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Tough day for the Bruins after suffering the dreaded double-whammy

Mar 28, 2013|

Lose to Montreal, lose the division lead, and lose Jerome Iginla all in the course of a night. One of the tougher days for Bruins fans hit today, and Michael and Mike talked about it.

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So. He saw. -- -- -- Everybody gets an excuse if you're exhausted today. Did it mean excuse appear exhausted at Seattle trouble digging into the workday today. Doctor holly will write you know he doesn't mind he's he's available to do that kind of thing because what happened last night between kicks to the gusts. All finishing off late like 2 in the morning last night at least a little excuse -- if you stayed up for the whole thing -- I did it. Lying in bed like -- refreshing the Twitter over and over again waiting for confirmation one way or another we got to bed in the basement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Current perfectly you know it's a struggle a -- in the trundle and I'm refreshing over and over -- on the phone in the dark waiting for news to come out and then you get the second kick in the stomach. As you find out that that again was going to Pittsburgh instead of coming to Boston or maybe you woke up this morning either. Hoping for some good news or believing they begin what was on his way only to wake up and find out the -- was off for not he's going elsewhere regardless. If you're exhausted today if you -- seeded David just hit a bad mood. Doctor -- as -- origin. I will write your note and I out I'm gonna tell you that I understand you excuse me line and getting more emotional about this thing you can -- but before today that I understand. And before Reggie that note this is what I wanna know from -- sports fan which. Kick in the gut. Hurt worse. Was it losing -- what overcoming a two goal lead. My Montreal. Then giving up to who who goalies Montreal including the final line. This and this game to a -- in the first place in overtime. -- Eight seconds left in regulation the better or worse or was it that the the fact that Jerome again when you thought you had Jarome Iginla. I was -- close natural McGinn I don't know it's been a debate he's going to a team NC. Are you up its first been struggling requisite thirteen straight now for the penguins. A team that's won thirteen straight has now acquired Jarome -- and then they picked up Murray earlier they picked up moral before that. And by the way they still have -- crowd into. -- let's address someone in which one is worse let's address them one at a time and phone lines are gonna be I'm sure jammed throughout this hour 6177797937. In the game last night obviously frustrating but for me significantly. Less so Michael so what happened after the game. The game aren't the first eight minutes or how -- patio eight minutes of that shot to start the game. How do you failed to show up against a rival like Montreal with zero jump in your step to start the game made no sense to -- -- you get down in the first period. But in the second period that was the Bruins team that we all want to seat on a nightly basis if the Bruins team that showed up in the second period were alive and in the playoffs. I don't care where they -- again learn not that team and they are fully capable of being that team. That team is unstoppable I don't agree with that is and that team that showed up in the second period Lockerbie are as good a team as you're gonna find. Well -- that in the shuttle in the second period is the team you wanna see -- that I don't think anybody can disagree when I'm saying is. Now that what we've seen now that we know that -- the Pittsburgh Penguins have made some have picked up some reinforcements. The Bruins at their best. In the Pittsburgh Penguins and we haven't seen him yet but damn you required to -- -- the pay the pay we still have made very if you go to in any situation like they can put up all the firepower they want. I'm still not sold in their goal OK they may have an -- goaltending situation. How do you feel about the Gholston is its goaltending situation here again I'm not telling -- -- -- about it -- but how do you feel of. I think that there are certainly questions that are going to be raised and took his performance last night and the embarrassment of falling down angry after the game and -- temper tantrum. That's not that's gonna get sort of swept aside by some of the other events of the evening. But for the most part that team that showed up in the second period that team that won on the power play and have the best power play I've seen from them all year. That team is capable of doing all kinds of damage. The team that came out in the third period Michael I know this frustration I know you lose again. I know you'd drop a third period lead I know we dropped to two goal lead to Montreal but quite frankly. What I saw on the third period was not the same as what they've done and other games. That was not a collapse of effort that was not everybody getting -- not sure what to do there was a weird confluence of events and I actually it's -- for there to be weird coincidences starting that lost starting -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- about face right in the -- and -- isn't a bad position and it's right there on the what do you do oh sorry I know he had no chance at the puck -- him in the -- -- -- answered -- way to the -- -- puts it in the -- are -- to -- Then Aaron Johnson takes the penalty by flipping the puck out you know over the glass there. Which may or may not be according to the letter of the law but it sure isn't the reason that law was