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Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley

Mar 27, 2013|

We talk all things Bruins with the man, the legend, the play-by-play guy, Jack Edwards.

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-- know all the million the end. And I -- -- we're doing -- -- -- -- way too much like supporting and none at all hours. Others there were -- man has come -- often a side. -- whereas today if you get hyped up oil we do a baby that's right like it. Dot -- how much much -- -- in your life. I might take him he's got -- and well I limped through college when it Republicans passed the Spanish -- I told Michael -- -- no just the French to make the girls think that I know French. That's only really need that I saw that her -- -- -- turned French wrap this morning by the way Charlie was out nicely auditioning for a voice over day to be. The voice of Massachusetts tourism in the to back tonight I'm going right after the flies over approximate fragile they -- -- sound right there was a guy. I would know it's -- about that no it's pretty good. Support thank you aren't a second opinion on that third hole are gonna like it out that -- jacket jacket -- -- well I don't know I'm looking for a another opinion do you speak French. No I guess it to a Thelma wife is fluent or your wife as well. So so having saucy what you need to do is say. -- and holly will be joined at this hour by -- great jacket -- in French please go. So. Yeah I. Greta there working in the Bullock's work let's say quickly that Jack Edwards is brought you by Brandon smoke shop Boston private bank. And by the city -- -- credit union -- good to have you here and I do wanna dig -- to there's a lot of Bruins stuff going from between Canadians in town tonight -- juggling the lines and then on juggling the lines the other night. The the Bruins claiming someone off waivers today what it means and why it's at David -- she. A lot going on we wanna ask you about all of it quickly though because we we started talking to Red Sox. And we know you're a Jack of all trades -- -- -- -- original and you like that if -- -- -- back to -- of sorts. It's I know you like the big words I figured. And that's -- Davis was the last when he it was calm equanimity. And I Edward M equity unit Ecuador which I didn't time I -- that thank you for -- we got a lot of people on the line and who got all excited when we started talking Red Sox with John Lackey. Being in the fifth starter Jon Lester in the in the number one spot. What do you make what do you make of this Red Sox teams heading into the year. I'm gonna wait you know I I'm bomb I'm really not big on predictions because right now the world view for the last ten years or so has been NHL and it's difficult the FHL mixing just wrong all the time and not. So maybe have taken a little lesson -- that and I'm gonna wait about two or three weeks certainly. On paper doesn't look like the Red Sox are gonna compete for division title and they'll be hard pressed again into the playoffs but. Now you know pay him a chance that's why they played against right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No Derek Jeter in the series. I don't I get excited about the way this season could start give these guys in confidence and who knows Brandt is in Chicopee high. Take our first long been a growing number let me start by saying we keep your calorie -- I'm sorry you can't pick your parents. You know -- pay would you go to Vegas you root for the house. -- who when you go to Vegas do you root for the house. All right at -- that it figures. Having said that there at army -- here I then. Discussed at this are looking at them Nazis and -- -- moves -- I think yankees -- tool. And you're seeing part of that now with the injuries without your medical really cute guys. You know to the rest arch appropriate note the first series and he. The Red Sox are people at the argument. The majority of puberty in Iraq interpret -- should do very well I think it will be competing for the division title this year. -- like everybody will I like to hold a vigil will compete for the division title. Especially with a pitch him in practice that's the thing is that while we focus so much on Jackie Bradley junior year guy Michael -- you like how many names he's got Jeff wolf always been focused on him there's been very little focus on the fact that this pitching staff could be top notch. What could be -- mean in spring training ticket for what it's worth. We we make spring training -- something we're talking like Jackie Bradley. Sales of -- doing the spring he deserves to be on the team. Then on the flip side if you look at the Red Sox pitching staff and say. They have led the major leagues in ERA in spring training in and led the major leagues and whip in spring training we say well it just the spring what do you expect. They have done well. In Florida what does it mean for the start of the -- I don't know was look I'll tell you what what it means. Florida's grapefruit. Arizona's cactus. They played those games just for practice following you know doesn't Iraq Michael. It doesn't it doesn't matter not thing not thing that happens until opening day matters nothing and and baseball. And hockey probably have the two bulls useless three seasons in terms of gauging what the teams actually got -- go back and look at this spring training leaders from past years and see if they never lineup with a playoff team. You know