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Mustard and Johnson Hit the Hot Debate of Spring Training - What do the Sox do with the Phenom...Jackie Bradley, Jr?

Mar 30, 2013|

To bring him up now ... or later? The boys talk Jackie Bradley and what the Red Sox should do with him. It has been a very polarizing debate for the last few weeks and it gets just as heated with Craig, LJ and the callers.

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Chalk one up for those who love immediate gratification Larry Johnson. Is dancing in -- always right now bench sharing ten. I as listening to you folks who absolutely have to have Jackie Bradley play. The first nine games of the Red Sox season according to Comcast and Peter Abraham was -- from the globe. It looks as if Jackie Bradley I just hope he's going to New York indeed notes -- IE Comcast reporting that Jackie Bradley is on. The opening day roster so he's not there to see the Empire State Building and statue of liberty. Or visit ground zero is there to play baseball. In the South Bronx beginning at 105 on Monday. I think it's a good decision. I think it's a terrible decision I arrogant I think it's myopic. I I think it it it shows no vision whatsoever. I agree we're Maloney I agree we Schilling I agree with only. You heard me last week talk about it the more I think about it the more. In ain't automatic machine but the magic question cannot -- still sent him down. They can do it somewhere else. All right let's say twenty games and you -- at all but -- to me it's if it it's there will go right back to the phones it is a win win. To me because if he performs. At it what you with a par excellence. Then you've got yourself a regular full time. Stop player. If he doesn't perform up to expectations that is that down right and it is target the extra years. I would rather. I think Schilling have very good point Borges -- -- vehemently disagreed with. Ports -- -- pair -- suggests that babies. -- experts suggestion that. Jackie Bradley junior started the argument he's trying to payback I won all the officers. -- aggression pact was it was a bully but must rating nonetheless. In your Boston Herald this morning. I just can't see. -- nine games can have any impact whatsoever you can send them down later if he doesn't play I think that you start to play games. -- you know eateries on the roster. Or he's off the roster I like what the angels did last year in the nets did last year with. -- harper they both came up on the same day. April 28. And they stayed there the rest of the year if each rule in this blue chip. Prospect that he truly is what we saw spring training. There's no reason why he can't start. In the second series and homestand after missing the first night. It doesn't it just absolutely makes no what they were they really Needham. Really because I believe is that because I think it's why do you discount games and April is a bit not as important in doing -- -- -- from -- -- -- it's out of our objectives through -- let's get back to applause that six once number when it lost out -- -- -- Tampa by one game. That's because they they lost. Money out of the last seven games Larry that's what they lost that the -- by one game department to match that matters it's still all that we only want a couple. Org that they write about that spectacular. Collapse cook from that makes a lot of sets. All right let's. The same people so bitter about the subject it really is one of those subjects you -- island favor Rick are you very angry about it. What would you prefer to sit on the fence as your as juror or which master always -- here that -- be taken down and Erica that's. An -- it is next that's Sports Radio Mike. Hey guys how worried are you doing. Got a great show. Greg dark period -- that but I don't think purity here one of the things that I heard at the end of 2011 and in the course of -- -- last year. -- that. Promote that and that we need to be more like the rate we need to. Eight all decision not. Marketing. Makes I understood if you look at there in the one thing that they ever do -- -- start that clock. They got in their system Wellemeyer who could -- any need. That's starting. Why is because of the big spot and committed to want control and it -- think is gonna be as good as you're projecting. This makes no -- Literate and Egypt's. Like I know it replaced them. In -- -- -- -- -- right so we need our heart don't opening ever act of nineteen. I think it's predict. Offers from all that Donald MacDonald was gone Ryan's swing and I know I know I don't mean to go but not -- now don't. You keying in but I think you when you mentioned the Tampa before. Isn't it also true however that you really have a fan -- it's very very angry with his team right now. But why can't listen let's say he comes up for a couple weeks and then you decide to send them down. It which I understand you can still do. Is is that we're gonna let them out. Because I think you need to get a good it is if this is it because you need to find out if this kid is the real deal or not. Can't wait what do the numbers that while he just nine games is something about Kelly I think in the real -- player right now you glad. You could but now and why do you want -- -- create new year earlier it would or. That it. Say you're really worried about six. So you're really worried about six years down the road. I'm I'm I'm I'm think I'm always thinking you know I'm not -- -- -- not a good try to that they -- become by the big. Now on the road -- if you can Libya did you think -- why would you want to speed up the time -- will be created an app that it up the side of that -- don't. You know what I would agree