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Mut and Merloni MLB Predictions

Mar 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give their MLB 2013 predictions for the divisions, World Series Champ, and awards.

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-- -- -- -- And abused him to themselves not to quarters. And members will be -- Rates. In the bank opens in the morning and -- foreclose. You won't comrade. Your broke break -- sell now or you lose everything. The one constant over usery. Has been baseball. America -- violent an army of student loans. It's been erased -- of blackboard rebuilt and freeze to death. Thank god you didn't have that for love of the game crap loaded in there. Our baseball conversation. But -- 937 WEEI I try to watch that movie again couple weeks ago. Kelly Preston comes on that screen just sucks the life out of that movie John C. Reilly might be -- rate. Character actors the catcher and cost here's the pitcher and it's all about baseball she gets on that screen button. And it is it just sucks any energy out of them and it might be good bye to cut out all the Costner Kelly Preston love scenes. Rick to be I can't the I liked that the fulfill the dreams here that's our pretend to feel that they're all right went to the future up these correct and incorporate different they can't all be correct. Or around the American League east bottom of the hour 1230. For L conference call New York -- Baltimore Toronto we have questions because I before diving in the predictions you'd say that the L -- this year. Is the most competitive of the six divisions in baseball. And has the most variety of how the teams could finish or 12345. I would think abate even close. Mean I had a harder time. Picking last place and in the AL east the picking first with other divisions. I just -- trying to figure out how these five teams. Right is yeah -- as it is are going to shape up you could have a million appropriations. Of how this is gonna work. And they could still put myself and something else because you have teams that spent money yet to use the regretted didn't spent money. You have Tampa as it was always the team it's kind of in the mix and the Red Sox and yankees who are fighting for four and five and -- division. In 2013 I never would have believed. If five years -- say guess what. The Yankees and you're about payroll. It'll be signing Lyle -- to three day trial which say the one -- years -- nobody's Tampa. There that the -- -- of the five. The one team right nothing is changed. They still have great pitching. Still a great manager. That's the one team that I think. Everybody would look at and say they're used to have a pretty good idea what they're going to be everybody else. The jays made all these moves the Red Sox the Orioles that the they had last year the Yankees have questions you look at the race and state. This is what they are you look at their opening day line up. And nothing's gonna blow you away from the bats right may be Longoria stays healthy of these at a big year. Idea what you see in my picks yet and need just you know but you look at him and say well. They lost James Shields. Not -- can be no big loss will see. But for the most part did department most consistent team the American League east it's the most interest division baseball old gold their last we can lead into a conversation about the -- before have our guys on your bottom of the hour to direct predictions for. Divisions the playoffs and a couple awards. -- -- I -- do this that he's about Jasper extra tiger up prepared what division are good ago the divisions on the west look at the angels think they're sick they're too good. Last October during a post season I still felt the -- of the best in America it. -- they -- in the oil template I just I felt that way all year last year before the year started your stubborn and I feel it again I think the angels win. The west the target walkway at the central went public last year without a walk away with a it got a little more struggle but I think gum at -- hundred Victor Martinez that team. Questions that -- -- no question about that but I still think that the best -- that the jays in the east who. We agree on the west in the central -- not spent a lot time the other -- the thing with the -- A target -- -- and I just think that no of this we've seen teams go out there -- splash in the off season we said it's not go to war with him before and and because it has worked in the past we just throw that on the jays but I think the additions where they came from. You know RA Dickey who by the way is not a one year wonder -- his last three years. He's a good pitcher Josh Johnson. You know I had the surgery comes back the -- to bring. He's a difference maker you know -- is an innings eater you know I think Brandon Morrow takes that big a step four point that is great last year for the team. Doing and you add that with the lineup and Reyes and Encarnacion and Batiste and -- I