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Danny Ainge: It's almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating

Mar 28, 2013|

We did talk Celtics, KG's injury, Jeff Green and more with Celtics President Danny Ainge, but we also asked him about LeBron's complaints about officiating, and the usually reserved Danny Ainge did not hold back.

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I Celtic fans don't get a lot of tweets evidence that people are. It's women you named Kevin Garnett knee injury that flashed back to through four years ago you. He'll move -- and this is not that kind of situation that it would be a season ending situation I don't believe I don't believe it is I talked to them today he saw the camera right here -- looked at him with. Kevin and the doctor. Ultimately in the -- apparently it is -- there's some inflammation -- there but it's we don't believe it -- them at all. And -- Michael Holley. Is still skeptical. Does want that I want that it is not he'll be there. First game of the post season he will be lace them up. Ready to go -- -- and we get the perfect -- to talk to than Danny Ainge joins us of course. Every Thursday. He's brought you -- quality insulation. Danny how are there. Markets are pretty well have you on today. I don't Michael's got a bunch of questions for you and Kevin we'll get to those here in just the second but the team gets a much needed win last night after losing five straight -- you're going. The real way -- losing streak like that how concerned do you get how how removed can you be how objective can you be as the as the president basketball operation. Well I think that you know we're still looking at the big picture and I don't really get too caught up in the game by game. Performances I think that there -- some individuals that are have played well and some that are not playing well. But. You know I think -- is doing a good job of keep America expression. And we're trying to get through a tough time with all the injuries that we've added. In the meantime give ourselves a chance to win and play out. And I was just not really watching the game this morning. The game the win over the cavaliers and I'm I'm trying to figure out know what's the key was the turning point of the game when you're down by fourteen in the fourth quarter. And one play that we've just forgotten about with a basket before Jeff green's basket which is a nice that shot Elaine by Paul Pierce. That -- kept you in the game. What was your what was your take on it what was the key before the big shot obviously what was the one play -- that out to you that allow that played -- You know Mike I don't know there's one -- mean there's there's so many plays when you don't fourteen in the fourth quarter -- have to do it Jordan Crawford gave this great -- again. He's been huge opted to boost for us. Recently even even in the losing streak he's given us opportunities and chances to win. Paul has had some great moments. You know I thought last night. That we just thought better defense we got stopped by believe that that's what it always boils down to but. It seems like our team is just not consistently. Paid the price that it takes we we aren't the team that we were a few years ago where we have this great margin for error where we can. You know play at 80%. You know and just sort of win with talent. We have to be. All and seen it executing and playing with a lot more passionate energy. That we've been giving over the last. Couple weeks straps that we're not playing very good basketball. We don't have very much room for air. Can you define that that term paying the price we hear a lot I think from hockey coaches who talked about paying the price in front of the net being willing to take the body all these things that they talk about what you mean specifically. When you say being willing to pay the price. Well I think it's just maximum effort on each in the each possession. You -- you hear the term locked in. Are often as well when you're just really focused here in the right spot in. Woodward not when -- have to step late when we close out short meaning you know we close out to you know afoot -- -- tactical first shot isn't as close as opposed to closing out into his body. Woodward Woodward defending the screen roll when we were up. The defenders kept touching his hand with a forearm on his hip. Into the body going over the screen as opposed to be a put away and getting screened. All those little things the angles of this of this show because it's helping on the screen and roll. I mean there's just so many little things that you could just now we are not. Doing what we're supposed to be doing we're not doing what we practice we're not doing what it takes to win and you know a a handful of teams are capable of winning without doing that night in and night out every team has their lapses. In the deep details in the execution of both ends of the court. It's a long season and they know what our team is capable of doing in this sometimes frustrating that we that we don't do it. Even though we know that the urgency of the way. I want to ask you about Kevin Garnett have been thinking about this thing non stop. What was first of all before I'd say what what's what's been. -- occupying my thoughts what's the latest on Kevin Garnett in his injury. Kevin has inflammation in his book if much better today than it was yesterday. And I think it -- this could use some rest on top of that KG has just little -- Bumps and bruises that you know to use them healing time as well. And got to sort out. Muscle as well. You know assisted her in to take time off and -- Arnold and -- debate but the biggest concern right now don't you probation and -- it. I don't know if you heard the clip that we played out before he came on grandy John grandy interviewing we're grows back at halftime in the next game. And he made he made the connection to 2009 we are waiting for KG to come back -- it didn't happen. Is this any thing like 2009 continue despite shore. Me and everybody else that Kevin Garnett will be there for the first round of the playoffs and he will be active. Well you know so I'm not a doctor. And I did see the MRIs so I was in a meeting with cavity in doctor McKee and by. You know I guess the difference in 2009 years in 2009. We thought that he was gonna come back. I mean there's all sorts of reports indicate he had you know mean everything starts about eight or -- -- all of these different things. I that the the difference between 2009. And today is. Kevin. Needed surgery. In 2009. It was inevitable. And but. This spot was is that you know we -- surgeries done for the year. Or can he play. You have to the end of the year -- get surgery at the end of the year there was hope that that could happen. That he would be able to play. And it was just inevitable surgery -- but he wasn't gonna damage it anymore. It was a it was a ship or fragment behind is needed needed to be removed. And so right now that's not the case with -- -- -- surgery is inevitable there. We need to get through the year and going for surgery right after the years that's the difference between nine analysts. He he