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Who's the most valuable Red Sox?

Mar 28, 2013|

Gerry, Kirk and Dino discuss who on the Red Sox roster is most important to the team's success in 2013. Dino says it's a healthy David Ortiz, but does such a thing even exist?

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Gordon needs stealing a little bit from here a little bit from there and mean and of the kindest terms develop Gordon needs -- -- road -- today on ESPN boston.com. That sort of rates I suppose. The members of the Red Sox who -- front of me and I wish it did and I do. Really want us Rio -- depressed what is with that the most important Red Sox for the guys that terrible significantly it was a call. Com. Is colonies as I was tasked with ranking each player ranking. On the Red Sox roster including guys who -- likely to start the season on the now. Based on their importance to the 2013. Team that's one through 29. The importance to the teams on. Record you'll have -- at the I have -- action -- looked I didn't Hannity there except to see number one Uga and I don't I don't know they'll see I'm not looking -- I am not looking up as an -- -- more clearly than I did yesterday it's a yes that's all possible not to. A banana plugs and English he wins right that you. That you're doing your Mayor Menino imitation of no it wasn't real testament to -- -- and taken a higher road trip and mouse -- who's number one is that the question number ones John less -- Yeah. -- He saw I yeah I did I -- you are still does not sit turned 28 more ha ha but it is important to Gerri well. I think he was -- -- -- But not always try to weasel out of -- I don't ask you this now that he's blown it for you would you have chosen Jon Lester as the most important member of the Red Sox. The most important member of the -- yes -- his success is most tied into the success of this Red Sox the yes without him. I would have as well. I don't think is a big debate you know once starter -- team that is his only hope is that with the pitching staff -- except to catch fire. Here's why I would disagree you have alternatives you have Lester. Light Lester a Lester B Lester C but colts could assume that rule. Lackey really true you could assume that all our own role. I'm just telling you that the if if if Lester has a mediocre year and Lackey and buckled and do brought our great -- you can get by. I would say the most important guy based on the anemic production in this lineup would be a healthy and viable David Ortiz. I'm telling him but I guess I want to -- -- -- including people on the DL by offered you. David Ortiz is numbers from last year reject all the way through yeah like a hundred this year games or eighteen any. 32 we Ari from last week one of the team this year -- taken Ortiz yeah integrity update now because I cannot I think you can't you could make that up with the other pitchers there's nobody it's gonna hit. 35 and 110 on this baseball team Cyrus only other three guys -- good -- I think you think all three of those guys can be good morning David isn't that who who is who don't -- -- hit thirty and Robin Wright but that that's a big trouble right that's fair opening pitching and we've learned here since September 2000 today. If we didn't know before we know now know how important that you know I understand her right but my point is there is the alternative to Lester there are other people can do it does -- nobody else who could do what David can do what David -- I don't wanna you know you're sick you're called on medication and I want to -- which he would -- what. Other people look into the -- jobs. -- -- are already starting pitchers like they're on the bench -- talking about it a vacuum we're talking about an individual performance that is important to the team. And at at a course they have other jobs to do -- that's not that's the drill here at the exercise the exercise is who is the most important Rhett saw and my point is. Of Lester fails. Other starting pitchers who couldn't do and pick possible those 15161718. Wins -- of David Ortiz misses the entire season. Hit thirty home runs and drive and hundred that would be. -- negative thirty runs. On middle Brooke is going at thirty months but again compliment. -- has his own job second starter. Stop the American no sense again it must be the roles are changing the argument you ask -- -- there's five daughters if there one starter -- makes cents or five. Second -- has to win 15163. Guy's gonna win thirteen. Like he's got to win 1213 I. Explain it to you like your five Euro miles that. To me like you're not on some kind of drug. Explain -- electrified -- one of two people. Gets hit by a bust now say that gets injured what -- out at the and is unavailable for the entire year. -- Red Sox more able to sustain. Jon Lester is complete total absence from the team for the entire season or David Ortiz complete total absence from this team. I would say Ortiz would be the bigger blow because there's nobody else to fit into that spot. There are other starting pitchers their other people could slide up is black is that is Lester no is buckled as good as Lester no is -- brought no but the fact is they