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Jarome Iginla chooses Penguins over Bruins

Mar 28, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to the news that Iginla was traded to the Penguins when the Bruins were so close to landing the Flames captain.

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We begin negotiations with the teams send in the final analysis we had offers from three different clubs. Image in having those offers again the player in this case has a no trade no movements of the players part of that process and soul. We who worked with a player. And we have. I have concluded a deal this evening. With the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'll add edit -- Addict at big -- -- to say JP three pleaded deal with the the Boston Bruins now that's sort of felt like when -- went to bed last night. It says that the correct audio now. About that gluten. -- a coma somewhere to sort of cold medication does a good shocked. Join the club shock but sucks it's -- -- and it sucks that it's brutal you went to bed in my team just lost an emotional game. We blew two different two goal lead in the second in the third year X Donald month. You know what we're number twelve again and again we're gonna get him we're gonna all of the -- play -- tomorrow we were given up or cow ski. We're given up Coco and a first round pick not given up to Bob okay I can live without a go to bed wake up. Listen all the Bruins talked more about give them. Doesn't happen end and it ends up in mobile places. In Pittsburgh. Ends up with the Pittsburgh Penguins who have. That old we'll have a top line about the Miami -- he got a -- discounted. -- Again look -- -- the godless. Discounted. This. Counted in Pittsburgh Lou they were killed the others that there when you find out that the Iginla wasn't healthy scratch in America skiing and open chip were both. Help the scratches as well richest. How do you not put it together. You know you that that's just what happens you know when you're writing -- the details of -- over trade. You sit the guys involved as you don't want them to get injured you want the trade to go through. And reports are out there that it wasn't that I don't yet today and make it even worse than any open up the The Herald I don't paper's got to run this thing and I'm just looking at here. Page 59 regular deal looks good playing stark ticketed for -- Like notes even more salt won't. Now played either beat. Again Rick George Mac to a McDonnell abducted the other day he is in Boston after the game -- -- -- going down there's Cam Neely. You think why you lost that game less than a 548 seconds ago -- to -- at the Montreal. Canadians with first place in the division. At hand right now. And he smiling in the elevator. In the -- happy and to what he what he was supposed to expect I would love. Who seek him nearly reaction when he found out he's gonna Pittsburgh I think they thought that they had that done as well. They thought their front office they had to deal done the players that dressing room up had to deal with some of the -- quotes in the post game workload talks about. How -- at the trade -- this game but guys are thinking about it hope but hope it gets done and help it goes hour away with a big smile afterwards. Having been there on level -- last night for the game. They thought it was getting done legitimate buzz from not just media people but the way that the Bruins personnel. Was buzzing around level line up and down in and out that third period. The feeling was this thing is -- and and get the scratch and Providence to get our house -- scratched. -- didn't feel really official to Aaron Ward of -- and -- out last night on of 1452 o'clock. -- have acquired Jarome Iginla hash tag TS and -- learn hash tag TSN. Well yes that is the ESPN Canada you know it's not some -- you know blog. Reporting something right it's not it's not John Abraham to the patriots pending physical okay that report number that one. Of that work and now this was TS freak and that's all they do they live -- -- -- they have in Canada it's hockey little CFL. And some very bad eighties music that's Canada it's a one -- what Aaron Ward reports it. And everyone out there and drug or confirms it and they're talking about -- SN website like it's a done deal that's what you're supposed to expect. And the post game that was oh. There's going to be a press conference but they're not what -- Boston it's the three in Pittsburg penguins an -- -- can backtrack and say my bad. I reported trait that did not happen -- got to go our bad. Were TS and we stand by our reports but we got this one wrong. He's going to -- Pittsburgh. -- Darren texas' Pittsburgh Pittsburgh is at the the -- hopefully better when their futures done harmed by the last 22 deals that mean. What -- they emptied Joseph Mauro is the best got to give up the defenseman they get him for Brenden Morrow. They've given up some picks. I give a first rounder in 213 a second 113 -- fifth rounder in thirteen and go back a third rounder and thirteen. Conditional second fourteen. A couple kids at a college there and even in their top. Which -- look at the rankings before and all went into one of the this guy's Augustine -- announced here. Or anywhere near this is where is the Bruins and you should be this is where hurts the most as were kick right that jobs. The guys they traded here neither one is listed in the hockey news's future prospects -- and prospects in the penguins organization. By most accounts these are college players with talent but not considered it's -- -- located -- -- and nick yeah Augustine a was a seventh round pick back in 2008 he's not offense minute Yale. He was traded in the steel listed as AC prospect -- the hockey futures dot com. Then I'm not ski third rounder in 09 but again left Winger Saint -- university can score goals listed as eight -- prospect. 