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Overtime with Grande & Max: Shavlik, Bass & Angle

Mar 30, 2013|

New podcast with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell. The guys sat down after a great win at home vs the Hawks and revisited interviews with Shavlik Randolph, Kurt Angle and Brandon Bass.

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-- time would show. Hello hello season. Now we thank you -- -- latest edition of -- and Max overtime it's been a while. Back then Celtics are back when he a couple of games this past week and Jeff Green buzzer beater on Wednesday night. -- Cleveland and coming home and getting media eleven point when they got over the Atlanta Hawks on Friday. What -- -- 1072 vote went to an interesting weekend would have. The Celtics point out New York -- that Minnesota Sunday and Monday. But this thing was headed south -- so that's obviously we saw the game which Charlotte I thought early in the game earlier this losing skid. When he took Paul Pierce outline that was trying to piece riveting collapsed after its value playing without Kevin Garnett that's the ticket these defense of late Doc Rivers made a decision. We can't play the way we had been winning in the second half which is defense first now the Celtics are running their push the -- they have to score big to win it as they've done the last couple. Well they have to do that you don't come off funny so -- opportunities atop a rebound the basketball pushed it up. Jeff Green school or Judy Paul -- triple double. You'll whatever it takes him you know that they are really like about the Cleveland game was that the -- to -- the win late. The fact that you know if you went away from Paul Pierce -- reprise the building in the post on the ball beaters but it's -- Doc Rivers gate great game management. This time decide you know what. I'm going the way I'm getting Jeff Green attacking the rim and it was a great confidence builder for guys you point to beat down the line to say you know what. I can make that last shot as well as. Albeit they give you what options the Celtics have lost the budget games in this last stretch since last over -- one of these and podcasts but let's -- this. You and I had an ideal what Jordan Crawford moved the and he has the and that. Ostensibly. Wild herky jerky but he has been so much more than I thought you these but not a passive I thought and he is a fourth quarter spotlight guy and that only encourages Celtics fans when you think that there's gonna come a moment. In the playoffs when the Celtics didn't need optics could be on the road playoff game in India. And Jordan Crawford doesn't Blake he's gonna make mistakes but he makes the same mistakes it made it to. That he makes it made it 4080s the same players not affected by the close late deems it to the thing. You like about him fearless he's would steak shop and he's gonna take another shot at the end of the annual acute that one. He is not afraid to miss a log out to operate you miss one if you do it will. To a Crawford I've missed one I can't wait to get the ball back in the tri -- After the game in Cleveland Jeff Green everyone will remember what he did -- -- -- that final play. And buzzer beater. You figure in the call million times over and over again of the Jeff Greene winner in Cleveland but there -- many heroes tonight dean Jordan Crawford was certainly one of the Paul Pierce hit a shot late but it might have been. The best all around game we saw the entire season from our guest after the team for an -- We'll be talking about this one for a while a fourteen point fourth quarter comeback for the Celtics in 9392. Buzzer beating win on the drive bucket. By Jeff Green but -- and -- gave his one like this there are a variety of heroes and particularly on the defense and that's a big night for Brandon -- joins us here at. What was the mood like you had a lot of these games on the road Indiana Utah. In the fourth quarter when you got down by fourteen what was going on -- And they -- just unified. You know we just believe that we can get it went. -- think you saw which team has become quite get the win the defense really picked up in their war for the debate. The other defense of adjustments. Yeah we definitely did. You know really witches and does it could you know we know that they'll rebound and that it bought schools now. Without Kevin Garnett you're out there defensively people watching on TV even listening to us. What is the biggest difference communication wise when that voice is not there. Well we we can't is that you know. You know be applicable myself. -- talks much of that -- noted that my teammate because. No Kevin didn't he do a lot of talking about different go anywhere can. That that is so -- This thing Brandon Bass who always -- -- -- apparently. Nobody can now -- -- guarding him nobody. I don't I don't. I won't give -- the Rhoden is Kevin showed. Gave. How much. Are you -- guys in the locker room thinking now. The postseason. Think about this -- means they -- about this final stretch of teams. And we're you want it or not playing well or not it was the opportunity to move up -- Well -- we've basically taken one game at what we had playoffs and back on Google. We just want to continue to grow as as a team and you know -- -- to find it is the didn't go into the playoffs and try to be successful. How can you find -- it to the by -- the players. I eat out that by almost like it's the Duke Team