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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 3/28/13

Mar 28, 2013|

The new way we end the show... you ask, we answer.

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-- It's time for answering the question jerk answer the question with a -- in holly is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything. I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- Mikey Adams is here with -- -- has his big years on the client to the question I can't let nothing creepy about that. Brought to -- heiress restoration specialist Mike what the what was your property that is so creeping -- -- -- we are we talking to you promise to never do that again we -- Monica showed had a laser right Kate caught my throat I don't care what it is don't make that sound again it could answer the question -- sponsored by -- restoration specialists. You're a property your facilities manager or an insurance Brokaw they are asked to injury -- disaster restoration game plan and plays call 877. Or 611111. Or a RS serve -- dot com I -- you know the person I talked to -- like you talk -- -- aren't rich privileged yet -- -- picture and focused and by the way you don't have that view properties or you can be anybody giving anybody he's -- just called -- to solve even if he just needs some Democrat yet. Jerks pajamas pro or con. Free will to Wear pajamas com. I can't imagine where did you believe him doesn't sleep in their underwear they Cuba's economy and carefully they limited where we -- policy at all or third round I was gonna say you don't say you can't run around night and played -- -- okay -- any single men whose motto is we had enough data or remember when I get to keep -- every every single man. And you sleep naked. Here's aviation walker in your house did you don't have anybody with few -- -- just if you're single at the time to add eight or violence in them so walking around naked. OK what no what I said they naked eye makes sense of somebody's with your single guy in -- and got a little something going on. But then and a reminder -- sleeping naked in your single you have nobody -- and a reminder of via the failures -- -- it's called maximum comfort like okay this position reaction that we dip it in the ashtray cigarette I can't remember while. I can't remember the last another thing that happens it's. That's the thing I used car smoke do you find I don't think there will -- -- and I don't martyred and I didn't know whether aware of that. Answer the question jerk what is The Who is the hottest of the golden girls. Mikey Betty White not only is she puts out. Bea Arthur -- Wow she's alive to tell what book look she's still braided woman just died who has probably misses rue McClanahan rue McClanahan played Atlanta what's -- Hollywood's -- she play you just -- -- -- you play Jarrett -- -- -- now after the deadly used to -- an accountant is who's hotter well when they when they were alive when they worry their. Are going to go to your. OK anything that would come out there with a different colored shirt on that -- -- -- -- everybody -- -- naked and it known -- back. Debts to Bristol anyway brilliant show that still betting line here brilliant show you -- for the time well British. Extremely well written tiger there and -- jerks you go okay acre Diego high. Assuming this is split kind of lonely and yet there are. -- -- Hello hi -- and he's making a huge huge surge. -- -- way to it was my trailing it plus did you go to waiting eagle birthday it's always -- right everyone does -- I went to a wedding last year all pot. They're like 35 different kinds of -- was by far the best wedding -- they had been -- right so what kind of does everything apple -- what I've got to cream pie you're hot chocolate cream pie there's a banana pie banana cream -- yeah okay. He like a banana cream pie I've never have. All your neck won't only hope in a pre I area -- -- and so our next question him muzzled the voices that -- -- -- school lunch and politically I don't care. Clearly -- wrong when -- what are we give Billy west and stadium today how that happened at target Mike Adams of the ability tires. I -- is it okay despray wiper fluid on people who write a little close your country. -- -- -- just showed there is just pray that you noted got -- -- but that's kind of like. As a passive aggressive -- I want to -- you just you know breaks quickly in our resident and it'll do that here I do that breaks and finger absolutely -- in -- -- breaks in them when they give it a watch or dead Jim back to get around it that's a different part of the country no -- wipe the floor why don't waste your wiper fluid. What you don't know it's purely for crowd took charge and for wiper flew out if you don't waste that no one -- Place your car. -- -- you know we're here it's just more in your face is gonna do -- told the president go on the windshield they have now word comes right out of the wiper blades -- visible over the top like that job really -- really manage records and -- that would give you some wiper fluid might -- -- -- over the top anyways return our yesterday next question. And go over the top you go to. And we go I'll go through your day after the game instead of over the that's just with a with a way to -- and -- -- finally speaking of which saw you talked about keeping it trimmed it. Do you ever lacks anywhere downstairs know for sure I know. Did you -- doesn't give advice to never let -- convince you to narrow. We're air date ever I tried to air my back. You did and I've waxed my back you've -- your -- really -- -- back oh yeah -- again like a sweater why did I did some laser hair removal. And it didn't even work entirely because I got three -- for -- Glad I'm telling you -- so you you heard doctor -- you can actually transplant from your back here and if I needed to I got more hair among all they need. Rebecca I asked the question do you whacked it. Not them Hamas -- And is dangerous when you -- on wax off remember your hair removal and it didn't work not entirely it's thinner than it used -- -- But I can shave it now says that that's like enough to sort of ward off the jury gets stuck in your chair. Now committed to it does it doesn't. Like to wrap itself around -- Obama might have you know they're logging -- -- well but I'm human -- ever compared -- Yeah. I'm not a lot but Dan Hagerty new meaning of its grizzly Adams -- -- Joseph Hagerty Jose Angel was there won't do it that's for sure and a subordinate probably out -- -- -- vector all right we're out here Mikey for coming up next sixty at all show off our one hour Red Sox baseball tonight. I'm excited we got forty -- he's got to come over the catch phrase that you yourself. About C. But -- -- far.

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