written. That rule was put into place to prevent you from purposely. Putting the pop out about are you over the over the glass right. How to play in order Choo -- get a faceoff and and ease pressure -- them because hockey and loved the way they do this. They write the -- -- say no it's on you to control the -- though if you do it accidentally it's still on you the same way telling you to control your stick and not hit somebody in the face -- accidentally. I -- a problems that. But when you end up flipping the puck out of mid air almost blind lead the way he did and it happens to just go over the glass that is not the way that rule was meant to be played. So you end up with a bat two -- apparently penalty the end of the game. And then once again he got more bad luck with eight seconds left and a 614. The puck just happens to bounce off charge stick directly into the net cost is just awful and I am not bad play well here's your thought or playing the. The answer the right answer to which one is worse the right answer is both if you -- if you're going to work and you're exhausted. And you're trying to explain why you're such -- it in a bad mood. You don't necessarily have to say one is worse than the other because they are connected and they are both the devastating. -- for different reasons you look at the union drummer Jim my and you lose in the third period again and even though was weird and things happen. It's the fifth loss this year. When you had a lead in the third period in -- and I Canadians and -- -- are not more than that when that NBC had a great stat. Last night and anybody can comment but then they put it up there. Last year. When leading after three periods after two periods the -- -- for 320 no incredible stuff right so that's it. If that's that's Mariano Rivera some playing. You get this team in the third period. And they got to leave sorry the game is over at Michael lip and a web downwind yesterday but it hasn't been the case I know mayor Michael would you watch the green and if I just did a pedestal only my coach a parent how material when -- there are separate. Shot what do you -- drug -- Michael and Al area but now it's it's -- things. They've done it five times this year. But that's not who they -- doesn't that make you worry about who they are highly. Heard about a week ago when they get it to Winnipeg but this is different. I watched the game I mean when you watch the game we have you know the difference between a team that looks tight that -- dad doesn't matter lazy that doesn't wanna finish the finish last night unfortunately for them they have three bad luck things happen in a row which by the way is not. And it is not atypical when playing Montreal especially when you Plame up adults and are -- that wasn't the case yes it is not a question locked off. Some of the was so that is bad luck when the pockets the guy in the face. So that's bad luck when that -- happens to pop over the glass and gives them penalty do you think if they don't end up with a two minute penalty the -- when the game had a lot of good luck last year. 32 or no they did and it wasn't necessarily good luck it was just the way they were playing. Then it wasn't gonna happen maybe it was a psychological thing may be was their to their technique was better maybe they were in better shape a hundred reasons. Why they didn't give up third period lead -- but he didn't and they've done it this year. -- you say bad -- a lot of I'm not -- general -- well -- last -- night last night was -- I I -- difference between what happened last night what happened -- some of the other ones where it look like they gave up with it where they didn't look as good as the other team down the stretch. -- that was the problem last night there are plenty of problems last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- him what are your problems like what I know what did well and Ankara on what's her name we know what's my name name is Michael are my name is Michael sort called Q Mike I know he's an insult and play hard you're if you did it away that was clearly very -- -- -- -- on 1214 minutes last night total waste time right those fourteen minutes that they play combined complete waste of time. Bergeron martian and Tom marsh -- -- write that line that was so good -- when they were they were fantastic. Plus three each of them last night Charl was a plus two there was only one other -- who was a positive player lastly general was. Two one other -- a positive player Gregory our airline not not Gregory Campbell. The only other -- was a positive last night was Doug Hamilton -- -- Parents minus three Beverly minus two Iran also is was zero or -- minus one. Parents of battle I'll just say I was just gonna go home that night a -- pleasure but if he's had he's had some bad night that they give -- -- -- marry your dad and I did not disappear behind Michael. Plus chard Hamilton. Nobody else was a positive player in the game so there's two reasons to be concerned I'm not telling you that last night doesn't continue to raise the concern meter and then we'll get to what happened after the game with a Gillis certainly. But but the third period collapse things. I'm not I just didn't see at the same way the last few get the last few of god it wasn't the same they got there and -- jump in the step was there -- buries the shot and we don't even have this conversation -- the breakaway chance and -- and I made a nice play that's that's what that's what losing teams talk about. Bad luck colonial until they do little maintain -- nobody descent losing teams talk about bad luck. Losing games talk about bad breaks losing teams say we gave. 100% effort and things didn't fall our