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Dougie Hamilton, Bruins D, on loss to Montreal

Mar 28, 2013|

The rookie defenseman joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the difficult loss last night to Montreal, his thoughts on his first full year with the Bruins, and the Iginla trade.

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The call last letter NBC sports model united 37 WEP I was there so I missed -- call forgot how great doc was yet Pierre breakdown that play afterwards as well we'll talk to Pierre McGuire tomorrow. I you'll join us in the show is as every single Friday as -- Peter surely will address the media. At 2 o'clock you'll hear his remarks I'm sure with the assault and holly later on this hour again here. For drama again look who's got his press conference today talking about his decision. And he said it wasn't all his decision as he ends up in Pittsburgh one of the rivals for the Bruins. And not the Bruins themselves. I joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible us. Most I'm injured in the and it's hard to. I'm sure. I'm sure. That is up Bruins rookie defenseman Doug Hamilton he joins us on the AT&T hotline. -- -- Mike elude you feel the same way this morning one of the funniest games you played in so far in your short NHL career last night it's Montreal. Yeah I think so I think. My concern news. I think a fun and exciting game and I think everyone who watched it could decrease. And I consider last night that women are better -- between Oakland. Did you made quite a splash here come and appear in nineteen years old. There's a shortened season everything what what is been the biggest adjustment for you got to play this next level. I think there's a lot of things it's it's just a totally differently I think. Literally from home from interest and her and I'm trying to do all that in the different travel and plan every other day in. Any of -- better players do so. Everything's been Katrina and I'm just trying to enjoy myself as much as possible and fund and I think I'm doing that I'm pretty happy. But isn't more visiting the -- the physical style he NHL or is it more than speedy deal with on nightly basis. -- exit physical I think where the dispute in the skills the smarts and he. You going to be where -- times in everybody's dangerous and I spent a lot of time working on on the he's known. China learn and learn the system where. And junior reason one who's just using you're you're still to stop potential. Here as we learn from work -- -- is actually -- I think on a ton out of work hard at and I think it's it's working for me and I've learned a lot. It's -- think you mentioned the games every other night process fans an immediate dodgy it's for the best part of the season that. Yet the Bruins game every other night and meet you never there's never any sort a law all. Has ever got to the point where these games especially in March when he played so many. You sort after remember what day it is -- -- you guys are playing because there are so many games and back to back situations and really every other night this month. You know they they -- strict clear together a laden. You know really remember you we just play that you. I'm just move on to an excellent in that direction the national on them. For me like -- which he says there's no lulls in the -- just -- -- radio times and just keep playing you don't have to practice so. I think it's gonna find them. I think we've we've joked about a few consistently from the guys so we're on the road. You forget what hotel room here and I'm pitcher in so many so. Scorn of their own rumors are forgetting and having the actual mormons refining thought. A -- you've got you've got to the wrong room and recognized shoot this key does not work for the store. Close. It's it's pretty funny to me. I think pretty much every hotel you forget or whoever you're in -- you're in its foreign. Other weeks but. And a couple weeks ago so it's pretty funny but. It's it's loaded up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As you all are -- how are you physically as an album. In the minutes last couple games are really rest up a little bit but for awhile in the minutes were down is that something that just kind of keeping an eye on physically and is hopefully guys playing deep in the post season. Actually did -- -- Through a lot of games this year and I guess would be playing -- known in the short term process goes in junior so. That's kind of where my and my body isn't. It's not like I'm playing more than and then normally you know -- that later but. I don't think so because. The last two years a little -- and so. I think I'm used to it. And I think just with those -- thought -- -- On the decrease and that's such statistics that is. We -- some assessment curtain -- to step up and didn't hurtful it's such work. Talking to Doug Hamilton Bruins defenseman mark -- 93 point seven WEEI talked about last night being a fun game can you can you tell so far on the