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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 03/28/13

Mar 28, 2013|

Lebitch James takes a beating. Andrew Ferrence, the same.

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He won't he -- I don't. I didn't. Names now finalists negativity that's in this town sucks he -- job with -- -- can holing. Dial 6177793535. And they see you will -- now. Might just wake up until Monday and I'll rephrase that maybe don't really -- -- we saw can now. Everyday at 530 might -- brought you by AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you -- AT&T. The official wireless provider. But the Boston Bruins the most four G coverage anywhere in New England that. Anyway we got my stuff. There are -- at Boston -- New York or Boston to New -- wanna bees I can't believe you guys we do things might. Good dogs like -- -- this program would -- oh my god I don't know -- and hopes to get better off with Mike Barack dignity. And this message. Jim and rewrite the couple pro lovely -- works so. To reread that shows you told Mike Duffy and I think two years and it's -- on mammals and well connect a really good I can also call the -- for a cessation. -- you didn't question we didn't want to just what you saw what can I ask this dude there's my princess I have the right to the name's Michael. I'm -- -- I've heard -- -- -- I've heard I think it's a pretty popular names so we have to game two guys named Michael. And you call this segment might dub. I think that's okay I thought your name is actually microphone who's gonna show the -- still -- show up. Sleeping with them. They're really I got a thanks we'll I got to the arm which used on the real god didn't those in the corners in like you know we got to get well like. Rocco Longoria like go -- miss Susie well mannered your mother -- show what also the sleeping pills -- -- shot. -- They -- call -- notebook unit knew or bad idea is that there's no system I watched. Secure chartered out days. But one year old kid gets the last word in places try to do -- And a message. From organize that did you have a lot -- things. You want us word I give a shout out to everybody I'm just I'm still -- work in progress -- -- haven't figured out what that thing is but you know -- stick with the we'll see. You don't like what boyhood hero yesterday. Michael always yes very good good PSA video games so this -- -- go -- this big couldn't pick the better. Bowl this dude -- bought. Good about what. And -- thank you very much I appreciate that that's escaped the -- dot com if you listen if this is your way of asking for help don't be ashamed. Escapes the stall dot com that's backhanded compliment I thought that was very flattering photos recognized got a problem with that puzzle we'll backhand. I would hope I didn't know what -- -- the policy and if you've ever been called one -- boss and that message is not bad. Really -- bronze. You of all people -- patriot basketball very -- do whining about the news. Your career is built properly appreciated use. I don't know if Chris -- I hear a pretty big smiles again and this message he loves the big LeBron James and right here. OO. Short days so everybody out it's good in poetry reading we're -- There are engaged well. I mean are you should be able to stay that way and so it's bad -- just tell -- -- look at it. Bob Edwards drives but I should be able web -- as well aware of the basket but nobody has brought you news. And the message. Mike he's gonna have a great show tonight this is this is my -- Adam's in his wheel house he loves LeBron James. Conspiracy theories. Everybody is. Is setting up LeBron would be special they're all good. Cheney didn't twist did and everything power couple Danny Ainge sitting not taken any LeBron crap always great and I made pretty committed. You know almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating. Yeah. Trust in the laugh at the end but let's just say it's almost Ameritrade you said it's almost embarrassing. 27 games in a -- I don't know how else plus. When you're not depict the NBA salary cap the Fed up those are the only ones who would do the -- first game. Yet what broad paid eight million dollars a year away but Kobe is there a good bet to make a mockery of that system. What you can afford his bill by the way because there's other corporate box to do bad series. Well we can set up a game where this might love it -- so Dwyane Wade netted just gallons bosh and the rest of the felt speech brought that was. Companies don't I don't legendary play is yellow rabbit in the classic Covert weapon commercials what everybody's -- -- And referees conspired to keep good. Bob good game won't let my TM blood alcohol level. You realize this so called historic street is -- you wanna do like Joey Porter the quartermaster expires. But -- you're alive so there -- -- -- is by any record because boy they record their moral code is nowhere fully accurate -- the well. Got maybe the end of the world won't play Japan after it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This message I carry your camera every single thing he said but an asterisk by I agree -- an -- you know we got to figure -- I -- thought about this. The bulls obviously beat these last night I wonder word. LeBron is a record is against teams that have Tom Thibodeau. Either as a head coach -- assistant -- seems a problem he -- knows he does know is the right way to approach that you remember that commerce weapon commercial. Of course commerce weapons that was the -- that was great. Go down the line and everybody wrapping up. -- Boston Bruins I don't. What good is good hey yeah overkill -- the games abroad and it cracks up. -- -- And -- history and another word for