way. How great teams. Very good teams. They make their own breaks. And they don't they don't they don't secure online about Michael on while we had a guy on the I don't know Andre are mr. -- -- -- nice guy good -- I don't know how. Team but I didn't -- pointing out an obvious difference in the third period last night and the other third periods we've seen they can look the same. Well mean the I tested is there's also some relevancy to the eye test there's a reason that quote wasn't all upset after last night's game it. The way that it went down in the third period the right it was a week ago because he watched what happened to -- -- -- -- there's things that are controllable things that are -- -- Peter surely sound it is 2 o'clock press conference touching on what exactly happened with the trade last night whether he thought it was done with every could've done more we'll play that sound coming -- -- -- five minutes also -- give you guys -- chance to weigh -- first. 6177797937. Mike is in New Hampshire Michael get a started today I -- Okay I don't demand summer are -- -- my -- in always liked. Yeah it is it that it's almost. This is saying coach -- all I know all these people out here that managing -- coach forget that. Just remember who brought the cop whose ultimate team. -- -- -- wants to change a coach Mike. And I went -- did tell me your friends what did you coach. You bad call desire. Wanting -- had couples like. But that's not -- -- helped us all had our children will know what the -- and I'm doing -- I'm not finishing their -- it's it's not in this thing -- did that last night till my. Last night they played the last night and in his birth state you know where you might the league game last -- -- Gordon -- -- -- -- get your game they did not see. No one's doubting -- last night. They played a good game last night after the first eight minutes or so they woke up and in the second period once they put -- per strong wind back together. They played a pretty good game Lucic started hitting Horton started hitting Prejean was doing -- -- good last night. If if it weren't for the last eight seconds and -- puck go in the net or even if they won it overtime which had a chance to to do not having that conversation always complaining about close nobody. I get it they lost and that's frustrating and it and it's a win or lose type of business. But didn't play a bad game last night unfortunately what happened is after the game we all believe that they had Jarome -- rule and whether you work site and off him or not yesterday two days ago three days ago Michael and you and I were both iffy on it. The mauling you find out your team is gonna acquire a player of that caliber -- I can't help besides. Even if you think they're giving up too much which by the way they weren't and you were dead on right when you said that the the -- that the the price would drop. Michael congrats you were a 100% on ice and -- three from a don't have to re tweet you right now between permits and they you're right you're very tomorrow. Happy to tell you when -- right -- you very much like you call me by my my given name is a way to tell -- I'm still going to give you credit when you're right about something. But but but that's the frustration. It's not just that you lose a game you could -- one and probably deserved to win but it the end of it you failed to get a guy and an honest they fail. They failed to get their guy why did they fail Peter surely spoke today -- play the sound coming up in ninety sec of salt and -- WE saw. Good morning to wake up we don't -- how. Like sports we. WEEI -- they don't. We believe we had to deal. We operate on the premise of the deal. When king's words were silent I honestly in my experience you know when things go side using something is going screw you for your and. -- -- surely moments ago down at the garden a rare press availability before the trade deadline said at the beginning of it that he. Felt he owed it to the fans to explain what that chronology of events was last night clearly he believed that he had to deal he feel -- got pretty rare double. Across -- -- and -- came out in gave his side of the story I think it's fascinating. And I would love to know what happened so you thought you had a deal. Oh screwed up the deal larger -- said it things when screw we did things go scurry because. It Calgary Calgary was playing Boston vs Pittsburgh and it doesn't seem like. Or ordered these goes glory because drama -- said OK well let's get to that I wanna go to Pittsburgh likely. You want it to be a bottom you just said it is a bottom line -- right sports is always a bottom line business either you win or you -- you do you acquire your target or you don't so and especially embossed and we wanna blame people when things don't go the way we expect them to go so what do you blame do you blame surely do you blame -- do you blame the team you -- quote -- -- the players do you blame McGinley do you blame the flames you -- -- cool. Deserves the lion share of our hatred and are blamed today for the fact that Jarome Iginla goes elsewhere. And there's a huge part of me that just says. -- it's up to you Peter she -- Cam -- it's a deal. If you hit it there's something you could have done in order to get these guys to come here. Now I think Letterman let them know CI don't know about that while -- -- are not true based on the -- he says. They had to deal. That -- I've done everything I'm supposed to do -- this is what you want -- W their if you literally got double crossed at the end if he thought it was a signed sealed and delivered deal and they never gave him a chance to match it. Well and that's a huge bummer and I and I don't know what