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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Jeff Green wanted the ball Wednesday night

Mar 29, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Jeff Green wanted the ball Wednesday night

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Celtics are represented by Lexus continues from the garden it is the Celtics and the Atlanta. Hawks who have been on the other side and for some interesting moments in this season -- final piece of -- of their conversation with the coach Doc Rivers occupy Harbour -- health care Harvard Pilgrim Health Care count us in. Last week here you -- long talk about instant replay and I assume you would like now to withdraw your marks and say now that the court replaces the -- office. Or video -- a bigoted racist. What happens if there's no. Break to look at that deflected ball and there's no time now what happens in two seconds to go. We got to play but it wasn't going to be that place. I can tell you that it is going to be one of our side out of bounds. Please. Which you know I don't know what happened. But spectacularly benefited us. You know efforts from coaches say that the coaching thinks. It's gonna hurt him the most Q where you can. And see you in the ball is no no -- You know but I think I would be interested through there certainly were who were fruits and throwing the flag completely opposite there ought to say I don't want to -- out they. They can have evolved. It. -- had -- him through we would have been him put an airport it's funny you talked to Bono discussion about replay and that I'm not a situation that really happened before that. Dramatic for another coach would want him if it becomes important garnered that would have wanted to coach brought an so it definitely happened. It you know let's I think these replays spirit do you think we need to make -- we're dressed and go once they go look I have enough time -- -- I think that -- -- will be if you really know. Whom the ball went off book you know you don't need to report went. And authorities are close to bet -- That was great discussion you know -- -- joking but the gardens on the other Philip. I'm I'm -- does that we hope and work week over twenty minutes to download the 45 minutes that we like -- talking over and over again about. Jeff about him too early in the quarter heat it literally like when he gets aggressive drive to the basket well I'm more interested in that time now in the final timeout that you had you said after the game sometimes the situations as coach -- -- you know some guys looked down and look away that'll make eye contact with -- Jeff on it bothers Novell. You -- -- her -- -- -- -- -- -- I just knew in his body language. You -- television wants the ball and -- -- David. That was played it will be remembered for her alone time with Iran to honor heroes in that. Stretch run up to -- huge guys and we just become accustomed to that the world claim any shots like that but again it was another night in which those key minutes Jordan Crawford who's not here just competing like crazy that I thought toward -- -- -- -- -- -- -- branded quite extreme. Well. But I thought Jordan Roth there have been won the game -- Mets just could score and make passes but he -- We needed in a game words I thought you know nor was playing great we just need someone -- pick -- the the the competitive. Major -- and I thought that Jordan did. -- Avery settled at a restaurant here it's funny we watched players for so long you can tell when Paul was it a little -- almost no ideas haven't until widest. But Avery really haven't seen this before what characterizes a stretch where he -- playing as well see what is that he's doing to turn two months ago. I think director Julie were pretty big -- -- -- knows maybe this year his numbers for all of dramatically right after and to -- -- -- of the -- has agreed games like golf and you follow it would be a better score. And you start fresh push than -- -- that go away and he didn't talk I think that's words that. You're sort of. Familiar now obviously with the -- in these last couple of years. The dignity because of the continuity. People overlook -- -- easily surprised some. Oh absolutely. Right. Continuity is so important and it doesn't get enough respect. And the fact that they had a state. With those two big guys. They've -- guys around them but. Put to beat those guys together in the way they play together the best passing tandem in the lead the united a lot of it is due out there. And just Heathrow and their two week as he wasn't on the away team people but it is important that the idea here -- now we asked our minorities in where a lot now. Last two years. He's become a very accurate player and that's. You know three but will it ghosts who -- At the head coach at the Celtics and hawks next on the WEI Celtics radio network.

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