837. Rounder college players. Plus a first round pick out huge -- -- that's -- today because when Texas is that the cover. Crap they -- to the cupboard for that their their prospect and again this is a lot of all right early morning Internet -- kind of try to figure out who -- But JJ. Morrow. Is one of the top repent of -- -- a lot of you get a get -- to give him up. -- Cheryl got to -- about given up their top guys they're big dog. The guys that -- -- to college players were not the top ten and I go a step further right look at the Pittsburgh post gazette. They did the top ten prospects in the penguins organization. Like two months ago -- what is guy shows up and adopt and these are -- guys. -- important part of what happened last night was our sister station WA AF what does he think. What does he think when things happened last night they lose that game he leaves the rink right he plays the game. And he leaves what does he think's gonna happen jail. I felt like last night I was under the assumption that he was coming here. Some of the possible that prospects from Vista release saying big -- -- common Erica well I had the first player to look we're both as a possible. So he leaves the -- is a player -- we are getting. A legend would get -- gamble and put a mile gonna add to our offense play where we want to play. The player again that is what we all that woke up this morning checked what currents at holy bleep. He's going to Pittsburgh for a package of prospects. That's not let -- not very good for the gave up six. They made a run at what what's wrong with that required Indio. Why why would you if you're Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Being would you be upset at that I don't think you would at all. Mean you make -- Ron Georgia. This team right now is the best team in the Eastern Conference. Playing better than anybody in hockey in -- course the last week or so. Basically they've gone out they've added morrow and Murray and now -- So you've got that veteran guys all over the place -- -- big physical guy got to match that the Bruins you've upgraded. You given up six. Not prospects knicks get a could be. I'm sorry you -- you make a run they've they've done a great thing but I it surprised the Calgary. Didn't get more. You know that they want to see like I know it's all about to give line I think you want to go to Pittsburgh anyone to be part of that -- -- Crosby's. Line mates and an Olympic team. Gold medal team they -- part of that it. -- -- It was an adjusted. -- unions that are Russians DS that and yeah when you -- important it is for feast you're kind of getting good package actively -- that instant. I I did this this is that it is a legacy move. For the Calgary Flames management team they can't screw it up they got to get everything back they can -- it delayed this for so long that they got to get it right. And and so I think that is the price of that question as far as the group being in the driver's seat -- the combination of having bill that sets and I think they do. As well as other teams can't -- and out. Legacy move that -- to college players not the top Canada forget topic that we -- end of the first round. Legacy he. All this was a gift wrap thank you to -- again because it from the outside here's what looks like that you asked the question why should he be upset. I guess your ought to be upset and again I guess he becomes public enemy number one in Boston hockey circles. Because looks like he went to Pittsburgh and from. He said. I give -- that team that's if you don't wanna go to a top McKenzie report for the Bruins deal the offer of cocoa park house due to pick. Was the picnic -- with the package Calgary want it to deal that was a better deal with Pittsburgh offering me cope with the second round pick is considered a top six guy. And might play next year is made is HL debut but it's really skilled -- from all indications call -- There don't know movement clause that this guy had. And the -- was in -- here and it's sure -- got hurt his right earned a right to pick query wants to go -- where would you pick. It's IQ I would wanna play with Sidney Crosby put on the Olympic team to a good the Bruins have done anything. To make this happen to bring him to Boston can answer that I I think I think the -- I answer that ninety seconds you know we'll try to answer that and your phone calls next. I realized there was a lot of reporting tonight in about where this trade was going to be consummated. That information obviously was not correct. We didn't contribute to that to the extent that that's out there. I think that's unfortunate and I'm sorry that that's out there but again we simply believed that conducting our business internally. And then telling you when we have something to announces the right way to go about it. I kick right a little do priests is what this feels like appear Bruins fan today about -- and ID 37. It was Max WEEI your calls all day 6177797983. -- the phone every can text this AT&T -- line. 3793. Civil -- in deeper the about a tough loss for the Bruins on the ice and afterwards. He will join us at 11 o'clock Bruins defenseman Doug Hamilton. Who had a pretty good night up at the last eight seconds or so will join us -- one to -- get his take a Walt went down that'll be in the 1 o'clock hour. You were just getting done saying the Bruins could've done something. To have better work -- have been better positioned to acquire -- again salvage your about to -- Yeah and I don't think it was really at -- than last night. OK on the maybe throw Malcolm -- bond which doping was gonna help happen Shirley -- my earliest that that that wasn't -- -- Look at they've done a week ago. They've got the ball -- In the back like a week ago. If you -- if you would have somehow full Murray. Right from San Jose instead of him going to Pittsburgh. Or if you Google -- moral whatever was if you would make a move first for