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Brandon Bass with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell post-win

Mar 27, 2013|

Celtics win in dramatic fashion with a buzzer-beater from Jeff Green. Brandon Bass had a season high 22 points and joined Grande & Max just after the final call.

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We'll be talking about this one for a while a fourteen point fourth quarter comeback for the Celtics in 9392. Buzzer beating win on the drive bucket. By Jeff Green but -- and -- gave his one like this there are a variety of heroes and particularly on defense and that's a big night for Brandon -- joins us here at. What was the mood like you had a lot of these games on the road Indiana Utah. In the fourth quarter when you got down by fourteen what was going on -- And they -- just unified. You know we just believe that we can get it went. -- think you saw which team has become quite get the win the defense really picked up in -- -- for the debate. The other defense of adjustments. Yeah we definitely did. You know really -- and does it could you know we know that they'll rebound and that it -- schools now. Without Kevin Garnett you're out there defensively people watching on TV even listening to us. What is the biggest difference communication wise when that voice is not there. Well we we can't is that you know. You know be applicable myself. -- talks much of that -- noted that my teammate because. No Kevin did -- do a lot of talking about different anyway I can't. That that is so -- This thing Brandon Bass who always -- -- -- apparently. Nobody can -- Tokyo guarding him nobody. I don't I don't. I won't give -- the Rhoden is Kevin showed. How much. Are you -- guys in the locker room thinking now. The postseason. Think about this -- -- thinking about this final stretch of team and we're you want it or not playing well or eight. Was the opportunity to move up -- Well -- we've basically taken one game at what we had playoffs and back on Google. We just want to continue to grow as as a team and you know -- -- to find did you wouldn't go into the playoffs and try to be successful. How can you find your identity by -- the players. I -- that by almost like it's the Duke Team everything looked -- you guys up in the due to sales because I look at that you and look at it Jeff. You -- learning different positions everybody. Yeah I just think that. It does make dog. Jabbed it that much of ought to put on. On -- world we -- didn't need to try to figure it out. Not jobs part of the flight back home -- easier tonight when he -- for Brandon bass and a buzzer beating win for the Celtics joint. --

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