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Steve Pagliuca with Sean Grande on Children's Hospital Night at the Garden

Mar 29, 2013|

Steve Pagliuca with Sean Grande on Children's Hospital Night at the Garden

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The act of that earlier at the gardens -- -- at 6562. Half coming soon the first. That's the value could joining us here born celtics' ownership group of very familiar with them over the last couple years and -- with a suit up tonight. A perfect night and there are we are part of the Celtics organization is you are proud to be part of it every night but there are certain nights you're reminded of why would the work that so -- in my front patient has done over the years tonight is Boston Children's Hospital night at the guard Stephen you've been so close awaiting these different -- of -- foundation has been involved in the Boston Joe's hospital in and of itself this day especially to honor them. A place that when I think of him when I -- off to a hospital. I've become so humbled at the work that they did today but it is there. We spent. Players and coaches the last time their Christmas holidays you know. -- -- children 31 -- it's really. We saw the hero among us tonight -- Us young man named Hillary who is eighteen years old and no we don't beat you certainly didn't know each of you. You would see eighteenth and not only is here tonight he has become an. Active part of this whole hell. -- -- -- -- -- Throughout the course over the years now but making it. It was his old juices going. -- -- eleven years you've been involved in the if you ever step back and think about between the ship my foundation on nights like this was becoming part of so this ownership. -- -- forget the team forget championship and all that just use your involvement in the weigh in on. That's been part of what's really interesting that one of the first things we did you. Was found him -- foundation. We knew it was going to be a challenge to win a championship thankfully we did we knew it was going to be healthy in Israel but for sure we knew we could impact. The Celtics have such great brand name. Our players have jumped on board the coaches convention -- proof that a wonderful right. Here's a look kind of -- has been with this team this year for you. You gotta love this team would. -- teams with -- five of the top eight players that still contending for playoff spot and that it tonight playing without Kevin Garnett and you guys claim bases here I think that -- the -- -- loved it there underdog every night they think about do it. It's like that would go from your seat court side of the first time two months erosion around over the but it certainly thank you you know he saw vacant six mile big smile big wave of policy and after him. Very exciting that's great that's great -- and that he brought energy to think about it. Boston Children's Hospital is there's their website here. Those hospitals or. And yet you think is I didn't look ahead of time Davidson media go to website on it and you and I both getting older -- -- death threats like. Bumped up but we're gonna get the website from Boston told hospitals what we talk about it. You could hear our voices there's sincerity -- never been there I've been there with family members and watched. There were. And we sometimes read these things very quickly -- Trip to this caused -- check out this website but. Take a moment to think about the working group -- told us through its enemies through really saved lives and and I have a great picture of -- here. A young boy cancer. One of the nice things and we're very proud of you associate with this and -- just great here in Boston -- to find. He tell you could if we were up to me I -- -- -- Two time NBC NC. Finals MVP says Maxwell. Words seemingly -- you know step back gives us a time for some more corporate right. Always Children's Hospital or not or by the way we have all the way it would have to pump up the -- okay great great read send them money in and then completed -- he's done that.

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