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Answer the Question! 3-27-13

Mar 27, 2013|

The new way we end our program... you ask, we answer.

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It's time for answers the question jerk answer the question with soccer and holly is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything. I'll answer that question it's answered the question did. Good questions coming in today 379837. Mikey Adams drop somebody answer questions whether as some might say I don't have any real questions of the moment of my own letting us be happy to shed some light you know him sportsman line -- -- -- you written all over -- your favor remember who. Who want to. You know the reasons that you as a -- dirty bastard inspect the deck you've got. What did you just a scale won't today Greek -- they called tang clan can use want to hang on the radio can say we're doing -- better being able to hide out there right right. People wouldn't know the fight fellow over I've got to be method it's got to be -- TH -- combined. Wouldn't tell me if I felt sorry you didn't method man for his acting job since she's in the wire but. Judges is one thing lyrical skills and -- -- unless it's gonna -- has the voice just that. -- -- -- is Jew zionists could chiseled edges and yet. And blue -- because it just won't change. I just went through everybody in the -- earlier there was that one out Cuba rats a if you really wanna be special go with somebody nobody's gonna -- -- shooting -- all of the go to dead guy. I'm records is that we can -- the need for one line who maybe I don't get nervous and Maria you would like Hitler. She -- as a serious do you like dogs the dogs like you. She is a our -- like -- just. Obama Michael Vick of course technical could collect our you have dogs have dogs as dogs you get a dog's -- into a figure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hundreds of love animals. All that Nancy and then we'll hear whatever you you look at all that with the system okay if that some brits have hallmarks of this course. And I encouraged some there and we're dealing with polio. My human monster. -- dog might be another question Timothy he's -- great Timothy B Schmitt doesn't -- my leg. Get it fixed called. And broadcasters. To college. Oh yeah he's shelty small cup at least forty counties like a pig forty -- -- a fool around not eating at a Medifast Diana give to. Next question how old are you when you lost your region. Her loss did yesterday especially us and us not you're you definitely -- and how are you sure. I sort of -- Have not lost and look forward to that day I was 1717. Utopia. You're hagee paper earlier but well I -- Joseph believe me I was trying. I had no game when did you first unless and I would make it -- ninety what do you are thinking about -- and Richard Levin if you. And sure a -- and that's -- you waited till you're eleven. -- -- -- figure how to afford your elaborate dinner. The tour and it's different I rig bwic Gresham Marianne from the billions and did you. Next question did you feel pressured into -- ever. All the time yes I do. Talking Niagara demonstrates that this is this is irrational. But. Some people out there -- out some people -- -- number -- there's all people out here don't think. That black people trip what this is its mythology it's ridiculous. But I feel this pressure. To represent. African American restaurant absolutely so I don't know if I can understand -- my way to validate the stereotype if just you're definitely ridiculous but I'm still gonna get other. As you can see I'm only -- -- -- the dual missile like people have been doing movies that. No this show Louie Allen Lilly and it's too white people discussing in the black comes over. It's. Could the language is way too harshly to play them it's over now. Knowing that I take it to the next level so a tip you over to tip well over to have so what do you Bennett but I believe what club -- an original thought well it's not only 5% to a chance to 31% so not -- 30% 50% notes like 2225. To -- our product. But then I can leave a note to. I don't pretty good job on number. -- you're gonna start a whole new stereotype nice one. We appreciate it as smiley face as the real question excellent service it's not just do you -- here's where I feel pressured in the -- because at a restaurant obviously wanted to add. Where I feel pressured and chipping is that the counter. Because I don't believe I should have to tip -- -- I go to a Dunkin' Donuts or anywhere where I'm from -- I'm not sitting down and being served by somebody I don't see why I need to tip that technically unit -- -- obligated to. But they looked at that congestion charge I know what you're gonna get enough I don't put anything -- -- I should come and I don't feel like it's my job -- tips for job that is not acceptable job to already almost most of -- -- -- -- free zones and I appreciate that I don't -- tip from going into going on sit down restaurant -- a Starbucks takeout. Star Brett are you an attitude never ever go to one nice restaurant that ordinarily you would tip this and now you know I'll never even will not tip for -- never. No it was deliberate how about a book that all of its deliberate than your tip on the driver popped up about about Craig go. And Kobe -- -- don't believe a couple guys in particular they get your drinks only a couple books but not -- -- Carroll now. But you can feel a little guilty if you don't let -- there's -- thing there that says. And according to cross that out right zero the last thing you feel like a jerk unless the waitress is really -- national -- as -- -- you definitely -- according to the pivotal time for the pocket change next question. Steak and eggs -- eggs Benedict for breakfast. Station takes me an accident at a nordic it eggs Benedict not really had holidays -- operator now stop it really don't know eggs Benedict champion can't Canadian -- holidays I'm not quite so let me let me next well dressed up Canadian bacon started. Guys what cheesy movie are you most embarrassed to enjoy. She's you know John Tucker must die cruel intentions. Field of dreams. That is cheesy it's great that it's really cheesy yeah I want -- -- too great story and he's just got that into you. At least play Texas -- complex. Reported. That's the only reason to watch them sex -- is that he threw were off -- you do ratatouille. Rabbit -- on their achievement. Next question how often should I man's game. How often do you need to. This week we showed you should man's game as often as you need to who says you have to you -- it then of course there's still a lot of time. Ball shaving. That's -- pretty much. Yeah that's what he thought that happens you have to get in there with a razor I just said -- sprinkler -- like well what is the general Eric Lipton. -- -- -- -- There is the theory that it can trim it because they're professors have -- more more work but it doesn't matter if you keep trimming. Again some hairy guy I don't I don't know -- I don't need to know that the under a doctor gonna go there yes. And I was hoping you wouldn't next question please direct your body in -- serious question that Q. Maybe this one all of that one perfectly boxers briefs for come briefs or commando boxers for intestinal great. That you do the box every -- has he added I know Edgar thickened the great my group weapons great biggie smalls line he summed it up perfectly. Back in -- day where docs that you know the reason we knew that she -- right. We can't say it. Boxer briefs. Do you like the -- -- I do. Try to and the girls like the boxer briefs you know the problem of the boxer -- -- a lot of them by this can lead to a whole another debate but a lot of them don't have a whole. A lot of the final -- And then at least the debate then you go through the through the Gator over and over the fans get after the game over the fence through the game -- -- the program. Definitely a better. Over the fence you all over the it's got it's so much faster you don't go through the gates had a gay sex and play the game time you get all kinds of problems and that's what I want -- you -- I agree that you sometimes it's not like doesn't currently equipment -- he just wiggle it around them but they -- we're going to battle. Just over the top -- that's gonna do it for us today well Adams and her next Mike how long shooting happened -- -- -- surety Leucadia. It's and I don't know is that white over the back -- -- After cold swim not to happen. We have to ludicrous the Cleveland -- you know Mike you say how many fifteen -- -- to Torino tomorrow 220 tomorrow to play. Ammo and body and -- thirty said that game doesn't Mike said Michael has said that it doesn't matter so he's already said the Celtics have won by -- country. You have to 220 good -- so -- may go to -- eighteen to look up anything but a couple of great games tonight. Bruins Canadiens farewell to one great game Bruins Canadiens and then. Celtics cavaliers result to a lot of 21 piece at a better when we're gonna have a very awkward conversation with -- what -- -- -- with about 25% -- -- -- forty I guess if they do they do lose this game conversation and Danny -- tomorrow's in the very different I guess for 35 tomorrow we'll talk to Danny -- Mike -- up next herself Ali. Back tomorrow -- -- WEEI.

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