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ESPN's John Buccigross has a replacement player since Bruins didn't get Iginla

Mar 28, 2013|

Dennis and Callahan's hockey friend John Buccigross joined us this morning post Iginla deal, no deal. He has a replacement player to go after now that Jarome isn't wearing the right Black and Gold.

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One of our favorite guests holiday that we need his input. And his incisive hockey commentary. From ESP on our pal John -- rush joins us on the AT&T allied AT&T forgy LTE long time no talk JB how are you. Voice on this. Double -- Thursday. Our things -- in Bristol is it pretty grim everybody mourning the end of the winning streak. Well LeBron finished off Biden and their chopper unmanned ground locate. -- -- and ensure they're gonna go on to win the title of black -- all the building. Yeah because we're we are banned there yeah the winning streak is over another -- Wii forces you Barry Melrose the kind of keep on winning and they're winning streak. They let me ask you this based on what you know about the two offers to Calgary. Was Bruins were the brewer was the -- offer more valuable to the penguins. You know by a hair and neither of these are going to be you know huge aspect NHL. Stars you know that there were there wasn't going to be a big -- trailer with a major asset gonna go back for a guy returned it 36 July the first. And gonna be an undershirt good free agent after that there will be in the whole bunch you know you can't remember the Bruins straight with reportage. -- got a lot of players but in the end there was a whole lot there outside Brian Walsh in the -- and I don't -- them -- talk to you -- -- -- in the straight. So like either way yeah they probably go a little better deal with the Bruins beat them they then they got for June -- mark -- prospects. Throw mud the penguins but in the end the player had been no trade clause in B control where you want to go. Right so what the risk of -- civil litigation. Again will look to Pittsburgh and says a better chance to win a cup they are and that's style. Suits me better than Boston. I don't know about the childhood perhaps you look you're playing with Sidney Crosby who we played with on the body on the line at the Olympics when they won the gold medal there were on the -- together. Again lower than Crosby won't try to piece scored the winning goal -- Ryan Miller stood with the people who went in the quarter kind of them and disrupted play and that's kind of the vision that he probably -- in Pittsburgh the old CP keep up -- the real fast team like Montreal Arafat trapped bathroom Brenden Morrow and our time keep popping game one the other night so we'll give it to the demo. You keep up -- never known current great skating school BP people with Crosby included translational play with a the first line. Do you believe that Martin Saint Louis is the back -- plan is plan B for the Bruins. I'm out here that the cute cap numbers. On the older smaller guy who's only getting slower as well -- may be good matchup with. A Montreal game perhaps but again that those guys can fly. This you know I would ready the last that I almost true I'd rather -- -- -- -- -- Boston -- -- look BJ people mr. worth more than a meter home again. -- defense spending and experience you can really gate. You've become the bruins' best skating defenseman. If you get traded to Boston. -- -- -- look at Dennis Seidenberg. They -- charge of marketing and faster as if the media looks a lot slower this year personally. And that you know boy chuck in the Quaid -- come back. It's a lot of big guys who are. Don't move so well around the penguins and the Canadians so I would prefer a really good skating defenseman in vehicle Meester does that and he's picked. Pay out where you'd taken by surprise by this I know Aaron Moore tweeted the deal was done and everyone just jumped on around here everyone. Either went to bed taken on the deals whoa what was done or close to being done around here so it was a kick in the gut. When they got up Bob are you -- grass here is connected as anybody. You know you you don't generally don't fall for these things too easily I assume we've taken it was coming to Boston again in law. I worked on -- -- polonium last I saw was driving home win you know Calgary of course are few hours time difference with Boston or mountain time zone city. And they're playing Colorado it's always there waiting for the game to and that has some sort of announcement we knew that was gonna happen and so he's stepped up to the podium. And out penguin to everybody we're shocked and I get a few GSM friends and obviously will we we call Chris because. On the can be the Canadian important than we call. You know the Canadian -- really doesn't Aaron Ward Canadian built throughout steak and you guys are pretty much right on. And there one -- texted me yep it's all done but -- got away from warning to the amount. But the Bruins straight out to look at -- -- the -- right and then suddenly the -- being jumped it and then you know again again not controlled player with a no trade clause. They control the process so I know -- -- to warm and -- -- -- was on deck but unfortunately. I yanked some of the -- What -- Joseph McDonald's account Cam -- even after the 65 shootout loss to the Canadians got on the elevator on the ninth floor with a big smile on his face apparently. He like many many other people were duped or at least fooled into thinking. It was a done deal I'm Fletcher chairman -- they would wanna be around putting up the word that they missed out on again what. I remember a lot of respect for JP or something is that the last couple years is something pretty big week. He was talking about Edmonton last