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Iginla "traded" to Boston, then not traded to Boston

Mar 28, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk discuss the wild events of the Jarome Iginla trade. TSN first reported the Flames forward was traded to Boston but the report was wrong as he goes to the Penguins. The guys also chat about the wild Bruins/Canadiens game.

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Oh my god I got so much to stay I start the start they disclaimer. No matter what I say in the next 4 hours I am not responsible I -- tripping on -- -- okay. Gonna just say -- -- this drama every hour is this morning already I don't want to. The truth. -- -- buzz a cool person had a nice little morning buzz so we'll tell. Possibly some doesn't it takes more than a spoonful of low growth doesn't get you are you know I'm gonna repeat this it's 78 -- -- -- get an -- by -- a stupid stuff but now -- have an excuse -- custom. If you didn't stay up late like I did. If you didn't get up early like I did. That I might have some bad news that you aren't even aware that's a good call -- people of god went to bed. Happy happy. Happy like the loss I ever went to bed have. Happy now yesterday we began this program at this precise hour talking about are terrible Tuesday from the day before. I contracted a head cold Jerry went to the the dentist at every count and the accountant and you've got yelled at by your wife for spending too much money correct. Terrible Tuesday is not that this was a bad bad Wednesday first not all bad I think it was a roller coaster ride the go ahead. First of all. ESPN is flying all flags at half staff today has that because -- streak is over they -- like black bunting in front of the yeah the desk sports and set -- -- you know -- it around around Bristol right now Stewart's -- was like Cronkite -- can be done to the glasses -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Word it's official it's -- from a par putting -- memorial hospital. The streak is Obama and said staff and the way through the overnight guy I thought it was a really really good lead in the overnight -- Thursday news. Had twenty seven's a tough number. Janis Joplin. Minute Jim Mora send anyone Jimmy Hendrix and Amy Winehouse all died at age 27 noted the Miami Heat streak like that -- school cultural reference are his other. They're they're black bunting -- ESPN. I guess this is the positive news if the Celtics win a game they probably should of lost. The Bruins lose a game they definitely should have won. And the Bruins lose a player they should have probably obtained an old by the way. Mayor Menino is not running. -- six term. There are millions of students have come to study. And include our great American name. My -- -- can Joan yeah what are we gonna do about the wide. What do we do is that the mayor and I don't miss him I guess you're right -- -- a very bad when I I mean in my first thought is. We're never gonna get to hear Mayor Menino attempt. Again what. Our whole he would tell my son that would have been a train wreck every time out and although maybe he'll give it a shot you know when they play the penguins. But we lose the mayor and Jarome Iginla on the same day and night right. Gone is gone her -- -- God still around and -- around like we heard -- -- again luck is history that they could have put that it's medically they could have the syllables chopped up. He could rehearsed and all day he couldn't get wet court for a I couldn't get. Welker Welker he couldn't get a guy whose alleged around the according to some people Rondo was Rondo out -- Running as the tough on the -- I tell you what we're gonna miss him absolutely you don't. This guy's going to be -- -- down politician -- homogenized pasteurized in Boston old who's gonna have the exact is -- -- -- MCI obviously disagree with everything politically with the mayor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So looking at the headlines in this morning's newspapers Boston Herald. Steve Conroy is -- notebook again -- deal looks good. Sub headline flames start ticketed for the beats. Kevin DuPont haven't pulled upon I'm sorry QPD up plays and a little bit more on the -- are they keepers of the flame. He says so I could things go our -- here as our friend used to say I know as a rival national text us. Of course just as easy as the Bruins blew that two goal third period lead over the happens you should about Eddie the -- to work twice to. Two goalies in the third period against perhaps. And a bad bad night in your I think here's a visual image I had I forget who wrote it maybe it was so Kevin. After the game even after that devastating loss that they should've won against the dreaded Canadians. Basic you generally try to keep -- -- from -- really after a loss like that. He was seen -- getting into the elevator and coming down to the lower concourse and outside the locker room with a big smile on his face so even as late as after the overtime and the plate. Skill set thing the race and the goalie fight to decide this game Pam was happy thinking. He had a -- Yet Joseph McDonald and ES PR to Leo yes. Puck and and you -- cam they put the cam cam you know I'm Jamal when they win he's pumping his -- when they lose you slam the desk. I assuming went from slam the -- -- to smiling. Thinking the deal was done thinking they had given Calgary everything Calgary wanted to. According and we got all the tweets here and including the ones that say deals done Bruins got. Jarome Iginla. But to this and they may have offered more than the penguins seemed like they did again -- this and you know it's