what that's edited it's a great PR stunt well by the state of Florida I'll tell you that might give it full market that's -- cable television is fully bought it. Well that's a good transition. Because I don't wanna ask you about -- they got asked this before. About the Bruins and their lack of training camp that it means nothing. Has it affected the Bruins this year because they had a week which is -- which means -- a couple of days because I think the first game -- the gets the Rangers. Yeah -- -- those days they're preparing for the Rangers and not just doing drills. Generic ever agreeing drills for the season. Right well I I think there is of value to training camp I don't think there's any value in putting stock in pre season results. I think that those those training camp days when a coach Mike pour out of -- in Washington is trying to put in a new system. Are extraordinarily valuable one Claude Julien finds that one of his guys wasn't anywhere near at the score on his fitness test that he wanted. And he's got two weeks to get the guy into game shape those are extraordinarily valuable -- -- guy. Well we we've heard few things about number seventeen not being in exactly tip top shape brighten and may be. Maybe maybe it's happening on a second wave here maybe I don't know that there's a lot there's a lot going on in his life. And you know he's -- responded a couple of times tonight he's going to be. A real telltale for a formula -- -- and it pains me to say it but NBC sports network made it three for three with -- Canadians games it's errors tonight. But they'll be -- a week from what Friday yourself. -- -- -- natural maybe it's a week from Saturday. Wanna come back to Dellucci thing because he he's been in the cross hairs all this week the Bruins did make a move though today they bring in Casper is doc documents the documents from Ottawa. Now Bruins fans remember him if they remember him at all for the unusual and creative. Shoot -- goal attempt a couple of weeks ago we put the toe and stay on the told the stick on the puck in and and skated in tried the little move with the Toma now at the time David crate she said it. I would like it if someone on my team -- does that mean that. I don't think it's got a very realistic chance of working or I don't think it's respecting the game and I don't -- As a little bit hot dog move that was -- take on on how the Bruins were reacting to it. But you know we tried it and that's just that a lot of players have issues with deciding standings points on stuff like that. As somebody who watches the game and and you know I've watched it since the stone age when guys -- -- think about -- now let's. It it annoys me title like this at the principle of the -- I think there's such a good thing is such a thing as a good tie. But I you know I realize I'm in a distinct minority there I understand that we're never going back to tie games OK we can do both I think we can appreciate -- high and not have a problem with the -- yeah well yeah. Are you out that you can devote its I am I I I would I would prefer them to still have ties but I don't mind they should let them bother me it would have been nice Ian. Although it'll never happen because it puts too much pressure on star players but it would have been nice to see. In all after five minutes of four on four C four minutes at three on three or you know that -- Three and three you're -- seagulls I said they should do that is that's that they should do soccer they should just keep removing players from the from the field. And Sox are they gonna wanna join comes a wanna I wanna eventually somebody's gonna say about zealot Stuart. Let's talk about seventeen again because he had a big change the other night he's moved the third line and then. When the game was ready to be decided he was back where he normally was. What do you think the purpose was of that move was it just to shake him up. And also we've talked a lot about him. This year and in previous years. Maybe because people expect them to be Cam -- Who do you think this guy is so what was the purpose of the move in who easy if you had to just identify what kind of player on the teaches what would you say. Up to date with what's happened this season is he's having an off season. This is not a great season for Milan Lucic it's still could be an axle one it's it's certainly isn't a great season. But at the same time he's part of the core. I don't know for sure that he's on an untouchable list but he if he isn't he's pretty darn close to it. Because. When he is on his game what he's moving his feet. He dominates the wing and there is not a defenseman in the NHL including Shea Weber who's a pretty rough and tough guy and an almost won the Norris last year. Who doesn't look over his shoulder and say old belief. Theory comes because he just shakes people up the guy hits like a trained. He hits cleanly by the way you know everybody talks about the hit on Ryan Miller. And a player in the NHL not a liberal ones. Who plays a pretty robust style of of hockey. Said to us after that hit he said you know go back and look at it he went body across body if he wanted Ryan Miller dead Ryan Miller. Would be -- you bring up the feet Dolan and the -- is always -- -- you when you talk about his conditioning when you talk about the game he plays it's always about the -- quote Julianne. Asked specifically about his beat the other day said this -- has been. You know what you climates all the voters -- -- his