that point what he possibly could down from. -- again please don't misunderstand me I'm not telling you specifically. That that sure really absolutely screwed this up I don't believe that I don't think we know nearly enough about what really happened behind the scenes last night to make this judgment call. But there's a part of me that always says. Hey there's always something more you could've done surely if if Iginla didn't wanna come to Boston. Then fly out their Theo Epstein style the way he did at Thanksgiving dinner with Curt Schilling and find a way to convince that guy. -- you have the right team for him to go to that's up to you to be salesmen. If that's at the job entails that day but. I don't know that they possibly could -- competed with the one thing at the Pittsburgh past the Jarome -- touchdown when he was that I interviewed today room -- -- wasn't fully. Fully sure what was going on but I knew Pittsburgh was in the mix. As far as with Boston and they're both. Amazing city very successful organizations are great teams and -- as far as you know when it comes down. Ms. Patricia I had a -- morning the other. It's it's really hard as a player to pass up but I guess there really okay play on the team was Sid and Malkin in the -- -- -- in the successive. You have been pretty -- sitting there don't you just told you what -- history. He said the choice that I had one or the other and then the opportunity to play it was Sidney Crosby. They're both Canadian they've won together. He Sydney Olympics how do you that pars -- really compete with the ability to play with Sidney Crosby Sidney Crosby how he can deal that. What he's supposed to do when when the choice is up to again when he has a no trade clause can waive it for whatever he wants or not -- -- for whatever doesn't wanna go to. How can you compete with Sidney Crosby. You wanna go play Sidney Crosby 31 of the -- David critique. Apologies to David Craig GY like -- think he's a nice player. Who would you rather play -- -- or win it if -- Jarome -- in the last few years your -- get let me answer a question brings a no brainer price that question for. And I don't know if the Bruins had that opportunity to do what you said that -- whole Theo Epstein going to Arizona and having Thanksgiving dinner. With the -- would -- Canadian Thanksgiving and Casey are different debt all -- art but if it surely had the opportunity to sell. -- -- What I would say is that we don't have anybody like Sidney Crosby and our team and you play with them before but this is what we have right now. We are a couple of years removed from winning at all. And we're we are we're not scuffling but we need a spark. Did you come here. In provide that spark. You can get a great deal of credit for the championship there will be able to win. What's gonna happen to -- if Pittsburgh went to Pittsburgh went -- most important -- that was going so I can't go to Sydney and then it was going to be happy when they've melodies are Malkin and all we third maybe who knows the studio Mario credit. You -- saying they're kind of came together. I don't know you really can't -- -- -- -- you can't compete with Sidney Crosby don't have a superstar like that but there are there are things about the Boston Bruins. That are extremely got wrap this guy's personality remember this is the same guy I didn't wanna go anywhere -- wasn't going to be a top six guy and he was pretty insistent. Upon which he only wanted to go to these three are fourteen that's what he's right now now he's saying it was really only one of them actually said then. Right now he's saying. And no matter what my role is I'll do whatever we ask you to do all -- only -- matter I don't believe anything this guy says anymore because after that. Again -- goes on to try to explain that it wasn't really he got to hear this because he's could not sound less convincing. Trying to say that he wasn't the one who made this decision. -- -- -- -- -- It's some -- very fortunate that the 3-D O three teams over Delaware. Kind of making a pitcher however you say is you know proposals free interest in you know stumbled but don't you know. They're pretty. All great teams and -- -- that -- choice but also the same time not you know wasn't pulling my choice who wanted to be. The mutual thing but when the flames had a day. They like things you know. They're happy -- I was thrilled and thankful for the opportunity I watch those -- press conference. It is not going. -- Exactly -- -- -- press conference -- just like that he never had a problem don't want to say except in that answer right there are this is say this it's one of the this is one of the ambassadors of the game this is they kept -- this of the great player. A great spokesman for the league. They were you the one responsible for this up. And okay. Room -- I well I is three and a two or three player that teams and -- told us what the deal was. Not a deal for the Bruins. We know the Bruins deal laws and -- -- -- -- last night we know what what what the possibility was it was dark house -- in and -- -- Jeff and a first round -- I had conditional first -- parent had to be something I mean that's already a better deal than what I'm gonna stay right out there has to be something they have to be another part of the story I don't think so. I think again -- -- literally went to them and said hey. I don't care -- the Bruins are offering you a little bit more I'm not willing to accept that deal take the one for Pittsburgh even if it's for a little assets who -- a little except. But we -- -- dealer you don't but it's about Mary choice that's it but it but if you are a bit -- -- Calgary. And and you want you want the best deal. You know -- drama Gemma tells you wanna go to Pittsburgh even though it's not the best deal you say electoral that -- what we have here. We -- we got a better deal for the organization you put Boston on your list we accommodated you. It's one of the three teams that you wanted to what what it was -- Joyce says no it's what the fortunately -- is no OK so you have to you know let Jarome Iginla playoff the only other thing you can you please. -- -- hundred -- semi public in Calgary and you're not gonna win that battle because Jarome Iginla is more popular. Then -- there isn't in Intel C excited to be out of Calgary right now these are the -- as he does try to ramp. OK so this this these are your choice you won't leave here you can you can take the deal there we have the best deal for the organization which is the Bruins deal. Or you could finish this miserable season. With us and then you leave next year so -- your choice you can finish -- the season hearing go to Boston. But how do you allow a player. Too because they are -- real Americans they want it they wanted to get something rather than let her walk away for not playing and they'd rather get what they got from Pittsburg first round pick in a couple of kids they get nothing and let them walk away at the bonds are women bad news for the Easter is well I'm telling you this race -- This -- a magician he was again wanna hear this guy first choice is lies and they can -- I can -- and it didn't it didn't turn out so poorly with Peter surely got a great but -- one girl has made some deals to do -- make you scratch your head god knows what he's going Neill is in New Jersey new -- -- salt and all. They. Our drummer actually first time what's relevant woman -- so far thanks help you. I don't know -- captain behind closed doors right now arm but I was saying actually tweet itself last night he early similar to. Back in early ninety's buckle lindros saying -- they didn't know he went for the flyers over the greens election to get sultan arbitration. But what I'm seeing in this right now ardent following it all on Twitter last night and yeah. Once they came out that Calgary or I'm -- -- -- -- was conditional. They start to quiet down a bit more and then you start hearing people say well we don't know exactly it's gonna be confirmed tonight -- -- -- the Pittsburgh rumors. Really started right before the press conference there. How I only can wonder if god that conditional pick was kind of allergic Easter I think in the end it was true. I don't think -- man when you -- I don't think -- -- -- -- from every and I I don't pretend to know one -- about the kids have never seen -- Jeff play I don't know the two college kids that they that they got from Pittsburg I'm not gonna pretend like I do but just reading what of the experts say. The Boston deal was better than the Pittsburg deal and it's not even close. They did the two Boston kids were were both in the top ten prospect list. For their for the team is number three number seven the two -- for kids are even in their top ten. I mean it's it's not even close the Boston deal was better again -- just said no. He just had no I'm not I wanted to play -- me how he can people wanting to go play with prospect but he just on. Why is -- -- play in the how much that is tough to compete with a guy who wants to play with -- because because most people wanna play with Sidney Crosby that's one but then this is what makes it worse. You can't. Here we have to notice -- mean this is one of the one of the few. North American cities where there is just a rabid interest in in hockey that that rivals. The passion of Canada so think about this. The Canadian Olympic team and meant a lot it meant a lot to the players on that team it meant a lot to the country. -- win the gold there day in and not only to win the gold but the week that to be the US in the gold medal game. And who were teammates. -- on the winning goal. It was again another Crosby. It's not just playing with Crosby in a vacuum he's done it before. You know I know the turn amended. -- limited sample size but he knows what it's like to be a teammate. A Sidney -- and he wanted to do what does -- so what do you think the Bruins could -- is there anything that Peter surely came nearly could've done last night only salvage this tell me what that is next plus more your call salt and holly WEEI. My god we're sorry. Dial 6177793535. This. Point seven WB IL game. We were informed around noon yesterday that there. We had declared we we we won the series -- an excellent speed up. You just have to talk to Truman and his agent regarding logistics so everything. We made moves as to believe they scratch your own yeah we may lose. Scratching. Start and -- Through and we brought up territory. And you know we've we've relied on the fact that we had a deal. These things happen. More than you know I don't deals going sells for whatever reason. We believe we had a field. Operated under terms of the deal. Some -- A lot of honesty from an organization like most that doesn't actually give you the play by play and exactly what happened. While I understand Peter surely disappointed and -- can't -- he's got to be in code has to be. For you can make a deal like that -- as saying yesterday we had Jack there -- studio. You can make a deal. And you're giving up a prospect. And a draft pick in you're not affecting. The core members of your roster. You acquire a player like gamma. Masters gold so I can understand why they were they were psyched about enemy makes all the sense in the world he's a game changer. And -- -- rallied today when he was asked about the penguins what he thinks of them. I don't know if he said with tongue firmly