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Jackie Bradley Jr. expected to make Sox opening day roster

Mar 29, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the recent roster moves the Red Sox have made that indicates Jackie Bradley Jr. will make the opening day roster.

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What time is Peter -- press conference -- explain what to do with Jackie Bradley junior. About how Long Will find out exactly so we felt -- what's -- -- -- and I could have been good to. I thought we don't buy now at 10 o'clock am -- about we know exact details of Red Sox when he five man roster and Jackie Bradley and John Ferrell congratulating -- make the team what a great spring he's had but. We capital hold on that for now because you hear some of the through John Ferrell this hour. There's still some consideration they're supporting -- roster issues that we've talked about and it -- 6 on Friday morning. We don't I guess officially -- Lou whether or not Jackie Bradley junior will be there are New York on Monday. The other Red Sox opening day roster being Red Sox opening day lineup is they play one of 162 against the Yankees. You think he's on there at -- -- think of years as far as why you wouldn't. Make this call right now is -- received a Pomona forty man roster. And here you have till Sunday the putting your final roster. So a lot of teams right now this is talks Oden -- talked about before in Seattle. They chose to go Jason Bay Casper Wells looks like he's gonna be released -- tribunal waiver wire. So if you sort of make this call on Sunday. The guy tick off the roster for Jackie Bradley if you decide to do that whatever might go. -- maybe tougher team to pick up. And the words when you look at their forty man roster right now Steven Wright had a poor spring training. But he still a starting pitchers in knuckleballer he's still got three options laughed. He put it downing Shia a year ago is another guy Alex Haston local kid out of Milton he has -- really played all spring training his foot but still. Productive player they like them last year and a minor leagues. It in his Daniel Snyder believes in his catcher not in Colorado and -- Butler took he's a catcher so he's seat AAA guy. With the hard way they've got five catches and a roster killer Vasquez they love him. So they may have to make a move maybe one of those three guys. The longer you wait. The better chance you have maybe slide through waivers. That's joint ticket think of what would you equate it to the way the Red Sox museum like have leverage over other teams -- sneak it through where's that the patriots. Have some leverage now that's restricted free agency over the this Steelers if they wanna offer manual sanders' contract the deadline for that would be April -- -- that they wait till the end of that. They can put pressure on the Steelers at the Red Sox wait until Sunday. To actually make this will they put pressure other teams that have announced their 25 man roster -- we've already locked in -- -- moves. In a Butler Alex -- those are nice players but. They've done that Friday anyway scoop them up now we're committed worse that we get opening -- -- more -- a roster -- -- rosters are set for the most part. You know and and the clothes she gets opening day that operatives thirteen to make a move now there's also a couple of options we mentioned before. One would be Brian MacPherson brought it up as -- Franklin Morales the sixty day DL. It has got -- missed all of camp they'd look at him -- Stoddard depth. So -- not only gonna rampant mopping give him thrown a baseball again. But now you wanna stretch a mile and have become a -- about a time if you do need him he's able to go six innings. So that would put him at the end of may not lack started up we talked about your early the other day to be able to implement a sixty day 9 up and am available to the end of -- But it might take -- I mean it might take all of a -- and get his feet underneath them he missed all of spring training might not be a bad idea so you put a guy and a sixty day DL. That opens up a spot forty man roster oppose anybody a case they don't announce it today. Do you think they've. Hold Jackie Bradley junior one way or the other because this is -- John Ferrell said two days ago they want to let everybody know Thursday with one on me let Ryan Sweeney no. He wasn't every part of the roster Ryan Sweeney is told rob Bradford. That if he's not be part of the roster he's gonna opt out of his deal mass will be shown back up their today. There's a report that he -- told the Red Sox and from rob story to basically -- it okay not gonna accept the minor league assignment. They wanna get a triple play he's good defensive depth in the -- -- try to convince him to do that the picked all the he's out of the opening day roster. The numbers game telling you now novel mortenson Bradley all there barring. Casper Wells or somebody else being here. They tell the kid when they've already told that they really -- all the way until Sunday to -- officially Evan announced it. We think they've told him. We can get mentally prepared for. You're in the lineup when you're on the roster against sabathia month -- -- -- -- in -- -- to publicly for the reasons you just broke down. I hope they told behind the scenes you're gonna be on the team or. If he's got to be on the team we think he's going to be there they told you're going to be I don't if they're not ready to announce it publicly I don't know why you would tell him privately. This week you know not not not at not a not a nice Sunday before opening up -- -- you bring a big year on the team but in the when he walk out of this office right now. There's going to be don't fifteen reporters wait refute your locker and you need to lie to all of them. You need to and we haven't dealt with media often you don't know the pressing questions are gonna give via. But what you need to do is -- you cannot -- publicly and tell these reporters right now and we just told to keep on under wraps here. It's not I don't know if you put him to -- I don't know I mean just come to bear witness you doing doing. You know rapidly planned well -- you know when it's official ethic you you wait I I just think to be tough delicate. There -- we don't you're on this team we don't want anyone in now. Go get them as you know -- going to be one spot. That we fifteen people waiting for rivers -- left right. All -- subject you brought a smile he said no no word yet but he was mylan. We kept digging kept digging