feet. Her moving and when he uses speed and him not just on the golden couple other times are you really took. That property outside and tried to cut back in and you know either he's gonna get those chances are he's gonna. -- with our place force by. Getting them to drag him down but he's big he's strong when he uses he certainly that much better for player. How do you get him to use this the image that that is the million dollar question -- five or six million dollar question -- Milan Lucic because we know it's got the talent. -- and I heard people say it's unfair to compare him to Cam Neely I don't think it's unfair he doesn't need to beat him nearly. In order to warn comparisons to became -- -- life and that's fine so how'd -- get him to be like that all the time that's the frustration here's today's trial balloon. And this is just sort of connecting some dots and thrown -- pieces spaghetti against the free agency of its decks. He came into camp not in the best shape he had a really good start first half dozen games or so. But then the schedule piling up as it does even though the Bruins had a rather -- schedule it was still more intense than it usually use. Denny had a drop off. Maybe this is the belts maybe now. He's finally accumulated enough fitness that he's ready to go again and what that juggling of the lines did to get back to your question Michael. It did two things that was a team that. From top to bottom all. Well least the top nine forwards needed to get shaken up need to try some different combinations they start being creative. In different ways through the system is reported out on the telecast when you have new line -- you don't do sell the brand new you go back to the system but then you see creativity -- it because you have different guys at different attributes. And the other thing was yeah it got his attention because if he stuck on the third line he's looking for. Maybe five fewer minutes -- night. That's pretty significant for a guy making money he is. Holding himself to the standard that he does and by the way you know it's not like Milan which each is complacent about this season. He's not happy about his production either by. Isn't easy answer to that Jack I'm sorry you're not happy about your production which show up to camp on time -- there are in shape and we don't have his commerce but I mean it's fine to be unhappy about it later what you -- done the work previously it doesn't get off but here you gotta -- what's happened okay. Brand new father got married last year. They -- collective bargaining agreement. Team what it's nine days before they start playing guess -- I understand they're trying to understand this is our panel back in ninety seconds more Jack Edwards is in all our -- the Bruins talked before the Canadians game 730 tonight talk and holly W yet. Every time we talked you Jack something else is revealed. I feel like here you're reviewing yourself layer by layer all. -- onion on this on this I got here like union which is always -- -- -- -- Illinois horse if you -- chuckle. They rip Boston know like a weaker to a allies aren't they love you little Bostonians pretend that they live in a real world city get. So people are mad at you for cutting off Jack Edwards as he was making its cutting off anybody on -- on eighteen detects an irrelevant place so they want and what you don't cut -- Jack Jack was making a point about. On the law and the new father and there's some things and you guys going back -- -- -- become -- in shape that's accused say indexes there's more of the story. Maybe more maybe there's a bounce maybe maybe we're seeing the bounce but he did tonight we're gonna find out you know tonight's tonight's and I were gonna find out you know you think about. What happens in -- Bruins Canadians games and there are so many layers to it to -- continuing with the the onion analogy but. You know that the -- are ready incident which was just one of those weird unpredictable final few seconds of a period type of thing. There was a time that mile -- teach changed Mike commissar X career. Her trajectory I said they should sign him. Commissar SI commerce Erica have a -- a -- need to dress for you just don't lose your feet that's just get -- chipset ramp up every day you know -- the Clinton probably cause Acosta for half million a year he's he's evil may -- if you get the best that a mile and a -- tell me that's not worth four and a half million -- Our senators and a brand -- million dollars for one guy -- it's a really really matter Milan Lucic that you might actually get Cam Neely. Now another Texas is that the problem with -- to to elect people on seventeen that's facts on the silica they called -- to be -- has his teammate. Former and current -- well. At what price. So is -- -- -- -- -- -- twelve at that yet. But he's a real good about seventeen the problem with seventeen that's got to I think you ski Crowder is out of their noted about -- Arthur he's not a very good skater -- in the current receipt teach him that -- David Avery. Seventeen did you -- maybe even late seventies -- privacy is a good skater Lucic. He's a very powerful skater he's not he's not Rick Nash. Is Rick Nash is a powerful skater who can make wicked cutbacks. Lou teach he skates like a train -- -- he gets it going. Get out of his way not incredibly maneuverable but you know playing the position he plays. Peaking power to the net and when he gets it going on the wing. If he sets that edge -- leans in with