just think they're the best team in America only American League east -- We agree on the angels and tigers we disagree big time and he's got I got the Orioles while winning the -- this year. I think that. There's so much pitching depth but what I looked for this year was. If there injuries and pitching staff it was going to be able to account. That the race certainly can I have been second. But the Orioles have. -- the cost man and -- Tillman coming off the DL or by the first week of the year they're not sexy but does a really good rotation. And they get into an apple and you have Johnson you have stroke yup by all. That is a really really good bullpen and if you look at it like we're gonna and it's only people tell -- a -- Miami comic close games they won. In the second half of the year right there all -- those games -- happened early. In the second half of the year they were the top third of offensive teams in baseball. -- third once they get everyone healthy with a big when they really kind of -- one run -- close games that was early. They got late and some of their guys back -- healthy they were -- good offensive team. And if Matt Weiner stays -- in -- order. I don't see any reason why the Orioles in a very contentious debate because of their pitching can I hate to say about like the manager seems to get a lot out of that team. I think they're pissed off about being -- didn't doorway discarded. Think -- be motivated to play well again this year -- that does mean something is division and by a couple of gaining a gamer to. At the Orioles over the rays -- a good -- in Tampa. Out pretty similar to a better line I'd say the bullpen is better Baltimore that the Fernando Rodney. Expecting to get out again Adam this year. -- do you do in here expecting at a gym jump out and I think I think like Pedro stroke and I Allah guys behind never better equipped to pick it up of Rodney. If Jim Johnson fails -- -- -- your open Jake -- good with last year and he's not they sort -- pick and juice and apple pan. -- there's lot of -- got -- archer start the year AAA. But I added that I'm -- the disrespect card gimme Orioles rays. Jason third. Socks and for the Yankees and. -- American League to me is a blue jays to raise a red -- the Orioles and yankees com. Guys -- -- -- -- question mark of the Yankees the tutorials. And have depth -- question -- any of them any good. In this rotation. That's all on edge question and you know it's like they had a great year and get the kaposi's public art it was at first -- was opening day Chan. Aren't a -- -- of and -- mean if they had somebody to sit on top of that rotation even that CC sabathia David Price OK but. I don't think there's anybody there they get depth they got a bunch of guys that throw the ball well but. I just don't know what's gonna get it done just. The last year was I would call -- fluke they -- we have different opinion on -- as Hamels really really good had knee surgery in July and that was sort of I camel might not know reason sabathia only class that second year starting pitcher he's there in my opinion to him. Pretty good before he had knee surgery last year wasn't. I'm not saying again not top tier based on the bottom of the second year likened -- -- him -- -- our rotation. In his two plus and I'm OK with that -- the first time he's ever done this entire career I mean you want to get too unreasonable to more than 177. And he what are your last year before the surgery what three years in a row as a starter Colorado. Mean a negative thing Colorado we want but last year I thought was him -- came out of nowhere no not a chance to put in his second tier right now in. What's going to do it again oh OK but based on a team. The in his career -- penalties capable of so what you at least order top to bottom again and so are the jays rays Sox Orioles yanks yeah. Public to walk our team I give me the race because -- pitching and -- Rangers out west and I I came real close to make it BA's but. Right the Rangers be motivated to make a deal Adobe and it is gonna finish a game game -- half pack. Rays and Rangers couple -- -- while argue yeah I think the Rangers that the youth -- the step back I wouldn't they did the missed out -- everything. This year in you lose him the -- Napoli. And in some long arms he never got involved in -- -- that step back I give -- batteries. In the eighties the depicting is just too good. Too good you got an MVP in the jail for a yes I do. One of the I think what I've never seen a superstar -- -- radar as much as Albert pools. I can't remember -- over the last time we've looked like a superstar like Albert pools. And have just been like yeah they got Hamilton. Yeah you know what. They got out or pool hall got Trout yet they get throughout. They got Albert Pujols OK and then the first time in his career he was traded he went to another league he got off to an awful start and April. And still hit 3105. I I think he must a year from Albert polls -- he was the