a defenseman -- so. A week ago. It before Pittsburgh added these other guys. Because if you're -- -- you look at that it is saying well Pittsburgh. It we are now thirteen straight yet -- yet Murray. Obviously it's a better fit at the Bruins have dot dolby and the free agency. A week or so earlier. Whatever might -- -- to make this team look better to make this team. Look like here in -- Gilman and say I'm not the only answer over there I don't think he looked at that game last night and said wow. That -- can't hold their period lead and made his decision at the Bruins game now this idea. This game goes well or ought to play so I don't they did amazing last night but I do think if they -- and free agency went out in -- A defenseman. You know summary like Murray veteran that's been around it's hungry. -- improved somewhere else and small piece and made themselves look like he'd better team. Maybe -- what might have decided to come to Boston put out maybe wouldn't. But I think looking at a right now out -- decision he might hate -- right now what you probably do appear brought them a big -- right now but still a move. On. Well you say they -- added pieces before last night that's interesting I guess my question to this went on the answer -- -- find out at some point today or tomorrow when. MacKenzie or Kevin Paul DuPont nationally or locally starts it is a big year. -- that the deal in place at the Bruins were gonna give up for gamma that Calgary wanted to do from all reports -- one of the package. Of cocoa the HL center. -- how skiing we saw here's a defenseman and a first round pick. -- question is could they offered that earlier like the did the Bruins dragged their feet on that we -- your colleague on the radio yesterday across the street there were -- you'll see bubbles bubbles up part of the deal. Are we gonna find out that the Bruins could have knocked the penguins out of the negotiation. A week ago ten days ago by offering what they thought was their final offer last night -- -- big -- -- Qaeda get dragged kicking and screaming. To the table by Calgary for cocoa park house Unifirst trumpet. I don't know the answer to that if we find out that. That package if they offered earlier -- could knock the pin with out of negotiation required him a week ago five days -- whatever. The -- right to be parents don't necessarily think that's the case I act like a -- really directed this towards Pittsburg but I think -- be critical of -- Is it they got to a point like seven days ago they offer what they offered last night. And they could have got to get -- look and Calgary at the Easter pentagon with the book this offer so much better and that kind of got done. I give as a -- a right to be critical of your rally now McCain got this with the offer on the table be part time. And that it Calgary does waited waited waited and they said fine a pick one of these two -- to crack your deal. I you've been a lot to the city a lot to our organization pick one will bite the bullet point at Pittsburgh that's what he did at the odd percent on again. I think at some level. If this deal could Madonna a week ago it's the same pieces. And you kind of play the negotiation -- droplet poker with the Easter but the player like this for packet like this. I think Bruins fan club right Matta Peter surely that I don't that's been the I don't let me how to present answer. -- -- Toronto radio today and Mike Richards their hosts in the morning show said this falls on the Bruins. And they didn't do enough. They could -- this -- week ago. Well all the reports today Tellme a -- made the choice they get some spin. In both directions. That's run toward on this not that could've gotten better we go by adding pieces but the same deal they offered last night they thought was not enough. Criminal on the gig again why do you play poke with a player like it's not a give up he case who would not the end and Billups who -- okay. This -- was gonna which collided pulled the trigger. It would be fair to edit this -- not asking you do you think that's fair a week ago this deal could have been done with the -- -- -- you -- you know you could always say that but -- if if this really started to progress a week ago. Makes you think the Pittsburgh would have gotten involved then. You know on the Texas look. We went to -- for one reason at Sidney Crosby and Marie -- no factory controllable BO I I agree -- -- Sydney Crosby but don't you think that. You know when when you're in it in the NHL you look around the -- say in the best team needs to conference one out there and added a couple veterans. You know Winger and it and it just a big solid defenseman. To think that around the league. Teams a look at that it. -- -- to conference and even Western Conference and while Pittsburgh playing better and anybody right now and they went on at some pieces. This team is going for. Of course -- gold plate you know with Crosby and mall and be back with paying seven to ten days whatever it is so yeah. So much that the -- the I don't think they could have -- right now I think the Bruins went up there and that's all notes right. Looking back -- -- now they wanna improve their team a week ten days ago. Maybe you'd had more players look at the Bruins -- and while. They're going for that's Fatima PH today and then and we know he was interest and of course right Pittsburgh Chicago kings Bruins. They named wanna go there one of the fourteenth you did you did anyway because why he thinks that one of the better teams and hockey. And they are just didn't do enough. You can eight Texas on the -- text like 379837. Texas says why would Calgary take the lesser deal next topic. Every once and a pick the lesser deal and I'm not sure cult like it's been a four. It took a lesser deal the -- again look to Pittsburgh Calgary. -- the McKenzie who -- and is the boss -- only a hockey Canada Kiev said. Calgary preferred