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Around the AL East in 20 minutes

Mar 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk to Michael Kay, Marc Topkin, Buck Martinez, and Dan Connolly to preview the AL East.

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Why not kick off far pales conference a little joke is -- Leone is back and analyze officially on Monday it's not Lou. 93 point seven WEEI baseball preview opening day Monday Red Sox yankees and voice of the Yankees on TV gear -- yes network ESPN New York Michael K first up on our haley's conference call Michael my little Oreo. Go out word on good -- Jokester Leo is back in life that's -- -- -- -- -- -- our. He really could be wake when he retires from baseball go into -- when the when Derek Jeter retires it'll be a sad sad day for Yankee fans Michael give us a take on Jeter out of the -- how concerned today about his ankle start the year. They got a real concern I usually 39 and you come out great you're one of the best serve as a career by -- nose -- out in the first game of the ALCS yet. Late in sports screws in there and he never played more than five innings of the game this spring training and we started late and he wasn't able completed that shutting them down the remainder of the week so you know backdating the DL he can come back on the next that's likely just after the UW so let's -- go to Detroit Cleveland probably be really cold in most places. I think they -- they really -- the guy and I can the they are the real deal whether or not he's going to be able comeback what time. But what's the general feeling it expectations of this team I'm a look at this line up and you know guys that granderson Jeter Teixeira out in this you know pending in the starting rotation get it done Rivera what's he gonna be like just the general expectations. Well you know what they're being uploaded this way -- 245 home -- last year and on opening day. To look in the general public are either can't be free agency or are entry so this is underscore. Like he used to either it is or has really really bad year and the pitching -- good but -- the -- starter baseball addict addict and the third -- the starter Kuroda. The -- -- -- that they -- -- put -- that while the -- there's going to be -- -- for the -- At the -- coastal -- when a lot of can't curtail. The fact they let Russell Martin walk away for a what is -- -- chump change Red Sox or yankees is that the real sign that they are. Convinced that that 189 million dollar number next year they've got to be below that Michael's that the reason their goal with civilian backup -- start the year. You know I thought that was the reason but -- came up this week at most Russell Martin told them they -- when you're nine million and they just look at that was too much money. Russell morning air trying to achieve -- seventeen with the pirates. So the picture it like this and the Russell he's about it and it will. All that much last year -- the end of the season so I hate each year. You know about what -- -- a twenty well mark let almost exactly what he most of that damage was done in the last -- -- -- -- and -- go to -- and hope that they can play defense and the bottom and a lot of that article office. MI got to be honest we just talk about predictions and I actually that doesn't sound right but I get the Yankees in fifth. And I just I wary about the age of this team -- worry about that rotation in the back end. -- where do you stand -- Mariano Rivera picked Soriano will be huge loss. Well how is he -- the pencil far here and can't. Nobody can break. If you really as it looked like Mariano Rivera and that was not a flawless arm ironically looked Fides is running without a web based on 9192. Still cut the ball particularly fine I would still think that can be that -- that -- -- pretty good. And that got them out into the open except Mario rose 43 but if you like the beating father time as well that but I agree with you that the the first summer I can remember that all five teams and he can actually make a case for all liking church and first. And you can make a case all fighting -- last I can't ever remember that. What Yankee fans take to Kevin Youkilis how many home runs will take the first one the second one the third one Michael what will happen. Well you know a lot of -- complained a moderator or pocket they take the guys who get all that is China going to be a lot of ground ball to left field you know elected -- third base. So I think he'll -- if you get off to a bad start the ball on the it's not a good start value come. So I expect it to come out to up production you know they except to Clemens accepted fox. Except it. Electric and Jerry game and so I think people watching now more than the person. Where they still -- to -- And I'm sure -- -- gonna wanna way to the end of the season but how much money and you think to get it done. There really are trying and other really wanna try and I don't think -- wanna give tenure as well I mean look out against -- in the last five years with the out -- is contract and you know lobbyists is going to be 31 this year cease to turn your daily 41 at the end of that. 141 year old second based on their -- so. There's