out of the gets fair to put a minute spot while the other thing is biggest part of me I -- Italian party hopes that. They're debating internally is worth. Having him there on Monday. And that there's still this back and forth on what do we do here now if then told Sweeney. That he had made the team and it's not doubt the -- -- more chance that's happening like that keeps Sweeney gave him on the forty man roster. And start Jackie Bradley junior at double layer Tripoli bring a lot of people while. It feels normal like that's a losing battle that might cited the financial side of it. They're gonna have to figure out at some point during the years that bring in about April 12 and be free and clear. Of -- about service time. It looks like now let's assume he's gonna make the team feels like that. They need to update people like twenty days the next couple years ago is that a window a couple of seasons where. He's got to spend twenty days. Down the minor league level not twenty games but twenty days. At that minor league level order kick in that year for 2019 and it still matters to them. But not -- it's it's it's a harder process of how we find that kind ascendant now that he's there. And it's like Bradford says he comes back may first. -- -- -- the cover off the ball. How the hell do you tell your fan base at that point yell -- -- -- backed down with the knowledge and of wink wink nudge -- service time is an issue they put themselves -- a bad spite of officially say is a team feels like it. I think they put themselves in a bad spot I disagree with that because it adds more pressure to what they have to do now with him and. I think it's it's clear I feel about it as well it's just a -- looking at one of two ways either. You're happy. Because you feel like the Red Sox largest. Brett Wallach you know what the best players a plan. Is the best player we gut and what they care about is winning -- back to caring about winning and put the best guys out there so you can be happy about that organizational move. All he could look back and say just another bad decision business wise and how is this organization being run right now they've made some bad business decisions in the past. Cites a -- maybe for the wrong reasons whatever you might feel. And you could look at and say this is just another one. You know is an an impatient team you know that's not willing to wait a couple of weeks to make the right business decision. -- you know it depends on where you fall -- I think the bottom line is that I think he's gonna make the team. I am excited to see the -- play. Because he's a good player. Levels up to Lyoto waited a few weeks albeit that's -- with Gilbert it's all over the kid's going to be here is gonna be out there left field you played every day. What is gonna bring you defensively. What instincts on the bases. If he's not Jacoby Ellsbury fast. Buddies the instinctive runner who knows when to take bags who gets good jumps who studies pitchers study catchers. He's got the he's got that the full package. I know what kind of player is going to be. -- don't have big leagues I mean I don't know he's gonna be nearly two radiator or reporting hitter. I don't know if he's going to be guided -- you know six bombs eight bombs over and it when he someday. Do we lead up -- -- -- a full at three all I have no idea. But I'm excited to see him I might not agree with -- but I think he is to your point. By that time David Ortiz comes back. He will probably prove to everybody. That he is a better option -- either Victor Reno or Gomes in the Alfred. And I think homes especially -- you I did not believe this but having watched enough of his innings. Having read a little bit on his defensive issues in Oakland just last year. He's going to be a major offensive defensive issue and especially compared to Jackie Bradley junior who scouting report from college metaphor yesterday for ball's rolling right. Bared all Barbara scale the glove in the outfield it's gonna be night and day and negate that a cut up -- -- that -- -- He's going to be a better player by that point. In either one of those guys especially going even if even if -- -- -- to 65 hitter you know me you. Playing defense in victory -- can be the same type of guy to 65 playing defense go home to be more -- power productive kind of guy but a liability menial field. Bottom line. So you know and I know we discussion of probable gold of the gonna give up on what. What the hell that promised him in the first place they gave this guy two years 101000005 million dollars a year. I don't consider that eight price tag to where you say it will always got to start Ford's. Seasonal price bench player is a good depth guy he's a great clubhouse guy he crushes lefties gonna try to find you as many at bats against lefties as possible. It worked out. You know we've we've been complaining about depth in this organization depth that the big league level because -- -- -- -- -- some injuries and that's why we -- for you. If we -- you -- start left fielder you probably would have been doing that -- -- it would have been doing that in Oakland. We would have given you five million a year probably argument at thirteen let me give everybody else they're so hope. You know three is what he has he's Denver guy Dave Ortiz when he signed a DH and educational credit goes down he's got the condone it. It'll be interesting to see how Red Sox fans respond today because we have bin. In that minority of all start with Major League club for different reasons right you've talked about. Not ready -- talked about not ready I've talked about the financial thing from day one witness. I just think it's. Going to rehash it but it's just silly to focus on these nine games and not 162. Indicate to prime so my question we've Red Sox fans who want a disc that looks like you'll be in the lineup on the roster opening day. How does that change your pain as make this team different in your mind. 61777979837. The phone number 6177797937. The phone a beacon Texas. On the AT&T texts like at 379. -- 37. The player himself Jackie Bradley junior will impact the Red Sox nobody's going to be will be enough to get Red Sox fans X I heard people say that. An excitement need Bosnia to get in that lineup. Is that the issue here do you think it makes them that much better as a team all the people who said you watch -- wanna hear. It a year from John -- at some your phone calls as we get set for opening day. Comes your way on Monday 93 point seven WE yeah.

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