everything looked -- you guys up in the due to sales because I look at that you and look at it Jeff. You -- learning different positions everybody. Yet this thing that won't. It does make dog. Jabbed it that much of ought to put on -- will we -- didn't need to try to figure it out. Not job part of the flight back -- easier tonight what did you for Brandon bass and a buzzer beating win the Celtics enjoyed it thanks. Rent a fast facts at a very strong week while heavyweight did he shot the ball he rebounded the ball and that to me is more of the key. You know last year when Brandon Bass was with all the role he could miss the fifteenth weather but also he was the rebounding the ball effectively. Well while this year he has not been rebound the basketball he played thirty minutes -- Q1 rebound and that can't happen if Europe Powell for the on this team. And you are a team that is desperate need of rebounds. Each -- -- opportunity. The Celtics winning after the Cleveland game and a home game against Atlanta this is a swing game apology guys were out on both sides last Friday night at the garden Atlanta didn't have Zaza Pachulia or Lou Williams that was found that Al Horford would not play. In nineteen there was might head to head against an unbelievable Kansas Michigan NCAA tournament team that took place last Friday night. The Celtics were dot Courtney Lee back but he was not going to be -- factor in play very much instilled in that Kevin Garnett yet -- -- and not just -- spirit. -- router returning its street closed to the -- expansion they seem to be energized by it was a an interesting performance it would sell the simply outscored. -- Defenseless Atlanta team that Al Horford put the -- not 118 points in the game Paul Pierce's third triple double all comic. Since the Rondo injury Jeff Greene coming off the buzzer beater had a very strong game but the garden. It's enthusiasm and it's affection on Friday night were exactly. Directed at targets on the ground. Season -- 118. Points the Celtics. Two different looking today without Kevin Garnett got to play the way -- -- a different way and they do tonight beating the hawks won a seat. The one of seven Grady and Max back here at the garden but Cink Jeff Green had 27 Paul Pierce had a triple double Jason Terry made five threes. But none are the man of the match tonight Shavlik Randolph joining us of the celtics' locker room thirteen rebounds and nine points in 21 minutes and why does the ball fine. -- I I don't know it just does not try to seek it out you know what -- Crowd reacted when. -- work work hard this. Whole thing that the coach John about rebound the basketball. -- and rebound the basketball well and react before the ball. It's the rent because you're already tried to give them a spot about your plans ankle Q you count that -- -- -- where the ball might be going. Yeah I mean that's things of that that's who it would not I know when I go out there if you know it's going to be for forward for -- -- -- -- promotional -- -- -- you know -- give a 100% when I'm out there so you know that that that's my job go to. Because got a man on every rebound and fight in him that I got to make sure that -- -- got a -- you know make my teammates you know. We've talked to DJ about this we've talked Terrance Williams about this speech you have a match. Two months ago here in the middle of the Chinese winter before did you -- imagine that on a Friday night. There at the garden you have a near double double with thirteen rebounds would be in the middle. The playoff race played on the -- -- A really good about. You know. You know that them. Definitely worked for about -- You know he would become a reality is. It left me. You know I'm I'm very fortunate to -- 71 thing is is you realize. As you're saying. To have fear that you VA to build the system. Definitely help you but you also the fact of being hungry try to get back I think that's the beat -- two guys throughout the league right. You know you know. Definitely. -- been a little unfortunate for him. My career. Nothing got on the -- and bring together. Here from coming career offering -- -- Not you know an effective and this player on. -- left them. What has the Celtics locker room at like walking through this -- all of the different locker rooms in the NBA and around the world he created. If you know if walk in my locker room from the pictures of the players have played before. That is unparalleled and. It it really drives you wanna keep that tradition never how would you know that she's sleep on the plane known to. Huckabee guy -- ever see that got its sleep that much about the things I'm saying he knows the legacy because his grandfather with Indian. Understand that but obviously -- -- watch you want the plane in the only replace them with things that the whole court that he did you have -- near by you don't get together. This up with a towel over its air and he is gone at all I don't know what happened but if I don't sleep on the -- curled up. Scared out of my mind and I don't like the plot by I got obviously I was gonna say some sort of flights we've had dispute does that fit best is yet -- -- -- -- there has been no question seven Randolph it was a smooth flight tonight. For you at the garden and make it some friends here with the it was the old fans who thank you very much -- At some -- already Jordan Crawford Terrence Williams D. J. White shadow Brando of all make contributions but we didn't expect Shavlik