of the feeling -- about Shane Victorino saying the same thing to -- Well 42 I was learning credit which hit. I was. Still very very much it law. It was a lot of talent but and -- -- yet and that it seemed to happen in the so. From a justice here in the it'll pinpoint they seem to be used as convict any. You know one of the story because he's been the main story is spring training I think one of the plays who's been overworked -- Iglesias is that meet -- resist guy hitting much rather. It getting better and one of the things I noticed about it when he reported to -- it looked stronger. Keep it put on a little bit -- weight keep a little bit of muscle. That was -- you work on the Nazi. He told me he didn't even pick up close in the -- -- and it was all offense at all hitting him. The -- in the -- try to get better so he knew what he needed to. It that are -- and again. You know he sort of take spring training numbers would -- insult I don't sitting around 300. And he got more extra -- it. It that he had the last three springs combined with is that -- look better and that's really the key is how we looked. At the plate there it's our last September where you know it looked like whatever -- -- at least -- got the -- he could not the data that -- detect and he just looked a lot bigger stronger more popular. 'cause you look at it. I'm sorry hot housing look at the field. Are you need you know that that's never been a question I mean he's he's he's tremendous defensively -- that it felt like he could get a a big league shortstop defensively. Two years ago right so I mean you know that never the concern at her what he's still he's on the big -- club I mean. Steep interest in the struck Europe PL a tactic that that he probably won't happen this quite as much time. Where they don't happen it's quite as much under the normal the opposite but however while he's on the electing people comfortable that Adam ninety -- and -- give them out. Some quality yet that's -- there. Scott are looking at today's lineup against the -- final -- spring training game Ellsbury Victor Reno Pedroia Napoli middle Brooks salty Gomes Nava Iglesias is that the your opening day line up in the South Bronx. We'll see you know they beat me acted immediately piece of manipulating with that you see on the parent it's possible they've dropped in the nick in the in the start I think and opening day caught Jon Lester a lot -- insult you obviously it's righty and lefties. And so. You know I don't know and we'll see but yeah I mean that's certainly the group that you know and I I happen -- think Jackie -- to be in their opening -- well so while you know we'll -- we'll see. FCC had a trial by fire. Only went up against Lee. Coupled with a week ago -- was a spring training game and I thought about is a little bit different while Clinton right around this time they -- working on things of their passage determining -- Matt Scott last question for me vent our arm. With this situation. We're we're forgot to Bradley. Is do you find a -- the interest of the debate of it and -- into the front office we know -- Francona is Sporkin feeding the monster. Out what are the impressions that you're getting up from the owners wanted a manager in GM obvious -- people taking sides on this. I'm sure they aren't ever I haven't taken a straw poll every -- Haven't had a chance to get ownership spot on the but I'm sure they are I mean I'm sure that it went. Surely just around that -- they discussed this I'm sure that there were dissenting opinions and that's good but you know I think yeah I'd do little worried that they were all on the same page all the time I did for the I think. I think John Farrell and that -- that are of like minds a lot of things but. I'd be concerned with -- world of like mind and everything that -- there was probably some healthy debate going on that. That keyboard and you know and probably some some good back and forth in the into the who's in -- looked -- it looks looks like he's ready and that will worry about the rest of it when you know the service time if you would mean what we get -- All right Scott appreciate the input is always in -- on -- New York this week. Scott thanks as always -- got clobbered the Boston Herald Sports Radio WV.

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