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Mustard and Johnson Open Sports Saturday Previewing Opening Day for the Red Sox -- FINALLY, We can Move on from the Bobby V Experience

Mar 30, 2013|

Craig and Larry kick things off previewing the upcoming year for the Red Sox and the rest of AL East. The guys discuss the lineups, the injuries, the rotations et al ... PLAY BALL!

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Mustard and Johnson's wards Saturday. Beautiful weekend shaping up Larry's favorite weekend of the year as. He anticipates the beginning of the Red Sox season I guess this the mother. Reasons as well well isolated knowledge and. Blessings in my Jewish brother and far -- passover. Happy passover to you an acknowledgment of the old testament story with Moses and in the egyptians and certainly to my Christian Brothers the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Which we celebrate them because without him we'd be stuck in a sense. While resurrection is the very topic I think -- on the other day did didn't make it on the site I have like the stone. Like you know -- -- away the -- -- but I had a stone and I have that at the Red Sox logo on the stone merry go in the spot in the kids say into the father he says that. Today's -- is that the storm would -- away -- the Protestants are talking about Jesus not electable but they didn't get the the younger guys -- do does -- dating -- they didn't -- and it's amazing to -- -- younger generation and are going to church they don't even you -- -- Australian -- and normal for -- you were kids today stories we're gonna deal of that what are you gonna do with kids we got a -- crazy that we were -- hoping that something -- -- -- and I thought it was a very very fascinating. -- it there Harold is taking in terms of what are -- Red Sox Koreans got to respond to this team is that going to be interest or. I'm interested I'm I'm back after John from the cape rip me you know one last week for not watching -- -- he's sounding games I am back I'm watching I'm interested in. Sort of tourist. As I -- resurrection certainly -- -- tomorrow and from a sports proceed in a Red Sox -- denizens of Red Sox Nation hoping. The Red Sox rise again -- We are now just 52. Hours away from your growing USA they were buried lies yeah they certainly Carl Crawford will not be a problem though and neither will -- Bobby ballots that I witches I mean what a wasted year follow Christ and will. Well we have it's a long time since the Red Sox world viable member. Of the American League east really began as we well though unspectacular. Biblical epic fashion. Way back on September 1 2011. The worst regular season collapse in the history of baseball we know wall that. That continue with the 69 win performance. Last year I think a lot of that on Bobby Valentine know managers. Allegedly in traditionally only -- about what five to ten games a year would you -- in Europe you present -- all so good look at that that's a car comes to -- -- can I album due out by by the way probably show from the other room. Not battling but also organ on me or anybody else they'd say I can't have a summit TARP over one another. This is the sports but show in if you give about a was sports bar. People are talking and yelling back and forth and stuff it's good to have fun conversation in -- real world are real life -- don't conduct ourselves that way. But I'm curious. To you as we look back. Do you think they made a mistake and they showed her every -- Francona -- contract. Upon morons. Apple look back I was pretty straightforward about it I express my opinion -- sparked quite clearly at the time. As much as I understand that things unraveled in. Francona had to take his share of the blame. When all was said -- they made of huge mistake. By allowing him I don't know how the actual the official departure -- the accident so to speak took place Larry. You really really biblical -- -- old testament I'm going to test the -- are gonna say there was a parting of the -- and he's certainly realized or real I'd say yeah yes and that made a mistake it's early Bobby Valentine in. I know we tried to. What Larry -- speak to the fire a little bit at Christmas at Fenway he was looking forward not backwards he kind of gave you a evil there -- nights ago yeah I give you -- -- there and tried to bring up the V word valid time. The the the worst decision in the history moderates like that that a lot of bad managers for a variety of reasons bounce that was the worst everybody says -- down there that barrel. Has conducted camp the way it should have been conducted last year they had made the proper higher. So I will say this Larry and they couldn't -- -- congress get for our last year that was out probably so what if you look at that if the Red Sox are successful in in making market improvement you could say and retrospect that well you know we had to spin our wheels we had to go backwards to go forwards. In two predictions not remind our organic but there's -- buy -- -- just the fact Bobby Valentine is occupying Red Sox dugout this year. They're going to be close the 500 if not slightly above I really believe they're gonna win. 8283 games something like that. Paris thing and 88 ADU kidding well I don't know last year there was 69 the year before that nine billion a year before that 89. I like the pitching I like his -- pitching and I like the bullpen. Obviously they'll line -- needs some work. You know it's funny because I was listening as I was traveling down to Connecticut. Yesterday listening 13 point seven FM in my -- And breaking down his Red Sox team target buster only from ESPN and if you -- paper as much as