American League MVP. Odd QB Evan Longoria last year result in a Buster Posey this year it's of Longoria I think in a couple years ago the last few years. Injuries counted the -- what he was gonna do I think fisheries help the duplicate will liars like -- first -- in the order. As protection and he has 3637. Home runs. He drives over a hundred Andy he's the MVP he does that the -- out -- -- -- -- -- one fantasy pick began in private gambled early again it. But I think I have a multi year Longoria firm BP I'm gold really easy it's volume -- I -- I like David Price depict him last year -- As -- Lander that team's loaded on its bases after a couple times this year to be Verlander for site -- Like it. Yeah I I don't know how to get away from the I don't always talk but what I want to say when you look at that -- that the American league of the Lester had Weaver. And I think that he's he's in that grouping week. It was cy young's. Weaver. I still could put -- -- -- price Verlander Felix. And you look at and say OK it probably a couple of groups of which one has. You know the great year. Just like I don't know how to on Tuesday with Verlander boaters do their AL rookie of the year got a name for PMI guy -- Myers. Rule to start the year -- AAA no big deal but it Trout I just think the power and what you gonna see is. You talk about Longoria right -- the big bet that lineup and in September they would talk about a rookie of the year that would impact that the Jackie Bradley will be in a discussion as well. But impact. A power guy rookie year helping a lineup in Tampa Bay that just is searching for another big bet other than Longoria. I think he had a huge impact on that team power wise when he calls when he gets called up. Do they wait the two weeks that he -- wait until mid June. Robert -- juniors who knows that the rays Dubai at the of that kind of impact. Aaron -- the center for governments. A lot of quality young outfielder Jackie Bradley junior and be able to make the argument I Garrett can play a play all year these -- help the acumen we lost that -- BS the stick like a sore thumb because one of the few count the players on this team. Andy's he'd be out master out of the center field job they gave him -- Eric's. I its national league of it is -- yeah National League and their goal Washington I think is just absolutely. Loaded. Majesty look at that team and -- like I don't know how the hell they can they they can't. Win that division I mean -- span in center field and harper worked in the oil field it's just. And the middle their look infield. You know between Desmond Espinoza two guys you know bad but pop. Both those guys Cuba had twenty home runs in the military infield. And get stressed Berkett geo and Zimmerman and and Dan Haren filthy. Dan -- another under the radar kind of signing in debt -- immunity just. And -- a guy like clip last year is a great closer and stored up -- -- and then you add Rafael Soriano I don't know how Washington was that division. The central like at Cincinnati and in west I'm going Dodgers. I just think they're too talented they they just. You know Zack Greinke signing this guy think puts him on top -- he put sinking in Kershaw and Billingsley it's just. It's kind of scary that's super team worked out for the red socks that were at work but it's just yell at us and -- sector keys would they sank Greinke Red Sox. -- -- -- -- In eight pitches and you know pitches -- Crawford does Gonzales is back in his West Coast mode when they go to Goodyear Matt -- to stud eat the register that's too good of -- team. We agree in the east in the central. And that NL west. I can't go the Dodgers managed -- this whole super team thing put together. I got a bad -- of the Dodgers here's starts with -- property -- the giants again it was kind of fluke you know they made their run. Poaching what is -- as well star Sampras -- hall of fame manager. A couple of World Series this while a couple of years ago he's not target the giants -- that group won a World Series wells Beisel won done. We're back two years later when another one. In this state -- baseball that guy is a hall of fame manager Bruce Boccieri and it tight division where -- against the Dodgers. With the giants. -- at the Braves and cardinals. As my two wild card teams. The Braves at the up the Brothers are just -- they're every right there but the nationals to goods sold to plug in minutes while -- spot. And -- cardinals team a little worried about shortstop but -- -- some available for all the might be available. At some point a to -- as you'll Cabrera might be available to shortstop peace Stephen Drew might be available. They applaud that and this kid Shelby Miller back. And in the rotation he made the team. It pretty good -- Carnell my while carts my mile walk -- of the -- friend I think they're pitching too good Posey -- of laws that their good team you know. A puts -- -- an playoffs and out of wild card team is. -- output in the Phillies in there. And