his inside shoulder you're not gonna stop him from getting to the polls. And that's what makes him such a dynamic player and when he plays with that intensity and when he barrels down that wing. And he's on the tracks that's -- he's one of the -- wings in the national hockey. So I guess the question is are we talking about what the problem with him are we talking about focus. Or being out of shape because I would take. Focus -- like focusing comeback. Being out of shape that is a season long especially in this type of season out of this season long fight for him or anybody. That's my speculation and I could be off on this but that's that's my speculation that apple we're seeing now is the bounce that. He went through the period of like feeling like. God I wish it weren't in training camp right now workers. It'll all athletes no matter how hard they train they go through that period in training camp where they just feel like their legs are either made -- a letter cotton and neither one's gonna do many good. And and Lucic has. Had a couple of games in the last. Ten days that have been that's the old -- each now if you can bring it tonight. And continue to bring it over the next. 34 games will know that he's back and you know it could be -- chicken and egg thing with the focus in the Vizquel but. You know we know the obvious symptom when he strike when the feeder moving where he's generating speed that's a -- the Bruins need Jack get -- to this all this hour. The AT&T -- line now filling up with people trying to come up with the old number seventeen for the Bruins not surprisingly -- mark ports name comes -- -- forest and fields name come up so. Are you seeing more more number seventeens. -- appears that's all like it could quite like that protectors of six. -- is like Jeff Green. Lucic in existence which -- plays like Dave Reid if he plays like -- really doesn't plan all game. But there. The the other thing is we've talked about Lucci to -- and also talked about some of the cap flexibility that's been going on. All season the right Greta penetrated Thomas the islanders which at all mimic all the space they have -- seven million dollars to play with a with a candidate. Do you think yeah armor yarder has anything left. I'm shocked guests on the whole gulf so she definitely has had 41 yeah the but but but here's here's the pragmatic problem with acquiring -- He's a moody guy and he wants to play a lot I mean he wants to play. Big minutes and maybe he wants to play. Big minutes situations that -- Julian would not be comfortable with him playing and then you run the risk of him -- He's definitely get a fix your proper plan in the -- of brilliant. Brilliant puck handler super strong in the -- he's he's a tremendously gifted passer he's gonna be in the hall of fame. Based on his attack -- talent that's only gonna help the Boston Bruins the question is can they get him in a rotation. That fits include Julian system. And keeps him. Happy to regarding -- top two line. Job of of the way it the way you kindly prepares himself the way he sees himself. The question is is he include Julian -- the system I would think Iginla is I would think Martin Saint Louis is right well those guys -- would feed into being top six forward -- an enclosed system but then the question becomes who falls out of that top six rotation. Mean who who who -- the top six now. Are you gonna drop down to a third line it's no one on the second line one of Bryant and wonderful problem -- it would. The to have but but the immediate pressure zone and it go away and or -- is where the media at UC Nathan Horton playing and checking line. I'm not I don't see how that works. You know what if if the if the option is. Checking line scratch or first line maybe that's how you get the most out of a guy and and one thing. You know it's interesting because you look at the way Pittsburgh's constructed that team has an unbelievable top six and a really really good. First defensive pair and the rest of the guys. You can run through the laundry. They're desperate to play on Sidney Crosby's team they will work as hard as they can -- stand files -- there won't go back to Wilkes bare or to be waived. Because that's the way they've constructed their team and over the years -- Cheryl has generated so much institutional depth. He is stocked will spare with guys who have gotten NHL experience made -- hasn't been more than ten or fifteen games but they've played in front of scouts against NHL talent. And you know most of them looked pretty good. That gives. -- Cheryl so many ships when he goes to the table that he can we'll all kinds of guys who were labeled his prospects that. -- look at it as planned -- like this guy's got to play for us for three years and who knows where will be three years from now so I can go out and get a guy like Brenden Morrow and and trade highly regarded prospect like actual moral because Joseph Boras not cracked a lot up he's not threatening anybody. So you know if the Bruins can acquire a guy. Who puts dated -- pressure on the top six forwards that's only good. That's only good because you're fighting to keep your job in the case of a guy like Horton who's in his on restricted free agent walk year. That's really really good because the Bruins don't have that thirteenth forward who can plug in and knock the whole lineup -- With his production. Not just with his symbolic presence. Lot of thoughtful textures in the -- -- fire a couple of simply Orton sucks