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Mayor Menino Era is coming to an end in Boston

Mar 28, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to some of their favorite Mayor Menino sports clips over the years. From Wekler to Grabowski, Menino has provided a boat load of laughs.

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Final -- model -- not a 37 WEEI your calls until. Sultan -- to a clock it's 61777979837. AT&T text line 37. Nine 37. Texas is where the -- -- surely they refuse to speak to. WEE I know he's doing -- media availability 2 o'clock we're gonna speak to the media I'm sure about the NC public -- to be in town this weekend. Honesty and it's a baseball team we syndrome again mixed in there as well Israel will be available on a DJ being. WEEI dot com will be there in my guess is he says any pertinent to the situation. You'll hear on salt and -- after speaks at 2 o'clock. I drove again -- speaking now bring you some of the highlights later on this hour including. In his mind how this thing went down he's -- speaking to reporters as we speak. -- he gets set to join the Pittsburgh Penguins but and mix it all this right is a big night last night Jeff Green game winner. Most exciting bruins' regular season game of the year RA and I'll be a loss. Again a -- he series not here. Or bury the lead here today -- epic stay at home. Mayor Menino is gonna announce -- 4 o'clock that. He's not on a run for another term as mayor. We are burying the lead and it's a sad day for you your set when he's gone well you're gonna be upset now why is that again ahead. Who -- us. -- At this level and why going to be up to names. Everything. Good man is that names it's good humor. I've got some really. Really good laughs laughing is good if it's a really good was because of that man. -- -- -- -- There is space -- The mayor has -- out the next couple of hours and for the city of Boston. The 65000 people voted for last -- that the number 65000 price down. For sports fantasy even worse that's the one area I'll give you is that as a sports fan it's a tough day and he is tied in to. Our poll question this afternoon popular topic -- knows. The question. What's your favorite Mayor Menino sports gap we have four -- we've left one off year -- taking count at 0% of the blame. This is a -- our bumper to auction he -- -- these four if there's one we don't have on here I'm blaming him -- the fish WEEI on Twitter get Adam. George -- posters that you MBA -- thanks to shamrock foundation. That did not make the top four right now while top four I'd also say it. There are millions estimates of -- study. And include our great American game. -- -- McCain showed that. Also not in the top four gonna although that's the lords and all those people you Martha Luther king unity in play sports and some level now. What is your favorite memory no sports GAAP let's go down and here how about grow about ski and Welker the last. And we had them -- Brady did very Brady has had those. -- -- result yeah they're almost hear him reading news. Plus -- what are. Isn't all. About Q Lechler that -- -- about who is that kicker who split the -- joy for the patriots terror attacks -- in our rights. That is B. I think the two of the greatest Celtic players of all privately for the Celtics recently lost patent. It's just. KJ is -- on those really it's great. Honda drive this team is great the KG wasn't too busy breaking down on the -- -- that Sacramento Kings team in Sacramento ago playing at seat. And then let's go back to the patriots for the recent one. I think you're good yeah. He didn't do a great -- down there and look forward to working with the about the we have Tom Brady. We have already we have Tom Brady. You know -- and at omni point person also is a long. And Steven -- and other great guys and it will cost. -- -- We have a ball and yeah. Religion and -- -- -- resistant boom boom boom is uncertain about. Gong -- will -- and talking texting. You can text your vote. Not at 37937. Same text number the eighteenth tee decks on 379837. You wanna text the letter a for about -- -- cooler. It to be prepared text with the up rights C. For Hondo and KJ. And WEEI dot com slash -- Maloney. Much -- to -- present about pop -- genus puppet you know just introduced their new Mac and cheese pizza. Hot tropic pizza sweet sausage roasted red pepper pizza -- delicious buffalo Mac and -- postured and no -- -- immigrants. Mom and -- More on that you can call or online at -- the -- -- dot com. Let's see what's your. Think the big kid with this stay. In front of the big. -- -- -- -- -- It came -- -- you favorite memory no gaffe it's about scale Cutler