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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 03/29/13

Mar 29, 2013|

The new way we end our program, you ask anything, we answer.

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It's time for answers the question jerk answer the question -- -- in holly is the big question. So would you be years not answering any pain and everything go answer that question it's answer the questions. Celtics at home against Atlanta tonight Bruins go on the road Saturday Sunday Philadelphia and buffalo so if you're planning your weekend that's a you have to look forward to -- Adams in -- As usual for answer the question Hank Hank. You should do in the voices saying yes I can handle -- after yesterday's testimony. You're working your. To map here shows on next minute you want people to turn off the first show starts on I'm just try to market myself as an irritant. Good idea what I was doing into the questions here Catholics in the beatings and sponsored by -- as a restoration specialists of your property your facilities manager or an insurance Brokaw they are asked. To ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan and -- 877. 4611111. Or a RS serve talked about people on their -- boat ship -- to bring out my brackets -- disaster -- -- and -- our Arab army ignore those guys -- go to -- on the wall brackets you can sit together commiserate -- girls walking around this building -- can fill out their brackets -- nicely we don't care. -- did he issued -- understood don't care about your bracket. Jerks is it wrong to put naked at a party. Him that is wrong -- at a party if it's out of your house that's right becoming easier -- your probably wanna it's grown out of it was somebody's house into period yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- about a place like target. Clean perfect name for. It is suburban neighbors -- people have a system cornered when they're doing in somebody's house you know he's just happy it is essentially says it's not about this I think Mike Vrabel came up but this one there. Where halfway through you flush the toilet. Think you're going to -- that you flush you can smell now of course just when it -- -- don't have to worry ultimately right ultimately you have people in your house you really should have some sort of a candle or something about. Yeah welcome that is -- could happen. Be courteous and don't do some -- tell -- -- -- where it's like screw you John W sort of for poker game in my house and so -- can use your bathroom -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- I even understand why is the most there's nobody wants to -- now -- -- -- really confused by ledger Newark mayor agrees that you are reserved every creditor committees. Yes you're about to reduce goals anyway I delete -- -- -- -- Daily Mirror and -- them all exactly right I have to use the entire sprinkler. What -- If the worst is of someone doesn't have -- plunger you've got to keep a plunger just of the -- that's kind of a bad sign just keep want. Just in case many many here you plunge in -- do they know damn well what's -- as opposed to not having a plunger and then what they -- they'll leave her he'll leave what's c'mon -- -- they deserve it next question it's a question jerky urban punched in the face how did you take. Baja 1000 timeouts even punch in the face -- well I imagine the pace of thousands I'd say dozens it's why so many times could have had a lot of fights why. There's people sometimes don't like MySpace and they wanna punch me they literally just I don't like your face chats and you're giving part it's -- I don't believe it's that's I've had I've had 44 broken noses from fists. -- you and I are old or had no no old -- Rule. In instigating this they just didn't like urine test I don't know some other -- same but I mean I against Acadia instigated my share don't get me wrong I think she's not there weren't all -- unprovoked but they don't have a box. Her nose or anything like that you sent hundreds of dormitory -- times I -- -- -- knows -- in the relatively gets all smashed -- we're doing a lot of tips from people who -- -- clean please use the restroom nowhere else marshals physically was newsroom the only women's shelter apparently Lowe's Home Depot that makes sense I could see that haven't cleaned out. -- earlier reports the first yeah I was one time one time I was up. Fifteen or sixteen -- best buy it -- this guy if this could happen today this guy would have been -- he was a 2122. Basketball game. And we just it was a physical game in actually -- didn't know was an accident no he didn't even like a play I did. Got -- there was dirty little promise it was not a basketball because guys because guys can't play -- your -- -- to have him. -- always more like it was more like a Dennis Rodman type moved -- I was really dirty play OK there but it was a sucker punch yet and sucker punch originals. I know I don't read my -- and -- punch clear in the nose -- the -- more on the side of the head I've never really the punch square in the nose. I said no it's a punch and appraisers or is it the dosages of the face and knows