Randolph and the at the top of that list of three guys Danny Ainge acquired that it played China all season long but. This league has always been about Max says this billion time you find that she finds allowing you to do. And there was an -- big Eddie Murphy's view it is someone -- you are starving to -- -- -- crackers they're going to be as if he's like at stake it's gonna be delicious. When you have the dearth of -- Celtics have had over the last couple years in office that somebody comes in you can grab a rebound he seems like the greatest rebounder -- history. I think you're right I mean because ship cellblock Randolph has done one thing and rebound the basketball. And as we were talked duel -- for the things he said. I prepare myself without -- assembled before the ball you know with the ball that's in the air and that's what good rebounder so great rebounds do they have a knack for. A lot of rebounds get. Art in his comfort zone which should be -- Galilee today in the things that you know with that I always loved about a guy. Like Randolph who's -- get back in this league obviously head injuries he talked about. But the fact that. He is hungry. And the thing about -- BA everybody's point to get their turn at bat. It's up to view to swing at not to -- the -- at that point. The Celtics going to the weekend in new York and with the knicks sitting is there a possible playoff opponent in the first traumas that New York Minnesota back to back. With the winner of Friday night would have really it was pushed the Celtics farther away from Miami before that becomes an impossibility statistically. Your preference do you think the Celtics are better off facing Miami in the first. Absolutely and I don't think that you dodged him in -- document that way that go wrong people keep -- network. When that thing about Miami they've played so well. This year that eventually they're going to have a hiccup. And if you point to get my hand me. It's just like you know allow these great but as we've seen before you do liberally. Wore it goes to round eight. In this they're there warm in there there in the jazz at their. Re oil. That's -- think Miami is really dangerous to be you don't get them early on as -- -- the Celtics are the best team. Qualify if healthy fit they could you know make a run that mine you know both the -- but they could make it really make a good run them. More likely the Celtics would have to get to the Eastern Conference finals again to face Miami as they won't likely be in the seventh spot six Stella. Decent mosque that chances of six are possible chance of eight still exist facing Miami but seven is the most likely scenario for the Celtics should give them new Yorker Indiana. In round number one work the point. It's really interesting about destruction teams is that this is going to determine where the Celtics finished at who they play. But it's gonna have absolutely nothing to do with the team the Celtics are gonna have -- the opening game of the playoffs because without Kevin Garnett this -- it will be a completely different team. Well like you say you'll have Kevin Garnett hopefully back healthy that thing is really good about this. Getting -- wins with some different gas without chemical or that -- -- around and it gives the team gives the coaches. Do people -- gives everybody the fans' confidence that the Celtics can do. A lot of different things without some of their key guys that as -- as they've done all year. We like to use this time audio podcast Iran. For you some of the interviews of the conversations we've had over the last ten days for two days of -- spent. And we had a truly fascinating one minute that Max got ultimately that he did because we had -- really fascinating conversation. With the former Olympic gold medalist Kurt angle who was visiting Boston. Last week for the knicks team its entry the publicity shots circled round with him which ace king and Chris Wilcox just being on the garden floor. Kurt angle to onto fame and fortune obviously professional wrestling. Talk to us about concussions about the decision of the international Olympic committee to drop wrestling. As an Olympic sport which some think he spent four from a but it really vaulted to a fast in the conversation about -- about playing with injury. And you know eclipses have some interesting conversation this fascinating people this line work this past week if you missed it. Kurt angle -- both Max and -- at the guard her. I was thinking as we're sitting here with an Olympic. Gold medal wrestler. That. Maybe one day if things don't change my son's eighteen months old won't get to see an Olympic gold medal Russell if things don't change Kurt angle. Joins us here and run talk about the any sign of some verse two which is going to Boston as. You know CNN has a lot of momentum going right now feel deprived of the W what you have been at the forefront. Starting February when the Olympic Committee first of -- when the decision was based. This had to be in the amateur wrestling community a shocking decision. Uses -- the United States you know we have every level -- us -- -- middle school high school and college Olympic level. A lot of countries. Really protest against this because they only have to use words like Bulgaria. Or Slovakia you know they only have weightlifting wrestling you've taken away their software. You know rush I've -- -- You know United States golfing together. Wanna keep resting in the Olympics. What