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Jackie Bradly JR debate rages on.

Mar 29, 2013|

Dennis, Dale and Kirk continued the debate of where should Jackie Bradley Jr start the season.

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That was more of that Dennis and Callahan morning. Now not later now you're on Sports Radio telling you -- you guys. Change anything means regarding our decision. We've got so. You know we've we've got to stay flexible we've got to kind of situation dimension when -- and -- even though mr. situation he did -- an -- -- -- took some soft toss. Likelihood of him being available for the start of the season is. Unlikely because of the injury situation but. So what we're working towards that. Just wave the white flag. Raise your hands and say I give uncle what does he -- to -- -- call that's why he's not to -- that what he does make the call that's why he's putting it the way he has. I mean he's he's totally think they know what they're gonna do. Yes I think they probably do but again it's been -- -- gets to make the call and make the announcement it's not John Ferrell so you -- kind of tread lightly your brand new manager here you don't wanna. (%expletive) off -- general manager on date eight or some -- some timing involved here for a presentation to get the most bang for the vital two we know they are -- conscious baseball team now. I was gonna work easier sent from the clouds and Brent has set up and -- can pick up the 74 I have I can identify that is sarcasm that I think I can identify them as darkness. Now if I'm the Boston Red Sox. Let's just assume that this is a done deal he's making the roster he's -- them languish for nine days or eleven days in nine games and in them. In triple layer double or where were purgatory they would send him. And all gonna get this just smash back in my face for saying this. But don't shoot if you have even and I -- Of issues that Lou we're load he has with the maybe the kid is ready just yet maybe the stages too big maybe he needs a few hundred more pets. In the minors before he comes up. Do you tread lightly to take -- phrase from our last conversation with him on opening day now consider this. I understand that we think based on his body of work in spring training. That he is willing and ready and able to step in and do at least a decent job -- not a very good job. As a Red Sox starting left fielder. But this is after all three things. Opening day. Nerves and jitters CC sabathia. Obviously a very good pitcher. And the New York Yankees on the road. Now I don't care how well adjusted the skating is and by all accounts he has I don't care -- even keel and and and flat lined his heart rate in his respiration happens to be. Yankee Stadium opening day CC sabathia would be for anybody a daunting challenge would not. -- so why not reward him for his spring training as I think they're going to do he's on the roster you take -- -- -- Jackie. -- -- Get into your Matra sit there watch it take it all in your play in game number two. So your argument as you want -- willing to -- those nine games but you can give up one of those nine games where he's gonna potentially make it three or four game difference now we're talking taking what I'm not suggesting -- sit on the bench the entire -- -- a chance at some point CC sabathia probably will be out of that baseball game out -- probably right probably so he gets an at bat or two. Wouldn't that be that that the the comfortable way to assimilate this kid in the -- level because by all of your -- You people in the -- hands and emerald eyes of the world. The stage is too big for us like Florida gulf kite never said that getting on on on -- Texas Stadium raced stage tonight in front of 70809000000. People right and then just melting at the state. In an effort to prevent that and again I don't think this kid is a Meltzer. I don't think is a week and any kind of got down daunting. First opening day first time to make the -- Yankee Stadium CC sabathia take all in. Relax breathe deeply gets in the game a 73 out of the first time isn't that he's going to be nervous anyway what are usually excel. Me I don't think it's stage or shall I just it's strictly financial from a -- in -- you're in the opening day guy go. All -- hear your guys don't play if you acquiesce to the fact that he's on the team does that make sense to you I'm not a -- Now now if he's good enough to beat on the right I got to plant I've -- -- believe me the only reason. I'm here if I'm. Chair intimate apparel only reason I'm keeping him here. Is he gonna play every day. Because that's what he'd be doing in the minor leagues which is what he really needs is to play every single day he can't be a bench guy he can't be pinch hitter pinch runner. So every time there's a top lefty in the first three weeks of the season in my gonna say. Check mark and a little note photo you're humorous about what not every time there's a tough lefty. Opening day Yankee Stadium first game of the season CC I'd be worried about his demeanor under those circles and -- That's a point but if I am. Then he should be here any. It doesn't -- this -- do you think that he's going to be public. Opening day don't I said I thought I don't think he's a week -- that he -- kind of got an -- to try to maximize his assimilation from double a past AAA into the bigs on this big stage on this one day. And again. I think he's gonna be in the game I think he should be in the game effect I would I would somehow. Forced him into the game what CC sabathia is out tell me how great Cliff Lee is he homered off cliff -- -- Internet so is Cliff Lee. Any worse and CC sabathia I'm just trying to I just tried to get in line with the people who say the states might be too big for this guy got to throw them a bold and say maybe it is. I haven't heard that argument. I haven't heard this they just don't. Not an audit that that's different than he's not ready it's not famous the stages to -- he's got 499. Per rewritten Matt Ryan minor leaks. He doesn't have a -- Base for -- to use them the right term that Nevin up above base to make this leap. From double lay directly pass AAA to the major leagues in some people's opinion mine as well. Loses well that's not that that you know he's not capable of handling the big stage. It's that you wanna get a certain based built up wanna get a certain number