people scoff. At and you just did at the line up. There's some decent names in that lineup are of a missing a vital part in the middle lineup and David Ortiz absolutely but. Paper this is not a 69 win team. And it's not outlandish as much as -- responded to you. You -- it's. It could be an 88 win team it's definitely in the eighties they will be somewhat. In the hunt. Or 41 of those wild -- I don't know if -- 88. That's close to winning the division I think. If Napoli can maintain is how you know who's really flying under the radar and I'm surprised because he is worth the price of going to seat. And he's not getting any credit every restored by Jackie Bradley junior brought. Iglesias is hitting to a 92. I saw him hit a shot the other day threw up through first and second in it was a laser. I don't know I know they got a new hitting coach maybe he's because if you get any kind inning in any right to twentieth somebody him. His glove I'm told by a really interest in marching in -- just sensational. In the field but you don't have but I want to ask you is why -- -- so high it. On the Red Sox -- you -- it that way forest -- -- -- more so then okay the patriots ready to welcome DO it group or person nobody wild about the way they handled that but -- will be forgiven and that allowed. And they'll play that we find a Celtics had a non trade situation -- Dot net to the clipper is we don't know whatever happened with that. Again not date situation with the Bruins -- -- on trade betrayed and that was not a trade. But people seem to be really just so -- Are on the Red Sox more than any other. Of the teams here and he's just come to this revelation now but I wonder after you won the two World Series I mean they've made some mistakes we all agreed and at the Brooke Kim we understand that but. I'm interested in turning the page and really just trying to get at the baseball and I went in and enjoy the game and let the chips are winning we all know when they -- the big signed players out a towel and the -- wasn't going to be that much on the shelves we know that so. I don't know why we can never gonna have a manager and just be so I thought well. Even you last year you you are very charitable forgiving man and you. Embodied the teachings of viewer. You're lord and savior Jesus Christ -- this time in which you know it's obviously my because you're very forgiving itself to each and every -- here pigs are flying do you yeah. One of the snowball fight out a lot of threatened. -- The last year you were very optimistic. It used to beat each. Week it. -- who is the yeah yeah in -- -- in the -- radio that was him or you know in reality your boy. It can't -- and here's the option to have it's a 162 game season. You Revis and be miserable it just hate the season. You at least trying to hate it's baseball it's a beautiful park. Let's go while we all all -- you know they Arab. Poles to fell and mistakes were made just enjoy the game like I mean that's my attitude it's Arnold's body any criticism from -- -- -- out about it -- laboratory. All right nobody. Criticism query -- overtly go OK you're gonna although -- seven absolutely yes and yet but as I was walking through the the hallowed walls the WB yeah. And I was looking at some of the photos what was the great photo. The Red Sox. It's midway park. From on high bird's eye view of Fenway. And you know there is something a bow. Just going to a game particularly in spring when hope is eternal and all things are regenerating themselves and it's about taking in a ball game. And not worrying about the fate. Of the local line just letting the -- just joining averaged tonight Mike angels is ramping up efforts to kids right. Allow that to happen you -- I -- Remember Obama we corporate broadcasts the games over there is sometimes at -- at the primary studio. And then there's a break a commercial break and you and you -- out -- -- step up and in you sitting in the bleachers for a minute are you whispering against number -- just watching the whole new arena cathedral it is if it doesn't get it -- and I -- at some point either just make up your mind. If he got in joy the game in understand the fact that to have a wounded team that its mistakes from maiden they're trying to fix it. Or he's just sit miserable for the whole year. Right I think there is a liberating aspects. Of low expectations. I know we're not used to that around here even author you know of those 86 years -- sector always contenders at least from. 67 on in our lifetime. Red Sox were always a team that you could legitimately say from 67 on. Had a shot at going. To the playoffs and even winning a World Series but this year. Even though I think they're gonna be better I do not viable contenders any give you the chance just in front Sox fans are ready for this. But it gives you -- chance has been eighteen months of misery it can't get any worse this. No way to end it now yeah obviously the first 25 games now in policy -- -- legislative victories to Ron Howard to have are what alt a market on which -- I got an audio Jack off for the Red Sox the word go. You know seriously you can really. It does know where that goal but that's right Brad. Okay that over this way it's not so much that I'm ready for the team although that would be nice -- rooting for players. So if you let's say the reasons I wanted Jackie Bradley after pressure probably had a sensational spring we don't know whether it's real -- memorex we don't know but I also think -- team that is willing to lower concession prices. Evil whether it was messed up in communication with the beer in the hot dogs. Why he told Laura. Thing ends back in April is telling you that they acknowledged