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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 3/27/13

Mar 27, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't tackled during the course of the show. Today's topics: Tim McCarver, Nike's new ad for Tiger and more.

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And OK warranty so can release are forward and we'll learn more hardball four. Fun for me. -- -- Shore oh we've sold continually. And what's really UWU guys want to look at. The pilots are the good news Tim McCarver has announced that this season will be his last in the broadcast Booth. I was waiting for a look at your rent a house liaison and -- pencils when we have how William can we get a alleluia. Here. It's like a Boston version of how William that'll work for me anything we can get that is now Lee is enough for me here careful people -- we're gonna to ask you want us he's always really all the broadcasters are rallying around -- -- no I'm still waiting for the good numerous -- Talking about what's -- good news Tim McCarver has done a good question -- what it's like McCarver the worst MLB broadcaster -- partners. Stop at Joe Buck job talk is fine him out of here we're talking up. Are a pair -- with Joe Buck. Everything Joe Buck is fine Joe Buck was a little annoying when he was younger but he a couple of great calls -- four ALCS. And I got a lot of times. Always go right down we have been. I can -- old fox because fox is always above it all right the fox programming trouble when he saw you -- you -- run into New York have a when he -- seal later tonight. There's not a good job now that was I associated. With the Red Sox for we'll see you later tonight was good as it was farmers the viewers they play the offer of some kind of bothers and it was great and his father with Amanda's father was in credit and it was perfect in the moment Tim McCarver disaster -- -- disaster digital isn't this or that bumbling idiocy on I don't. I don't nightly basis watching always kind of bumbling -- you know I don't know -- the bumbling idiot he's an anomaly only teasing me. Okay bumbling he's a Smart guy it was as if you can watch the game did a Smart guy who's prone to bumbling idiocy yeah. While the home when he got out there and tried to call baseball games the end of his career I think -- -- awful the problem with McCarver is that you prepare so much he's so prepared. That he tries to talk through everything he really talk a lot -- these extra prepared capsule from yes I don't know. I don't think that he tries to get into people's heads this is what he's thinking -- for the curve ball here look for the slider here. A bit different pitching coach you try to talk through all their worst and Tim McCarver now. Another Joseph Morgan's not doing any more now from Jim and Joseph Biden and Obama are two contending teams have good pitching staff. You look overall. -- -- It's. That was a funny person who would you like to see replaced him -- Harold Reynolds of Darryl Reynolds Al Leiter Al Leiter is the first naymick came to my mind buck Martinez. I know buck does a really good job running on -- -- is that tempered this it to recover from a book tardiness. This keeps talking -- talking the talk like he knows what it's gonna you know always taught -- -- -- -- -- Tim -- doesn't always talk Cuba well there you see you got somebody on first base and if they're able to bunt them over he'll be on second base thanks to -- got to reach out offense. Everybody is not the ever -- on hard court Dallara we need to reach out to be -- who've never watch today's gallery Jamal come on you don't need to reach every single person Tim McCarver. I will not miss. Who world remembers the carvers call -- Pedro Martinez Don Zimmer fight brutal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Instead of merely sidestepping them and give them a little Lola. Let -- subject six states the New England states in 44 states with the benefit of hindsight. You look at Pedro vs Don Zimmer without the Red Sox wins. In you know we think it stayed active. Major -- Going after or getting into it with a seven in twelve year old man is that in our car and -- -- what happened. Who will correct and I'll come back to this question I don't know. -- Tiger Woods Nike ad claims that quote winning takes care of everything does winning in fact take care of everything. To -- -- how -- -- everything sort of how can take your I would -- -- so literally you're like you're pissed off about the my little -- that -- a -- like economic I want you railing about and I'm gonna start a campaign -- night they come -- whether speaking of campaigns that's what they do to come up with catch -- become public things that. Are memorable you don't think it sends a lousy message that winning takes care of everything no matter how many times -- -- -- my wife doesn't matter how many so gummy things I did it seems sixteen as long as I -- and it takes care of everything the only thing that matters. I don't know man they've probably -- been -- a lousy message if they -- if the campaign had come out right around the time we're talking about Tiger Woods being hit by eland. And the press conference and all the struggles but because I made a couple years all that stuff goes away I think I think it changes that you and he changed the perception shore. -- -- -- Much so that changes everything if he. If she takes her name off of it. In -- called refund should just stop with just stop calling every number I'm OK after all go through the rest