WEEI>On Demand>>Shavlik Randolph postgame with Grande & Max: My job is to manhunt every rebound

Shavlik Randolph postgame with Grande & Max: My job is to manhunt every rebound

Mar 29, 2013|

Shavlik Randolph postgame with Grande & Max: My job is to manhunt every rebound

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-- job that these exit -- 118. Points the Celtics. Two different looking today without Kevin Garnett you know play the way it -- a different way and they do tonight between the hawks what they see. The one of seven Grady and Max back here at the garden but see Jeff Green had 27 Paul Pierce had a triple double Jason Terry made five threes. But none are the man of the match tonight Shavlik Randolph joining us of the celtics' locker room thirteen rebounds and nine points in 21 minutes and why does the ball fine. -- I I don't know it just does not try to seek it out you know what -- when. -- -- -- -- work work hard this. Whole thing that the coach John about rebound the basketball. -- and rebound the basketball well and react -- what the ball. It's the rent because you're already tried to give them a spot about your plans ankle Q you counted -- fourth fifth with a ball might be going. Yeah I mean that's I think that that he -- it. I know when I go out there if you know it's gonna be for forward for a few more personal note -- from. You know what give a 100% when I'm out there so you know that's my job go to. Because got a man on every rebound and if I can't -- that I got to make sure that mom and got a -- you know make my teammates you know. We talked to Vijay about this we've talked Terrance Williams about this speech you have a match. Two months ago here in the middle of the Chinese winter -- did you of imagine that on a Friday night. There at the garden you have a near double double with thirteen rebounds would be in the middle. The playoff race played on the board -- A really good about. You know. You know that them. Definitely work for that. You know he would become a reality is. It left me. I'm very fortunate if you have a one thing is is you realize. Measures thing to have fear that -- VA to build the system. Definitely help you but you also the fact -- hungry try to get back I think that the PP two guys throughout the league right. You know you know. Definitely. Have been a little unfortunate for him. My career. Nothing got on the -- and bring together. Here from -- -- career offering different. Not you know an effective and efficient player on. And what has the Celtics locker room. And like walking through this -- of all of the different. Rooms in the NBA and around the world he created. You know locker room. The pictures of the players have played before he. That is unparalleled and. It it really drives you wanna keep that tradition fabric how would you know that she's sleep on the plane known to. Huckabee got I've ever seen that got its sleep with much what -- -- thing I'm saying he knows the legacy because his grandfather with Indian. Understand that -- -- -- -- -- -- watch you want the plane -- the only replace them with things that the whole court thing if you have yachts near -- you don't get together. This up with a towel over his -- and he is gone -- -- I don't know what happened but if I don't sleep on the -- curled -- scared out of my mind and I don't like the plot -- I got obviously I was gonna say some sort of flights we've had dispute -- that's been the best decision yet and yet there has been no question seven Randolph it was a smooth flight tonight for -- at the garden make -- some friends here with the it was the old fans -- thank you very much round.

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