the fact that there that they've that they've messed up some things in -- trying to get. The fans back I know you don't they were criticized for feeding the monster last year Betemit. If he's qualified -- -- -- if you Phillies are you secure enough in in as the skill level to play. Doesn't of people who -- to bring a player up that people wanna see -- if you're trying to draw people back. Well it's interesting I was listening to Tom Caron on the replay just a few moments ago artist who's filling in for Lou who was under the weather and he was saying you should never make. A move based on marketing or public relations. But. That's sort of situation. They have the vegetables and I are okay -- -- it and if you're slicing the pie yeah yeah. I think 80% of it should be from a baseball perspective is can -- play now. What's the what's the turnaround if TV play is there an opening in left field -- is he the best. -- to be out there. But I do I think you're naive. To sit here and not think that 20% of that Heidi should be considered that you need term you need to bring. Me and -- back. Well you know you at least agree that am I think they should do whatever it -- Even if they don't do what Greg the world's iconic come to an end -- play you know set out nine at ten whatever how many games and as the beginning of the season -- over. And then you have -- for the -- -- I can live with. Remember Larry if he goes down for nine games six of those -- happening on the road so we only missed. The first series of the homestand so how how catastrophic is that going to be in the public relations department. It's not but I do you do listen the other that you're you're competing with the sports dollar right now we're so lucky is Iranians though -- you got the Bruins. Are there going to be any hockey is at its finest peak right now with that monster game the other night was sensational there in Philadelphia today in the afternoon. So you got the -- when you got the Celtics coming back but my gut check game performance again they eat when our Grover Cleveland where it. In and now they've turned around the Celtics without got in this still in our struggling and they got a lot of hot out there. And the patriots of the patriot you know they gonna show up so you get the sports dollar in interest. At a peak right now for all of these teams right but for me and I know they're spending the first week away from Fenway Park it just seems -- Now's the time for baseball great discussion about Jackie Bradley junior last week that has not been resolved wanna pack the Red -- for not resolving it. Until the -- IQ I am not waffling on my opinion if it were me I would bring them up. But I can I can honesty about a lot nominal defendant and of course I was right to say now let's right now I'm saying to -- I may I want the best at it took me. You'll want the best team that you can have on the field. From day one back at -- eat you know. It's like they're the pictures of ever walk on wide receiver in the guys are performing everybody house vote. You've got to put the best guy out on the field you have to worry about service time the national I don't know I understand that but you're more worried about service time -- trying to win games. Because I as I said there are a team in the low eighties at best the team will be. Covering -- playoff contention you make itself does it. Jackie Bradley junior is the pivotal most crucial component in the Red Sox chances of making okay what's the conversation been to spring training this whole spring training. Jackie Bradley -- John from the cape accordions back around all right 617. 779793737937. Is the tax line we are less than this. It'll be CC sabathia against Jon Lester a battle of left handers over the big ball you are in the South Bronx we're gonna break it all down where -- Sports Radio. It's on the -- but it's a no brainer and I would not start the it would then I would say right away 08 -- at a minor league. As we've seen the Dodgers do with the prospect yet -- -- I think that's what they should do because his agent -- orders. He's almost certainly not in a sign it seemed friendly deal. In the first couple years in his career he's probably gonna become a free agent and why not back that up by your decision that. You know involves millions of dollars in on the Red Sox -- nine games in April your -- you probably gonna forget about it but you know. Buster Raleigh guest today -- Mott and -- -- breaking down the entire baseball season is certainly specifically. The Jackie Bradley junior situation that's -- only said yesterday. According to various sources -- -- asserted on the flash Peter Abraham of the globe tweeting. That Jackie Bradley is traveling with the Red Sox. North to the Bronx. When they break camp today after their final of spring training game against the twins does that mean he's on the roster are. We're simply traveling with the team just trust us in New York you know. And that is a curious decision CIA as you well know. Buster only and I completely agree Mike from an even agrees I feel completely validated. I just don't see how nine games has any impact whatsoever on the season particularly with six. What's the marketing unless they feel like be really needed shot me down again to get the season's operate that they only way I can look at it after 69 wins last year in the Bobby Valentine mess in the spectacular collapse of eleven. They just need anything at this point some shot of optimism and against Jackie Bradley. Would supply that now is again I guess it's all. Semantics -- traveling with the team mean he's on the roster. Red Sox still have well in a big got to make -- and this was a