planted in cheek or maybe. He was making some gestures under the table really you know you you you couldn't see his fingers and maybe yes maybe maybe maybe had a middle finger up or something but. I said something like. -- their lockdown right. When he was talking about that I assume was facetious. I guess so I got to be very facetious. When he when he was talking about the penguins but I don't get it done on his hate gotcha question this is what he'd welcome he had done that's our question for you that's a question for everybody out -- got it easy -- would you look like you've seen the Bruins don't do yet our affiliate on this differ let's differ possibly done this differently this is how they acquired a player. -- -- Three year contract. You're an unrestricted free agent willing to be the last big contract of your career. So you're making seven million dollars this year -- 35 years old. You were -- career. There if you wanna play again until you're 38 MM -- keeps going on but. The last significant contract of your career will come from the Boston Bruins Pittsburgh can't give you that you're more than a -- told to us. You can help us for the exits so we're doing here no -- I think that's a promise Pittsburgh seems to have the ability to give them some of that I don't know they've promised him that -- -- -- you said you said earlier you said a perfectly. How do you compete with Sidney Crosby my that was their money you would you GB the only way out but he was solid veteran car right and dozens -- Roger -- know -- -- what I can do for you is under contract -- we winners what does he do what he's not even be allowed to talk. I mean that's the problem surely ends up running into is OK I believe that new and I have a deal. In and for the rest of the day nobody will return my calls he wants you won't get back to meet him what he's supposed to do when that time he's not allowed to talk directly to give mom a package that becomes tampering go you gotta go back and that's right you got to find a way to go back channels you have to be. 88 you have to know enough people and have the right connections and know how to get to him and that's got to you have to -- unfortunately. You have you been able to predict the Pittsburg would do this. And I know that sounds harsh I know it sounds like you're holding surely to an incredibly high standard where he's got to be able to read the mind of the other 29 teams. But that's the life of a general manager -- I mean I don't know. I'm not -- I'm not saying screw this up but he did get -- played. You got outplayed by -- -- who knew how to handle I don't know if not -- -- -- I'll play -- -- had a better hand -- hand with an ace in the hole I get it. But he's still he's still well played him because he ended up with a -- wanted. And didn't even have to give anything up forum Michael. Up my man Andy. Our young Andrew just retreated somebody who said this can't stop shaking my head how do you agree to a trade then consult the player. And that's what happened. Eight there was that was a big bad Bruins -- thank you for your comments so this is what it comes down to. If if you're Peter surely and you think all you've got to do all you've got to do is come up with any any better. A better proposal. Than the other guy you. If -- -- -- you have to know you have to do more than that well know how he's no -- that's part of the job no job is to know everything that's going on is that the job it's the job -- that's you know what do who has a job that's god. Make your trip really it was a big god now -- you know one thing leads -- easy job except that that's our job my legs you got to know they do -- -- know that before they in May before they pulled the trigger on the deal they have to consult with the player you know that anyway because the player have. As a no trade clause so no matter what he's gonna have to sign off on so you know that it's possible. Dead dead dead Easter is gonna have to go to again look and ask him are you willing to locate this or not. So you already knew it was going to be -- well I'm thinking if -- a duty to god to know that I really has barbecue or you must -- guy who I am not god I am not a I am not -- got to mediate. Yeah Christ the name Michael does mean he who is like god does mean that -- but if you're if you're if you're surely. Maybe one thing you could have done. Could've done is sent have you talked to Jerome yet. Because I would think the assumption is we're talking we're one of the fourteen to one of the teams on the list. Mab in the back of his Miami things are Pittsburgh is already made these moves I don't know Pittsburgh has got to be an on this. Actually I'm competing with I'm really competing with the kings and I'm competing where -- Are to the other it was the other -- the other the -- to Chicago PM I'm debating with the -- I'm competing with the Blackhawks. So maybe didn't even think that the penguins were in on -- as strongly as they work. Again no Michael that's part of the job is knowing the market knowing what else is going on reading between the tea leaves trying to we anticipate. Who else is gonna give -- -- says it's easy beating general managers as hard as any job in sports but that's part of the job at the same way in the draft for an NFL team it's kind of -- you to figure out. When you can get a player is he gonna go before me in the second round to I have to trade up to why not have to trade up can I afford to trade back and still get the player I want to. Yes sometimes you gotta get lucky but the more information you have and the better Steele you have -- from reading everybody else's play. The better general manager you'll know what I'm trying to -- saying I