with you if state. Didn't have options with in the decision that they're making and they still have they went -- and that they still have options. To send him down if divac concerned about it later but to me. I think the guy has more than played a beyond expectations. And I think you wanna find out of he's the real deal or not. All right Michael appreciate Michael or Carl Devale Ellis they let's take a couple taxes here. EMB. It's 978. It is a horrible decision hasn't played. One Major League game impossible to tell at this point. Meanwhile the 413 guys the Red Sox playoff hopes have been decided by one game more than once -- their history. If the Sox goes six and remember Bradley and set -- foreign five were three and six bringing up the start of the season is worth that. Our -- before September. -- All the Sox started 2111 so yeah if they had gone. Maybe four and nine it would have held on and Francona would have been fired in Valentine would never. Have been there 781 -- he says do you think this team as a contender this is an idiotic decision and finally 50 -- break up. When he has his first want you can send him down. No -- he is an MVP. Aren't there we go so people are very split as you said. This is a divisive issue this certainly generates a lot of emotions but it -- take the emotions now. Take emotions out give yourself the flexibility. Control your service time in nine games however when he's not that. So of Webster the pitcher they get from -- from the Dodgers let's say if -- spring training and a guy was lights out -- -- -- high ninety's I mean just. Just pitching hitting off the spots. That -- mechanically sound mentally understanding everything in just. Passing our expert to even better than last year so -- is still send them down -- what's the sense in every spring training -- bring in these guys up. The 2000. In nineteen meanwhile Larry the latest tweet from Peter Abraham of the globe John Ferrell confirms the Jackie Bradley is going to New York. Get this -- that's a big conjunction. He hasn't confirmed him on the team. We now wore forty man. -- -- -- -- -- over one that I -- yeah so actually it's going to be 130s and have to wait an extra half -- Red Sox meanwhile playing their final spring training game against the arch rival Lee County arch rival Minnesota plans. And according to at least Peter Abraham in some other sources now Jackie Bradley accompanying the team quote. Traveling with the team. We don't know yet he's actually on the roster. So while that's the latest as far as that Jackie dredge and is concerned it's a terrific argument it is up entirely I mean our last caller was great benefits horrific. Argument you get a Joey on man you got to get him in the analysts concerned about getting -- we got some hockey dark while. Such wisdom such insights on my generation. Mourning mourning for a week for the into the shall. I was gonna tell you that this -- gonna make a roster. He's going to be leaders are down. If people that lie -- -- Can you won't should not have it. They're rational and being felt it was the -- do you wanna -- -- the outlook. All despite all the slower -- agreed -- so they're irrational they're based around yet. Your -- -- is running. Out. All I want and it won't. -- you brought the Yankees bringing up by the way. Much. While that's going to surrender -- perhaps -- But they're they're at their pitching staff is an auto OK and they gonna do just fine OK but it'll work out but it can't. You know people are all like a moron because any tickets sold and they need. That's not the only interest -- guys that he's a leading Hitler are over spring training he is not the guys nonperforming. OJ forty seat and nobody spends like this big -- is over their activity in remarks at yawkey. Way did you say it's been awesome -- -- -- payrolls over 220 million. They themselves snowshoes to all people in West Palm Beach maybe an eight to elect -- -- listen to be shot and what they're going to let. Because what people -- check -- -- the -- That's what -- he probably doesn't everyone in -- they can chat he opted. You know historically Larry we'll tell you the Red Sox really embraced Jackie Robinson when he first came -- and I get people off the field. -- Joey I got to go to a hockey from you before we let it go. Dog bit desperate people okay long enough trauma the Manuel -- that's like this. -- -- -- Would that they didn't know what they open at Oakmont that mr. Thomas doll trying to keep Q and in newspapers plummet to sort Sports Radio. You can look at the lips of every -- sort of zombie nation ultimate. That's why they liked it because they -- the decisions that squeeze in every minute every -- -- -- -- to keep themselves and they are. Okay wait a minute what does that so what do the Bruins gonna do now that. I begin -- -- OK let me tell you something about that from people -- in the NBA not -- a -- on loans okay. -- and I devastating medical critical did by the way. Game whether it will count what he's more seems. Or opinions that you would like to place law. Okay he didn't say it -- seems -- little -- really wanna I wanna play ball because I wanted to fight it gives them that in the beginning but the spotlight besides. OK so. I wanted to exciting sitting I -- put the Pittsburgh beat Calgary -- not the place. -- -- the world is on the market side which also and it surely we have a deal. That certainly don't want you don't have a deal. So what do they do not work and so what do they do now. You guys up there that they can you know essentially given their under the forward. A bit different names. Saint Louis has been taken off the oil is not happening is too small islet in the big bad