year were up it's not a team that's gonna. Hold and keep -- -- -- -- high draft picks is that there's this seventy tried to lose every year. In the meantime demonstrated -- a much better shape the next 510 years ago I grew ever been -- a won a playoff series since they lost their Stanley Cup the Tampa Bay in 2004. Haven't won a playoff series since that other -- that dreadful organization. And so yeah I really can't wait to see the the behind the scenes reporting on what really what happened how angry really is and what piece of perjury local. At the other end of the efficiency spectrum we have the Pittsburgh Penguins in in your estimation -- across would you say this is not a desperate. Window of opportunity closing and they're trying to eke out one cup this is more about shoring up around to record their foundation to make your run at a dynasty. Yeah they had -- preview this summer they were really wanted to give or Ryan -- the two big created Minnesota got both of them and how they won seven games and -- they really thought there -- gonna get career day. To triple play with prosecuted he didn't get it. They didn't panic and go out and just spend that money somewhere else they waited. So they can add Brendan morrow injure him again lie and and ever could have and they're both -- -- and so that's why they have this cap situation anyways cap situation better now obviously the Brooklyn about them. But you know. Multiple players they can -- so. I think the other they just took advantage of bad -- people want to come to Pittsburgh rapidly to create into the number one Stanley Cup more thorough and again look to captains. And it's just worked out well that's not as Sidney Crosby back the best player in the league. If surely feels burned and doesn't do anything between now and Wednesday at 3 o'clock -- Bruin team as currently constituted. Win the Stanley Cup or is that a longshot at best. It is I think we have a longer shot because of the defense situation right now all we saw last -- they can score and -- -- played great against Montreal wonder what reason why he's producing because he's the best skater he's so fast there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get there and certainly they can beat Montreal they've done very well against them except for the last two and that comes up against Pittsburgh. And I still think they're gonna do something and they're gonna have a significant player between now and next Wednesday that grew into -- Saint Louis -- like Pakistan don't see that would -- implode the big type of freeagent nasty mean guy. Some them here and I think we're gonna focus or its speed early states they should. And and I wonder you're -- betrayed it's possible now with Albert project will meet Drucker what happened last night -- -- really did or again if there was -- -- luck. And the Bruins -- okay this is all Jerome there was an -- and then maybe they can -- they get a deal maybe project home Easter I think -- You're right back. A big big questions to someone lied on the mile limit if someone -- in nearly assure only do they feel right burned. That's the question then again if -- Calgary maybe they did but if they can commend them -- -- -- -- he wanted to go play with Crosby in Pittsburgh and maybe they can do this thing -- someone like -- -- Dan Boyle that this senate they -- 200 great power play well but obviously the Bruins could really use especially at home. In the great power play quarterback Israel now assistant -- the worst off. Home power play percentage in the NHL. They judge you look at Tuukka Rask he's evident terrific year statistically. Do you look at them only we have a caller earlier ask if we've seen instead -- steal any games are sort of a lot of hope. Is Rask -- enough. Are not doesn't have to -- Tim Thomas in 2011 but is he good enough to carry this team to. The attempted to not stop this team from going in the same Stanley Cup finals. You know I certainly believe that talent he's you know you a great cued up goalie which is to wait a great way to there have been. As a way to show someone skill. -- -- obviously -- nut -- -- fuel freak out after a lot of food policy that's nice to develop all it was a little bit of a nut job. So -- but overall I think I believe in this -- do and I think they can win. With him bomb in the they gonna come down the team's speed claim payment in Montreal march oh really faster at times last -- for the Bruins finally woke up. But some overall I think the Bruins are fine I do think you'll make betrayed here. To -- shake things up. And hopefully you know they give me La Lucci and everybody cook in one direction -- right now they're they're definitely disjointed. And the straight you wonder what effect will have on the team being I think the -- spot they had a the field over the last couple of days that you once said that they probably -- I think it would allow that infusion could no player in the NHL right now. There's more respect if this is a lot like report they went to Colorado and they there when the first time -- came back the next year then they want. I wonder -- what would do the same kind of thing of the payment come up short of the one year to year deal. But he's got his back trying to recover respect it would have been a huge acquisition. To get him but he provides inspiration no other player in the league. Can provide when you add him to your team hard you know win one for him no one come close to the respect to begin. How close were you to reporting and as a done deal the Boston. We reported that -- reportedly Aaron -- -- out bad information so once he did that. And that we we went GSM reporting that. -- -- coming to Boston and then Bob can be put up the pieces that looked like warm place somewhere rumored all night long