I -- -- last year everybody -- -- -- of the illegality right now that's fine how many teams have an emotionally. It seems of that 12 combination even if Roy held it falls apart on the teams of that data Mike Adams to go pap. You know Jimmy Rollins Chase Utley healthy Ryan Howard's healthy. -- Michael Young they add to the mixing of Ben Revere appearance at -- steal bags left and right. I just how they might fall apart we know some of velocity was an issue last year and it was weighed down. It's down even further this year he struggled last year and got injured so maybe don't expect much from him but not many teams can roll out Cole Hamels and Cliff -- Did you stage can't I like their bullpen. And it's just that you know that they really fall that -- -- Ryan Arnold guess what he's helping to get six home runs a sprint. Recently be back that's a good team. That they get back in the post season at Atlanta and tip O'Neill's. Q Mir awards in the NL. My NL my MB PUB -- McCutcheon. And at this particular point to make the -- 82 -- your pick an MVP from a non playoff -- yeah and happen very often no it doesn't happen very -- but it's gonna be that good. And in done. Rookie year -- call from Pittsburgh. You know look at number one pick to start you know miners but. Absolutely -- pick in 2011 absolutes -- Is gonna come in and helped that Pittsburgh teams of -- you know Pittsburgh rookie of the year BP Cy Young Matt -- -- friendly take the jump. Are you go other guys right but I think actually. McCain yeah I give me -- bottle for the MVP you know I try to tied into a team and it's gonna win that division may be represented the -- The league itself in the World Series. Again chalky its idea which are giving them the Stephen Strasburg I mean peacemaker surely. And he pitches -- whites while those three guys Kane Strasburg. -- If Dominic go Strasburg audio monster -- a stupid double monster year if they help put up crazy numbers. One of the best pitchers in baseball when I actually think. Commonly come and play Strasburg actually -- get hurt in a good or bad all that well like save up to set it. This is a team there is that try to protect so much last year and teen attitudes the win the World Series and and they -- because they're worried about being injured agency is -- -- in this year MB and we're gonna revisited again saint. Injuries can happen and whatever. It -- stat out there because the doctors think nickel more than this percentages can increase can't do this can't do that. And -- they just they shut him down. I still don't agree that -- balls he moved by them I just don't agree with its ball -- stupid but. They stuck to their plan that in that image of the year I did Shelby Miller the -- to pitch late last year for the cardinals look great but he's gonna get tested you made that rotation. He's getting a lot of starts against four and five stars what a bunch of games to be side it would a rookie of the year Shelby Miller in the yen while the gimme your ALCS. NLCS and World Series of being really locked this angels beat the tigers Washington. Will be the Dodgers in the nationals will be the angels and tigers over the rays in the American League. -- the reds over the nationals. In the National League in aid to Detroit Cincinnati World Series or -- the tigers mark these down to a joke. -- down. To a chicken out by the way I just look at a pool holes. Mid may from mid -- the end of the season a 119 games. It real -- 1229 home runs 93 RBIs. In four and a half months. People forget about him. He's pretty good looks like trophy that's its lot got a -- -- already like a third biggest story. In that lineup Albert pools that -- -- aren't they get a big stories -- I'll just bounces off -- before we get to our. American League conference call and fifteen minutes ago bluster only tweeted the following and I got -- like staring at injured junior predicted wondering would it mean. Hearing rumblings a major news dot dot dot Mordechai. I was bolster only fifteen minutes ago my first reaction that's. Why I mean if this was like you know. One of them Bruins beat I its -- Again -- But this buster freaking old hearing rumblings of major news dot dot dot. Warnaco. Is that a major injury is that a major trade. Is that a suspension that's a professional tees is that a suspension for those players that story we had what is a month ago well that guy who set I know for a fact that I know in Iran these guys will be suspended that that would. That would be major news. If there was a big round of buyout Genesis suspect that is league could call by way and one reason why you hate from nine brown it's you can I didn't bill. Those are predictions put those on line at WEEI dot com. And our web page everything else as well MacBreak we come back. -- will go around the American League east with New York Tampa Baltimore Toronto. What does that -- look like this year conference call on this division.

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