eight Varitek with the up rights being -- knowing KJC. Will cocky and gone to. 3793737937. -- -- vote ABC reality what's your idols and this is not face the Celtics Joyce. You gotta make this call which one year I remember when I -- my favorite scenario though. -- texts putting the up rights right because it wasn't just screwed up he had the sports wrong. In Boston we have an amazing is they're remarkable athletes whose actions the moment however I am -- on terror attacks were -- writes I. Mean. Yeah. -- he gets -- wrong but I feel like. He tries to say the names -- move on. With that I think KJ and Honda wins because you actually double back on the -- A lot of hats and it is. KJ is -- on those really the inspiration. On the drive to achieve you know I mean effect he came back usually kind of runs remains a kind of a -- the name up when he came back -- Honda really runs -- came back to -- they go KJ and Honda. Same sex couples. Our friends. Our Brothers and says there. Mom and dad want your mom and daddy mom and dad I can't move policy I get a blog and play well then I'll give your -- -- and -- we call immigrants. Mom and dad that mom MO -- isn't techs who wants -- mom. And dad. So when you see that immigrant driver down the highway. I'm and his legal license and everything just call mom and dad. Mall Mandan Boston and -- we call immigrants. Mom and dad. It's ours and parts -- the big is this about let's. You're wrong about this the correct answer is. The fact that he Alex sets it -- BC's the Indians series in the what if you play he play. That she will for Khmer. You hear voice all. He's a guy you know and a line and now it's a woman really I think it's great guys it. Will cost. For -- fourth quarter. -- Wilfork -- We have at all and you know and and isn't too great job resistance for golf is almost certain. Golf that old videos did artillery -- at a pizza the world will cocky and -- Doesn't sit com. I I watch that's a column bells on like Thursday nights must see TV on and that's my fantasy team next year will copy -- -- was where it will falters he. The simple answer to your -- -- -- -- -- I'll tell -- why that is the most. Well what are your shaking your head at me and tell -- all that extra right. That had to do with sports and that's of -- religion omission here when he called it a Jumbotron just much would go. Jumbled John that the Jumbotron that's sports related right. That should have been in your breed got -- once you cannot answer -- many of your all of the above I can't -- not register for this one ABC your DIQ wait for the the season preview. And now yeah we might have lost what cooler though we've got this guy Danny what is he gonna say this morning forward. I was gonna -- him -- -- summing up a lot airlines said said how I hope he does yesterday. Danny aerial. Artillery up like that. In the -- And they're right this is tax hikes as. On and add. OK -- I will sort of miss them the good cop and now she will how much longer is the term hops on rehab and foreign. We have a little bit wartime right might mean a Bruins runners something renewing and begin a preview. NHL playoffs. What the sweeping the Celtics are gonna do who's gonna carry this team why -- they require bold Easter -- Easter as the game winner in the Stanley Cup fine it's. Again -- would have been great as ever wanna say won't get that was of other players they can acquire -- Maarten Saint Louis -- a huge factor but the Bruins and that way for major accomplishments. That. He called more. Country. Mortal or a -- nodes in India to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So the dreaded the very -- -- employee leaves I needed Danny Amendola Danny Adam Carolla and integrate a Canadian and caught a big catch from Tom Brady. I still KJ and on the on anonymous drug enforcement and it's a World Cup in golf you can answer -- about ski Welker a Varitek with the up rights be it in -- KJC. Will cock and gone the text your answer the 37983. Cell phone that knows it we are ahead. The community does. Nelson Mandela led some in depth and is receiving cooler at Dexter. Lula also revealed -- love. Oh my gosh. All they can get these new guys have been great on the eight TT -- -- we -- and some of these -- voice activated text you guys have nailed on this. Let's get a break and come back Doug. 77797937. Shot important today. So when he left the garden last night. He thought trauma gimbal was going to be his teammate he got up this morning thought he was what Doug Hamilton. Last him in ninety seconds don't go 100 years we -- one of we'll serve right 98 team. -- you -- Bruins hockey. 67797.

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