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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on end of Heat streak

Mar 28, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics heart pounding win last night and also discusses the end of the Heat's winning streak.

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While the hands of a group revenue and a few seconds -- down one -- it definitely drivers on engineers to prevent. 88 includes certain defects have added six all kinds of life. -- -- -- -- -- -- I love brandy but. If guard that's not out there on -- how life Celtic nation has its a nice when it's on the road. But -- -- McMullen is piece the other day at a jackets write the headlines but ESPN boston.com know Kevin Garnett. No chance -- is a Celtics Thursday Jack McMullen joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. -- nice moment for Jeff last night Jackie and ice road win but I'm with you without Garnett. Like -- tunnels -- you to be their free with the -- the. Yeah I mean you know we we know all the numbers plus -- we see them -- before and and you know -- 8880 Garnett gonna come back maybe -- two -- rest is really that it's less than their being super super conservative and you know that there's really not saying all along with Garnett but. I -- a hard time believing that I I. That you know at first it was him. It's like he was talking about -- it has -- than it was an ankle it was a sprained ankle that was ankle inflammation. I just don't like it now on the net and you know even if he does come back. You know people tell you the same thing all coaches all of that we've received and it's the dog -- NBA. You wanna get your team together and ready for that play up front you wanna get continuity schedule wanna get your consistency said. Almost think he's going to be hard to deal. With your most important player I think on the sideline. When you talk about the way this has gone down Jackie wrote about -- do you think there are parallels between the way this was handled this time around Kevin's injury. And the way that it was called a foot and ankle an ankle inflammation. And what happened in 2009 Woodward told two weeks. Ended up being 25 games in a playoff run do you feel like they're treating this the same as what apple with KG 2009. Will it send a loud speaker of the -- they're no different than any other professional beauty wanna concrete injury they don't want to canal. That's by the NHL in the -- -- everything and upper body or lower body and and why anybody in the patriots locker room talked about an entry date I think they I don't know if they -- -- that they certainly get a talking to. And that to me is no difference so I think we've learned that can't really believe anything at all on some injuries. And that's like doc is Smart you'd think about what was ever say when anyone out I don't know leave that up to them clean that up to them that he doesn't want to have the life anybody. As -- you know member shack. The F -- -- you know what you'll be ready any time any time any time and then I'll tell you what. It ended his career that injury and he he tweeted the idea. Photographs of the surgery he had on that Achilles and it was an ugly scar every -- about I don't know nine attendance is blocked so. But they have to do with -- have to -- I'm not even criticizing them for it. But. I just think that not only did encouraging that the intensity now. Because of what I talked about the consistency in the continuity and prepare for the post season. I just hope that you know what that -- outcome that he's going to be ready to go and I don't know that we know that. Yet also -- this I don't think Milwaukee's gonna let you get the eighth seed at this point right -- just. They're all over the place sticky when gain or lose in the Philadelphia that there their -- the messy appropriate locked in on that. On that seven seed with that mind in pay and KG sitting out. You start you have to start looking at Paul Pierce and saying you know. Yeah I know we got no KG general I want to -- at 35 minutes right now big Fella. Well that's there it's a fair question you know it's incredible how durable Paul Pierce has proven to be throughout the course of his career practically. We underestimate that some time for gotcha game Ernie he's played a lot of minutes is a career and he's able to always answer the bell. When they -- YouTube. But look at I don't know about locked in at the -- know what you're saying little because the Milwaukee the disaster. And it you would think that we're all set there if you're the Celtics saying yeah we're good but you know there's there's like ten games last eleven -- -- -- a lot of -- glass. And if you're at if you go into a tailspin like the Celtics have been and I think it's possible any. We have the Jeff Green moment against Miami where just jump off the page and since then he has been up and down last night and it was his best effort since that game. With a 21 points in the game winner I I guess I. I asked does this dot try to reiterate to him again Jackie your mind