has inflammation in the foot there's it's there's soreness. There was swelling swelling is going down. And we think two weeks has is. More than sufficient time for that to -- and we just want him. Fresh and ready to go. Are you guys being told by the doctors that he cannot play or you're choosing to take the cautious approach that will give them two weeks and make sure he's ready for the playoffs. -- I'm not sure what what differences Welker have let it. Well took out Alaska better a better question better way of phrasing it. Could he play right now and you guys are choosing. Not to play him or the doctors say he can't play right now it's about two weeks. Well what we're doing is we're doing what we think is best. For -- -- long term health. And what's best for the team he usually goes hand in hand what's best for the player. In his and his future. Is -- what's best for the team as well but. I mean I don't know -- KG can play at night of tonight with a game seven of the NBA finals -- guess is he probably could. But I don't know how good he could be does have a little -- -- But. Doesn't matter mean right now he's it's best for him not to play an aggravated. It ranges where this as he is everything every single Thursday here at salt and -- brought you by quality insulation we had done. Couple Paul Pierce clips that we played over the last few days Danny and in one from a few days ago. He say we have a lot of injuries and and and one huge run of injuries more than we've experienced in a while. And then the next night after a loss is in the -- using juries as an excuse. How do you want your players to treating -- You know what I just want guys -- to play an excuse. Do they do there to do their job there's that they can't worry about. Who's on the court with cinnamon and whose plane was plain mean they've really have to. Concentrate on execution. And execute the game plan and because we have no room for error that's even more reason to focus and concentrate we saw. You know how well we played in New York without. You know when Rondo went -- we saw we beat Miami without KG and Rondo and so under. And you know just our focus and execution was so much better and we got a lot of game. Games like that this year then there's the game that it just seems like they're getting into the paint every time. Our big you know we're not very big -- -- not a good rebounding teams so when they break it down off the dribble that just makes are rebuilding and disaster. So you know we have to play to our strength and we have to. Focus and concentrate and that's that's ease fears that the ballot. That takes a lot of mental and physical conditioning -- And you know for the average fan out there they don't understand what what it takes to play 82 games. And out of the great players that you're playing against night in night out it's it's three times the length of a college season. And college coaches came to get you know in the eighteen and twenty year old to play hard every game. In only thirty games so it's just. But the -- we deal wit I know we're a better team than we've been playing. If we don't get healthy. And we're not fresh for the playoffs -- chances are not good. If we are healthy with what we have left to -- -- KG gets back can get healthy and in the -- they help -- with the rest of our guys. I think it. We can give anybody gets care and and an upset. Even some of the better -- to Wear it for help you pressured I like our chances with the character of our team. Doc Rivers and their coach. 01 of those better teams finally lost last night for the first time since February 1 27 game winning streak snapped. By the Chicago Bulls the last -- the Miami -- Streak was snapped what would you take away from the entire street and -- got your own business to worry about but everybody was was watch in this thing what you think. Well -- you know it just goes to show you mean that they're. We talk about it off today you've heard me say it today if the margin for air. Miami has as a big margin for air. They have they're they're -- they're athletic. Of their very talented and you know they have the best player in the league can on this team that plays both that can. Shut down another team's best players. -- multiple positions and he is becoming a force offensively in the low post in this perimeter shooting is getting better so. You know they they can get away with lapses. And still come back. You know last night Chicago without -- grows without. Joking -- you know they were still able to and you could -- their focus. They haven't been playing very good basketball lately but you could see how locked in -- they work and a team with much less talent. Would be able to. Beat the Miami Heat in Miami believe he wanted to win that game very badly it was very. Entertaining game -- very intense game and they had a perhaps atmosphere. You concede that even in the best teams cameras. You think that was a hard -- by hi Rick I don't. Now. That's the -- guy that the referees got got the calls right -- it was a hard foul on you talk about the one bit. At the at the end of the game where LeBron went to the basket. We're well LeBron said he was tackled on one early by pirate and I thought pirates took the worst of that collision and then there was one where he complained that -- yet Taj Gibson. Don't think either one of those were flagrant -- and I think that. And I think the one of those LeBron against who was like yes I got -- officials had a right. If you look you can see them in every play. He looked at Boozer is -- size them up perfectly and he threw that elbow pretty he was just frustrated at that point I think it's always interesting -- -- Great players complain about the officials win more often than not they get the benefit of the doubt. I hate being that it. Well you know almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating that it. Well Danny it's always -- always good to catch up with you we do it every week who do it again next Thursday talked to -- that. Our -- others Danny Ainge was brought you by equality installation it's almost embarrass the screen it's our. Well -- group advocates. Nobody Danny. It is Danny says more complimentary things about LeBron James and then most general managers and he goes on and on. Talking about the skill level it was totally embarrassing I just thought it was almost upsetting but so Denny gives them the props that he deserves. But you look at it and that consecutive streak. Of no files a guy who plays very hard and is that strong and plays multiple positions is Danny says. I go that long without having a personal foul called on him more often than not LeBron. You're benefiting from the officials the officials are not. Out to get you the biggest story today is obviously the Bruins trade gone awry combined with the loss to Montreal last night we'll get back to back coming up just after 5 o'clock. He wanted to jump in on the phone 61777979837. Will be -- -- in the 5 o'clock hour but Michael you had a question. You wanted to know on on Kevin Garnett. What's the real story are you satisfied by the answer that's next salt and -- WE.

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