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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 3/28/13

Mar 29, 2013|

Four guys tackle four topics we haven't touched upon today. Today we touch on Doug 'Whitey" Gottlieb, Worst World Series Scenarios, Cheap Beer and more.

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Yeah and oh our -- sold in the police are poor and the floor board or thought for. Me he. Shall. We still can totally. And stewards reviewed WVU guys. All right after hearing Sam Kennedy Michelman you can answer that question. He came on and explains the concession slashing and the -- situation what do you think now. Well this -- I think I go back to the original story -- Benjamin's story and I think they should have thought it through. Quote from Sam Kennedy that -- was we recognize that the sellout streak is likely going to be coming to an end in early April. And we're looking for ways to thank our fans for their incredible support and commitment. Then don't do give all of the -- did this already. In the Bruins didn't have a 790. Plus streak going. Separated. Come out with a discount for April. Do that -- the Bruins have done this before we've done it in 2002 and 2003 this is what we're offering in April. And then when -- sellout streak does come to an -- you have a separate promotion that's a lot. Bigger than this because that this is connected to the sellout streak it is insufficient. I agree with everything you just said as regards to the -- I still think it's a nice gesture I still have a problem -- I think the way he explained it by saying. We don't pretend like this fixes everything we know all the problems we know about all the residual anger we hear it constantly the real. Gesture would be to put a product out on the field that is capable of an enormous number of wins and another World Series this is just a very small gesture. I think that is the right message unfortunately. It was sort of a Graham dived into something much bigger than that and I think that was unfair. Poll. Last night on the CBS pregame show Doug got. -- said we're gonna have. Four terrific game tonight are really do think they're going to be pretty evenly matched as it should be forced -- sixty cream rising to the top annoying at best male this year bring diversity to the set you're -- the kind. -- -- -- Think their point guard position Bachmann but after the market just check -- -- Marquette Miami probably you guys stop to check him -- -- second you don't you jump right into these women are -- -- out -- about that doesn't really -- to brag reported regardless. I would certainly want an awkward exchange does he have anything to apologize for. In real life. Probably not. Because. I'm guessing just guessing I don't know the relationship between has got I'm guessing that like a lot of people of different cultural backgrounds different racial backgrounds and nationalities. They joke about their differences in his soccer in real life but he does have to apologize for being a really stupid in in a media setting. Anytime you bring it up. Nobody everybody has a different take on some people's eyes calling on its fun at a joke like -- of my friends and some people. They hear they're they're very sensitive when it comes to these issues and you will be -- -- you will be forced to apologize even though behind the scenes Charles Barkley is saying. Leave the guy -- He asked apologizes to get -- as an ability and Allison is about though about the he made a joke earlier tonight and people going crazy all the idiots on Twitter would I would never ever do. There's a -- candy and -- the -- -- did not take that personally saw you Cuba almost gotten alive we'll talk about about Doug probably. Get a life is over where it is no big deal. -- -- -- They -- Charles Barkley speaks like that age you may he may not even have to apologize given given the week that Charles carries. At at TNT and TBS and I don't just mean upon on weight reduction was not just a a double meaning there. I think if there's very little lopsided making jokes that dugout we just need on national sitting on national TV when there's not a lot of sense of humor that being said. I don't think anybody help them out by looking at me critically shortly afterward like. A title that's that thanks. -- reaction from people. -- -- -- these -- enough. That and and I know Doug personally I used to be primary villain and show one SP and so. I was constantly dealing with that does not. -- as far as I can tell in any way he races anything along those lines. I didn't take those comments being racist -- that -- He's friends all those guys they are probably joking about that -- thing during the operate Eddie was your carry water brought it here and -- and I -- put -- right -- -- -- of that. On Google Talk about that. Back to baseball which World Series scenario would infuriate you more. Fuel Epstein cubs. -- -- Terry -- Indians -- the Yankees -- the Dodgers I think the cubs vs Indians would be -- infuriating. World Series to watch from from any Red -- in perspective -- and not that you wish any ill will towards the -- -- -- -- Terry -- but the idea of those two guys together here for so -- going after each other World Series but the Red Sox weren't in I think that would be much more painful than watching the Yankees we've -- doing a million times. Or the Dodgers who were full of a couple of experts worry nobody's. -- lot. I had to say this it would be more infuriating to see. A cubs and Indians now because of that Tito -- thing because then that would be just that the sign that the world is coming to an end because. Either one of those for a highway winning the world exactly cubs haven't got to that early nineteen hundreds Indians haven't that if there's 1948. I would just be shocked. That those teams were meeting each other and somebody would actually have to win it but -- ahead right answers the Yankees winning the World Series would still -- the most experience. We -- game yesterday. We win one today that two in a row. We win one tomorrow. That's all a winning streak. Full. And. Tourtelot came -- said the players should be voting on rule changes should football take a more democratic approach -- have players voting on the rules. Absolutely makes all the sense the world when they're the -- going out there they kid even if even if they are. If you're not gonna give them an equal vote. And say are -- this guy knocked it down he's gonna be the swing vote Troy Polamalu is gonna be the difference between this passing or failing. At least you have to listen to their perspective. As -- discussing the rule change the way it is now Salk is. They come -- but the rules. And then the players react and they say what they're thinking it's also that the players don't get a heads up. Now there are ex players that are on the committee that does this right merton Hanks is a big part of this remember the very safety with a long and advanced Internet thing. He's a big part of -- there's a couple of other ex players that are part of it too. I don't know what the downside would be -- and including them more in the process that doesn't mean you have to give the players as you said final call they don't need the final call. But why not include them I think everybody would end up being a whole lot happier art that is today's. Fort for let's get back to -- and now Michael becomes. I guess the big story on on the days which is our final show before the Red Sox have their opening day in New York on Monday this our last opportunity to talk about them. -- and we take some calls and I kind of -- mix together few topics here. On one hand you have what you're expecting out of them this year and and we atomic calls earlier and people -- all over the map anywhere from those who were like extinct 65 wins to those who think they're really gonna be good team and we ninety plus. Where are you as you head into a Red Sox season that will start on Monday. 61777979837. And then the second part of that. Being how do you feel after hearing Sam Kennedy CO with a Red Sox c'mon and say look it's just a small gesture. Our little discount deal it's not a full thank you for the -- it's a small gesture we understand that people are mad at us we understand that we have not in the best. The best keepers of the Red Sox flame for the last couple years we wanna do better we know the putting the right product out on the field is the most important thing but here's a small gesture in the meantime do you buy it anymore. After hearing from the Red Sox talk Ali that's in ninety seconds but W the.

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