of that article the other girls are the -- -- -- This one Michael I'm not railing I'm not -- like campaign against Nike because of it but it does feel kind of lame. Just ultimately tiger or no just not just because it's tiger just because. It sounds like pretty lousy message of it doesn't matter what you do as long as three years later you start winning. Well let the -- because advertisements Nike that's just do it. That's whatever how -- of how will just make advertising that doesn't reflect back on what he's already. Don and what people don't like about him number just leave it alone but you took that don't say anything about it. But but that's what you're taking from how can you not take that from a how can you not winning changes everything it does winning takes care of everything is among them are are we asked are we learning that I mean outside of what is happening with the EU and we're not thinking about healing right now maybe you do. I don't think their average the average golf fan is looking at it don't you feel like people are rooting for Tiger Woods again but if you don't like people are excited. The C would Tiger -- gonna do next month really and Augusta I don't I don't I don't you're not excited about now I don't I don't root for tiger but not just because there forever now I never really OK so you're -- -- -- you're you're the one -- it -- to try. Truly you're in the minority most people know -- recycle what -- And so I think it's back to that. Because of winning I really don't think that's up. -- The Miami Heat streak is approaching twenty games tonight with a trip to Chicago bulls and doesn't look like there will lose any time soon. What is the possibility that there will win out the rest of their games in the regular season. -- that in the regular season I'm really losing in the -- Other everywhere I lose I want a sure thing. They're literally the wrestler -- why not that's what sixteen they would need to win in the in the champion in the playoffs right. Saw some -- plus how many left in the regular season. Another heater sell 1213 thirteen plus sixteen and it seems no problem. So they have a nearly vacant when twelve and 39 straight games it's more than 39 straight. If they have -- different turns 4727. Now yeah. They have thirteen left in a regular season down -- that success now afford another 29. Now if you if you guys are strong with -- guy he's really struggling 2727. Plus thirteen is forty. Our 120 -- they are six and I said the toward the thirteen plus the sixteen left the 20s29. Overall B a 56 game winning his own problems you talk about changing time signatures and rush -- you can't figure this stuff you know I just figured it out. I think they'll lose I think they will unfortunately though it looks like they're gonna snap the streak. They're gonna break the streak. The 33 game winning streak which will from April ninth against Milwaukee and every -- they're gonna do when they win a 107 straight it'll be as good as the patriots winning 21. Cool up there and I. Crime was on ESPN this morning he said he now understands whether fans don't want him putting himself in situations where he could possibly get hurt. -- drunk actually understand what the fans are crying about. Yeah I think you understand that you don't permitted them the other issue with. The issue would drunk was. Wrestling on the stage right. That was the issue that's what it is that what. Let's -- PT on sale led led to all the criticism in the commentary and he says I would never put myself in position. To -- you. Delay might come back or delay in my rehab right so does he understand -- understands. -- did the question is do you think he's is he the same player. I -- little balls Tony days straight during training camping like Madison one they don't break. So he's can't do awful or use our police our balance your life -- band. We're so good and then you play well on the field. What will he become the same player. -- And we -- the best of Rob Gronkowski. In terms of the production. In the production. In May be indeed -- terrific player again but do you see a guy. Who set a team record. For tight ends with touchdowns in his first year and then his second year such an NFL record for touchdowns. Why wouldn't why wouldn't why what I expect his best years are behind -- on what jumps on and on terms of production in terms of touchdowns he's been a touchdown maker. I history's first story we still going to be squares and purple first couple years and still get Brady is this quarter raises important -- this offense is still gets the whole deal. But I see no reason to assume that he won't contain only what he's the only reason he won't continue to do it has to -- -- got the all world. Danny Amendola now. Instead of less well I still think there's got to be forgotten area so maybe Danny Amendola takes away some his Taipei and maybe he does for. He's on him and until now and it's happens every year the business side. It's aspect of the business found an NFL and you get prepared for every single year you see happen and -- Here's our question for revenge for -- -- regular question for Michael with -- -- to something we haven't we haven't addressed the two of us he had leader were about a month away from the NFL draft. And all the things the patriots have done in the off season I got a question. In the draft the last in just ninety seconds rockaholic W media she -- would you want we're back. 82. BC Sports Radio three point seven WEEI after.

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