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Billy Jaffe of NESN still licking the Iginla wounds

Mar 29, 2013|

Dennis and Dale talked post Iginla trade and who the Bruins should target now with Billy Jaffe

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Billy -- gets to follow Everett. So he could he -- he's gonna sound like a genius and an absolute genius I mean it sounds like a genius most the time working with me anyway Jaffe joins us on the AAT and T hotline AT&T forgy LT good morning -- you get to follow ever from -- you're gonna sound like. Einstein. Ever hear from -- -- a misnomer if ever it takes the right out of -- guzzling. I -- but very right now I'm busy now month here in Canada that might have been good the altitude but I'm good yep it was intimate and yeah -- there irreverent as the equivalent. -- pay as all of you here we be kicking this around for a couple of days now in particular this morning as the black cat who wears the white hat in the game Lola. -- -- I mean it -- the writer and I'd like an awful lot of new to my days when I was with the Atlanta team and JO you know. As the -- culpability as far as there's as I'm concerned and I and and in the middle is again. Himself -- -- in the least this is Peter rally. I think all clear and bald but you know. -- It -- our loved your candor yesterday during his -- congress and by the at one point -- -- -- and I'm I'm currently you're protected today by eight. Saying nice things about him but -- he also sold portrait with the way the golf game a little bit about. Hey you know what this is the development of the big it was it was classy it was composed. It is confident everything that teacher Elliot at least that I've experienced with them so I think you're believed and I think cherry. As the most spiritual moment go free go either. If he really you know countries that -- that he gave fourteen. What you believe the report right and I do believe a report that talked to people about it. They know the situation extremely well. Any culpability here because don't -- in a pickle maker deal but -- decide not to go to one of the. Yeah but what exactly is -- and I have no desire to two or or intent to defend. -- here. But a few more and we can assume he was operating on the premise that any deal he made any deal with the Easter made with those four teams would be okay with a gala. He was operating under that premise that how was that most of this again was fault if you walked in at New York well 31 o'clock. On that day and said. On second thought the penguins are now red hot and I think I have a much better chance of winning a couple of them are those other three teams it's got to be the penguins are nothing. Yeah and our. It's it's a valid point but he here you were playing the premise game here I'm I'm I'm I'm thinking again we gave a lift the the teams and then I'm guessing I think in this world and get. That there had to be approval. Problem one of those you know from from -- again -- ha but. I I don't know you know but don't they like it appears to be the biggest question was the premise guys. Garlic until they look for complying or only to deal let me know yes I don't know we don't we don't know that we can -- -- about her. What you'll say -- -- -- -- generator old until the cows come home in the you know -- does. The guy that matter I I feel like. I feel like. So the deal would never know. You know what I mean by -- by either team so that it. We we we get the Twitter world we live in right now -- -- -- -- -- -- it was going to melt by reporters and stuff like -- saying this what I during this is what god this could put out by. We never sort of glacial -- -- from the bought into that artificial now. From the Calgary Flames Peter throws and when -- went quiet. He felt something was -- yeah this hunch that something was up there but again -- -- dirt. All without a lot more to blame in my opinion and to not because that work -- I don't know works or but I work with Boston -- organization has sent them. The broadcast -- the they the least culpability of anybody in this situation. Jack you know why I thought he somewhat protected Easter in his on incredibly unusual press conference yesterday. Because he might have to do business with Easter again and -- might have to do business with them before Wednesday. Because if I'm the Bruins and I think my greatest need is to bolster the Blue Line I may be gone back -- eastern today to ask about. -- stirred your does know a valid point jail -- and I. Saw the same thing and then the other side of my brain which doesn't fire rock and said to me. -- -- -- You -- to help the youth being either bought in or anybody else to -- appeared sure rally. You may not go all okay now because he got absolutely. Police on the draw McGinley trade. And sort of well. -- prospect because our nice college player I hear -- very scared. There Albert prospects that ever birdie there which is. Probably what they're -- get their third overall pick it basically considered. The first pick of the second round you OK so good weeks for -- -- -- and that no question that the Bruins offered a moral right now. -- that particular bit of fear or the opera that I noted. We're -- that you -- being -- earlier the average EM together boldly to begin -- -- -- degenerate partner Donald. They're gonna have to overpay because increase in and say -- we got we sold out. Billy Jaffe in your estimation does this indeed strain relationships between the Bruins in Calgary and maybe the bigger picture question is. Does has -- damaged himself with other teams by this by this deal that went down. Well increase in political season this year easily bring that he signed a good friend that is involved partly in his coaching. And -- to try and get this straight now the the problem with god -- The premise that it. Is that nobody could coach this team could be extremely except them you know. They're not that good Calgary the issue Calgary to me is that they have eight barely. It's all. A senior management -- type group in ownership. And they don't make light is easy on that perhaps general manager at the truth be meaning to have the ultimate decision the other team. Many many in -- the owner says O'Keefe he's the parameter -- now. Now you can make good decisions and -- but you know you parameter. Eight Calgary airport say the bat and and because of that I get a lot of times. Perhaps the GM doesn't have the authority that he needs to so what that says. That the damage to increased her only life I think they're handling of the Ryan O'Reilly contract kind it was embarrassing for our great organization and I get lumped into that because not knowing about the disclosure of having to go through waivers or not. And a bit I think it will impact how people view him but it is still. They they you know the -- will still be circling and people still want to be in the -- A creature if they get a table -- opening get a -- dot -- critical and crops and they can get one of these players. That in the people still like chipped up to do business with them. -- let's let's get realistic as we try to move forward here and put ourselves and Peter sure rally issues. I'm not sure Yonkers realistic I know that they're working on an extension with the Dallas Stars. I'm not sure Marty Saint Louis is realistic because I'm not sure that