ones. -- a little -- April -- like like like. Nevada and now they're deep you don't like them they're too small you would have to admit though Joey at this stage right now as the regular season winds down in the playoffs just around the corner of the winds are not what -- the team that we expect them debate. Say three or four weeks ago. Well this team needs help -- all play. It needs another or another just such an. And surely I surely an articulate New Year's team by engage in what the rules so I'm very -- which -- -- a very aggressive. Apple's been ordered it irritated. I reject that -- not sure that this rally also appreciate -- there I'm trying to get the guy you paid your bail money did you while I want Peters relic Craig mustard the National Hockey League front office six -- 777979837. Don't forget the AT&T text line. 3793. Settlements. Of the sport back those threats -- schools and that. 61777979. -- 37. That's our phone line you can get all of us via taxes well 37. 937. Latest week from Peter Abraham the -- John Ferrell confirming that. Jackie Bradley junior is going to New York but hasn't confirmed him on the team. Waiting for the forty man roster. To be. Settled that was that Peter -- a mere five minutes ago. Of course were talking about that we're gonna look at a little bit to the Bruins game this afternoon down in Philadelphia against the flyers -- Bruins. Positioned themselves in the Eastern Conference and as we're saying right before the break certainly Pittsburgh acquisition began one. Not that they weren't. The dominant team in the Eastern Conference already with fourteen straight wins. It's going to take some some serious. Some serious. Variables in the post season. It reviewed the real based on what we saw last. They're goaltending situation is okay. But it's not great so you know we have that 222. Debate question he is a stupid question for you I am allowed at least a fifty per show. But so. People like you and groaning and stuff if Bradley makes the team. And opening day he's out there so what is what is your reaction like what's gone way to the people who don't want in my come up yet. You gotta be angry are you -- it just drop your case and appreciate what you're seeing or. I mean come because I can either way like -- they decided on Sunday we're gonna all of them back ten and nine games. I can elaborate that I am modest passionately one way or the other but I find this was the subject I've. -- about the potential decision now there's no official decision made yet. Where was that by -- -- -- that type -- record straight right exactly a I hope that JP Easter is not involved and it's a final decision nor Donny Meehan or Jarome Iginla. Bottom. But if it is. Official by tomorrow Jackie Bradley is on the roster and he is starting. As intriguing is that will be like that word intriguing I'd like Edward in ads intrigue but. Yankee Red Sox is enough up all up and our people. -- of edit item edit your yankees crowd the Yankees Red Sox right now at the same. Passion and interest hasn't had in years past. People feeling sorry for both of them are so the greatest rivalry here in the history of sports of any sport. Is somehow or another going to be some plated by Jackie Bradley juniors presents the -- like I do think that this right now people are debating who's got to finish last. He does everything right aren't. But you gotta set out there and say how does that like Jurassic Park -- -- all right so if the Red Sox are pondering either fifth place or fourth place maybe that they actually move up by finishing fourth place this year. I just don't see what kind of impact. Jackie Bradley junior is gonna I have -- because he -- the word you used was intriguing outside him tell me what is in in in just the the event of opening opening day we all nervous that's for -- right okay well let's talk about the fact -- next day the next game was against the Yankees -- the next game is in -- with a passion and intriguing match OK because -- rats on as an architecture runs out on the field but his -- and somebody's -- -- won't be available -- what was wrong with him back. Number number you want to -- -- saying oh I don't know mr. -- and I don't buy operating here you can't build up something it's not the hair. But Jackie Bradley is is is more to me is more artificial. Than Yankee -- -- -- -- unfortunately last about Turkey's real opening day out in Yankee Stadium. I don't care what the condition of the rosters here David Ortiz unavailable Derek Jeter's unavailable still yankees in regulating intriguing about opening day with Red Sox and yankees this year -- Boris. That's not even it's it's opening day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hitters and players that you had. I just why would you keep it down because -- the president keep people down obvious I'm a -- even got out of it now for yet another Jackie being kept out by the Red Sox -- -- and go to New York. On the they are traveling with Jackie Bradley junior maybe -- and without the knicks game may be asked this he's has it MSG and says Yankee Stadium their plane tomorrow night. Down on eighth avenue. But it if you. Jackie Bradley is it is obviously from what we've seen over the past month tremendous talent. We all look forward seen him play in a race I -- it's a tremendous. Regional and you don't know. Diane Justine and that definitely don't know it because I like you set a lot you go back and -- spring training figures from last year in years in years past. A lot of guys shined bright in spring training and then they go out to the big league in the bright light. In in the doesn't translate that well. I don't know that's why I love your