have to tell us. Appetite as dioxide in Bangkok you know I had just feel like we do we can be on the same page we can just be straight no -- with a -- be straight up with the power. I credit interest rates Hughes said at the top. -- really blame Peter she really -- the more you talk. I think you actually do we you don't wanna come out and say it that way but I think. You blame Peter surely more than you blame Jerome Duma I well look I can I can personal possibly both of them. I don't know why I can't blame both of them right I I I think Jerome again was full of it. But I also think -- give us the right to play -- every wants and if he wants to play with Sidney Crosby instead with David Craig -- I'm not sure that in a vacuum I can blame them for that as the Boston fan of the Bruins fan I can be furious how dare you rather go -- Pittsburgh then in my city. Like any -- is a fan. But -- objective member of the media Michael for a moment. We put on our objective cap. And I ask you what you wanna go play left -- for you wanna -- play play -- -- 44 -- for -- -- -- you wanna go play the -- for -- where he gonna -- encourage you know you're not any -- metal -- not how dare you -- -- -- -- say -- -- lying to the people wanna be on the same team with -- -- -- -- line Milan -- you were lying to the people today don't show our -- lying to the now maybe he ended -- screw them over in a way that I don't understand but but short of that Michael. Yeah I guess I do have to put the blame on the Bruins organization does it -- yeah. Does it stink that they you got played a little bit yeah -- was -- -- -- it was a difficult is this a normal situation will probably ever happen again Null. But unfortunately there really hard job doesn't mean you should be fired for it it doesn't mean that I think -- bad general manager now I think the world. I'm sure -- I think he's done a great job rebuilding what was he moribund franchise when he took it over I got all the respect in the world for him. But I do think he got played on this one unfortunately. And and and just -- I don't even LC could well there's -- -- something else you can now know sometimes just give played. Sometimes that's what happens and I I think. He did everything that he he that he was -- you -- -- everything and then they got played yet because drama -- ultimately. Wanted to play with the penguins and there's nothing you can do about that except. Except maybe. -- guys -- three year contract now you are you comfortable with giving Jarome Iginla. A to a three year contract and even allowed to have a conversation well you can narrow fairways around that 61777979837. Rick is in Chicopee pirate. Are you guys that are in a larger Gooden had some -- just brought it up online via our Internet site. The reason he might not seem to hear it because who owns the Boston Bruins. Because the way he treated the NHL players' association. -- try to bury them when they were on strike who they were -- Jamie because again -- and -- Jacobs you think he'd get -- you figure -- drama get low income -- Boston because the German Jacobs. That was why why why would I am on the list then don't put them on -- list. If you if you had a problem today that five of the other from a Jeremy Jacobs in it like the way negotiating now went down. Don't put the bronze an analyst -- three teams in the list instead of four. Right why aren't your dog they were paired share what your family think about that -- don't -- think that then makes sense that I could have a problem with the guy. I don't have a problem with the rip from chip Chicopee -- -- where I wanna go another good Chicopee and let's come I run -- you Rick. Some -- put it Springfield on the air but I'm not gonna put Chicopee Eminem makes sense. What god I I agree are we on agree would you actually maybe somebody was pretty new here you -- wide open without power or do you want to cool. Try to destroy. The players' union or you -- culturally critic you know Rick. I don't disagree that that type of thing could could be a factor in decisions made by players but I got a -- Michael. If if this was if it was that big a deal to -- what he was still harboring that kind of a grudge for the way the lock out when that went down. I don't think you would put them on the list at all I mean it if if it was that big -- deal to him that he wouldn't go play for the team. Then I can't imagine it was just a birdie whispering easier the very very end. I mean if it would have been something that would have been so he would have been so passionate about that he never would have even considered the Bruins French and -- do you remember who owns the Bruins haven't thought about. Hole always Derek are together this really -- I didn't even think about the fact that the Jacobs thanks for the heads up I don't think it went that -- 6177797. -- 37 more your calls on what turns out to be an incredibly frustrating day. Here in Boston is the Bruins not only lose to the Canadians. But also find a way to lose out on Jerome again what -- -- WEEI. So let me get this clear because -- -- I had -- -- -- Joseph Biden talked to your own we were never we never talked to anybody on anything other than to the manager on the actual trade. Right I mean I can't I know that's your question there's nothing we could have done. To convince them. Here's what I think I think that has and god bless him because I like reassuring the whole group there and has has -- this amazing around. And we've you know we've been in and out a little in the way we weren't very good team. And I think you know as as the wind blows just in the last couple days and that's how it goes. I've known. 