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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 3/29/13

Mar 29, 2013|

Buy a brick, and a 12oz beer too.

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I'm an absolute rule I can't believe that -- so goddamn world times. This is around you are friends. So Susan. And lives unfortunately all good things come to a new defeats might job with -- -- can holly I I'm very fun to be employed. OK okay whole amount. Here -- high right now you guys and Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In I had no I don't -- It came down and Mike John you have problems are not just nation. -- -- -- -- I just about ten minutes away from. Answer the question -- Mike's job brought you by AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone and android device brought you may eighteenth tee. From the official wireless provider in Boston -- almost four G coverage anywhere in new England's Andy good stuff today what are we got. Just give Hollywood a big sure undercover photo and balls automobile -- and -- at -- So there -- -- Sports Radio where -- for the big guys. And medication. So you don't hear you don't Wear pink shirts or giving both estrogen. There -- pictures. Salmon Michaels and I don't make my gosh you know I don't really -- it is to paint I finally got to pull off you can pull off -- -- I kept Mikey learn a danger tonight. Mikey has. This is this just mixes right hatton was 100. Big big bush comes through Billy's -- that this. It's when the Greeks gave them that big horse Trojan horse a Trojan horse and they all came storming out and -- -- you know -- -- -- -- let's let the -- -- gifts -- Please help support your verdict yeah yeah -- bogeyed. They feel like it matters stand. Knowing what you gravel in his press tickets just for the the money up for you feel it and -- -- -- episode feels like -- -- Agassi in Canada and where did you get stabbed and where did you come up with the fact that it was really. So I Lackey professor in high -- the -- your Latin professor Eli is saint Jerome took that from July it and while men John Haywood road and in 1540 so I just didn't sound that. That implausible unfairly kind of familiar when you said -- professor good teacher you know any Latin. No okay. I was talking on -- go propped her -- proven. Beloved holy roles in Joseph Flacco reported -- And what -- both -- -- sold itself it -- but how could you do. And after that pitch total surprise they gave big money that Tony Romo I think that's a mistake for Dallas are -- makes no I think it's a -- makes no salt I will -- I wish I would let him go. How did you let him know not sign it does no thanks. The only thing I was semi we had a general managers general manager would have made a decision but I think most people out there I mean most of most pundits etc. believe that they have. Have to do that because they still think they can win a Super Bowl Tony Romo had been here when -- glory -- days and I've been here when it was. And so head and said dad dad. I won't Mason -- And go. Tony Romo from the glory hole. They get up girl seven didn't conclude that bad a long time us. Crude -- not bad. No I don't and I am just Jack Edwards number on speed out what's good impulse. And this massive hole. No no she sinks groove bad not bad isn't good the bad isn't bad -- three man cannot you and Santa goods. Does that mean -- -- bad -- good bad meaning that it's OK not bad meaning good. Now who would I have to hand it to you you've risen from the activity yet it's also have to back off and -- -- -- fans. No doubt about it treat you but they've always give them credit -- here. Like Derek. And message. For the Bruins treat us like term. Relationship -- the Red Sox injuries. We'll tell you and I get it going got to -- up. It's. What is possible what all the security Bill Walton. By far the most overrated -- power is covering his. And the message. Oh well you chasers are Muslim youth group that I would say this goes away. It's an interesting choice of words in your part. But it Baghdad you've got I got I got an honest and had six -- enjoys a -- I'm not quite right with Symbian dirty as its interest in G-7. That way her she's overrated I think Jenny Dell -- a good job covering the Red Sox were thrown out of threat that's her job -- because I thought I ordered ordered joined there and get those interviews plus she would remember Jones sausage and and makes them. After going out for drinks with them -- what was asked salzman says that he took Heidi watney he asked her out at a game he -- yes yes. Which already sound suspicious -- -- that does not sound like it's something that happened well knowing. I've had that experience with -- where you beat her one -- you see you the next -- she has no -- where you -- that -- means that's not surprising -- part is not surprising to me at all what's surprising is that we have -- our way he was working at a game -- anywhere in the stands today as US. That's the part that's a little while he's probably said -- we're going to be -- you know name the place and she was gonna be there anyway may have happened and then he didn't he broader drink. He allowed a secret she allowed him to -- drink and young guys know extends doesn't work by the way. -- I could understand maybe if he was dropped in the French knowledge that he has a factor to pull -- all about now I don't know. She says god -- fever and the only prescription is more saw. I don't might -- -- let me ask you pick the Orioles who have haley's problem I have is that he's still if you get a paragraph ball. -- -- don't -- this feud proclamations. But we all know that if your buck this season whenever -- hear another word about. And message -- they realize that he picked big you've picked the Orioles to win the divisions. -- and I also don't mistake. I don't know that I would make that pick but it's not out of the realm of possible don't know how well he maybe should have made it a huge proclamation because I don't think anybody's picking. Outside of Baltimore only about his pick in the Orioles to win the division -- Toronto gets a lot a lot of love and -- Tampa samples. They are there you think's gonna win the division. That's that's ago when maybe maybe Tampa I think it stands. Fifth. I won't -- -- Ramos got everybody's -- -- America's children. That everybody is pretty addictive become -- I've played what this -- go all out debate. -- Robert -- while we're going to block those. The bottom -- floor I'm but what's got