word intriguing I think it hit it he's intriguing rallies and were a library by the next what we perceive to be the next rate while the other problem that you have is. Roll with that you're interested in seeing on the Red Sox this year I think he's just being in watching the two teams yes they -- bruised and battered they look like mash units out there -- is opening today but it's opening day. You can -- -- the long for the old days Larry. When our interest in the Red Sox we've -- -- lonely guys to the Red Sox. Late April may and away highest state focusing on the Celtic -- I quietly lowering. To. Concession prices but again they -- and I'm asking you why -- doing because there are desperate there thank your marketing gurus out there are seeing a slide in the -- yes they're seeing the sellout streak going south yes and they're making it got to south last year that they're making a desperate move to get people back in. And I opened bringing Jackie Bradley as a promotional tool up so early is very shortsighted if they bring him. Think I welcome thank you -- about base but was much better back about five I in the old days before Jackie Robinson had a -- all throughout the day. Topic Connecticut your next Sports Radio W media right Tom. Guys thank you very much -- call here's the reason why you keep Jackie Bradley on the opening day roster might -- united strong opinion on this for two reasons. Number one. You know you have in the first base rookies not the story you know opening -- story the Red Sox Yankee story. No it's not just Jackie Bradley you know in the -- a little bit of pressure -- you -- -- -- -- date now all of a sudden the pressure is now on the sky a little bit more and we need this got to have a good seat it's so let's let's stick a little bit of pressure off that we can't. The other main reason why Abramoff. -- because you want a disgruntled employee. No on ninety you know active aptitude that you know you don't Graham operate like snow in the back -- that you got to remember that when it start to negotiate he's gonna slam and the other reason is. It's because now you have such a bad relationship now -- that this guy gets hurt that team doctors and got an ankle problem. Or it got real problems like. A care they're looking for the best interest for me for the team here you know so now all the sudden you're bringing in all these questions via professional organization is good enough. You start opening day and build a relationship with -- do all the right things that and it's time to negotiate that -- earlier you get things done and -- and you look like a special organization has starts like you know they treated me well. They've done all the right things they didn't try to block you know they didn't try to squeeze out a few extra dollars you know -- handle everything professional from day one of the professional organization -- to. But Thom hears from arguing against myself now because it's not him that you fear it's his agent. Who doesn't Arab or doesn't care about all of these things that -- only think he cares about is getting him opera's quickest possible so we can get to the end -- six years. I I I do understand that here at sports book here's the other thing melts and the key point. Paul opponent though is that you just have you don't have any trust and you know with describe Elvis and he has -- in -- you know and let's not say they'll OK here's with the team doctors are saying. You know they are saying well you know this is the problem now -- also in the script see another doctor so. So you know government is Eric I know I know they're really looking for the best interest of that you know they waited nine extra days to bring me up when they -- -- ready to play in the big leagues. You know it's one thing they waited a couple months and they look after is you don't sit okay. We don't think he's ready but are gonna bring about a ten days later just to get that extra year that's not the way to start relations. All right I'll tell you what it it would when it comes down to -- in 2000 at the end of 20182019. Time he really believes the events of April 2013. Are gonna weigh heavily in anybody's decision. That's what that's why all the sudden you start and not be a professional organizations start on opening day that would know more or less pressure I hope he gets off to a good start you don't think right right don't do something stupid to wait and dates were socked in 20182019. Year. You know on its outlook in this organization -- major regret it. We waited 98 to get another year. That's what organizations do now now Tom I will back you appoint right on the line on mass Greg has had just out of it. So what do you tell what reason do you give him for not bringing -- -- What you. -- -- -- We they -- We are like we do with any player that we're looking long term we're looking in the best interest. We're certainly gets the best interest of viewers an individual ball player. But let's behind us we also we're where we're making this decision because it's in the best interest. Of the baseball team now business. Don't business not based on I don't know what baseball how it's -- baseball's business I'll see this this is where you're making them -- their best interest at Tom the best interest of the baseball team. Is to bring appease the best play a break them -- now that's not as -- look like you're in the community and on our roster. You are not or you can't eat this myopic you have the look beyond nine games and if your manager. Or bench Arrington is doing the right thing if he's truly. Are going to be a worthy general manager Tom he has to be able to keep him out of the of this. That's why you're not