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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Calgary GM at fault for Iginla trade

Mar 29, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Iginla trade and says the blame should be put on Calgary GM Jay Feaste

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Known. 1520 years and have nothing but good things to say about him and he's a gentleman and I don't know. -- but -- pharmacy being from Canada have followed them closely over the years and and obviously news career speaks for itself. I vote deals going so for whatever reason. We believe we had a deal. We operated on the premise of the deal. When king's words were silent I obviously. In my experience you know when things go side using something is going -- from your end. Does Peter trillion a very unique press conference yesterday -- -- 937 WEEI given so much credit. For go -- out there. Looked like he had been rocked. By the news he wasn't getting Rome again when answer all the questions as best he could in very feast or he was honest about it he -- On further in his criticism of the way Calgary held up but he didn't and joining us on the eighteenth the hot line AT&T -- LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible our buddy from NBC sports Pierre McGuire regular guest and Friday here my little Dario. Gentlemen Good Friday morning could you awesome ability. It's always good to talk with the especially when -- how this hockey -- this week and I told you last week that it was Jarome -- fever in Boston on it it reached a fever pitch with Aaron -- tweet early Thursday -- early Wednesday morning Thursday morning. That they had gotten them. What went wrong here with this deal and who do you blame for how this went down last -- -- for 48 hours. OK first rather a lot of moving parts to your question -- tried to address server didn't. One at a time. Air war would sport and I'm very good -- probation that you wouldn't know Aaron Ward and I was diagnosed Peter -- really well. -- -- believe for a long time ago and a lot of the agents are on the business including Larry Kelly computer surely used to work for. And Larry Kelly extremely plugged into the national hockey -- -- That you for the source and -- but I can tell you that -- awarded extremely well again that's number one number two if you're going to be in general manager in the league you have to be an expert on your own team. -- -- You're -- the other team that you need to be an expert on your own team need to and other sure actually your player's weaknesses and your players. What their value is around the -- who their agent is what their situation with their agent and how they wanna proceed accordingly can know everything about every player nearly -- Sisters daughters mothers everything. You need to be an expert of European reassure an expert Peter surely an expert on the ground getting all an expert on Detroit. Mike Gillis is an expert America virtually need to be an expert. So -- what went wrong. -- -- I'm sure poll Peter surely you guys who -- the sweepstakes. You have to roll again I'm sure he told America there -- no I was an option would be like in that statement. And I'm telling you right now there's no way there was not much information that -- sold fooling around -- structure what I would go to the -- for birdie. Bad you didn't know that this deal was called out their traditional possible. So what happened was Kate features should have been -- and you have to deal we understand and then gate and there. And prioritize you should've called -- knee and right away before he called Peter surely that's all we made a deal -- and drill core box instead. He told option there and the player and darting here and get should call controlled senate bill. Some features in he's been traded in congress let -- -- pressure on how this works Egypt's responsibility drawn to agent is to take care of a quiet. And the client would take care of the general manager Wayne dropped the ball he did not communicate think properly. There are common is it that you know there is an agreement between two teams and it and it falls apart verbally agreed on a deal. Are you wouldn't convertible agrarian tinkering but it it's ever worked in the league and I've been in this week for six years now knows that until the trade call it confirmed everything their mobile everybody knows. But this was not a hard deal to get a -- call on this was this was an relatively easy deal -- your -- call on. You know what the player contractors going forward it already going to be. And ever recruit for created potentially in the year. So this is not convoluted trade call because there's an additional year contract. And you're dealing with player governor Culver had no contract at all so that's as a very easy trade called make it like 842. Hit the second held outside of the commercial saying they -- eight Dylan is not a -- call to make the problem is the that they never -- trade call made. There was no trade call -- a lot like. Well yeah that's -- people -- that and I think bigotry or there was no trade culminated because NG feast or. Called bonding an inch led by the way we moved her onto boxing audience has a -- -- haven't because we -- popular Pittsburgh so that's why the original tree well. I could Peter surely has done anything more to work this year if forced to fall calls through force that tree call -- talking about. You know you know what I gotta tell you guys just -- fortunate that I have a general manager like Peter surely that