that to the nose now. We're gonna kick in the nuts then -- me and my sister. There's no question. -- -- your wife your own name when they pick who us now. She's real to people think my wife is real justice she's Nigeria which is a great example -- not your wife's not here she's not. But you've seen her many time I have seen her since you've been here in fact we don't we have a daughter together doesn't but I'm talking about since you've been haven't bought zero facetime right the man tied tale story. Is that more amazing to you now yes. How do you -- it it's probably tough for you not seeing your wife for a couple weeks. How do you have a relationship with somebody for over a year a couple of years great question you caller with a fake voice all the time BI uses voice you were using at the very beginning of the -- and I had calls and says I've told my wife and beautiful Cunningham all of a -- I got -- -- I'm trying to terra firewall -- 3000 miles away next question. Jerks who was your favorite athlete as a child. For me it was a reborn. As a as a kid ray -- Lawrence Taylor loved Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was -- your loved Mike Tyson. But LT Michael T was he was way up there. -- -- -- Yeah I know -- -- -- okay but in that time I was you know seven I didn't realize that and I just hit warship delta and I had had no I don't court. I don't don't actually 4 perverse ticket am ashamed at how much like Roger clemens'. Friend loved Martin -- No I would I would probably say. For the it was a it was a tie between Andre Thornton. Cleveland the Cleveland Indians not very good but always mechanized or even as it gives thank you just looks like a nice got the -- blunt. Who wasn't a nice guy but it was just a force here. Takes risks that's McDougal Brown's mom was one -- pension -- I'm sorry your business and that's a great but it's a great observation of our next question. -- -- dog which -- got the most trashing your dinner date last night. So there for girls that are that are what turn into quite the dinner date last night. 37 know how to resettle in the -- solid performance or do come back up. We were just. You know last night and we ran into some people and -- Moran and just camera out of general oil and -- gallon that a city Dallas. Harrell is the most trash when I was surprised me the most -- surprised by one of the date -- you've pointed out I was somewhat ominous and very surprised. The selection -- election so now. There was beer there was 13 out of 48 hours it's a quip ready right now right for the drink their customers should martini type things going on there regularly Martinis. Wasn't right he saw someone getting nice. Nice establishment order a white Russian. Sure white -- -- when do you ever see that other than like get a -- Belsky who also has a white Russian. Doesn't sound that bad and really -- John I was surprised that I was the most trash and want to government. I don't know I millionaires and you answer the question wait the most calm Kuwait the most Michael. Michael destroyed the -- -- I don't the most stress was probably Moran. Really yes -- -- trash to the capital. Next question many. Were there any you know him imperial -- I'm so why Curtis. He just couldn't would you assess it did any of them take -- tops -- just safe and I was gonna say -- -- wardrobe malfunction well according to an -- generally don't always judge gentlemanly way we are no I think -- there's like glowing -- in the book could possibly -- a malfunction I don't know people fall they you know the wind blows our final question here in the we're gonna turn over to Mike yeah Adams. Apparently toilets -- people's minds and I don't know there's some do they show would you rather do you -- if a -- low flush myself would you brother. Good -- -- -- drink out of your toilet or -- or shower. I guess what I have always what it's a hard time I would much rather -- much -- -- -- I've watched what toilet licking the sentence okay I'm -- what what what what are you have to just take a couple yeah. Your toilet yeah I wouldn't do that just right after this -- -- is there's variants of the city leg got off easy because most Siegelman general -- -- that orange warning muted so that's disaster deficit assets finally I would want someone to be -- the moment you have an extra dollar to you should be paying somebody to clean your shower you don't clinicians. That's like the first thing we know Willis manager -- very confident in your shower your just a guy who just said shower immediately. Correct it is very much avenue of the my confidence level much hours cleanliness it's more than I'm not broken out of the toilet. Never even even after -- -- clay -- even from monument from target description my dog it's good for me. -- -- -- coming up next we will be back Monday enjoy a weekend full game's opening day is some money so we will join you after the game. As opposed to before. Until then Selig was -- among the -- they have and as we can have Easter Bunny. Always here. Need the latest on your favorite teams that Sports Radio 93 point seven WCI AF -- -- god god god.

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