occurred at the IOC diseases might baffling. They were supposed to drop -- half on which only has eighteen countries represented it. Pretty much -- sport. But she presents -- as an athlete. Passes that to keep it kept they're -- sports cathedral on table that it was wonderful visit to assembly -- to back. Felt that I heard that there's a lot of money from an Asian country it was throughout -- -- to keep though. It comes down to politics of money and you know rusting in the new leader -- our new president after it had happened. We have a great leader now -- in eight languages politician which obviously -- In sports today especially with exports with. Wrestling has over -- 180 countries represented throughout the world not every country goes it's going to be what -- -- you have to qualify. -- -- Asian games Pan American games. The European games so not every country and -- in the Olympics you know with -- -- eight countries but that doesn't mean it. Every country -- -- so you have. Or like -- it's one of the most popular. Sports world wide -- -- work world you want to -- out. Whether it be because they don't believe it drugs ratings drug money. Russert was sold out of every Olympics except for the UK because it was excellent UK the IOC but while. This might be a dark sport in realities -- The reason was sold out -- case because there was nobody in the UK that was in the Olympics in roughly. So if you're gonna host wrestling in and nobody from your country's gonna be a bit nobody's gonna -- -- the country's. Could this -- you know auditorium we relocated. With football my parents don't have kids involved that you have to but the future of sport even those world championships every year sure could there not being an Olympic sport. Could death deter kids and then maybe directive or the other sports but they seem. I believe resting survivor guide states thank god it's because of our our system like explodes you know junior high school college. Obviously we're gonna have the world champions every year of the world championships that your but it you know the Olympics is a special. It's 140 years and and every every kid that Russian history through Wednesday making it the Olympics he got a -- like Ohio today from Cornell University just one. This fourth that's doubly with or different weight classes. You think you'd like him take his dreams away have become in the future let him. That's just crazy. You know the other countries -- the sports gonna die if if if it gets dropped and I can't imagine. You know Bulgaria. Not happen be able to go on the Olympics you know their ultimate dream is to become a -- Olympics. I ran a perfect example of a country that only has a few different sports -- Russians -- tough work. I can't imagine them not be that would go to the Olympics so there are a lot of countries out there that are protesting. And now we're having a meeting in May with the IOC personally with feel of president world governing body -- president with the IOC president. To see how we can save Russell and keep at that point five course Fortson. God -- September when they vote. I believe they're gonna vote I believe that gonna vote wrestling and so. They took -- not only put Russia back in and the last statement for nothing. Kids who watched the Celtics that they can play youth basketball -- watch hockey. It was what you talked I don't think obviously for Friday good reasons -- to make the connection when they watch. -- watched every -- millions of people watching when they watch anime and watching USC I don't think the same connection is made. That the basics there aren't particularly in paralysis I don't think people understand. How many. Legitimate strong amateur background to the ultimate exit out of that but people don't realize the athletes that are involved in the pro wrestling industry that this that this will start. It doesn't. Wrestling does recruit you know pro wrestling does recruit officers and the man he. 85% of the fighters and you have seen her or former wrestlers. -- so you you know you're you have options emotion you can you can. You know par laid into profession bit. You know if if you're Dana -- and you have a national champion wrestler -- gonna pay him a certain amount of money to fight for. You're in an Olympic gold medalists. You're going to be paid a heck of a lot more money through represented you have seen in the national champions so. These these browsers that that win national titles in college they have the opportunity to go to Olympics when it went a metal. They're gonna get a paid a lot higher to fight than than just be the national -- there's nothing mobile maps street -- it's amazing. But you know to take it to the next level. That just gives you more incentive to get paid more in a short period. It's not as secure recruited very heavily by WB of the -- ECW's well back and then nine successive Olympics have really thought this if you see was what it was now. In 1996. Would you have thought differently. Yeah I would have never been pro wrestling I was -- -- You know I talked. It just you know god bless -- -- we we tried to 2006 we tried 2000 -- couldn't agree on. Starting terms Marty was great game it was really good to me in 96 I was approached by the USC. And there's a misquote in the Chicago. Whenever times. But 9060 days they. They gave me the highest paid contract for you have -- but it was only fifteen grand fight they want me to fight and I'm here. -- my career would only