it's awful and then another one says is only one number seventeen -- -- Jonathan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What will it take. The muscle. And if you have an opportunity to acquired momentum. Even at this age and a couple of seasons ago guys was over forty goals. He plays eight games every year for the last five years. What does it take to acquire I pod be on board forgetting them but. Is it do you believe Calgary when they say. Commodity top prospect and beat prospect in the player up your roster that seemed a little unreasonable or aren't. -- or first yet for a guy who's going to be on received free agent. Yeah but I've. Would think that the presumption from Calgary after after all -- -- issued his list of four and the four war LA which won it last year the Bruins who won it. Two years ago Chicago will put -- three years ago at Pittsburgh who wondered for years ago. And right now look like a team that could win it again. It it sure looks as if for -- positioning himself. That if he approves a trade it's going to be a team that's interested in him for another couple years he's making I think six million a year on the cap right now. It's a hefty hit. Meester is gonna want something significant in return. We've all read the reports that it could be a first rounder a primary prospect and a secondary prospect. And they need a goalie -- interprets office start to look really fragile. You give up Malcolm soup -- that's slot you joked yes OK why. What is it appears I can always find a goal. Because the prospect how many years you've got two goalies right now both. Both -- going to be free agents got infected -- are airstrip around a little leverage and and -- Dalton. He's on restricted. Right so you're looking at it looking at a 90s19 years old right. Who welcomes who yeah right. What we -- best case scenario two years three years. Well. -- -- here's what you think reform it yeah. Personally don't count on totaled goalies under the age of 24 okay well that's not my eyes light up prospect a nineteen year old prospect for a short thing and you are still in Europe. Championship window you bring in Jarome Iginla. Just think about what that does for your team especially if you're just giving up a prospect even a prospect and a eight draft -- I know Jack Jack's got a way to get this -- he's been thinking about it he's he's been using that -- big brain. Usually filled with a big vocabulary words as a strategy. To bring Jerome McGinley here for reasonable price I wanna know what that is a tough yeah Jack Edwards some of assault and -- so he -- All admit there's not as much room and here is their needs to be -- mean it's called Michael to me and you and we take up the amount of space we take -- Jack Edwards. Takes up his space but he also has the Stanley Cup ring which is taking up most of the rest -- impressive. Almost toppled Vladimir Putin and he showed it to me and I thought I was gonna -- I was tempted to walk. Away with a nice to have. Not that I did. Anything to deserve it but it -- a very very generous -- by it looks different rates it's a great rain it's taking up most of the space and make sure it's good to have it on nice that Canadians games ING -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are they want to trade away from winning another one. I'd say they are too personal moves away from winning another one not comfortable going into the playoffs with fewer than seven year. Yes seven defenseman who definitely can play an eight who might be able. Heidi how do you get -- how do you get the guy you need to hear that we could talk about a a puck moving defenseman because it would not be this time of year Boston without discussing a puck moving defenseman but start with -- -- -- do you get a -- hear. For your price and not Calgary for a I. If firing the GM I would give I would give. Who's playing for the Providence Bruins on number one and something. Else that's bought smaller and negotiable. Like third round pick for second your prospects for guys at the bottom of the Providence roster. EC HL guys -- -- potentially. But not. You know I I don't go Malcolm's who bunt and one and prospect it might be an interesting ploy that Peter -- doing by saying. That -- -- bond is untouchable it and I you know. Obviously Shirley in -- So this is speculation too but may -- he says I'm not gonna trade Malcolm suit on knowing the -- features getting that right away. And maybe that Knox and other component of the trade out so instead of being sue bond and -- one. And a secondary prospect maybe become soup on a secondary prospect in the pros keep the war because he's you know he's set on knocking it trades to bond. Andy talks and down in a different area you know what Richard it's a hockey over. Guess I can get -- it makes perfect sense because it's part poker and it's part chestnut and at times that they need to use us. They'll use us to get what they really need and I think a lot of people understand have a lot of texture in the eighteen detect -- that. Well surely came out earlier today in cities -- ratings to -- so why not talk about it what you believe everything that every executive. And every coach says in sport to get to and talk about anything but. That the situation changes and maybe he said it because he legitimately want to hold on to the camera or maybe he said it to send a message. To Calgary who knows but it's all it's all very interesting now you'd said before the break. Use seem to be. I