shortened season. The different deaths -- you guys have in your building -- Montreal's building when you play the Canadians it feels like that is the rivalry right now the people. -- most fired up but I was curious Kenya -- feel that energy can you feel that rivalry on the ice plant in these games. There I think. A flu last year and a solo home. -- -- to achieve much in Montreal or skin but. I think actually him in the lofty intentions. Energy either -- broaden. It's definitely pretty cool seeing them. He Loudon and cheer and on stand up and things like so. I think that things it is yet and yet but Harrington. Makes it more more fun for sure. Jump on this morning to the left that arena last night thinking newsroom Duma was gonna be on this team that was complete what what did you hurt. Before you left the locker room. Yeah I think and -- Twitter and rumors and sort of problem. I think we knew if somebody is going to be treated to Russians. Obviously you're looking looking complete but. Just sit on the rumors. News. Trade but I'm obviously and it it was and then. -- really matter now. You said on Twitter and it kind of the rumors were guys talking about it dug in that dressing room where was that before during after the game where actual players you guys -- boy. We might get this guy was it more media and Twitter reports. I don't know really. I think just seeing some some tweets. -- in from the TS and hasn't suffered -- Obviously can't read into it immediate senate. You never know what you guys are talking about that. I think is that it doesn't really matter though cassette and we should remove armed. You compare the bush different guys back there isn't that a good thing for you right now -- gonna get familiar with these guys as quick as possible war. We all know on the having one -- to play with is probably a little bit better again and know each other but. Was he nice being up there with Chara Seidenberg a butcher -- whatever it is. -- play in this. Although Russia substantial foreign. Missing here -- has been injured and yeah I think for me it's either because so there are also good then. It's just makes it easier on me in church around the Catholic that. Like it says look I'm just switching between them. Hasn't been hard because they're so -- and -- the mental -- -- -- reports says we're Rose Parade is in. I think it would be -- accustomed to. I UAE sentimental guy in your first goal you scored your first goal the NHL's that a -- the key to be kept certain things from. Your first year in the NHL. I try to keeps some of the stuff money you have that's schtick from from my personal loans. Think the Parkinson. Equipment -- chunk still -- not to worry about -- situation there but. I think it's critical to. Posts and stuff but he can keep -- -- restructure. Catch on this and your rip in the media that's like we don't know we're talking nobody knows you're right about that big between now on Wednesday with the trading deadline your team is going to be active right we know this that your team is gonna add -- some pieces here will you keep up that we followed on Twitter we beyond TSA and William B. You're trying get updates are trying to figure out what your team is gonna do how much attention all you paid that between now Wednesday Doug. It's not really too much I think. Obviously when something comes up here in new. -- and I kind of stuff but I don't think they'll be. Our -- -- and circumstance. And I don't think you're really matters I think. Is a story about playing in. Naturally can do and my adolescence any of the media session anyway is certainly. -- -- from that room. All the positives and a lot of negatives too so. I think as a as a player you you learn and knowledge in the media and -- you definitely have to do. You don't wanna listen -- that's a veteran move from a rookie -- Doug Hamilton. Of the Bruins Doug enjoy this a couple days off your final two days stretch off for the end the regular season and we'll talk you down the road. I. Don't appreciate the time Doug Hamilton of the Bruins joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds that the ten times faster than three GA TT rethink possible is goal last night. I heard the cut you heard. Our guide -- camera called that. Was it looked it was going to be a big one right and then -- it's a goal avalanche over and over and over again report to your 53 Montreal comes back. Odd couple different times and other in a position where. They're gonna or something like gonna be Jarome Iginla but this team between now on Wednesday 2 o'clock there to do something. Speaking of again will we come back wanna play for you a little bit what he had to say two day. I he spoke to media -- was asked questions about Pittsburgh answered questions about Calgary. As a question about Boston overall drop in there we'll get to that and your phone calls for now at 2 o'clock Sports Radio W week. Here for us for just -- just sit in your sports week. TI yeah.

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