could make up the difference of those fifteen or sixteen. Britain's there is nobody that can do what David does if David is healthy. That's my only point. And it's that someone. Was the second most important. On Gordon's first you know I guess I would say meat outbreak -- made -- I'll explaining why two after the you know as tells the second most important as like. They -- Ross or something what would leave it up a joint. If you number two who was in Europe it was -- -- I hit it sort of play along I don't know yet what do I got a lesser ranked number two is Dustin Pedroia John's got to confront -- confront me. Number three is -- buckles. We're drag the pitcher John first you -- Egypt hitters wanted to -- the rest of Ortiz in Detroit would you would you -- third yes. Yet -- -- explained it to them yet of this matters here's why it matters last year it's ever Cisco giants. 103. Home runs total total. Barry Bonds hit that many in a year wants a belief right and they're gonna get pretty process. The giants last year at 103 months total. They hit 269 there OBP was 327. -- like he was 397 they slugged worst in the opposition. And one at all. It was the best player Buster Posey over sleep yes MVP here at 336. It 24 months horse the second best of -- -- player. A -- team last year. And -- -- history like Albert -- will win their second best actor best player -- -- Pablo Sandoval. Twelve home runs 63 RBIs in his. You can't have an anemic often Cabrera was second best player for awhile Melky and -- man. Yeah but they really want him back cut his own Needham. But -- go back and look at the lineup of the world champs and you real and I am not a pitching guy pitching is pouring good pitching. Compared to good hitting -- proceed team you know hit the ball blew apart when I pay my money and go in for my discount hot dogs. I wanna see office but you can win it all with eight. Blow average uneven effort below average -- the better -- and good pitching staff and an excellent bullpen -- -- lockdown closer which they might have. It's a long shot -- up pick in the win -- amount on board with whoever the mountain with a homer of the day is. -- Mikey and got a 103 wins. 111010. He's -- pessimism gap if you think about it if Lester you know wins twenty buckles -- -- seventeen. And and you know a broader Latin stays healthy in the for the five starters stay healthy and they don't could have DL trips you don't have. This amendment -- It happened with the giants. And put this team. What deal appearances for pictures -- never met. Well I mean you know that's why go back to John your point you're saying that you know -- to -- -- that's OK I mean it's okay if those guys are good. They're gonna be OK we -- what we're gonna find out. I think there's a very good chance we find out I think you'll find out the first -- and half or maybe even two months of the season what this team can be without the Euro correction from David Ortiz -- -- five to seven days were told three weeks ago right here so we're still the injury happened to Liza Lisa -- more than eight months ago. Always we get the numbers here last year. He terrorized by a colts. 456. And last year. Lester for eight too yeah Lester ZIRA you race foray to the giants 368 foot hole. Matt -- 279. A bum Gardner 337. Locals not -- to have 337 also -- The three top three top four stars of the -- in the threes -- threes maybe even to lose number I was young you win Thatcher ace right before. Eight are as younger opening -- read the paper into the opening day starters in the real bad teams of these guys who went six and fourteen with a 52 very important term Red Sox opening day starter. Next with missing 91448. -- with the start. The worst year of his -- to appoint your ace has to be somebody you know you don't win if your -- -- Bruce -- You know your bassist Tim Wakefield like it was that one -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every year but one he's been good rate. Yes good to very good never great to produce very axle and John Ferrell back here. I can understand why you may think Lester and have a good year and have all those quality starts he likes of its -- -- -- it's your only hope -- -- deficit. If you're all you're not gonna have great office has not happened when what would what's Napoli is your fourth most important according to Gordon red -- according to Gordon. -- five. And middle Brooks little -- six lead to a Ortiz sevens that Dave you know it's most important seven -- Gordon he's -- -- eight. Bradley do brought nine. It whereas -- Gomes and discuss them and -- -- Henry at eleven I put them up a little higher it would knew I swear the first six or seven guys -- pictures from there that would. Saltalamacchia. Twelve Dempster thirteen. Who grew fourteen it's embarrassing her as soon. Is just guys currently in the roster do you think so well he's on the roster in my mind -- -- -- -- -- was his. This apparently Mike Karp is -- -- ahead of Clayton Morton's and 29 and a some good early -- -- 2121. On Gordon's one. In the slot is able -- from Curt Schilling in terms of where Jackie Bradley should begin the season when we come back.

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