to go all the big big hot -- -- on the block doesn't doesn't follow Obama won't got a good group though I won't want. -- not a backup power. We're not going to happen is not going to happen because frank you're too old how how long I just don't do that how long would it take to walk that this is backwards for him he wouldn't he wouldn't complete don't hassle you. I haven't thought about walking from Gloucester -- federal hill there's just not so good have. I've dreamed about numbers are what about doing it backwards. And backwards come on frank. No -- -- grain D&E -- here. John how will lose the day's big -- left his old clothes fit the whole -- Stock with great play at their pins -- If there's black kids. -- -- -- -- We'll run in your head count and so and we can't always acceptable at -- because pretty. Even terrible cramping everywhere you say they -- tactic and -- whenever he ever played that hole OK okay. How much -- -- The -- you know. And now you have a Yankee elimination party after this year you know I don't ask her out. I don't sauce -- staff got Jenny -- now. I wanna take the cranky. Yankees out to know where would you take the cranky and where she wants to go about what's a good -- to go on with the cranky Yankee Denny's Denny's. So you're not looking to spend a tremendous amount of cash on that particular day any any places around here have great shuffle you were taken like soldier who we are. I'd listen if she wants to go to a nice place where can go to get her -- he better get out. I won't take her to a nice place she wants to go into the south and one of the hip restaurants that there are there any set that up next time she calls just your pick up that number and then darted -- why -- -- -- little bit by the way Gloucester to federal told you. Using highways is ninety miles you gotta figure direct line dvds. On the local eighty miles then I'm not you're walking backwards in your Frankel so often walk a twenty minute mile over that distance borrowers how far how fast you walk backwards maybe a 25 minute miles thirty minute mile. Plus he's excessively so you. He's already know he's older than forty minute mile was out of -- -- It would take at least three days to. This is for the 2013. Red Sox it's the mole -- completes. Well. Yawkey way shining will be camera aligning with ten dollar of these years. We got hope for on home denying these. Looks good Bradley gives me some what -- yeah. The bulls wonderful time that we have -- off so we won't law. -- yeah. Room. Can't argue that -- are a lot of people says -- cranky Yankee to Fenway cake. Taker to. Seafood because she already has -- that's not nice. That's not nice like targeted moon over Miami at Denny's dirt in -- she's got to be a waitress there. Don't know about that. Kennedy got. Average people wherever you know what and the message he doesn't work Filipino. I'm not like a little bit they should be on -- on point they did sound a little like but they don't have the sound alike -- mean actually sound like that is the same message business. Gonna blow all -- OK I know her well movie. Is gonna watch some -- bad bowl. Oh. One day at a pop up. No matter where you felt this could go through encryption. It's gonna be another -- to go out there -- had their employees. Well they're -- any selloffs this year Michael picker to a graveyard. What's it figured at the zoo -- -- lose your cool if you can. You wanna take care where you're doing terrible. -- Hello it's John Henry. I had words to call because I know our view has. I -- relating they have. Jackie Bradley can enhance both played Villanova have you all that's yeah he's privileges and will be sorry I. Well. Larry it's. Why are you on the phone. Okay. It's yeah we did okay and I. I was -- I am I don't give -- anything. I have to fill us. And message. For the -- was really get Jackie Bradley just. They might repeat the let's let's get everybody else again everyone -- -- -- under the cap until fourteen straight right they can just fit Jackie Bradley junior under their cap for a goaltender. Because that's what you identified as a weakness as they get a goaltender man I give up at -- -- always gonna chrome and give up at the end up with a goaltender we haven't given up already. No of course not you don't see them as an -- out with a -- is there as their goalie not given up now when they -- -- -- they won a championship with him and I know under awhile ago. Ice still sauce while the ghost like three years ago I suspect. Like Ben Affleck right and in the in in I don't think yes suspects got a one. They won in seven and lost in seven back to back years and there -- going to -- A flurry was there are alright okay so what's he think that he's automatically gonna take a monastery -- OK he was there and now they've added a little more firepower. It's a little more there's still -- man they're still be able that's the great thing about hockey you can -- all that firepower but they're still beatable on the Bruins. If they play the way they did the second period the other night and and get that type of game more often that we heard today the Marty Saint Louis is not going to be available steely eyes -- said no I'm not going to trade him so you're gonna have to find another object of -- now all of a sudden we're -- army or younger who neither of us were all that excited about mark -- still available -- puck moving defenseman. As might be Dan -- but neither of those rise to the level of this great -- gonna put the puck in the -- for the -- Steve -- and who says he's not going to be traitor when he -- and -- can -- I don't know I don't I don't I -- why wouldn't come -- -- not -- trade in the -- because he'll get -- just try to just try to build the price -- don't like -- -- idea is -- season I don't think so I think there's -- lot of it makes a lot of sense into him not even more than usual now because -- season usually. Though there's the NHL. Trading deadline the MBA trading deadline mean you have a little space then you have NFL draft and who will now it's all women the same month. NHL trading deadline and the NFL draft everything you hear. NHL or NFL 91 and not everything take 97% of things you hear about what we will or won't do lives. It's -- question -- coming up next text a question any question AT&T text line 379. -- 37 we will answer it just the moment salt and volley WEEI. -- valley of the Boston Celtics. On the Celtics basketball Sports Radio 93 point seven WT IFM.

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