don't know I would go. Idol let him go -- and go he's a brilliant athlete he hasn't had that tech yes suppan he hasn't had. Naturally this really was a good athlete but not the play for are going to be good debater brilliant executive but I wasn't -- an -- an economics major Harvard -- lawyers -- you know put two and two together god knows how to put together plants have been doing this and all -- about and I. Right they're ready and Eric Eric -- are yet. -- -- it's a brilliant athlete who hasn't had a ton of technical training. And if you look at what Bob -- it did for Tim Thomas who turned Tim Thomas from a wild man who often would end up in the bottom of the circle. While the opponent was putting the -- In the open goal to a guy who won two -- -- in three years. A little bit of that had to do with the coaching okay. You know activities a fabulous athlete. And you know nobody wanted it more and maybe nobody still wants that more than than Tim Thomas. But coaching -- open to do with it and I am very eager to see what Malcolm suit on would do with Bob -- Whispering in his year a little bit for a few years and you know when he becomes physically mature. If you combine the kind of athletics is in that he brings his explosive. Pulls the pulls moves and a little bit that really good coaching this guy could be a franchise goalie and you could have I mean you could have -- soup line. Hamilton just entering his prime and -- at the top of his game you've already turned over the roster and you're still in the Stanley Cup winning window. That's impressive and -- and I believe. That that's what the Bruins saw when -- was still on the board when they picked the guy would argue there about 600 guys who -- more than Tim Thomas because they're electing to play this year in the NHL where he is not electing the thing about this thing about this the lockout was on so right away Thomas knows. That beyond any escrow that he's giving up. On huge percentage. Of the raw amount of salary he's cut down to three million for this year which would probably turned into about what one point two when the Astros counted in and all that. Instead throwing our guys don't show up body shape that the islanders can't picture he's gonna make three million. Robert -- not talk about who wants to make three million dollars -- who wants all c'mon now he wants it more about their play hockey c'mon now like you obviously obviously he's got to take a break he's got to get your way back -- -- important to me you're wired those guys doing that if -- water polo championship it helps you play the game is just him I don't think that's confusing thing. How the story has stance changed on Tim Thomas Tim Thomas. It it was it was incredible what he did you know assuming you'll never seen anything like regular I'm not knocking however you like I might blocking anything job you know what. I think all saying that if you want to Holler at you have to play how it's saying how -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How why are you asking him because he took a year off a -- of his career came back and won at least one more cup. Took Euro I guess that is not something that -- make sense to what you like about all wondered why don't we. Stick your cup cup. And it. I'm saying right now if Tim Thomas wanted to Winnie the planet and ourselves it's very -- if you wanna when he got to play the games could abject Edwards here you when he puts me in my plane brought to vibrant and smoke shop -- the private bank. And by the city of -- credit union. I'm happy to be put in my place on July mask amassed a goal -- -- to have to see the world through my bill thank you and -- really terrible that. Well -- I was doing differs for ESPN and -- toxic was absolutely at the peak of his game in his Hart trophy winning days. And and I ignored the opponent and -- I've watched. Hot -- and I actually tracked how many goals he gave up in the pregame warmup. He gave up two goals in the pregame warm guy's face 120 shots in the pregame warm up that's how much that guy won it. If they finally edit check a moderately big in the Czech league league. I think it was last year whether or maybe easier before he kept playing -- he's very excited not just take years aren't you can't play anymore. Or god and god -- care -- -- Barack. A professor can't take a sabbatical. A player can't say. -- this is I need to take a break you think you know I got my -- I guess Michael Joyner Michael Jordan wanted to either he was not a competitor while we can all have a theory about why Michael already complained proposal now it obviously gets it it in picture arguments -- now it's. Shots on our game and a telephone that you have to go during that time Michael Jordan. Didn't wanna during that year all right obviously I didn't want came back and wanted it again don't tell me right now Tim Thomas Campbell -- -- it's public. Tim Thomas is gambling at the end of the world was out of Gary -- -- always wrong you can tell me next year when he comes back that he wants to win a cop and that he's rejuvenated and refocused but right now while he's not playing his goal is not to win a cup guy -- trying to figure out what goalies were thinking along time ago okay that's on orbit and can you find a puck moving defenseman Tim thomas' team -- mark strike I'd taken in a heartbeat. Unbelievable signals are too many guys. Aren't too many guys that that eighty prickly comes away from the morning skate -- More skilled and and he