this that they will play he can be end of the game we're gonna create the shot for you not for Paul and and that confidence translate this time can he be that guy and the rest the way in a playoff series. -- that -- before and I'll say it again I just think what people want Jeff Green to the I don't think it's gonna happen. But doesn't mean you can't be a very talented player that can contribute a lot the Celtics but he is not your mindset is not that the leak. Gimme the ball and get out of the way -- -- -- you admit that. Freely admitted it so I just think to keep pushing that issue. Is that -- really go down and that's not to say that and expect him to be more aggressive. That doesn't mean they can expect them to be more consistent. We talked before about the rebounding and I think get greens fully comfortable doing what he did last night giving the ball in the game -- obvious that play. Expect -- -- you know be knighted in night out averaged twenty. -- game I just don't see it happening ever and that -- mean not a valuable player it just means he's not an elite. Killer player and it and I think. He he soaked birds that occasionally but that's the difference between the elite players and the very very good players the elite players do it night after night after night and I just. I just think if you wait for Jeff Green you do that you're going to be waiting a long time. Jack you know in the Celtics and Rajon Rondo went down they won seven straight since then I mean lately what we've seen. But those people that thought that they were better team without Rajon Rondo now seen why they aren't personally take care of the ball lately. Well I think -- and you know a better team without Rondo and Garnett and don't forget Courtney Lee if you. I've got hurt them -- he's their best perimeter defenders. And I listen I know even grander and everybody go crazy you know Avery Bradley an unbelievable and are talking about defending on the perimeter the three point shot. And they met Courtney Lee Campbell. And so yes. It it's a lot they're asking an awful lot of popped it straight now and he's he get to the belt for the most part but he's got a point guard. Even play Florida I guess but even even with that he's only gonna get bit. It's gonna get now three turn over to gain now it's five or six sometimes seven turn over the game and it. You know you're just asking them to handle the ball and you don't think other teams know that you don't think they're adding extra pressure on -- when we -- the -- -- -- your -- as PM Boston is joining us Jason Terry. I thought was one of the one of the best Celtic offseason acquisitions remembered somewhere on July 4 committee announced -- said boy this is a perfect -- For this team it's been almost a full season now -- even he would admit. It's been a rough go is there any feeling as to what's been the issue because the -- the same call the bench. Score points is it chemistry is in his age Jackie why is he bin. While sold below what so many of us thought he would be for the Celtics. Well you know I'm not a 100% sure I mean I know -- frustrated and it takes a lot of questioning and he's one of us have a -- last guys. And you know he wants to do hourly rate in the locker -- even -- -- -- you -- you -- you came -- you know I remember. When the Celtics are exactly the -- extra eight or Ray Allen put it back -- -- I had the whole story prepared ready to run. About how guards to guard at a certain age to offer clips. And that it happened with some of the great ones Mitch Richmond didn't. The only one the other exception is Reggie Miller and I was sort of indicate that maybe Ray Allen was going to be you know how much money -- you wanna put into evacuated Celtics into Ray Allen. And quit -- -- about him he's the exception that may be very Jason Terry is the exception maybe he's been well. It's a very tough position to play as you get older -- institute -- -- and a lot and I think. It -- -- -- -- can't keep them comfortable that's what they bring him off the bench instead of starting him. I wanna get him going and it and I do think. They'll be games where he's gonna help it -- it is not a -- and it it's been a big disappointment no question about it and and he'll be the first battalion I'm sure. I want us to a Jordan Crawford because -- he comes over here does that spark off the bench and he's had a some really good minutes listing in the last few games but I still look at yeah I would go back that Miami game -- -- and always give me some minutes late. I don't know jacket just I'd just don't trust them you know I'd still like he's out of control. I feel like the games will be too big for him he can help -- -- blow up the -- give him big minutes but. Crunch time in the fourth quarter in a post season I don't policy too much of. You know I salute you need that kind of player you get when you're two games than any might that you -- game that night and they know that and you know up until about it all the time so. You gotta pick your poison with property here very very talented. And he can make some things happen