but -- to prepare yourself for the major leagues and he doesn't have yet. I mean given the amount of time we split is like two years in the minor league just. Early talk about two or three at bats not against CC sabathia assault like it's going to impact him and in his accumulation of at bats going down the road we're talking two or three at bat what's not and I'm just and I and I and I am just. Giving in the people who say. You know this is going to be under the best of circumstances in difficult adjustment for the skit as good as he's been. As eye popping assist performance both offensively and defensively has -- it's still. Going to be what -- -- here a tough adjustment to the next. Why not make it easier on him on his very first -- -- let it soak. All of this lot of deployment gets -- the margin claim against -- larger claiming -- these other tough left handers because because that's opening day every thing I think you're overeating opening our -- is his first -- first moment if you be big no matter what if -- -- -- -- sabathia. Next day against Carolina I'm assuming. Nervous that they -- it's gonna be in Yankee -- pocket change. Is did you did you want him and -- and I don't necessarily believe just I'm just kind of acquiescing to the people who think that he might melt a little bit right. You don't do him a favor by not having him back seven. And maybe come up in the second inning at Yankee Stadium on April Fool's Day Seattle and as sabathia and imperiling about risk of its. Make it sound like ganging up on year where I agree with -- completely I wouldn't do this. But if I am willing. To give up a year down the road to the -- him for the you know these 910 you're automatically rises at bat I've got to play. I mean if I'm gonna punt a year for 910 games I've -- it was 910 game. -- have -- in my cadets who DOC good morning. Yeah yeah. I -- it bought and you've got like my -- to my right and editor -- the -- at its soul much easier to do that. All of that. -- -- -- -- Glad. -- have a problem -- that. What we're talking what Jackie Bradley -- like he's paper. It it was a year -- I've advocated. Get a chance to play but the can play. He it's OK CE immediate RNC. But what does that say it is character that you like -- you can play your seat in the UK it's empty and people that everybody else. He -- have all of the yanks. But we're not gonna hit you didn't -- it -- you know here top slot and a -- consulting that. Think anybody is comparing him to Babe Ruth to your original point Mike. Not that was that was a quick like and it. Yeah the real point is is that. He's good laughed at play in the majors pretty -- not the pits sitting at the needle had it in all these are guys. See you got a hold them are against. Why would say in general dot communities if he continues to play as well as he played against left handers and right handers in spring training and he's gonna play all the time. But in this particular case just because the stars of the planets have aligned to be Yankee Stadium opening day CC sabathia in this one event. A 23 at bats maybe ease him into the process by letting him watch and take it all in an assimilated and digested that you want it. And be okay with it and then get him in the game in the seventh -- -- that's all of say. Bills and -- billion actually DNC meal. It's important to understand them but you're putting my pop welfare. Remember -- up earlier -- are completely emotional -- of -- I'll go home and away and you'll agree -- as -- ever studio to craft a report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the current -- at -- to stop halt the electoral terms or America or. -- let let's let's do hindsight is 20/20 what you -- know ahead of time bill you looked in your crystal ball. And you said if I start Jackie Bradley junior gets CC sabathia he has three really bad at bats looks bad. And doesn't look like anything you look like spring training would you reconsider. Starting him in that game on Monday. If you know that. -- -- -- Britain nor would be important prelude I took out here is arguably the top what you're all baseball so the buyout by law did not do well. But I can retire a proper -- giving -- what we compete respect outlook or warm spring training which you spring training by. -- what what national park all right. South Carolina or right and the unity. And and took -- -- Old -- -- -- -- don't don't -- -- -- -- and act and I can see your way if you are endorsing him to be as good as we think he's going to be. The -- the worst thing you could do is say we don't trust you in the situation against CC sabathia may be exchanged a -- -- -- what would have been there if he fails everybody fails if you get them out. Then you're setting a masters Jackie Bradley junior that says we don't think you're ready for this. We don't take your point of it if you have that that 20/20 hindsight your -- he's gonna go for three if you're afraid how it's gonna affect him and he shouldn't be here. And then didn't do yourself a favor the -- three against CC sabathia is gonna set him into a tailspin. And the stardom and in Pawtucket the goes in Rhode Island -- deal. You know it. I don't understand like. Would put up when they're quick shoulder at critical -- what I mean. What a global review these new up -- it worked great that there are more appropriate. -- -- we've only been. In mine as well. What we pick up people to export. -- would better way to -- and that's what are all part. If so quickly -- that old the Arctic absolutely. -- And all of the earmark reform -- -- -- people walk the ball well there are are great and all the administrator at all. What what would lose a little to do it. By the way -- the New York Yankees aren't that great a team this year either. You have to bill okay let's go and it's banner and yet. No no no no you don't -- your misunderstanding my heart failure misunderstanding my point. It there will be pomp and circumstance because it's opening day that yankees' line up outside of CC sabathia probably not gonna deathly. Very much just that do love the new hot article that you read everybody call. You're gonna finish last -- -- those of you read the last week a look at how beat I mean I I can't remember a team having to start the year with. This much money this many games of Major League experience sitting on the side.

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