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Danny Ainge calls Lebron complaints "embarrassing"

Mar 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to Danny Ainge's comments about Lebron and take a listen to Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith's thoughts.

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We're well LeBron said he was tackled on one early by pirate and I thought pirates took the worst of that collision I. I don't think either one of those were flagrant either and I think that. And I think the one. LeBron against Boozer was -- -- again I think if officials had it right. If you look at it to see your computer replay. He looked at Boozer is -- size them up perfectly and he threw that elbow pretty I was just. I think it's always interesting to hear great players complain about the officials win more often than not they get the benefit of the doubt. I think that it. You know almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating. Well get rid of the almost any age you got a 100% right. In fact you almost gotta write the NE AH -- load ID three point seven WE yeah that was Danny yesterday with salt and holly. Talk about the Celtics the breaking down LeBron stuff too and in the -- thought about listening to change. I Danny -- price speaks for a lot of people around the NBA. Lot of players. A lot of coaches. A lot of executives. Who have gone back and watch film would not do that as fans right very rarely do you watch a game again these guys are watching games. For a million different reasons -- scouting. Some of it is. In the role players can look and self scouting. Some of it is just going back and reviewing plays they send videotapes they sent stuff to the league about what to follow what's not was called wasn't called. My guess when they go back and look at those tapes or on the week even more so than us -- fans. They see how many calls LeBron James it as an offensive player. They see how many times he physically runs over guys and he's not call for the file they are. They see as basketball insiders. That there are times as big as LeBron is he should be called for files. Because this almost and a intimidation factor bottom with officials. -- -- through a lot more. Though it's one thing for knucklehead like me to spout off the LeBron James yesterday on the show or you're -- Yeltsin sports media. When Janine says it did you speak -- for a lot of guys in the NBA. And its units over and over again and are the real. That he was called for anything and that you're allowed to coupled LeBron lot of bump a lot of people. Are you said it would have been -- -- same thing as embarrassing you know is to use disappointed I should say. You know -- him coming out talking about a -- here's a guy again. You know that. Is a big physical player plays a lot of guys. Got scorers for other teams never called for fouls lot of us do the size and quickness and I get it. Can't tell me joining the averages just over following game. Enrolled in three files to game 23 fouls and it -- your big physical play on their from block shots everything. In the come out ever streak ended and about talking about. Problem no recall follows foyer. Of the treats you differently do treat you differently LeBron. Get away with a -- call everything. That's a culture that league on back to Jordan in the superstars get their calls Jordan got calls all the time. Other guys didn't get Jordan defensively with a hand checking before they release -- crackdown. Go back to watch so those big playoff games you know he like a lot of players had hands all over offered -- players as a defender ever called. And he was able to get away with things and you would get calls on the other and take the ball the basket where little ball maybe he get that some other guy didn't. Apple would Jordan happens with Colby capital abroad. Just the nature of that league and for a superstar complain about it is not just almost embarrassing indeed it is and bears. Of course the topic like this comes up on die ESPN's first take salt -- other -- whoever we're on ESPN and Comcast liberal play in this sound and they should exits of I coming out saints -- about LeBron. Skip Bayless -- Is -- Danny Ainge decided this I am. Clearly and plainly. And in strongly on Danny -- aside I said it was embarrassing. That. A soon to be Ford's time in BP. Would stoop beneath his own dignity. To complain. About. Rough flying about what he called non basketball plays. After the Miami Heat had just lost for the first time in 28 games no good abroad you're way better than that. Waving needs you or four time MVP dignity. But I also gave Chris Broussard credit yesterday on the shows Steve and -- for suggesting a very. Possible point. That LeBron was playing a little. Still Jackson memorial psychological game with the referees as they head toward the playoffs plantings are a few seeds out how hate. Protecting me a little better than you protected me tonight even know I think he gets overprotected by and locked. I'd say psyche at the -- out I skipped a fifth set it kills you agree with skip Bayless. I should assimilate that don't don't say that to -- that you love of dog no need for that. Asking you I'm telling you. That's why usually agree with on these things and he's right you know terrorism officials and calls that pillar. On the other side that is the that it wins studio a couple of weeks ago Stephen -- usually agree with. I think he's on team LeBron. On this Joan I'm