and we get some more of that zone you know you're right and current lines you can -- He's a great capacity to better -- -- I thought it was. I'm looking at him from -- it surprised me there but you know he makes that at least one -- Scratch your -- kind of play almost every game and you're right when you get to a tight playoff situation. Every possession counts. You have to wonder how to how to get a response. How come the Celtics did not get a deal with Kenyon Martin spice in nick announced Celtic -- do we know. Good question. I think I think a couple of things he did have Michael Michael fracture surgery on both knees so it was it was a fair question and wonder if you know would you be durable enough critique. Could he called out and they didn't have kind of a very. At the exit in Denver and I think amateurs Celtics did their homework as the next -- And the read the reviews there were very poor operatives say there but my feeling is even with all you cannot -- that side. You you can't put a great veteran group that guy he has. You know if they control that I'd like can you might -- it has always a little. And I just didn't understand pretended he couldn't get tired it's ten -- -- gonna cost a lot of money. I think you're paying like these other guys aren't on your roster point 530000 dollars Smith is still on your books I believe. And so I -- -- -- but I don't know why they didn't that mistake ethnic. I know it and the -- the second longest streak in not just sports sister Bambi mr. what happened the Miami Heat the and a 27. Last night. Is -- compared -- what the lakers did direct try to read up was in a row for the lakers and 7172. You're reading about how at that time. Lot of good players in the ABA probably get expanded recently it was deluded can you compare is it fair to compare with the heat just did. And what the lakers even knowing -- that but he came up short left final number the. Well I mean you could compare and I can both of them remarkable achievements but I heard LeBron say that -- about BA BA and. I'm sorry I still think that the NBA today as far more diluted in the NBA that those 7273. Lakers played and I would I would argue that that's -- with him all -- on the other thing that those seventy Laker teams that -- final private plane. They didn't have the -- is every -- minutes at their Beck and call the fact is that in the early seventies if you were at the end of the bench kind of where you probably had a second job. So I think the climate was very different and that's why it is a little hard to compare but -- I tip my hat to the -- because. Think about it now they're defending. NBA champions. They locked in with a bullseye on their backs and they're still doing that they still did that and I thought it was a really impressive street because they came from behind them in time. And and I thought that was interesting that -- late last night said. You know I'm almost glad lets you know we can get down the -- rotation getting ready for the plants and and I think there's some truth -- -- And that -- at the end of the celtics'. And their inability to do that because one of the most are key components. -- he isn't even on the floor. That's like listening to win it last night was the way patriots talked about their streak their two seasons streak of wins afterwards and not during -- but afterwards that way to start to Wear on us. It's the only eyebrow that I raised last night Jackie's LeBron comments after in much -- heard them but. Our -- and he's complaining about the FISA cal and plant about wearing a football plays. A lot it's a -- like -- YouTube video of the way the knicks used to play of Michael Jordan say LeBron. When this happens to you you can complain but it's it's ain't in my opinion compared to what Jordan used to get I'm sure the players used to get the New York Knicks. -- with the coming up this remarkable accomplishment than but you know what I've learned a long time ago much -- all all the great ones also loses the worse. I mean -- -- can't be gained at the end of practice you know and and it hit the block they don't run off the court because they knew better and Cuba stick around because that they did. He may complain again when he she. You know the -- he'd be -- need to know how -- -- computing. The only -- they hate salute and Likud under any conditions. And I think that's achieved solid LeBron just like Michael Jordan just like Larry Bird like other -- you don't lose any album Michael -- last night and I guess that's what makes -- great. Accurate Molly ESPN boston.com your great we appreciate the time as always we'll talk to you soon. Art art. -- -- joins us on the AT&T hotline Jacqui brought you by HSA insurance by Newton -- dental partners. And by John helpful answers or excuse me get your thoughts. On the Celtics this stretch they've been on right now Jeff Green at 617779798378. TT -- won 37. 937 if you did not here in ninety seconds. Well played LeBron stuff map to that game last night talk about a sore loser the point you're.

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