what do you tell him. I know in my experience. I know -- the best time great crop. I know the best player in spring training you outperformed any transportation we had. But we're gonna send it down because we want to get that last year -- Obviously. You look -- more problematic and tell your bench Harrington tell me what you think it's multi back toward. And no I got X com sincerely asking yeah if you go out and do everything you're asked to do. And you put up these numbers at a low top at best hitter in the spring training which I know you can't go -- a regular Major League. But what the YouTube -- it was Rami and -- or you're going to what do you tell them. To be deceptive about double what we McAllister transparent he said listen this is how it works in Major League Baseball we need to control the service time. You are ready to play Major League Baseball right now or purely simply in immediate gratification baseball decision you would be playing against the Yankees this week at in the Yankee Stadium I have to look at it from watching -- -- long term. Mack row bases and what is the obligation to the 2013. Baseball team. Isn't it to put the best players on the team out on the field yes you have always balancing the immediate with the long term the general manager's job is long term the manager queries about. Winning in the here and now what do you think for arrow wants. Doesn't matter what I -- -- I guess I'm asking you what do you think you want to thank John barrels -- be managed the -- -- 2019 that's why I can almost hear that he's not that's why am -- saying he wants the best players now right I think even -- -- you think he's going to be here in six years there's a better chance that bench Harrington and will be at the reins of the Red Sox then it will John Ferrell. Now probably that's a lifetime as you well know. I thought -- they would be here forever and ever but he was here. Think about these -- good night ten years. He came he came aboard as an assistant G 70002. Took over as the full GM from Mike port 2003. And left after 2011. What do you walk obligation. Is -- -- defeat that team -- putting it in the Europeans this year is it to the team you're putting on the field this year. The put the best team on the field or is it. Business wise also looking long term. I think it's ball and if bench area I've been saying this I've been hammering at this. Since bench -- and has been the general manager which is now a year and a half since he took over at the -- If you're gonna let him make these decisions. He hacks that decide to keep them out in nine games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay without David Ortiz is is the best -- able to -- injured OK fine so you can't play him gonna have to -- he could play DB of the VH yeah there are many ways to win a baseball game and at you don't necessarily have to do it from a quarter positioned in the -- -- you put your best. Team on the field or is this the message you're sending your fans were gonna put their best team on the field. Opening day produce that for the season. Reporting the best team on the field is that the message all -- While we're gonna hold a mile a little bit because we wanna keep him for the -- Larry sticks I'm not asking him trying to battle a -- Bottom yet -- act. Are you like to hander and you -- usual demagogic way don't you here -- why you always -- -- -- -- the most intelligent and baseball well they'll understand if they can think in a macro way like the general manager asked the think. They'll understand exactly why Jackie Bradley junior is not. Playing in that first series of the second certificates to -- understand why did not I can't let them lose the first couple games and then come back to me and tell me how my thing in the you don't want to give up the smartest fans in baseball they're gonna worry about a couple of games in April. Because you want to what you wanna go win with the best okay how did people feel with the play ops. -- where I -- game against the jets when Belichick cal Welker out. For a series because he was mad at what the problem your argument what's the problem you're just sets up the playoffs playoffs OK if you're talking like Jackie Bradley being left up -- play our roster. Then I might have an issue. Postured -- Johnson here on sports Saturday. Red Sox finishing up the spring training -- This afternoon against the arch rival. Minnesota Twins at least as far as bill Lee County rivalry is concerned another arch rival. Coming up in just a couple days that would be the New York Yankees according to various reports. It appears as although nothing has been officially disclosed that Jackie Bradley. Is going to be on the big team now. I you can keep his Mike off the rest of the show that's total and are Aniston -- I just eager viewers he'd just be Michael Solomon -- at the same thing that no Austin who still tomorrow. But Bradley is flying with the team I think just as he's going to New York I think -- trying to juggle some roster moves so I don't think that necessarily means that he's going to be on the team. It is very split the AT&T text line pretty much fifty at the in favor Bradley. Joining the team in New York in those who believe. He should be added to the pocket people -- violent about it I I I don't find that. Maloney mean really. Mad about what it is it either Red Sox I know -- -- get angry about the guys I hate people make bad. Business decisions it is -- from a an economics point of view it is economics of course. What's wrong you make it sound like there's no baseball. Perspective in keeping an -- out for nine into the is that from the -- -- overnight I also think that your obligation