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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 3/27/13

Mar 27, 2013|

Smooth like Salk... errrr... Silk

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I'm an absolute rule I can't believe that -- so -- world times. This is around you are friends. So Susan. In -- unfortunately all good things come to an end beats Mike Duncan with a -- can holly I I'm very fun to be in the noise. But I'm okay whole amount. Here -- high right now you guys Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In I had no I don't court. It came down Mike John. You have a problem. Ball we saw in -- A texture of the AT&T tax line. -- -- she's she's more like can't hide your Wayne Cashman if he had a player like as well he'd be better if the player who can dig in the corners. We need somebody out in front of the net I don't disagree without okay if he's more like Ken Hodge in Lancaster you have there's no shame in that that's right but that's more apt -- Comparison and -- behind a Teddy -- They're probably more apt comparison then Cam Neely took. But I think unfortunately for him. Knew he was the guy that everybody remembered mostly want him to be like cam. I like that comparison though it again Roger Wayne Cashman -- really get to see those guys at their at their prime barely saw them at all. Yeah but you've seen -- -- from what I hear exactly what what would you say what are my dad tells -- all these are classic Bruins games here. We get a chance to see him enough it's difficult when they're all my dad just keep shouting and pointing at number four over and over again it's difficult to focus on -- a very nice days away for those these days away for that. You know it's funny the -- and until he's got to stay awake he's the only game tonight I was going to the game here that -- worry our relationship can stay up all time it's embarrassing if they -- him. He -- he's going as best they already tax -- that's a quite devastating season is the Bruins fan of their of their. He and his rendition -- -- -- we offer my dog bandit. Please please put the kibosh on -- yeah. Theory don't believe. Boston sports fans of blood in the country. Perhaps a couple of weeks I've heard Danielle and so called MO LO Evan doll stereo us. Many many more days. I can get hot again they're -- so there. And this message -- to be fair the godfather Sports Radio here wasn't always number one with the names that's right Arial her. Don't believe gallust amend the Laura is a little of your. Well I just thought about the new and then -- promotions. Do you go to golden wicked cricket bat all I have to say is. Daddy. I want them all total good now. Number I didn't yeah. I'm -- -- all right I'll get you on the bullet -- night. Now and your message to Brooke assaults. It is. Good bands they have what two big songs so either in the other one. That one of them dated a guy from bush or something like that. You know over consultant -- -- good listener -- assault. Plural you could hear through no -- okay what. Do I don't -- Started yelling at liberal Danielle deeply sorry and deeply sorry. Our -- so let's just. That shouldn't bash bush the other sport are dual -- I thought Osgood because to be asked. Bob Hope. Yeah it's bad enough but -- -- -- they know my dad I'm sorry -- -- the -- -- do our bit this bit and it's bad bad bad then I have a lot. And this message. Or maybe longer. Maybe. Longer maybe it extends beyond April former got a response the Red Sox. I've gotten from their fans. After announcing that you think they'd like if they got enough response saying we love this but we want you put your money where your mouth is that's right show was you need to do for the whole your whole year would they respond by saying nothing in my that would be a pretty cool gesture. It would be hard to argue that they are not listening to their fans if they were to actually extend that for the whole season. They add up because you did both of fat out of there is perhaps follow that but that's all you thought about. Those that have but this this is a guy who can do about bad. Can't wait -- -- be the scum bags and go through yeah look like a dirty bomb Los. And I thought I. This is over the top loser at a dizzying series and it's worked pretty about the way they call yesterday -- Because yesterday we call the a -- about Lou she's -- and tells -- And I got myself. Anywhere -- felt like given away apparently not thought I was well. And message that is given away games left and right five straight. Not competitive last night they beat they beat the cavaliers tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers. Well I mean wounds were they supposed to go ahead and beat the New Orleans Hornets with the same little voice inflection. Yeah but the cavaliers. -- they lost once this year right now within forty police say they -- curry and Irving went off. In that game today has opened it and Ed Bradley stuck on carrier ring who goes off for them tonight -- don't think that's a problem. Probably they have and they don't have that Harry don't have a second guy who's gonna go off they should if they do they're always. We don't they do. -- stayed true they do until tomorrow morning. My goal all they did not -- see what happens to -- wrong rotated. Where you know your brother. It felt good third felt good -- battery right now they know. -- as bad as they where we were all good. And this message to not let your response to welcome you guys have heard -- doing better. -- -- do better than that come on to meet someone else. Hey Obama your boys -- you go out single in the Fella who went out firms are drinking water and alcohol -- don't at all worried. But I would be getting killed French Fries and hamburgers they were laughing at me because they'd like French Fries with the fourth in the night beat people here they have no -- Did no work. I barbarians. Are very good message clearly dropped the barbarians oh yeah I like this joke. Well -- -- do you years Snickers bar with a fortune Nadal. I -- I you know what I'm a big nice guy. I hardly a reason not ever if I thought I -- using a knife fight well I use up about stay off. Italian the first state if I have to obviously not just pick up the state ball. I was and I -- -- -- but not just use your hair off again deal that's on coupons not a barbaric barbaric I feel like something with a four -- no knife I will do that every to submit your mom -- of euphoria. -- -- that hasn't happened. Bob god there doesn't know him a call are all talking about what you're doing good. Well doesn't want to talk about a -- -- available little boy had much fuel older guys gave. Both the whole way they did that keep your eyes I think this -- -- it is another third gave up. Our goal is