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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Our offense might be too simplified

Mar 27, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Our offense might be too simplified

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-- that I presented by Lexus continues from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland second night of back to backs that Wilson's new second game in the five game at seven nights stretch. A final peace misses his mark -- with a head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Count us in what you're looking at the schedule lots of what's the opponents but at night saying over and over -- back to back him biking and seven nights there's sort of -- division between this particular week in the final two weeks of the season. When you think about practices and team who's going who's not how aware now or you albeit -- come down the stretch. Well that's as far as who's playing who that -- because we have guys out -- -- just out so it's like your game plan. But I am looking at our practice days ago and then -- practices because. Do we -- practices of all the guys or -- practice medical news today. And you know obviously given the infusing this is when practiced member of the company and we don't have an obviously a lot of turnovers over the last few games who talked about some of the culprits. And you know -- just thinking about it looking at one -- you have on the floor how much simpler can you possibly make the office. Well now and that much in from new York and -- -- just. We're so apart to probably thought. And notes that -- -- probably overdid events simplified to the point where Michael -- us to -- -- And so. We just have to trust that they can run more stuff. We spent a lot of time -- not talking about Jordan Crawford maybe this is where he comes in because if you know you can't figure out how to give them the -- of the teams to figure out how to defend him. You said last night it was sort of you know this is of the person comment after the game you can't really change who he is particularly now in this setting. What's the biggest challenge in making his game to -- five million you'd. Well I think he does for the flood you that I don't think you. What I heard about him from what I've seen this is opposite. You know he's he's he's a competitor who once the war in. Does make mistakes with the board and try to do too much. But didn't -- I hadn't seen as being -- -- -- -- alone I don't see that at all and it gets it it's so bad and then that or upload up to. Happen probably more than we think in the NBA a guy can fall out of favor could be a fluke he could be a lineup combination where a team just gets hot without him and then you start. Guessing about his reputation of things and -- -- -- more -- than anything else. Yeah I think it happened more than. I've learned that you know and it's almost impossible to do. We're gonna make history or is listed in the in the offseason. At solidifying ex teammates because. It's a lot of cases -- management or coaches don't like -- player. But his teammates level and that this little thing about it that that -- here. And those who did that I would it be able to take a gamble and it would be to. What about when his coaches and ex teammate of yours is the same thing there's still coaches that it -- today. Is sort of -- story Celtics twice today for guy that we have a lot of fiction porky undoing and that sign in Memphis and it was going to be to think a lot of people by surprise to you at any point during this season especially bodies start to fall murder mystery about the honest enough. Well we want it to look at. Due to buy. So we it's that you probably would've been a boom in. This -- could do it. Nokia and reached out to me a couple weeks. Sit there and it is totally addicted to go -- the lawyer should ever. Play if he wants to play just because. This date that it used to wherever and in some ways and really before. Defensive game will become a few of them don't game forwards. What what is scarier at this time of the year. Veteran team is not gonna make the playoffs are a team like this with a lot of youth a lot of energy guys trying to find their. I think they're all scary good right now Libya does that mean we're just trying to you know get our act together and you know on -- extreme circumstances rose right now. I do look at this if somehow we can figure this out with this bunch we have now I think it would be huge for us later just in the fact that spirit. And I think it's a great opportunity for us to bring our team together. And that coach -- with the -- next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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