the Bruins deal. But they never got the third piece on with the Bruins do and I was the player approval at that -- the Pittsburgh. We get your reaction 6177797937. Affordable it on this hour we'll get to obviously what are the Bruins target next because got a target something. Johnson -- -- this morning. On you your boy it's just another example of the -- a liberal and not getting it done when it comes to acquiring. Bea being free agents. Doesn't matter why ate chicken wanted to go here pretty get a -- period. First who's written actually not in. The -- got him for nothing three bombs went to Columbia out in line next year's Lee owns a market your third round it's. It just the beat goes on. Woke up this morning particulate Pittsburgh apple sort offside rule -- that you've got to be it. Think John -- now pizza do you really think that they should've. Look at they've done that right now last night -- the deal to give the better deal. I know it isn't a better deal and it was probably gamers decision ultimately to go to Pittsburgh -- When it comes to keep Malcolm's you gonna okay he -- be the next Patrick walked. It's really not -- only one goalie can play at a time we get correct. Or he's in the top -- -- cool and the category. I mean why I approachable I don't understand. How it gets a tricky score and the. I can't believe what the Pittsburgh pitchers and would copy mop my awards. I mean they're definite position they'll go to there's no question but. You know when it we had a discussion yes the other day rather about it took and sue bonding you know world would be waiting for what's -- coming. This and Tuukka Rask right now -- point six. K so you know you're gonna sign him. Robby to a four year extension may be 58 years and at some point. It for five years from now I get in nineteen year old you know welcome -- -- Who it at 34 years -- -- 20/20 four if you back up on the last year took a rest it's that kind of and get a few backup goalies to sit behind -- over the years to kind of bridge that gap. Than just like -- promise. All of a sudden rest -- who by that point 324 years old is now you're starting goalie. I think that's the biggest thing that's been the first round draft that has given level so. You know I don't have a problem not not dealing him at all -- prominent I understand that and to John's point I think that. You know is there a list of players they've been close to free agency trades and the past the only almost got this guy. Almost got that -- of said the worst mean they thought they had him. Bruins front office people players shot important -- today. Bought went home that we're gonna get the sky media confirming. He ends up in Pittsburgh which is -- actually the favorite now when this thing ot Chris in Connecticut joins the program today hikers. -- could let them. Well you're Pittsburgh Penguins in May -- are you well the absolute into the go Mary Christmas. It has accomplished at school and I and that's what it would mean opposite end of this episode because support with a it's as a rent there. -- -- -- Forward you know the next year. Each -- Detroit for your money to win the -- and antibiotics but again that cup when in the cup that year 2009. -- -- But I wouldn't even at the end we -- relinquished in the trade and he's gonna go and just I speak. It was important that we don't mean that. -- dependability. You know what -- I couldn't believe I am gonna -- put on it it just couldn't couldn't. And the Bruins brought his little lunch Chris you -- city and use this as the pedestal where you say how much better Pittsburg is that's fine but the Bruins from the -- -- list. If he got traded the Bruins who have been find that OK -- a pick -- go. And pop at all OK at that you. Also open to keep an -- in number -- the -- -- remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The heat until the end and is that you can't really. Didn't pick in the opposite. 250. Feet up the piece that is gullible people a decrease. They didn't really that big the group at. And that's what I think let them -- and it's like I would think you are. It's a -- didn't mention which lately and did that sports and we've got some fruits. And activity. He's a ninja I agree Chris that -- -- in this case what you think what he's done. In the last week an addict -- -- Bruins for any got to be a little bit jails because you inquire again like you required morrow you've got Doug beating. They have loaded up and these are guys veteran players what 3334. And 35 years old. There's no hint of cable re sign these guys down the rolled these rental players. Would they are gold for this year yet I don't know get your -- back -- -- I should ask Chris we're gonna play him. Because. 23 lines. And he is going to make that line. To -- and it pisses me all because I went to bed thinking and we're talking about twelve and a Bruins Jersey and it looks like you know. The vehicle back to a show and your and a 90210 back in the moment god Kelly Taylor right Julia -- Kelly Taylor had to pick between Brandon and Dylan -- she said. I choose me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chosen self in this case you don't -- -- -- and that's it shoots it made -- choice and choose an idol series BP she's a -- -- Again I think it's just come downtown to the Bruins had a chance last night. He chose Pittsburgh. And front office in Calgary might want the better deal in Boston but it wasn't up to them it was up to the player. Question I have is if the Bruins were more aggressive in the last in the previous couple weeks. -- data changed. And if we don't know they were given -- better shot again 6177797937. That's the phone number the eighteenth -- -- -- 37. 9837 you guys are stacked up we'll get your phone calls in the question will be come. With the Bruins next target or targets or get a that is well don't go anywhere.

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