is so transparent he's been through this whole thing. He acted like a true gentlemen. He he basically sets the bar now for the Bruins scored four. If you're free agent and you're going to assign the different city you see general manager that's calm cool and collected late -- under fire. But that's an awesome thing the CR aren't really impressed by the late Peter analysts saw through this whole situation. The Bruins did nothing wrong penguins did nothing wrong. Who did something wrong with the management group of the Calgary play. They didn't handle it well all by the way college there was a little mentioned -- earlier this year with our -- remember Ryan O'Reilly. Chinese group to offer sheet. Number that no accidental member of that and I know are at least signs an offer she would become a -- The Calgary Flames management forgot but he had a clear waivers before he came and all they had signed him and someone else lead I had signed into the match you are actually put a claim in on him on waivers. If not only would a lot supporter they would block the -- By systems down to organization and it's just sounds I am somewhat of a mess right now. Ed I'm so there's no way say sure relic of the dollar the -- and try to talk -- player would you be an extent to under the extension the -- he does want to go to -- Right there at the end of the day. Even -- in his press conference yesterday that when you heard him talk he said. How can you walk away not playing the tuba players in the world he wasn't and -- all the respect he wasn't talking about crate -- And he wouldn't argue about Berkshire bolt -- great players it. Is part of a crowd meanwhile. -- wouldn't talk about. My last one on this would be. Why would. Why would they allow the Bruins to assume that that list of teams that again load initially put down the agent put -- will go to these four teams. Was that always gonna stick to that did Calgary not know the truck car was gonna begin -- -- -- put these -- down year begin a lot. We really don't wanna go to that and that's the part that I have a hard time getting -- put some blame -- Calgary's management but the agent to lead Calgary in the Bruins down that road. Multi agent is an unbelievably professional man he's gotten huge deals around the league. For many many years parking -- of the gold standard when it comes to age and and being an agent in this league he's represented some of the biggest superstars in the history of the -- And I can tell you that I -- contract Donny Meehan what I worked interpreted that bird and a lot. I don't contract and one of his associates Patrick Morris are no firm very well group work sports marketing. There are management which usually they are unbelievably. Honorable they're hard to deal worked because they want for their clients will bid on restaurant -- there's not a whole lot of -- around. It comes down what I should you guys before if you're going to be a manager in this week and you wanna be a good one. You need to be an expert on you working. Everything about your team. Who is the player's agent. Who the players decision maker. It was -- Eric -- decision maker -- -- -- voice or does somebody else make the decision for a you need to know every single thing about everyone in your players if you're going to be accessible and a very good general manager earnestly and I don't think I'll agree paid attention to -- -- be diligent every -- Parts of the -- of missed on a couple of guys who've gone to a Pittsburgh writer went to Montreal what. What is next in the take surely still would like to get away obviously affront to top six top now whatever it is forward but also a defenseman they got to be in a market that is well. Have a degree I mean there's still obviously the development of Doug Hamilton -- remember too that did this about Adam acquitted written now because of injury. And so that's little bit troublesome troops from the boss -- -- Dolby I think by the end of this week and we're really gonna find out who the buyers and sellers dark. The one thing I'll say about Peter. If he would have made this deal together again what would regard broke -- -- given up any roster players it's a wobbly port reassure was doing it to its. We're playing longer and has doubled its current pay what you haven't -- with the internal fabric of chemistry of the green and the one thing off -- -- -- Democrat other games. And I really like thirteen minutes to the world or coaching staff and I love their players because of all the way they're Claire why. And they have great chemistry. There's better chemistry on this team this year the mill was last year lifting reminds me like chemistry large. -- the team -- -- the -- eleven. We're talking appear -- BC sports you're there you watched him play on Wednesday in the garden just Ramallah. If he had to pick one heirloom actionable offense and defense what was one of those a glaring need -- you watched them play it's Montreal because to me when you blow two different two goal lead and all the last once flew key goes up -- stick a polite. I think defense now it is going to be an issue then did you feel that watching them play on a Wednesday night. They can use a little bit more depth in terms of stopping ability in the second I think everybody knows cycle forward I think the biggest problem is because he's quite installment administrator now. And they'll -- the tremendous game the other there really. Admired the way it played but they need a little bit more stopping ability little more depth on defense. I think when you look