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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 3/26/13

Mar 26, 2013|

Its all about the variance.

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If you won't be -- I don't. Let them. Many games now analysts negativity that's in this town sucks -- my job with -- -- can holing. Dial 6177793535. Nice city will -- now. Might just wake up until Monday and probably phase -- maybe don't really -- -- we saw economic. So people want for the Red Sox -- -- -- -- screwed up my skirt that's right is that I'll -- if that's all that's it if they got that Michael all they would say is fine. You say you're sorry but actions -- lot of work well -- they want him to say I screwed up and by the way here's the Josh Hamilton press conference -- one World Series. -- -- -- The matter whether they say I'm sorry doesn't matter who they run out of town of about your calls are few minutes. Before into the question jerky -- got a question text -- any question under the sun any question anything you wanna know about any advice -- any. We'll help you out. The 793 cents for example how did you recover from your injury what did you take what I did kind of drug -- I can't fully yet I think generally it's an -- First up -- -- brought you by AT&T W the five available on your iPhone or android device brought you by eighteen TV official wireless provider. -- the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage in New England we got in the. -- moment thought it. Your -- you know to go on this thing called myself. People are appearing -- Bob this is the guy who helped in the united had you know what grow up. -- -- popular upon hey enough that it -- tomorrow okay. And men are having ham -- -- -- go to saved through your round the barbarians. There is that there is the level of barbarism -- their -- ago. You missed it didn't admit -- I missed the -- that's why there. They wanted to know. -- radio guys played grab up after a particularly good -- just curious. -- -- -- I sometimes have a playground masters replace regrets putting it lightly or is that a specific game I just do. He just isn't -- about doing realize adored. It directly to him it's. Just. We just sit here complementing each other you know what a great you know I really like using that for thirty segment that was the -- we have got to -- -- assay to work harder at this time. Other morning Mike Greenberg was that the does. When he frequently getting it what actual -- and it deserves what I thought maybe you guys. It's yes do it enough. Couric -- big. And argue it did not say I I have. Have a hard time believing anything that possibly -- gives terrorists no way that not getting attention it's everywhere and it should be. It should be 27 straight. A lot of attention. Two days earlier today you know that it I've -- Bradley should go down. You -- just -- say about that got them out of every five seconds it don't they don't have gotten everything it can actually make it right now. And message. I'm glad lose embrace that it doesn't get -- the loop for target jokes. -- -- -- Almost set up -- last week. Just about it -- go economic and you know I don't mean spirited but I don't think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barrett. And then it was kind of angers. Now wouldn't say Lewis angers you but what he's picking up some new haters would always it was just one guy right Andy. There's a one anti little guy and how many we have now that two or three XX six. But there's only one there's one guy who stands -- -- just -- Lou yet everything. Great little article doesn't say anything. He brings it be makes it about looked like the Red Sox have reduced prices on Beers somehow that the deal with Malone for a gotta be somebody's got to take the blame for cheaper beer right flew. Tell. Well being to blame somebody for cheap labor all dogs in my eyes will be -- Malone. Thought it would unlock weapons for every time you watched the greatest there ever I stand still you're just like white white. Controversial. I really took it closer -- -- hard in the spirit of great I created that would that. I was born in nineteen brewery. Great work. Subdivision. It lets you all better -- Tim -- we. Dire straits in two you know you can addiction PPG -- -- I've been out and the black yeah. The greatest of them all well and truly peppers. However the greatest band ever like calling the right. The greatest team ever because they had Pedro Martinez but Robert doesn't. It quite that it. It's you know he had a point there to sort of saying the -- haven't really the 311. About a black keys her kids in black the one 22 so it. The key to our little group of -- hours and hours and I can't force and I don't know man in this whole likes to -- down. Come on in the black keys and The White Stripes or any of that just to. -- detection interdiction -- -- not great judge of victims are great not great rarely now not only the ninth grade they saw and there are a lot of how about Red Hot Chili Peppers and yet shirts -- -- that their future one of the most overrated in history music can I get a YouTube and children except for the zoo TV -- I don't listen to YouTube but I can respect them. Who rope on the you know we're with lemon and all that a lot of me with -- -- and even Russia probably Russia Iran and Russia to keep -- they've had a meaningless what would you say 2627. On the ground proximity to provide albums -- 125 -- have a couple. Clunkers. Out I'm pretty good I'd go into the alphabet the. Yeah. You gotta flow of those names are like you know it's funny I was thinking about Ryan Gomes earlier today -- that you brought him up I don't know somebody was. There is such a highlight of upper Providence highlight from what must be the and I T. And the guy and a remind me of Rangel I was thinking of him than you mention him on the show. Maybe in the collective agreements and then how about this -- that does the complete the circle. At the beginning of my -- we heard Jim Calhoun and say you want me to say -- probably probably -- talk about right don't go. Yeah I didn't you know that we put -- this -- yeah -- -- I -- -- prevent you doing well. That have happened -- it and he. If I haven't gotten into. These bad break the bad yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he'll likely keynote you -- it. Carpet Bagger loved it. I don't care where he's from he brought to World Series here is part of