the Tampa Bay Lightning whatever deal on. Let's realistically look at names that they could add both on the forward line and on the Blue Line. It's a good question though we've been going through this sure it regulated like. Trying to figure out those. Really difficult map the -- situations I'm -- flat or of the global algorithms like I became a -- -- credit it would stop right now. -- the New York Islanders. They have to defend middle third of the back and I know everybody a lot of people want mark strike on two teams one. I don't think he's going anywhere I talk people of New York I mean they're much. Closer with mark straight since he's their captain you very close with John bears they played in burden that pastor in Switzerland. Now the country were right from its like thinks straight defeat and work it out. Will probably stay there no Lubomir there's not ski I think will be available. Could I've heard from the islanders and yes that -- overpay I would take Lubomir not impeccably shot good skater. As is at a pretty good year for guys that started it. A little tumultuous would not important to the -- due to a family situation. There's one guy on the back end. You look on the list of teams they're out of that. I don't see anybody else from the west. From the Eastern Conference Carolina want to -- Washington you're not gonna take any of their buffalo has -- appeared shortly at all. Maybe Jordan Leopold dale may be. I get I don't know -- -- really want him -- need to -- the -- -- to give Obama really the same thing in Florida must frank Campbell became available but he is seven million year I don't see that happening. And if you go to the forward line. Alex and I don't I mean the -- You know I don't know he's got enough on what it's all said and done and Jose sharks in the air incredibly interest in being here right now. They've also had won three games and their scoring you know goals -- Harlem Globetrotters score buckets you know I mean all the sudden -- to become the top of the team. And they're winning in and this to me is the most undecided team in the Western Conference that the trade that the new trade and they may have some options aren't you running low -- -- How you're Brian quote not scoring much but a change of scenery could do him good. Saint Louis is looking added that agreed to try one a bit forward from there and then you know lastly I I look at what -- into the to Colorado and they've got a -- David Jones. Who could be -- but if you slept at four million dollars a year. I'm not sure that I would want that Mike Rabelo Washington a lot of people are available era -- up from Dallas. I don't think either it'll make their way to Boston Bruins so it's a long awaited answer saying I don't know how much is really out there. It was one guy by the way and dealt with who -- unrestricted free agent. Complaint -- right now he complaint from your. You pretty much a third line guy the fight. Who score a little bit it'll kill penalties called wake up America look -- strong in her and -- I know I know golf would like to keep them. But they've never signed him yet and a tea he he's not -- mix in leg up Brenda moral. But I would take a look at admit I was an option I would either late skiing guys Q. A Billy -- tell me how this. Statement is flawed. Doing nothing is no longer an option for the Bruins in got to give -- ended up going to the penguins meaning the strong get stronger the rich get richer. Does that Peter surely find himself in the position of having to do something because if he does nothing the chances of these reinforced Pittsburgh penguins'. Winning the Stanley Cup has gone up exponentially as have the chances of the Bruins gone down exponentially is that he forced to do something now. As close to being sports there's period yeah it it bought. Most general managers will tell you. That this is the most dangerous time of the year and -- and it would be most dangerous time -- year. Because this is what you'll overlook a in certain ways. More than anything especially a truncated season. Where you have all of any team -- by the end of next week guys entry deadline happens after the third something we'll have panel of the game at that. Ten games and in this great short even if you overpay I will tell you and I think you'd pick and I -- mostly and realize that the -- is they want Peter relics. And Brooke mentioned the pull something off if you overpay in the shortened season especially -- could be could be. Really it could be more damaging to people realize it it would -- -- short term. Because the Bruins don't get somebody out of the of the importance or impact but to overpay right now. -- men -- I'll tell you what I I don't know all I would really want to do that it could go longer you can get that guy and write a longer amount of time. Maybe but the short season total pay pay a fair. -- a little bit you know me a little warning out to a certain type of player but don't overpay produce some average Joseph it's gonna leave that doesn't provide the benefit me. Final question for me has to do with the current Bruins roster not the theoretical roster that you may or may not add to. Are you concerned about Tuukka Rask at all. No I'm not concerned about to go around I think of this it big challenge right now and I have. I'd like to go I'd like it is it is. It is personality has grown an awful lot when you're younger telling you you know this he was. Very emotional. Wouldn't let things -- back as much. Took -- in the and then you can see him after at the end of the Montreal game the other night yeah yeah you can -- about the need to fight in -- in them. But I do think I think he's going to be OK I've listened I've I've got to believe it I'm the Bruins. And you know I want to I'm gonna believe it I've seen him makes -- great say. And Intel you know this is well -- every team this year every team every player except for maybe Sidney Crosby. Could have been deeply and and maybe a few other players every goalie has -- regrettable picture every player on every team has. It's even in Iraq I don't know I mean it's. Not perfect but when it's all good god I'm -- -- this and this is too good time right now. He's playing for his contract light right now he got an IPO last year one year 3.5 million. Which I thought was very right at them to do a better career that brought a little prayer to hook up people sit we'd like each other -- prove it to each other. And now that it is time and I think that the huge motivating factors should be your mean especially should be so I'm a believer that right now. Now he may prove me wrong but right now going into adventure -- -- -- I believe it right now. Billy Jaffe thanks for the conversation thanks for the time thanks for the information enjoyed it very much talk you down the road Billy. Enjoy your weaker never -- -- -- Jeff Jaffe with Dennis and Callahan actually dale and -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT can I ask a quick question here -- I can quickly and -- that very quick -- -- would like to do that he'd immediately go to the break what is currently. Was he afraid -- it was gonna challenge him to a fight like Randy because I promise -- Japanese gonna kick is that no question about that I just wondered if that's what he seems to wonder Roth. -- -- --

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