from the college Calgary press box. To the bottom Brett sparks. And so this is an all timer yeah I -- -- the -- that I can't remember enjoy history when a player of this impact future hall of Famer. Was all set to come to achieve -- -- original six team like the Bruins. And the whole hockey wrote -- a common. And then it didn't happen in the multi -- goes to another up and coming out of organization like the penguins. On it just under its going to be a huge day obviously Canada and the hockey world. Hey John if you're Peter surely you kick the tires -- -- No I guess I don't think he can keep up with the speed beyond our power play but it is big but on the wall. And maybe create some power placed -- I guess because some value there but again the speed of the game is so fast now. I just wonder if you can keep up bumper especially come playoff time to try to beat the penguins and the Canadians. They suddenly kicked around till the last couple of days are you OK with the shootout to -- an overtime or would you have an alternative ideally in the in the recesses of which you Ross's mind ended a different way. I'll probably go free on three for five minutes or take the form four to ten minutes I like dish you up because it televise as well in the casual fan blogs that. On the and it's been patent people never stripped down to -- -- like I can shoot out here if you can sit down there and fight or 2000. I think -- the goalies like to settle at. That's trying to go -- though we we we signed Brent Johnson. Or bring him back at our back -- -- it pays ball mr. going to be traded somewhere. I really think he would because. He's thinking of making -- it'll get way more for -- -- they won't get from again last. So get like a good prospect and number one pick not third liners. Which the other penguins traded to get them out today and that draft pick that will be the thirty you know thirtieth overall a twenty ninth overall. We're -- payment record finish up better ourselves I think they can get a number one another number one -- are trying to accumulate. Home and get terrible so they get a proper or three really good players somehow the draft issue one be the top -- -- the NHL draft two great senators and Seth Jones Popeye Jones son. But basketball player be a great defenseman. So you wanna be the third were one of the three worst teams in the league so that's what a -- yet so yeah I think both mr. would get them on number one and -- better prospects -- they cut. Armadillo does he have like everyone else in the league no trade. A good question that charge your -- out on top of my head. I would think no he came from the Panthers. But he certainly might but he's the kind of guy who DiPietro played a playoff game not only an NHL career. In his junior career -- you played a playoff game since twelfth grade all stars and medicine hat there weren't XP's hope this little guy who would go anywhere to get a playoff game. They John finally out what to -- our murders had on and settle something for are you willing to do that. We -- some member of this radio program. Bought some pistachio nut to Stop & Shop. They were unsalted. And he won assaulted when he got home he realized he purchased the wrong bag. I went back it was going to exchange them but the lion at the convenience counter it was like ten deep. And rather than go to the line and exchange them through channels you went to the pistachio display and put the unopened bag of unsalted down and took an equal value same price of the salted and left the store -- I -- one thing the guy who did that makes like a million bucks a year. Doug good thing bad thing illegal shoplifting OK in your book what do you say arbiter. I think it may edit popularly textbook so convenient store shopping yes it clearly okay. -- -- -- -- He's at the same that that same immoral street. If you know that's I didn't wanna step delighted to convene his Gunner for twenty minutes from bagged pistachios -- just put one back and took the other woman wanted. Not value exactly although somebody did say they have surveillance video -- -- Stop & Shop grab my nuts -- it just so. Just just say you know John before you go we looked it up. Of course -- Ballmer eastern does have a no trade he signed for next season and -- bid of six point 68 million. And includes and no trade deal he would have to approve of any trade. Diego but he would approve a trade Abbas and I am sure of that and -- -- some of the public interest he likes him. I would be a big you do what you got -- power play quarterback where they really could use. On what they get a great skating defenseman looked good side he's he's he's you know he's not a soft clearly not a ferocious player but again I think it would be a -- set for the Bruins. Com and maybe use some help up front but the veteran presence. That there really got to interject this team and give them maybe some direction upfront charming he does -- the -- -- but it didn't attend games let's keep kind of loses some of that so. For those young player domestic ignored Tim I mean Lucic each important he's adopted him he's the player they wanted to be when they are fourteen years old Hollywood and -- and with some so this really scripts. They give us give our condolences to everybody down their Bristol I know it's tough stuff. Drop out. We're worried are you are strong are you crying yet he's crying he's here and up Michael Kelly's here enough they build me another street just just to sway just hang in there. I went to Winnipeg jets there tonight I -- don't -- hero he's our hockey friends of ESPN's John Richie Ross always a pleasure catching up the John thanks for the time this morning. Your voice JB from ESPN on the AT&T hotline with the NC.

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