to your feet and bases to put the best team on the field are right how many times -- -- best left fielder they have OK but does does the best -- -- -- every answer question as the best left fielder. Play each and every game depends on the pitcher is depending on. Injury he's been -- -- pretty good by the way do you really believe -- speak and accurately just wanna get real about for a second. Are right Jackie Bradley junior we got some good news you've made the Red Sox roster who's gonna NC face about putting their legs. Yeah I got 2000 have you tried trying to find out a little -- sore right from it but the rules and try not to be one of the world's Stephen Fall River you're next on Sports Radio WEEI running Steve. Or bike and hit it right there is -- hundred. Actually Larry what is. And it's being about the fact. That they're just yet. There will be. It you know and you know what Steve I think part of fascination. Rick this whole subject is the fact that -- of the unknown. We we have -- we don't leave it we don't even have any idea what this kid's going to be like what he. You could help it better -- Out. Hopefully our -- -- got it all up -- All right keep. It a shot at all. What. How would get the Baltic. While all the fact that we -- not go at -- but now. Oh. -- it. All off. What are holes up our -- we all know how the all right let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well thank god -- yet -- raised about -- seriously but I I I think the one appointment Tom that I disagree with the -- he was I during a point that there where we did agree. Is you have to take into account the the the makeup. Of Jackie Bradley junior he's 23 he's very mature. He seems to have a great understanding on who he is what he's capable of doing any he has for repeal vision enough to understand all aspects of what's going on here right so I think that the argument to make that argument -- note the argument to make it where I am -- review. Is I don't think either way this kid's gonna be crushed. If they hold about nine games Ike -- he just doesn't happen that make up. You know it's funny that Steve was quoting the very best. Well. Nine in a 162 those are interesting numbers I agree I I I love the with they were talking about yesterday listen to the show get a chance to listen not -- that much as I'm actually working during the mid February they were great job the guy over here to my right more ways than one. But the number that I'm I'm much more concerned what is nine verses twenty. Because if you don't put it put him in its socket for nine games at the start of the year. If he's still holed a lot of that service time he got to put it down for twenty games somewhere in the middle of the. -- I just I just can't wait forest route to where we get together the next -- because all questions will be interest in and if the team stumbles out of the gate Craig. In Bradley is now owned in part -- market I'm just telling you -- of people are not gonna have the same perspective they have now. You're real battle the way it is this is the panacea to our bill now caddy Bradley now -- -- now but I think if you Lou that's right try to get used that'd be a patrol Welker was a playoff game even -- -- -- a playoff game in my opinion. People want the patriots even you wanna put the best players that you have on the bench. On the field I understand literally that league team on April in April 1 2013. Is just as important as September 30. 2013. I know that statistically literally. That's true. But no one can convince me that game and April's more important -- McCain's attempt -- If -- challenge and in your prep with a number of those -- our press conferences on town meetings -- opinion that we think. So what do you do so the fans are saying OK and you've got to put the best team on the field and -- I'll ask figuring that out and you and -- am asking you though if you listen quotes are your answer to European bases. While you know -- You know nine games and marketing Kallis and we do after wary about getting the next year audience again I'm an echo what I said earlier if we are supposedly according to do uncle or go to the party -- days -- -- -- baseball. Which was so intelligent. So instead all we understand the big picture. If we're so intelligent we can take our emotions out of it and look at it from an intellectual standpoint I bet are right that what I clear that what's the problem but -- The other side of the and -- other side because you still gotta -- reporting the best team. That we -- put on the field. There are so you're worried about six years down a road that's true I -- if you're gonna be well that's the I didn't. I definitely have that story as Smart as that you -- all shows so far since what 7779. Politics while your broadcasting having a -- about a -- I have to work on not smiling and laughing in chocolate we -- get behind me in key. What's your take here and I can't see it from me to do when he sees a youngster but yes and a big chip on your big boy pants and read it 617. Be very serious 779. 7937. And if you wanna Texas AT&T is provided the AT&T tax line. The -- 79. -- 37 by all off balance if you just two -- and when I heard you have more trouble when the -- the crawling up our democracy or -- probably by the way Larry Johnson revealed off the arm and I'm an ex boss yeah I love it. I'm obvious -- for audio as he's ruled that a -- that cynical I. -- and we didn't love -- or give let hours I don't in my employees enrolled I heard more people that aren't the guys lay up. So Larry's the real disaster but it has pursued is no opera and back at mass on mass chaos.

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