funny think. Mean if cocky self and these things it seem like a pretty good place for a gambler I don't year. And we talked to a Barry Petersen yes they probably demote it Nathan Horton. And put him. On the first line right and just go from there are big strong tough guys I think we had nameplate over locker that a name play -- brochure or get that ready to go. Right number 1212. Wayne Cashman told number right -- end and I'm and I got to admit I I'm fallen everyone Twitter phone Aaron Ward saying okay. It's done they get the guy yes. It's a day it's a night of mixed emotions and -- you wake up and you say how that happened -- happen for one simple reason. The penguins Pittsburgh is -- more desirable place for a guy who. There's never won a cup who's never been out of Calgary companies every month the city -- -- just been there his whole career. And he wants to win this year wants to win now. They won twelve straight they have Sidney Crosby they're ahead of and that you know they're better than the Bruins right now they're better than -- month and who -- and anywhere else -- they gonna go right. Amid he had his list of 45 -- -- the kings coming lead you know the defending champs. You know and the guys who won at the year before that but still Pittsburg is Pittsburg and he said. That's my best bet that's my bishop. You can make the analogy of who this guy used to Calgary and they are all flawed except perhaps the last one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More aspirin -- -- where they say he's been a great -- -- L the most amazing thing last night was they pull -- lineup. And he played had missed the game for years yet revenue for reporting or get close at 440 walking right they play 4441. You almost think like -- skated shift in the mobile home. And it'll it that's what -- don't Lou -- you know go up again that bad demo or -- -- -- I'm blown -- of feet and his his consecutive game streak. To deal him which must have been heartbreaking. Proclaims fans and this is different from Bork because this would be like dealing. You know Tom Brady you're dealing. Brian David Ortiz and make this is their sport that I -- they're only sport. Really other like Calgary soccer teams in Calgary leader of the stampede across -- rodeo of the road jail. The is that the name of their Garcia felt so I don't know -- -- -- -- another I mean as well Doug -- to us right now yes yes -- he's probably the second big legend a map but that again was number one. Is your headline in the Calgary herald. Flames deal the greatest legend in franchise history will -- to penguins the face of the franchise going performs Kenneth. August Tino and then I'm not -- college kids. College kids but to our friend Jon -- -- tweeted out that this was the number one and number two. Player in College Hockey some really really will Kobe baker really good good good. College so what are your -- needs to be tweaked a little bit -- lied again about who he was who he is there the greatest what is -- the flames still the greatest legend in franchise history all right if that's the case with all due respect arraignment and I love Raymond. Would it be warm analogy of Bobby you're going to Chicago Blackhawks just don't stop don't stop. While newest greatest legend in hockey history understood about distrust lingers elegy seems zinni is a city here. Yeah I mean it's right -- that. Was bigger than Bork for for two were once more that -- it right I mean there's nobody else right. And and you know what he always look at the an -- mark we -- marked Calgary Edmonton these cities but they know their hockey -- and they appreciate their hockey. This is not like taken and on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Away from the lightning this is a load taken Martin Saint Louis right. This is taken the best player they've ever had and a guy who plays hard and all those things play you've got tough and never missiles Brady in plays every game leadership. You know how many number twelve jerseys there are. On the streets of -- agree with with the C and they don't get a player in return you know if you get a player returns oh good yeah we get to see this guy immediately NC in on him in -- good he is. -- kids' college kids prospects and I'll -- you we can find the somewhere that the Bruins back into a lot of people think the bros factors that are. I've I've heard that and read that a lot now does that then not speak to how much the Calgary Flames must love and adore and admire and respect this guy. To take lessons pennies on the dollar. From Pittsburg -- they would from the Bruins just to satisfy his request to play with Sidney Crosby and a better just to win a cup with Pittsburgh and Boston Osama or get a real deal though to really good prospects in that first round pick commuter Calgary it's like they took a lousy deal with all but you're right to admit -- ninety cents on the dollar. But I mean it's ultimately up to again when inflation was up to him his writings I am right yes I inane they said listen this cowboy immediately gets -- -- -- -- him. Yeah and they know it doesn't I guess it doesn't matter with the -- rougher. In Connecticut water -- puzzle us so Datsyuk Bonham there. Read the Calgary. GM for Easter -- said. I want the Bruins package Shia but have again Lyndon wanna come the Boston it didn't matter in a must have been frustrating for him. Calgary because I -- Easter they tried to talk -- into -- the -- deal if you like ruins still better. Or shortcoming it like probably just sat back hoped that he would do it yet right -- that obviously -- Again -- knows these different markets these different teams got