been one -- two years of voted down that. So the body was then that back then and the money was in pro wrestling so I want with pro wrestler by 2003 I was like oh god would like to a I wanna go flight with you know make a lot of money you're done your view Russian businessman. And I broke my back so that that's so that prevent then when I left of you are met with in a way. We had we had we had a we had terms but unfortunately we couldn't agree on starting date. It's just it just kind of went by the wayside but I don't regret it Dana -- to great guy gave -- great opportunity. Well you know when it comes back to his you know amateur wrestlers have the opportunity to -- pro wrestlers are. Fighters. You own it it's when it gave me last week the NFL team with its latest decision to sort of legislate the violence in the game taken away the crown helmets that talking about to kick out of the -- And you of all people on all the world talk to you -- put your body through an extraordinary. Amount for your profession more than people would ever realized. Is there. Enough legislation now or is there too much legislation of athletes who are inherently warriors. To take -- violence and danger out of things that apparently happened. I believe it's God's majors for this word to. You know aggressiveness. And somewhat violence and mean. I don't think you can take. Take it out completely because that's part of the game and in when I played football high school you know thank god that was a great player I was and all state player. I've loved the violence. I believe these players love to be aggressive and they loved it hard. You know to take it the game in him you know become ankle byters it's just. It's not appealing to the fans and it's not a feeling that the players and not values in fines him thrown left and right and and and and some of the hits -- -- and even that bad legislate. You know what's the game coming through when it. I I know that there are a lot of former players that have gotten together there -- an organization. Shoes that I felt for concussions with. You know what would you start the sport of football. You know what you're getting into you know you're gonna have had damage I know what I got into when I got the pro -- If hope had several concussions broken bones. You know Miami's kill me every day in my neck of Brooklyn a four times -- I mean it's. It's part of the sport. You know I got myself into that I knew what I love it and I -- I'd love. I loved the dangers of pro -- I loved aggressiveness I love the violence is. And and the fans are drawn to. Well let me quite -- announcement we have you just I was like I want to ask if that's what questions such a maximum by the way in my you know. Let me choose to live on the year to Kurt angle angle unsentimental. That's when they ask you about it when he says he talked about you know going. The reputed to I think one of the things we look in the uniform later. Is we -- know as much. As we know now. And I think that is with a huge differences look at right now because they didn't know you well because I mean I remember having a concussion. -- -- -- You don't plane just hit it -- and have -- off. Didn't know me think about -- -- what I remember by the so well recently had a concussion we saw one about former play -- marvel is last year so that the -- I remember cutie hit and -- -- -- -- brought to give up I got real if we haven't gotten auctions. And and all of a sudden I'm rich let me what I that was 25 years ago. So so you know they can tell you what we release explains a lot of things you say -- probably that's why weren't FY work which you who. That you do make a valid point. You know -- fact that they didn't. What they do work how dangerous it was I don't think Kate did -- long term. I believe that nowadays the learning the long term effects because of players like you wouldn't you know what would have happened in the so. You know I'm I'm I'm kinda borderline you know you know how to protect the guys. And what to do to make the sport safer. But it also. You know as a fan policies. On. Object virus -- -- know that's what gets me off of life being a and it these players play for a lot of money and obviously you know god forbid -- rears its Norton. You know god -- they should make as much ways they care they deserve. I can tell you that they should be paid five times more right now because of what they do you know like you said David -- reflect that. You grow -- -- Jack Lambert Jack I don't mean Joseph green those guys -- mean you work. Success in whatever people keep it in -- labor costs. Everybody. I Russell comes -- I know what you mean did the doctors that you which are member of the doctors always -- -- -- -- you just got to bail you that you're okay -- it takes is to balance all the I got it on I on tape of of the doctors do that to me and I want vacuum that is the -- Though I don't remember two hours later I was on a Gurney in the ambulances there. Oxygen mask of what made him. And that's what happened is that what you finished -- I'll that we if you happen without. Who on. Did they slammer some -- is coming in June is that one of the biggest events of the year for -- for people who. The other a lot of fans have for you get all -- -- we have in our industry sportscasters previous the end and they go to some of the smaller networks and people don't see them anymore -- so. Used just watching it you know nothing else sure for people who. Don't watch