a silly people like you to -- ought to -- short the end of their career. -- -- be looking to get those seven years I think it would be willing to pay of 27. What equally about each year. But I can't say you're right I can't see Scott getting close to create 61 -- told me last year. You fire up -- and I are applicable to a discount -- -- kicked -- -- -- -- on the open market. You -- -- Dodgers could be an eleven or twelve million dollar deal that doesn't seem to be any luxuries and I'd really -- -- -- like -- line and not give the ten year deal. Will be there Monday opening day Michael appreciate the manager of the season. Thanks Mike Michael K from the ESPN new York and yes network is legal round the American League as the east go to Tampa. I'll lose -- manager best manager baseball not name Eric Wedge Joseph Maddon is there I'm mark topped in Tampa Bay times covers the rays. Let's start with will liars he is a pick for a lot of people -- to win the American League rookie of the year. He's gonna start the year the -- level when do we see this phenom player for the race. I think maybe he'll be around it either so I think it's gonna depend on how he plays at Tripoli paramedic that depend on how they're raised during happier without a here's -- sit in mind I either way I mean obviously not going to be called up. For ten days. Temperature right and appropriate to -- but after that I think it's going to be. A product -- party doesn't bother doing without. But it does the team I think that we look at the elites to to go anywhere but I just feel like this team you know the most about the -- what they are you know they've great pitching but. The one concern I have up concern today with the use of Fernando Rodney in that world baseball -- to a lot. Yeah tomorrow happy I mean he pitched eight times in thirteen days the the great road game that we are. When he came back it's Wednesday -- -- -- tomorrow actually the current good. I think the start seeing and going to be OK and I think Joseph Maddon reach our -- and the question they have now is what. Residual effects from July August in this Specter drag a little bit they're based -- those. Separate appearances that he pitched for them when they are doing their record keeping and you know your -- -- -- will they. Had to back off him earlier Jake McGee who's a fireball back there any chance that they mix it up early to preserve him for later in the year mark. I think what you see it and maybe that incorporate ads for erotic blogger accused of they need a guy at third I think could be think he could be Baltic could be -- or permanent got a couple guys that are that. For them here. But McGee's Arctic attic room in the right situation -- team with a couple lefty like that it -- immediate shot. Still strange to me you see that Alberto Hernandez made this rotation. But he might -- his ball still Carmona ethic that's how we know him but. Naming gets bumped -- their bullpen how is Fausto slash were -- -- look here at camp we knew what he was two years back. But it actually inspired that because the other reporter Hernandez pitched here by the united united he that any stallings are on the team so at the -- prospered. Bounced over Brcko has looked OK a couple good starts early in the spring and then in the last couple I've -- dirty work for great -- -- Philly getting Clearwater in the last two horrible. But they gave him the job based on a couple things they think -- first of all. He'd give them land which they're concerned a little bit with more Alex and expect it structured added you know he won the -- job -- according to pitch in the third spot in the rotation. Splitting up more -- and try to preserve the -- dedicate to the one of those are bullet could shorten the same term group. And big in the here and get the ball that he keeps the ball on the ground at a rate spiel with the -- good defense behind him he'll be more effective that he had been previous. How big of a jump and expect from Matt -- this year. They need -- jump from Matt Moore and he was shaky at the start last year it looked very shake either spring or they're looking for 200 innings and they'll they'll they'll take the results say it is doubtful generated he'd give them 200 innings. At a can grip the didn't have last year he started up -- early -- -- mentally tired the end though he's got to pick it up to the plot and back into this season. We last heard Yunel Escobar was the issues -- up in Toronto Hollis his camp gone how is Joseph Maddon has done anything to make shore. They Yunel Escobar sort of on the same page with this team heading into opening day. You know it getting these -- a -- a lot of treatment yet the pit spot for every day is the check in every day everybody talked me you know let the bar. The rays are going to pull out here to make this guys feel comfortable. You know he besides the issue and try Lester rewarded that the common article I've black gathers this guy has -- been left he would let. Atlantis left Toronto with the rumbling of people saying stop it bad attitude. The rays are you know fully aware of that and Joseph Maddon is very determined to make that project is here to get the most that it diving Eric thought he had some. Let them -- Yunel Escobar he didn't like to be the all star shortstop in the gold glove winner so. You don't put on the promo campaign and try to keep this guy happy and then tap -- that talent body your abbate. Was appealing but Evan Longoria both talk about expect huge things I love watching the -- pledged one is simply more. Health wise with the general Finnegan is -- make it through a full season. He's been held in the spring better. Spring -- bodies rotting out pretty much backed Obama early in the spring there's so little bit and hit him in the stride a little bit but expert respect our -- -- -- spring. There -- basically this is part and and that's what makes sense but they're gonna try to open. Play getting to play more this season by having him play lesser sports but take -- day off here in the air which has yet wanted to do. You may seem it'd be featured two day you know once remark like that. They're saying a 150. Ish with Joseph Maddon -- -- game they wanted to play but they're -- is that ability and so it in the ground. -- -- nineteen big anchor traveled a -- like that. Maybe give him that they are. Mark great stoppage of the season. Our guys are marked top intimidate times go around the American League east let's go to Toronto where the bosses. This division of former jays manager sports net TV these days. Buck Martinez joins -- -- every publication a look at that has throttle as a real division winner this year did they feel like a contender for the -- -- spring training. Bradley sure if there's still spring training. But but last night we move from. There anything that Q Philadelphia the plane had a buzz about it there's a lot of good players on this team and then they know what's at stake in. You know the biggest thing about this team now as they've gone from a young inexperienced team to. Players right in their prime. -- look at this team they're voted with former all stars. Former batting champ from the National League and Jose Reyes. And have right now they've got four different starters than they had in their rotation started speaking here of course that's the impressive. Yeah I get this team to win the American League east but I just. You audit teams start opened super team together and -- Dickey in the end in burly and and Josh Johnson at the Brenden Morrow. Is gonna make a big big jump here but the question mark I would have would be that close situation. Where they sat with Casey Janssen maybe Sergio sent this back up the culprit with that. Yep kicked there gonna open up as -- he's a good job. -- them last year he had a slow spring training come about over so green which is never an easy thing. Brad I want to it's a lot of -- we kid and he actually had a couple of back to back counting one in the minor league east through the ball very well. That he'd spent. Located just 29 saves a year ago and I'm not gonna get it -- local Baltimore they had huge key tribes it's. And that was a big part of their success -- -- so I think the bullpen is one area where there's the most concern. As far as how it's going to shape -- when you look at the make up for the ball and right now. KJ and insurgency that is speed Gelbard Jeremy Jarvis is Walt Rodgers but right here. And then their dollar air group Brett Cecil let him go eight -- Our brand but you know what there's nobody really jumps -- actually spot and all the Powell on campus has that. Capability. We have achieved that consistent. Two and to look Chicago. Now we know what RA Dickey is Josh Johnson I think has been the most upside their -- but he's got to put together for year how is Josh Johnson looked. Us so far howdy to kill a pitch early on the strong team. I wish to see -- would it started about two weeks ago he reiterated. This guy is helping. The thing that I've been impressed and I about it. Stood behind in the watched and throws open sessions -- looks downhill so well in 67 a big strong guy. In a great command he can paint -- guys who play with a fastball and incorporated cook always brought back last year. They were pitched gathered healthy the most important equities on Milwaukee. It's her contract it is absolutely motivated to get off to a great start thank you off. Let's deal grew -- right now -- how long. Before these -- I didn't. It's the -- yet he's still not doing any baseball activities rather -- 100% to a record years. Back on the field and in their work when Brett -- announce the but -- yeah well. I noticed a dramatic change in security. He accepted it he understood that -- good tunes in the northern -- percent still. Down implored his stated his help in -- -- resume baseball activities but he's a ways away yet. All of -- at Chrysler takes them at least three weeks equal we see him because he's just not have enough reps. On the heels and of course we know what they're told about the matter out of -- You still need to have that some huge turn them or did god is great pitching. But -- the team on the field -- differ with givens as the manager how we treat it -- see big big difference between he and and John Ferrell and how they approach the game. Dramatically different there clear in the third base coach. It didn't fives on salt spring law. The difference in the lineup is dramatic. Courts