definitely don't want big foot -- and that of course you know here. Good people I've -- -- they're here -- back of course your New Jersey -- But senate tonight. Kids are a lot of problems hanging up the phone is going. After senate today did he says the Jackie Bradley is another Derek Jeter are assuming means off you don't intangibles. Leadership type of ability. Frank doesn't always hear things accurately so it's possible but to. -- -- volatile western director can only Irving not playing tonight. Now. Yeah. Every Irving. For uncle Joseph play tonight. He's outs. I forgot about that I stick Gregory -- he's up for the year. You have no -- earning. Here in with your five game losing streak even without Courtney Lee and Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo. You're secondary players should be better than their secondary players -- this game by ten points. Our god it didn't make it stop make your best -- -- -- -- Montreal. Oh my god didn't make is that going to. Go where you really. We did whatever Obama got a language that horrible. And after that goes up when they want you play -- French Canadian garbage today feature to get people like. All turned around a while Montreal tonight they're showing them how cheesy just Canadians really are. That's and I will close calls for more. -- hit Petro diesel and we'll go what -- Is critical because -- beautiful but very few headaches and really get. Good. -- overtly vulgar. And message. That's still true historic in itself domain name -- to get everything I think show is that -- are not much has changed here. Talks become something new virus could be transmitted through radio waves because I'm -- at every turn -- people. I found myself growing up in my mouth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree with rather throw your mouth a little bit and that's way in the back of -- -- more of a tickle you break out -- -- show rash every time I talk then you know you got a problem. And then the red as you said the -- the rest of the bad things can -- many can mean many things and plus it's outwardly visible to the rest of the world they know you're in fact depends on whether rations. Very well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And just let the US at the end his name. Software just Kevin winter -- just get with Kevin winter yeah. Maryland I like to see there's no and at the end of -- there's no way at the end of Kevin but that doesn't stop you from announced that -- -- Kevin winter like this that Kevin however. Should be Kevin winters so it'll be better Kevin winters are given when it doesn't matter quote be better his name does not know that they make you change if I just an -- The data Abby -- -- game he's not possessive about soaks. Now all my truck -- that could go like that I do like salt and -- your WEEI. Hey Mike ball a bit -- career at Boston's. But quote below a constructive critics who have no yeah I -- -- -- go -- -- -- -- here right now. He's in the -- Michael awful lot you know if they lower create an athletic. And the message. -- Harris is is a very. Careful listener who's been chased by Turkey's he's opposed. Who chased by Turks -- chased by wild turkeys that is afforded video it's a great video of this presentation. She's clearly bill how -- is sort of let me start this year how many like the floor turkeys at one time or chasing down -- your -- -- some Turkey that's -- life. They're crazy the great analysts does that cross the street to come after and they're like. 25 feet across streak come after you screaming at him come and bring it charities Dexter and AT&T Texas is that you give him I BD. Well you always need to do. Don't -- and talk to my friends said they are asked to carry on that. They've always how to go from being an orderly bit. About -- -- -- -- -- -- year goodnight guys thank you will -- a little bit but I know this but go we're the black did it well. And disconnected from the -- works -- seems unnecessary. Regular basis marks. Bibby. Did you live -- -- guys a mixed day so the bed of the goodness formally known as a while I. Every day come lovable loser legend come dog and here you know I'd be doing. -- flag somewhat there. -- -- -- The Venezuelan medallions. Outcome definitely street guys. But you -- boardwalk empire and see him great going Dave Dave Bush early but can't do and chaos I am lord. Got the I've done -- doing your homework. I -- a -- lives -- shut up and Donnie you eyelid and well and really the only at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's like. That is a high opinion. Of everybody who's calling ranked becoming friends from Gloucester is. Straight from Gloucester and boardwalk empire that's a stretch when you say I don't know that's Mike de powered by. AT&T. WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device that brought you by eighteen TV official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at most four G coverage in New England. No carrier. No carrier ring tonight -- shame on us he's been -- for most of the year but now he has not been our most number one where he now has a lot of -- but offer few easy enough for awhile okay now how many games they played so far most teams have played about seven games. Roughly seven against 657 against play 49. And according to -- few extra 49 assists and -- a few weeks now he started the season now for strikes that's about it OK and the guys hit it in play in the all star game was tremendous. Government when it reports again when he dropped 41 on the Celtics if he doesn't play can the old version of him play. Like what he -- college girl yeah a local deli guy I know I'm playing great -- and did you see the Jeff Gordon version. We're Jeff Gordon dresses up and and drives the Camaro around Pattinson -- dude is a funny it is really do think he he's just driving. A he's test driving a Camaro and the guy is no idea that he's Jeff Gordon looks like a guy driving a minivan. And he is just his crews and around corners he's going up ramps and the guy screaming out -- much. You -- gonna have to pay for all of your damages. He's screaming his face is what wobbling as the as is going around turns replied I have to check it out Pepsi Max yeah but that's a good it's a good campaign. To have like a Bill Russell get the band back together. Kevin Love doing all these are supposedly all these old school moves and Hamad I love it. But the second help the cavaliers tonight as a matter fact Celtics win by fifteen with a ten -- you are fifty always throw money on the Celtics to win by fifteen tonight answer the question jerk coming up any question that -- answer at 3793737937. Texas winter next. WER. Pros no wind. It's. Point seven million DI FM SUPI dot com.

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