Gilman -- Do -- get killed or the last guy says he column LeBron James. We abroad is that I don't know that was on purpose of the -- of course you think it was a purpose after what he said there was a purpose. Hey Joseph Hagerty I thought I would have the ball thirty borrowing your -- Above abroad particularly good luck I was very happy to have our -- -- the glass all hey you know dead. And that's why it's actually take the messenger. Seriously in her words should be to play the -- Aaron -- he's the one who who confirmed that the deal was done and all the Bruce is the -- he did and there were a lot of people on that bandwagon. But they're good. What hockey players and can't embarrass every time he had to -- talk. The other kids into bed if you truly can't get them good and the -- data desirable get rid of it. And message I don't know. We'll watch how -- here for a long time turn the puck over constantly. Gigs Derek is playing worse -- deal dating his worst days -- -- guests who really. Do you do you remember how often you'll turn over the Orioles knew little to sandwich a winner Hal -- -- currently also starts. I -- man gotta love him love via I don't think. Okay they screwed up and that's all I know I'm kind of in just less. Shame I was gonna say what are loaded comment that was done. And can leave now on rattle -- you have any have any follow ups and Allen then. Anybody who might need to hear that wanted to hear one more time. Yes they'll -- element. I can all love him love yes I'm very. I don't think they've screwed up that's all I know I'm kind of. And if so is she getting it really good I'm confused -- was -- hasn't been bad that is in good not a lot that is in -- want an honest but you've got a little -- their descriptions really are really like -- just for example what an -- we get together and listen to that after the -- itself to manipulation in rear. Early may handbag it's just too much for the radio -- my instruments do an -- amounts now hand of your other people's. This -- while our current good stuff. -- -- David Joyce did very -- go man. Yes good day we're very good but do we know there are -- at -- -- -- so they hope it is big -- just sure. I think you always good golf there. You'll get a big hit Coke zero ball OK all over all goes well I guess penguins' goal we share. And that you know I think I got -- says it depends on what part of town you go to. They have good food. All over town on the hill district has great really prevents the government gets ready to -- Perot he's very put the Fries in the sandwich -- -- -- -- Brothers then you know yeah there are lots of you remember there's a lot of culture there -- -- -- 200 -- -- -- -- chipped -- -- -- I know that this is joining the women. No no -- It depends on what part of how would you go to south side still aren't there South Carolina was hammered the sell side to women there one arm wrestle you don't go -- -- -- -- the Pittsburgh Penguins fan base sucks so that they team. When the bankruptcy twice in manually -- the initial fixed -- and get Crosby. We can agree on that sure sure I'm curious why does it take you so -- did it seem like candy was gone for longer today put this together and you have anything to do with the last girl the -- And some of the other graphic information that was left. Possibly. We advance Peter Chiarelli hit ever break -- -- hit with this many NHL player is possible here that they get it. You're always -- pick -- Anna Kournikova in a white pickup bird I don't. -- -- -- -- -- bad guys -- I -- did not coach tocchet. But I didn't want to say you have who -- I guess I am Beckett did in order for mayor. Bob. Very different. Creative the first -- -- I can afford this covering. I have good foreign countries there are all three phases. We -- the ball better than the -- they had better the it's also -- third I'm. And that those kids thanks courses plowing sanding and salting three phases of the -- at all for his entire. You don't think Belichick's got the personality be mayor balls from. Everything you describe you'd be perfect that I think Bill Belichick and the idea of being a politician would make them sick. I don't think he battled to -- that good I think almost everything seems to make him kind of sick though. No big fast and leaves no Red Sox at least we still want. He's so much better. And these world. The machine voice high and -- yeah. How about that I -- -- down. I do well as a Russia is gonna become the theme of the show. Was not the thing nobody seems to become one of those things -- -- -- -- it's a motif almost -- Alabama Amazon and according -- impressive given -- my garage yeah. I think they would like that I think they feel honored about position that an accordion. For the next album you feel any better after after the irritation that death is the show been cathartic for you are but you're talking a moment commercially driven not -- -- -- at that. Yes -- go pretty good a program it. You think by tomorrow people -- feel good forget about the whole game wanting no I'll be it Matt hey it it lingers until. -- Saint Louis or somebody else shows it lingers until we find out what's gonna happen in a post season. Because it can go away for a while but it never really goes away. Go way nobody's talking about it end of the penguins win the championship and you see. Jarome Iginla. Hoisting the cup for the first time in his career. Here's the frustrating thing about begin with the last point is it is not just for this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any question don't we only answer at 37 the it's 37937. US do we answer it here on WE. -- machines calling your day. About 793. Sat -- really. WEEI ahead.

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