at the way -- and is played when you look at Kuwait City has put that you look at the labor dropped quite four point generic -- for Patrice Bergeron adoption. Everybody -- -- important that -- can create she's a formidable line a lot Kelly irked some a little bit on the middle. But they're they're in good shape their depth -- -- -- can you expect. But more permanent camp market expect more from him sort of understandable I think the biggest thing -- Ford Daniel more depth on defense. Yeah I don't Marty saint -- names popped up to an -- I'd love to see him here I don't know -- taken that speed. There's got a couple of years left in the cap I know what's going down next year would that -- -- reason why maybe -- not interested or won't be it. I don't know I know everybody -- potentially cap it's easy to get out of cap the issues I mean you can do a lot in terms of amnesty by held in terms of torture called deadwood -- and also. What they did with Andrew -- -- -- that would -- -- buffalo -- get out of cap situation. I wouldn't worry too much about -- Saint Louis is 37 years of age he's an undersized players had a fractured leg before he still useful player. I did not go to guy but in the box and -- -- -- she could very well apparently got the -- form really dark. We had any Berkeley on here he's been talking about mark strike the defenseman and I I -- I always older probably be an easy thing to be a good fit for. -- grade and he's back on the mark I remember watching march straight -- In Switzerland before he came -- Watch them play in the world championship watched them helped engineer and upset over candidate in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games entering an all. I know that's a lot of years ago I can say right now electric and spoke -- watched the one Australian Philadelphia. He's an engineer and a power play and more frustrated because in a broad -- no -- I think I'll put it needs to be better -- their trade would hope that power player content. It's out on this -- you talked -- GM stock player personnel people every day the trade debt like comes up a Wednesday appear how active. Is this deadline going to be got a ton of moves already mostly the ball in Pittsburgh but it's not a moves here last week or so between now on Wednesday at 2 o'clock how active it's going to be. I don't know it's hard to say because northern peninsula vote on general manager called me up -- give an awful lot to get very little. Because the parity is there. And so it's going to be cut -- grade depends on what happened here over the course of the next two or three days that I really believe that. With the other winning in Philadelphia last -- in a shoot out. -- Josh Bailey get the winning goal for the Albers and I think Philadelphia is basically done so now I gotta believe they're gonna become a seller here pretty quick. You have to think would call on the losing last night and then -- -- maybe become a seller here pretty quick victory first round picks. In this summer's entry draft they don't need entry draft picks they need real NHL player called for so. Wall Street that I still think lots still -- be decided before we get to the into the weekend. Will pick through all the trades with you next week -- appreciate the time is always enjoy the week able talk to you soon. Great really really generally expect a lot of great Easter week and every. -- you happy Easter Pierre McGuire joining us on the ATP outlining AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible that the guy locked in. That's a guy who talked to people around the league and he would Italian put this on Calgary put this on the GM. Put this on the ownership. And I I. I tend to agree with them we expected -- I'd watch him watching yesterday right. Just don't feel like this anymore he could've done the watch and surely able sort of pour his car out you can call cover your ass that's fine. I thought it was a ball to -- him to deal. Output much of the blame culturally not guests thought the player he can he did -- was told now. I put most of it if not 95% of it. On Calgary in the winning the our Olympic Shirley was played here I think Calgary was either player. Does he told fourteen soon push came to show that sees it though teams up there look at the standings they are these guys are good. Everybody's good voter comes down on a reality sets in the -- you've been traded as a big difference between talking about being traded or wind to go some where else. And it actually happening that's when reality sets in that's it can't believe that whole career Calgary and leave and is that that that's a cute moment right there that once it's that it for him -- hold on this is I'm not comfortable with this. I don't think they went back to Pittsburgh got a better deal. Bidding get a better deal we know that you want to surround it to come out it's able to give it to a three year extent would you want that would you want them to do that to get cab blank. You really want hampered out to a three years to make that kind of commitment Hubble bring a guy in let's see how he fits. And if he still plays we can move forward delusional or we we got. But you have to make that commitment which by the way. That there really -- agreement -- that player I'd I'd be second break yes there is a tough day for Bruins fans ought to try to pull some positive out of a press conference Peter's really there is some positive. In one thing he said yesterday able do that your phone calls next.

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