1520 years and have nothing but good things to say about him crazy gentleman and I don't know. Jerome but I promise you being from Canada all compulsive over the years -- You know -- a serious career speaks for itself it's. Well -- -- of that factors in Michael's not take that I didn't like you saw claw I don't know Jerome. When he says I don't know -- -- made that does bacteria I don't know whether game has a relationship win. Someone in Pittsburg Alfie is a relationship with Marie Cheryl I don't know -- the Arab Israeli ship with a coach. Certainly we know we as a relationship with Sidney Crosby which is a positive thing for Pittsburgh in this case. But not having a relationship with a player that you were trying to acquire may have ended up hurting him in this OK now if if that's true. Do you go back when your statement that you should have done something because if he didn't but my daughter. Curious the last twenty had a relationship -- Miguel announced opted not under serious -- users so you should have. If -- Peter surely. Before you became the general manager of the Bruins in 2005. Or 2006 somewhere around there 2000 private think it was right before -- -- -- general manager in 2005. What you should have done before taking the job this strike up a relationship -- Jarome Iginla because one day as general manager of the Bruins. You might be in a position I mean look I mean I know it's a silly when you -- -- -- yeah I get it but Thursday but there is me. You have to have qualifications or have a job he has the qualifications for the job don't get me wrong. The more connected you are the better off you are the better able to better you are able to do your job. Right I mean there -- reasons that surely was offered the general manager ship of the Bruins were all of the connections that he had in the sport all of the things he's done. Throughout hockey at Harvard and afterwards in his mind and his connections and his relationships. All of those things led to his resume which got on the job right if you haven't done any one of those things separately. You might not have got the job -- as the Bruins GM to begin with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how he does is delayed and how -- as -- as always Jerome again load because you know one day yeah. That -- might happen I might I might be in a position where I don't think that's part of our jobs I think part of his job in it is and then Mike I know what I don't you don't. Don't have that relationship generally recognize that might be a factor in trying to trade form -- exchanged gifts at Christmas turns to -- -- demands and answer questions. The guy just said. He has known Jay for Easter for fifteen to twenty years and who is a general manager who. Just like surely. So I think part I think is sufficient. Have a good relationship with the general manager. Gore has your -- -- -- on his team and then you feel like you get some inside information okay what's he like what what kind of situation mr. Rome looking for. I'm going forward look like we agreed to a deal here -- going forward you know what can I do to make him comfortable. OK I'll do that when dust that's normal but not you're you're going that way you're going way outside the -- are telling you that the -- Peter surely should. Then -- in his job description to have -- relationship with every player but in this case having a relationship with this player would have helps. Right. Would you agree if you are longstanding relationship with -- gamma they would help in the scale of course it would all right I'm not gonna knock him and say he didn't I'm not jobs not a -- to say that he didn't have a but it eating habit it made it more difficult to trade form in this case and then when he tried to wind down this road and now is has has laid all the Bruins cards out there for everybody to see and that's the problem. If he if he really wanna -- well we all the time instead of again when he Donald as a Saint Louis and got this guy. We wouldn't even care -- they got a little Harrisburg over boss I'm gonna go back and remind you what you said at the top of the show which he says that at the top of the show. Was the right thing. But now I don't think you believe. What you should adopt the show was you can't compete with Sidney Crosby. I really drummer Jim what is coming to Boston because they handle the general manager Peter surely is a cool dude can deliver if you get old do they can show me around all -- hard cold do even nicer guy -- what I'm saying I know him did you know it's that surely needed to know again luck in order to know how he was gonna make this decision. In know what what a factor was going to be forgive mark what the way to motivate him to come to your city was going to be and what that one I think he might -- him in order to get him to not wanna play Sidney Crosby instead of the guys in your I think he knew that Mickey knows everything he needs to know. About drama -- but he doesn't have Sidney Crosby on the side. And then there's nothing that's gonna change I mean that's just at the beginning. I thought you believed it but now I think you have talked yourself into while Michael putting the blame squarely on you know. Well -- square where I -- 75% I think a lot of it goes there. And and blames a funny word -- because I. Blame always means that when you think somebody's doing a bad job I don't think he's doing a bad job I don't think he did a great job on this. And you're right. Maybe there was no way he couldn't convince this guy that did that anything he can offer was better than playing with Sidney Crosby but if that was the case that you needed to target somebody else right from the beginning.

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