friends and every team. He knows and -- -- -- -- considered kind of hope he takes the rose deal. All mole who knows maybe they're comparable maybe their close it is I think Brussels Austrian SI -- -- -- noses up and anyone but don't you think. In the frustration for Bruins fans is who cares that -- did they weren't given up a player. In other give up prospects for the first round pick of the like. And Pittsburgh was a first round pick it's the last pick in the first round Reynolds like leave -- things go as according to form blood but so what. Isn't this one of those years that you go forward I know Jack Edwards. Talked about the bridge near the building -- Everett would advise that. Why would you know I don't know system collective team that's like in some kind of bridge -- building -- don't know. It doesn't -- -- indeed even human even with landslides last night's loss the -- look at them you say. -- as good a chance to win the cup as anybody and we know we don't get to see the west well I don't details good just with a -- Pittsburgh. Not that I now -- no not now plus moral plus Murray right again like I -- -- they are the clear favorites that is called Goldman's call load not and a criminal could clamp it it'll be exciting -- hope -- -- Montreal seven games deputy. A blast. Lose that game last night despite the outcome I know there -- people here we're gonna have to console them yes no we we'll be flag flying our flag at half staff to do you know but to. What -- it doesn't matter in the long run the ball go in the playoffs the play again hopefully. It was a wildly entertaining game if they played them seven times can they keep up that energy level could they keep up that intensity. I don't know but I will say this doesn't game like last night. Say all you need to say when you have your discussion with the hockey purist who say I really like a nice one nothing crisply played game. Now I only -- to be eleven to ten like the National Hockey League all star game wasn't that fun there was never a dull moment I know that's cliche but there was never a dull moment in that game I know me. Accused of Ambien you know -- -- anti -- people but I found a much more entertainment than nothing nothing. US -- all well RJR originally which was great beautiful game you you don't need Gholston appreciated like me delegates are but it's -- right blocked. Capsule is nothing better than scoring back and forth scoring score amid scoring the game whether or not. Who lolly gag in the most taken plays off for taken in the stretches off the playing hard they're just finding ways to score and I immediately after the game though came to pick out tweets and intrigue has gotten to a -- with. What -- is Tim Thomas when that Kim -- Maine I mean if you give up. Five goals and you give up whatever was in the over the moon she -- there. You know you give up that goofy Gallagher and and go all the Gallagher. I -- put he retired enjoy -- -- brother was doing it for not. But Gallagher retarded brother was handled -- suffered a dreary -- the water you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't want to -- I always wonder who's next in the shootout how long can this go on and we do see some defensemen and the longer it went on us that there's an entire segment of our shows us what you get to like ten guys like -- -- 00 through ten. Then get out of the goalie fight yeah -- wake -- -- the goalie go and do these shootout I mean. But the goalie. Carey Price wasn't doing acknowledge there -- precious time and I'm glad he's saying out he's motivated. It was a it was incredibly entertaining it's unfortunate that it has to be settled. In the silly shoot -- but a -- sure how many gas was left in the tank assembly interest UCL guys can hold up. To a -- every night every other night from the next two month we. The real downside was beyond the fact of the blue true. Two goal leads in the third period. This was a Montreal team that have played on the road the night before -- -- Boston while Boston was resting and they beat him after all what we think at the end of two periods. Well -- the long -- they went to a well a little left Italy so lush rolling it and write the Milbury and the other guy -- and they said there's no way of -- they just don't have the legend Mario just doesn't know they've put a couple of a good fight for a period but they're done there's no energy left -- the odds of Montreal winning that game at the end of two -- are a monument seem like sixty -- -- like it they knew it wasn't their night they knew they didn't have enough gas left in the tank to go you know go -- to do this for one -- not only -- Don't tie it up which was incredibly unlikely in my mind. But they go in the shoot out in it seemed like though there was no energy left. At that point -- going OKQ do you feel like they should -- all the time didn't seem stupid how many round like Jimmy this year looked bad last night Tony -- and shoot out. I have their hands and seemed like about 27 rounds 2123456. Home yet. Well 612. Twelve right Yemen and you're looking to go on that -- not even -- like good moves anymore than just like lieutenant colonel Greg. -- -- -- Was one of the Montreal -- -- -- get a shot off right yes just like okay doesn't have the energy left wing to a first commercial loss the that's right version -- never get a shot off dead is the fifth two blown third period lead. For the Bruins this year I think that's problematic. What the power play fifth blown. 3 period lead for the Bruins in a month for -- feels like the problem -- -- right in the in the month of march.

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