with solutions group citizen more reliable. You mentioned whereas in the top northern Moroccan -- these two guys to the question isn't based. You get it goes to which it is a -- and then start the season's clothes and use them a lot of the bases with more. It is which is more vulnerable spots you'll probably vote majority obstacle course which users in the lineup. In these guys in Boston know what that's all about from southern won't -- more and others which included pop up. In the lineup and that moment changed a lot of this fall. But vows to say the end of the year Brigham -- will be the best starting pitcher would you be surprised. And our local and we'll keep him from being the best starting pitching is staying out. That Arab achieved last year from Marmol flash and then took a perfect game into the sort of that could even in its first start last year. In you know what's really at jumps Raddatz is blue jays and pop when Abacha was -- And we don't want got to change that we'll be contending ballclub. He stole the ball very well -- evident yesterday look great. In I think your when you look at Dickey -- courage on an error. This is a much deeper rotation experienced pitchers and I expect at this point this awkward. But buck appreciate the time enjoy the season. Buck Martinez Alex got an up and Baltimore Dan Connolly Baltimore Sun -- the Rodney Dangerfield the -- of the division Dan. They are getting no respect they feel that way and spring training. Absolutely that you obviously don't care and respect question and 190 regain they'd like he can do that again this year. They actually believe that -- indeed better idea or tablet being Machado and market perhaps Brian Roberts. Enjoyed it to be a better team and their territory within the underdog and. Dallas like Brian Roberts he seems like he's healthier this year and asked about those two guys in particular Robertson market is health wise and know. Nixed deal with the some issues now what do both of -- Well you a broader arsenal built all spring and I mean everyone's not known water out here. Young people -- you know he's likely not hurt you can gain collapsed Christie -- nor accurately. Four year forty million dollar deal so -- -- his walk year you know it's obviously very important and we just found out they are shortages and a few not bitter. On opening day and -- PR -- are you. Well Robert L last year and in -- -- -- -- leadoff hitter he has I didn't execute you can't be it was a situation where yeah. A group of here is the or pray I'm -- she's on screen -- are playing here. Us -- out of Florida today in an exhibition game that you -- -- -- offers because Florida and every more appealing. So he's trying to -- -- -- now. And down he says he's aren't you ready port so you obviously can -- -- injury in the UK and local app that you Skype remember guys. -- aren't you had to gain more and -- a I guess and -- seven to 2000 well what's up eleven intellectually or -- daughter and -- Many a child had a huge impact on this team where they bat in the line up with the expectation that. Yeah actually it's important. Are you close capacity and we're not sure exactly where he's putting it out. Yes paid as fairly represented a lineup against these prices and -- militants and one of intake and didn't accept it. I'm so it's obviously we're -- -- -- needs hot or get out what it is you look at section I would be. Eaton ankle while some people adjust to Roberts -- now I'll. But you know what. Everyone's excited about -- -- a year away interest in all it. You'll see how your -- and so we obviously had a little struggle some last year I'm Cindy good defense -- -- -- -- the child I would never played her date before. -- I'd like veterans that you get to -- -- offensively and as possible guys. Yeah that is tragically certainly help out. -- the rotation is deep and still a couple guys in waiting -- probably helped during the year but. They're deep and post season though it it you know turns into ones and -- who's the one guy that steps up and carries this rotation of anybody that can do that. To get it got me to have a collection at treatment course here in the -- election so all that against CC sabathia where. You know we Hewitt PH straight sided matchup against the -- to gain. -- to guess about fuel the short series so. If an eight -- I'm always the biggest Carter is their number one year. I'll but he Durbin number one really this career -- had a guy at number one stuff everyone you're expecting him at some point did you collect. He had not done that yet not only seven years old on a more. -- Peter it's our national principal importantly. Because McChrystal and astrology but -- that's our tractors or -- contested game. I'm so it would look at each major had to step up -- -- -- it's good quality getting out and onsite and once you know the number one number Cuba and said guys -- one of the injuries children not an 88. They're great stuff appreciate it -- Dan Colley Baltimore Sun won at that Michael K mark Tompkins buck Martinez can't Connell at a conference call. -- elites quick break come back we told you buster only city had big big major news will tell you what it is next.

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