went down this is like two years ago we went down and just locked on to strike at a morning skate. And he came back we always give Africa's space because it's finally you know you're at the philosophers -- when you can see him you know yet ready to make those those cocktail napkin drawings in his head it's like. Okay and he gets open it is -- -- give missed basically brought them up. He came back news just like go right through straits -- watch what does when it comes across the -- -- everybody's going to be. And and you know there's there's a potential problem -- for your power play a guy. You can play top four minutes but ideally is located maybe even -- bottom pair that changes the equation for your whole defense of -- if you can get him away just convince voters they're not indicated. -- About a -- can we -- good news for everybody because we're in good mood today. An assault of the Nikes and a good move I thought -- -- Thomas a great look at regular today we're gonna give away Bruins tickets at 420 stay tuned for twenty Bruins tickets -- You have enough to get both mark strike and at the forward that you need as well the scoring for sure. Why not. What does it take to get strike. Had a picks you know just next yeah islanders are moving to Brooklyn they couldn't care less to move there and and everybody hopes that they moved to conduct before they actually moved to Brooklyn his. That is -- ill suited building Michael's been in the building L lysine is a schematic new -- how to benefit hockey I don't. -- I don't -- it I think it's I think is very small even for basketball. But putting a -- -- it will be maybe. Eat there will be cal like the David ex FL meets our. NH LLC and given years he's given up picks for strikeout what do you have to give up a second round pick. Second and a fourth. And I -- comedies a sec let's say it's a second and a four errors are prost and now you're also going to get you are also -- again you're also gonna trade with Calgary. To bring Niger on the gamma and for that you got to give up a first round paktia and somebody from your Providence duster and -- you're giving up. One of your better prospects -- Providence a first round pick a second round pick from a fourth round pick and another prospect I -- -- two guys who were both 35 plus yet now I'm not saying that that I don't like either of these two trades -- they either one of them by himself couldn't help you. But make -- both. I don't know man that seems like you're giving up a huge chunk of your future do you think what you guys that may not have that much laugh you think the clocks gonna run out. On. Either one of these guys in the next two years. I don't. I don't think Clark's gonna round out natural -- model think the clocks gonna run out mark strike I think they both make you teams significantly better. And why I just hope you're not isn't around next year saying well -- what -- -- this at the trade down 02 that would nominate excellent always give -- don't have an angry as you're always get what your always gonna wanna at a defenseman and if you there's a way to improve your team your always gonna wanna do that and it would Pittsburgh. -- was well -- -- -- still try to improve their team. Oh and and but part of it is you know what do you gotten Providence and other teams -- not a whole lot. So if you can -- some of that OK you know the the effort is to build for future. -- soup on is probably the best hope for battling for the future and Ryan Spooner who's who's had a pretty good year and and -- -- skis starlet pretty comparable -- okay there you got three guys but. He'll be told me that the islanders would take part tells you third rounder for mark strike. Canadians in town 730 tonight what should we expect from this on the last Jack Edwards neck sultan Ali WEEI. I'm gonna -- seriously. We got to hear this before the game tonight rivalry night. At the garden port Jack Edwards doesn't get to do the game -- all dressed up for us tonight he's excited is a lot of energy and Bruins Canadian tonight 730 what do you expect. It's going to be great -- it's going to be great game these two teams are are very well matched for entertaining hockey the Bruins are built big and bad. Montreal is bill. A little bit smaller they've they still can hit you know -- yellen who runs around a little bitten and most of the time he hits pretty clean. They are very quick. That's a problem for the Bruins. It's going to be a lot of chances for both teams and it tempers will flare it may not turn into. Of a brawl but. It's going to be a great game. I'm very much looking forward to being at the game which we were calling the game by the what. Hearing that little theme from the Canadians but true story. The kids pick an away game every year. And now one year was it ended up being a patch ready game actually when they get slammed into the center class but there were driving up to Montreal. And we're driving toward the border and my a younger daughter says it's. Says you know to we speak French in Montreal and. Sixty you know three words of French and she says yes I do blue Blunkett rouge it's like borrowed. Well hurt cut made of equipment. Pretty quick line from the kid that does they would what game they pick this year. If Nashville at that like -- and ran a lot of and then got locked up. Now you know and then they get a second pitchers he's -- it's a major routes often -- I didn't line up with a school schedule. It was gonna be great because I was during