sure the world the basketball world was so touched that you indeed indeed you agree congratulations with that whatever that -- But secondly you got LeBron James and and I understand where Danny age is coming from. And I understand where Todd Simpson has come from I don't necessarily disagree but understand why that is I think it's embarrassing. -- -- age would call LeBron James complaining embarrassing. Considering how much standing did complained during this play Korea considering how much. Our guy like Laramie bar complaint considering that the greats like Magic Johnson complaint all the time but it doesn't complain all the top he may be the greatest point got in NBA history -- I'm concerned so it just amazes me. -- everybody -- the greatest of all LeBron James and says oh my goodness he's so great. He's supposed to be a ball that he's not supposed to complain what world they don't live and have gone up paid attention NBA animals that history of this game some of the greatest players ever. Always complaint. But doesn't make it right this gives you complained notes a it's -- that when -- -- -- -- before. LeBron and it's a 27 game winning streak in the first loss and what the Super Bowl guys bitch about officials the I'd like this one of those cases where Stephen -- to decide maybe doesn't completely agree with ever before. Rip on players are -- officials in this case he's not the culture and again it's what happens. Thank -- I -- the time and Bayless is right if if and I just think -- like the heat for example like you know or to stretch and -- 25 and three things and it just doesn't get any given night heard those comments from LeBron we were joke about it new Tacoma. We lost two games. If you get the courtesy calls is no question about it. You take forced out hot you know and then don't go call traveling on 83 steps a lot. They don't call boy but when a streak all the eyes are on you point seven games. And it's broken and they come to you. And that's what you gotta say about it on that night. That's probably the biggest issue that's alters your national holocaust does I Vatican about this night like it would not say if those in the middle of a season like I said no stretch 125. And it just happened can be discussed. But the timing of it that's all the timing of David Dwyane Wade talked about it after they lost that you know what a whatever now it's. It is product for the best we get our rotation goal beacon risk guys we get sick guys -- can do this we can do that and and focus on our real goal that's the playoffs. This is just give it that kind of line you know because everyone's look at for the common after the streak ended -- come out. Talking about the -- Treat you and how you've been treated in this league it just. It doesn't sit well. Bad timing I hated hated it now of course LeBron has responded today in last. The last couple hours I think actually. He was asked about this a practice for the heat. He said Yemeni comments on -- comments now this works now the media right -- he said this ought to think about he says. Would go back the original guy now -- his response what you think. Well Bronson about -- his comments quote. I'm not surprised about anything that comes from Boston. So there's that there's that still that anger between heat in itself. Skip without saying a word in terms it just facial expressions. Do you see -- -- you have. Haven't seen anybody in NBA history whose body language let alone his words who's complaining more than Danny Ainge you have irritant. Yeah exactly. I thought so that's all I'm trying to think all of trying to say that. As part of the game and maybe it will -- -- -- leading and piggybacking off what Crist -- side state yesterday. Maybe this is the gamesmanship -- -- -- Danny Ainge. It any -- being caught an honest moment. Exactly that's what it's not a game gains made ship the guard was now when it really feel this was just undo an afternoon show on assault holly. I've Ali's feel it around by just forget everything you see the opposite help point. He's got a couple guys department goes yak it's almost bears at. It's not about the next game manipulation. That was -- -- That's what I want out of all the guests we have on the shows is a little bit honesty. Just a little bit. That's like at that takes -- what -- really feels. About LeBron that's a little morsel -- I'm really go in there get a couple wine coolers and -- and do that. Mormon right with the BYU so maybe doesn't -- one go on to say who does delicious now. He drew why include hole today saying it. For a point maybe does how much are not -- -- -- -- down wrote I don't personally. But if you lose a couple of -- war -- -- -- -- -- the Celtic offices. When he -- watch is that people brought every watches all the calls he gets. And the calls that go against his players from that and he gave you a little pace that was not manipulation that was honesty and the change. Love that stuff. Another honest guy another caucus I think. The right to exist handle nobody's honest. 61777979837. That your phone a -- Texas. Right here on the AT&T text line 3790. Three's that we see -- at -- brawl get your phone calls. We come back in ninety seconds I get two things for one I got over under for the weekend. And -- I do like -- put an end to. -- lose big dreams of a player that the. Bruins might acquire. We can race that dream according to -- a GM another team all those things -- not expect.

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