the group that I know -- and I can't think it was too soon to say that if anything nice about -- looks like -- that I don't care I -- there I refuse to believe you're -- all evil or all good there's got to be some gray area not just anyone's mind. I'm just saying. He's got more of the story and the senior rip everybody just because they're lowering prices on food and beer. I don't know I feel like that's missing some of the. Good golf god knows what he's talking about what he's talking about people -- hate it would -- fake blood and guys they have a good. Help -- can't -- ended up the year before we get parity just got. And that -- they get that -- to get the sense that people hate and resentment that what is that what you're feeling well last may get after six million. When you're walking out there on the street to people -- and I -- well. Excellent question I hate you know I haven't gotten it yet volumes in fact as I said give me six months mean Josh Hamilton -- of -- Certain guys -- about the popular. Yesterday it approximately it would be one of the biggest misnomer is that -- because of the law and. What's more I've never been there. And then tell me when I'm missing you -- that was way too much for what I've never been there. Astonishing -- to -- -- -- thing I've missed something I should've got it ought to have the opportunity ago. Younger single positive. Withdrawal would hurt them most they had good breakfast there that's why he went -- and it's for the breakfast. They don't. The food there and any given any. And quite some time they thought about it is that unfortunately I ran about two years ago I was what did you think of it. And it was a great time -- a blast and it's not against truth is do you really wanna be going to mr. Petit. It's not that doesn't. Cabrera got whereby the spots in -- her hit it right on the way there you know would you rather -- right through yes -- home. At the box. -- -- to be naked while other commitments him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kelly Burke called up above that they do that. I think people have been. One of the most informed statistician that you got to -- I -- but I -- it and it hasn't really confident that I would like to opposite denigrated the captain of the greater role. And you got to go to people are quite -- that his -- but if they want something it and do feel that. Mr. bill that the F Kerry cleric on Twitter. And its -- on the ticket nickname for himself -- It's like my name except with a ninth that a man is still the soccer that's might -- today powered by AT&T AT&T is the official wireless provider. The Boston Bruins at -- four G coverage in New England phone lines have been jammed really almost at the beginning of the show Michael. As the as the Red Sox thing is just kind of consumed people like get it. I get it it's not just about the -- reduced prices on the year in and hot -- it's about a lot of these exposed nerves. From the last year -- I also think that people have taken in there now so angry that they refusing to see what's actually going on right problem. Which is cheaper beer is cheaper beer which is some big players -- you can root for which is some goldfish for your kids right -- which hopefully is going to be team that competes and he's doing things the right -- in the -- Debit players that you can report that's gonna take awhile for that. Because all these players. Have heard heard anybody say oh yeah I'm really excited about Johnny go outside the -- media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They thought of other options that the Red Sox could have gone where. As opposed to do that animal -- should have been a better option the Mike Napoli at first yes -- no way defensively depth defensively may -- I don't know how well they've gotten much much rather have Mike Napoli. It's not a maybe. Did offensively or rhetoric or talk about our first baseman public -- hits. It plastered and he hit last year Alter Mike Napoli right Mike Napoli there's some questions and -- it. I'm intrigued by Mike Napoli because of what he was able to do a couple of years ago. And not many plate appearances in what he's been able to do historically vs the Red Sox. Even when he was playing well with the angels and he was catching a part time basis -- -- pretty good numbers against Boston. Still. If you look at him in his career and what he's done as a full time Iverson Allen roach. It's an interesting debate actually you probably would give the -- because he had a full time play teams that are cargo and he. Hey that -- and some. A whole lot but eight -- welcomed -- and ultimately get away from every day on the back on yeah. And that could have -- upbeat. People be eight non Latino people being not -- -- people being. And pop out from beer at a ridiculously. The only reason people should be -- as it did you how. Happen sooner during a recession of cheaper infections in cheaper ticket prices like -- ludicrous -- like people actually. Complaining. I think that what the proper -- and do you like yes it. It's an apology. Q do cheaper concessions for the month of April when -- -- make it look in the middle is something -- may be that he will be a bunch of little apologies. I will add up. To make one. You're out of their lips though he's now. Gonna -- gonna happen for starters there. Because they can't bring public say hey we really messed up over the last eight months. Like the biggest Spain on Latino and Henry and all their record now is that they ran -- -- account. -- -- balance is right in -- and then they have the cataclysmic catastrophe. Beckett gonzo and Crawford all that but -- I challenge you to find a better front office in the last ten years and the Swan Lake yes they had a rough patch. Other than Tampa they be pretty hard to do not -- -- Tampa well given what given their resources I think I can -- it now. Given the resources prostrate -- -- on etc. you think the market -- matter are in the business. Byron does what he referred to Rupert team because you love baseball but ultimately you this. He what. Judging judges are given the resources you gotta respect goes to everybody kind of sound levels on the same level they did they win a World Series. That we could talk would have wanted to have this debate continues your questions answered the question jerk just Texas a question any question re 7937 its next talk -- WEEI.

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