DNA right now or -- and why should they be watching. Right now we have the best roster the world I'm not going down you. Fazed about it. Some of these the monster. There. They are what we -- shooting floor. Whether we get close to modernize you know that's a -- put on amazing product but right now here made it has made rosters. A lot of good mix of older younger guys. And guys just have great chemistry with each -- you know it guys never heard like Bobby rooted James -- AJ styles. That -- -- in Gmail originals. Because they were never admit that the just them just unbelievable talent right just. And just the perpetual the company is is really you know. We're -- until this week it. Yes march 20 -- -- -- though Ticketmaster dot com the password is leader not angles slam. Which is what it is. Though. That that's because this level first period today with slam and hit the slams and there's so yeah password for Ticketmaster dot com. Resell opportunity beginning on -- -- three point 7:10 AM and it goes through -- Thursday. Critical -- here you know we talked to Paul Pierce about. Ever wants Michael -- LA's been here Boston for fifteen years you were. You already have a hall of fame career in this in a pro wrestling industry but from time to time I'm sure the question comes up about where you wanna finish you -- Amok at a lighted by the way. Let's just say that they could be anyway. You know I'm not gonna amok and disrespect he's accompanied by. By telling lies you tell the truth about who say this. There's a chance I could be anywhere with. I'm sure they've got I I'm we'll have the option. Do you have retired now. Thursday think I went I don't like every parent -- trolley that he knew that you and I don't -- when I retired. -- never -- them when I retire I am dark that I Brent crude right. Rick not Mick -- Whoever -- Terry club -- like what we. Yes you don't mind if some of that unit that you would if there was that one statement. While vice and I company -- who know maybe that I can take on the other. I'll I'll give you this I would say. The -- would be between undertaker. Brock Lesnar. War obviously you know. Or Dwayne Johnson and there is there a lot of guys -- comes you know it. You know when it comes down to it you know hopefully one of the guys that can retire there. You don't know what's gonna happen job market is that your idea to idea as they narrow lead here and I love it and I love you know work for the company. But there comes a time you know when you went retired you wanna do it got to do it your way. It's true it's true it's true with them truly take years ago Brock Lesnar can still -- pretty -- year -- I thought I don't know I had that next hurt my neck was broken up my own though he I got a pin this guy kick out. And he kicked out -- go thank -- -- Brock between -- your F five. Minutes ago was that. Can you give up a junior at five pieces I think those at went I thought he broke his neck I you know way out he's got a concussion. He's flip out backstage after the match that column you go to hospital. And he doesn't remember anything about them that I'd rather. That concussions have been pro -- Vertical it was a duplicates open and I'm good luck with the Iraqis some. If Indian community thank you it's UH what -- -- concussion is -- injuries things like that. It's interesting to talk to. Older athletes who had been warriors with their bodies on the line to get your take on the way things being legislated. Well it and I really like you know a lot of -- comments. And that fact that you talk about Grassley being taken away from the Olympics. -- rolled it what it was what this store the sports in the Olympic zeal to support the world so you hear how the world view you can't get away from that but. You know at the end of selected this site when he and I cannot -- back we'll look at about concussions. And you know he he was so talk about you know players kind of know what their QB into it you know there -- eroded early in his career. Players do it now. Because we can talk it's not talked about before he said. You can have a concussion did they give us -- all you know that was all right the give back out there that are not that that's I told him. -- what time actually it. Hitting the ground. Trying to get what you mean it did it mean spirit here in the auctions in and that is ruby that. And watch and a couple of players who had concussions. And watching them football baseball basketball. And gone wow that's what I hit there at that time it was and didn't even think about it it went home and play the knicks game. Notes of mistaken their shots -- their seasons has been full shots and they bounced back. All back again continue to bounce back. Long losing streaks on winning streaks but now the finish line is in sight as offensive or podcasting game germane to the Celtics playoff positioning is the only thing left to determine as they -- likely -- playoff spot within the next couple of days. Who knows what is ahead for a team that is continue to surprises throughout the course of the year thanks but in -- latest edition of the Grady and Max overtime podcast. Catches on the Celtics radio network teams this weekend in new York and Minneapolis and all of four game homestand. For the Celtics to begin the month of April that will likely determine where the Celtics will begin. NBA playoffs 2013. Says Maxwell children to catch you next on ingredients. Over.

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