school vacation for a my older daughter goes to -- all the -- her -- Arabic taking it I'm I'm all about the heat I would take a Panthers game more or. Coyotes game markings -- every year it's atmosphere though -- -- -- I would take that every now here are now first away game ever attended was in Philadelphia so they got a face full regular without it was awesome -- -- Detroit Chicago. Chicago's a tremendous -- tremendous city and in great fans now that they've come back you know. Those. It it's really been a wonderful franchise -- bounce back. But all the western Canadian cities are great. In terms of atmosphere. But Ottawa and Toronto over -- surprisingly quiet justice almost. Weirdly quiet and I think it's part of the Ontario. Personnel your. Got about a way you do strategist reminded me of our Jack every -- -- here better jacket restricted game -- every time I saw one suggested the other night at all time you say. Ottawa. Tickets quick so we had -- the people tweeting saying this is a great games to our ever heard already -- tour -- first or second period that was a great game about analysts that was a great game because. It wasn't the bruins' best I guess Toronto qualify as one of those games to where it looks like. Where in the ought to watch game like it was going to be a shoot -- go go go to overtime. And then that was the late goal from I think Seidenberg in that moment. And kindness identified -- Aaron Johnson wanted to final hole but he played well crawl everything about -- -- -- -- -- Agassi he's been fine he's been caught up -- a few times it looked like but other than that it looks like he's played very well yeah he's been fun and and I you know I think in one of our previous discussions on the -- week we said. That you know I think defenseman in the NHL's hardest position to play it'll sports and I think Mueller said cornerback in in the NFL. And and the differences is that when your defenseman you'll -- play office. You know you've got to start the attack as -- stop and you get exposed all the time and and that's the thing when we talk about defenseman. You could find instances in which is Zdeno Chara has been turned inside out and the guy on the -- couple years back and gets nominated almost every single years one of the best defenseman. Of his era and it's it's an unbelievably hard position to play. Eric Johnson has been just fine on the third pair and that's why the Bruins picked him up. And net and -- on the job with McQuay hand which are out and if Murkowski shows you play that you pick up another defenseman. Maybe somebody else -- gets into play. Seidenberg for the most part not entirely but this year -- him and Michael I've talked about this a little bit because I am a huge Seidenberg fan. I won't I won't maintain that the game he played in game seven against Tampa few years ago was the best game I've ever seen by a single defenseman in the spotlight that really he was unbelievable Mac game and a great throughout that whole run. But has not quite looked himself -- I've thought this year is some of that covering for his defense of partners at times knowing that he's been with kids along the way. That's got to be a factor this has not been Dennis Seidenberg at his absolute best. But he is a very technical guy and -- -- -- expect from a -- -- -- no he has he's extremely technical. And he works that it all the time and he. He's one of those guys that day you know you'll see him after when you'll say you know game he has and now he's a very fair. -- standards very self critical and that's when I haven't got a lot in there you know while you know they've got -- -- in the guy they've -- they bring in today Catherine stockman is Lothian which of course makes me wonder if you know George and his entire family from Steinfeld are going to be -- Do you want to accent and love -- -- talks to me it's. In this age of uncertainty and a man begins to ask himself certain questions. How can -- even begin to put into words something so. Can you not think. Must you don't Abbas and. Or whatever it is basically you're like the religion. I thought he says why not pay off -- Edwards drinking game got some more stuff dvd. It is defenseman to defenseman I -- yeah that's a good jacket as an idea I started saying that when -- -- was coaching the Bruins and he -- for a little time he says so that has DD. ED DD dangled diagonal that's one drink he also has three p.s that nobody could ever blows a tire down the river as to. Here we go. We go is rock them sock them robot -- then don't poke the bear yeah. At a lot of human at this -- naturally -- you work on those and how do you not work from them and I want a little -- I do not I do not work on the analysts. -- -- of -- -- before a court if it happened balusters that -- at the end of -- series were the pros -- succeed but Jack we're gonna get to hopefully see one more time before the trade deadline but lots still to be done for the Bruins it starts tonight against Montreal see if they can get going in the right direction he got a ton of people on hold wanna grab some calls we will get to those along the way as well but up next great news. Schering jumping up and down jumping jacks excited party in the street news. If you were Red Sox and the -- emirates occidental explain next report more. It is salt Ali thank you jacket to have you here allegedly wanted to be with you. And Montreal again. The strengths. And why it's.

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