regular prison decision tomorrow which means that obviously having him with the team will make it easier if they decide. That he's on the roster. As you obviously based on -- bank if that does come to fruition that he is in uniform whether restarting or not. Monday afternoon against CC sabathia. And the Yankees. I just think that is long term suicide I I do not understand its immediate gratification. And there can be as far as I'm concerned absolutely no justification. Well I think coming out the other argument is too. It to worry about this at that something's gonna happen six she is gone now because that's general manager does Larry. You have to have a vision its long arm of the visit as. Let's slow -- concession price -- and they are bright is 'cause we need to Laura. Fans back to the ballpark you let's -- ideology the fact that they need to. You know our mantra let's Sam Kennedy worry about beer prices and let that -- and worry about service time volley bench Harrington worried about David Ortiz. Right and you know what I mean they've made that they've got ever had some really wanna -- padlock on mismanagement by Lebanese sign Ortiz. They handing out thirteen million dollar contract like napkins. So again and you decide not to go having Hamilton. You don't does not that much sizzle. That you're using a -- you read that book you know. Resolve I'm not saying that's silly drives I'm not so I'm not saying yeah it's a driving force. But it's not like this guy has had a spring training of chop liver. Let me ask you this what you love so much and you you have been promoting Francona his -- what you love so much about that -- why I -- out like how he described making the -- it's a no -- like -- behind the same right we should only eat sausage we certainly should not see how it's made the old political metaphor. But would you like about that block maybe you haven't necessarily consciously. Thought about it or articulated is. Francona emerges as a pure baseball. In oasis of baseball. In a desert. Marketing and business and it it I think you fine. Curt Schilling came out and said he definitely supportive for send him down and to bring -- -- but of course Borges had to have him for breakfast. Wolf man I haven't read that piece for Ronald this. It's it's out by telling -- it's a compelling argument right and I really and I'm being and I know this isn't good for radio yup that's it once -- the other. I really can't understand -- us. And I don't it'll tape from a pure. Due war. When I -- and I won't be tuning in at 105 unfortunately I do you have some odd people need to enlighten over there well give me a break when I was in school amended and -- -- yet and I think back where I am not -- -- Out advocate beyond them out from any opening. Which are both your -- -- -- -- an -- I was I had no those real rock album waited two hours and from 200 million dollar scroll -- it would north where where a -- 140 million dollars school -- but I will be there at the about a thirty. 245. Or might be going pleasure. Wish to see your your fast is this guy -- -- to continue the Major League level. From its point of view but I am not the person who should be running -- terrorist. You're more of -- baseball purist I am a baseball pure and are you OK just as it would go right back to the phones -- promised. They regard Charles Anthony Steve Joey charm -- but. Can you present the other side now are not at all don't -- -- -- -- at the problem -- -- December politically. Can't move to the middle at all now IKEA I think your way or -- -- that set that I I've right remember ask -- and now I mean. Ideological person in my ideology is the you have to think long term you have to think forward not backwards -- not even now. -- now should absolutely mean. Zip ball if your bench Arrington in the oaks in making that decision. Ventured and does make it. And if he's not being interfered not that's another rate that's a great point you're just right. If there is debate about it right. Which is Farrell. Stand on it behooves him. He's long he's following he's going to be here -- moves him -- put the best team on the on the field possible. You agree with that certainly if you're John. Barrel right and looking at the averaged ten to have always been if it was just remember Francona the longest hitter Benny Red Sox manager history particularly OK but -- -- where -- -- mr. -- while. He has a -- dot opera that was another bad start. Must say one guy has -- I agree -- Maloney on this. One guy is not -- Come -- a cover up the ball in win like six -- what is what is -- only say only says keep doubts and no brainer -- -- -- certainly understands what it's like to go back and forth and I 95 says keep them down. Curt Schilling borderline hall of Famer one of the great Red Sox pitchers ever says keep them down. What I agree all those guys every one of those guys I wholeheartedly agree both Dennis and Callahan and argue you should bring a mop but I I go along with them. -- looks like he's going to be there -- Derek Jeter really doubt that I mean that is why -- -- I just media terms would be able to handle things. When he gets up. All right we have promised we gonna get the most -- -- your -- waiting. Or bad about right here with her about a magnetic yellow -- -- got 2000 at least -- Joey -- Well maybe not Joseph six it's not about how well I -- we bring some good hockey tartans. 9370. AT&T text line up and running or use a 37. 937. To be a lot of congratulations in my presence on the -- once again. On the tax they saying congratulations. Some sort are they say -- pat Riley's -- Was actually a moment. -- and I aren't.

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