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Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Sports, on the possibility of Jarome Iginla to the Bruins

Mar 27, 2013|

Greg Wyshynski, Puck Daddy from Yahoo! Sports, joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the chances of the Bruins landing Jarome Iginla from the Flames and who else may be on the team's radar.

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-- WEEI okay. Final -- model or not -- 37 WEEI try to recover from urination talk. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yahoo! Sports Yahoo! Sports dot com Wall Street every single day the headline today Republican -- derby Boston Bruins in driver's seat. It's trade deadline nears we got a week to go that's a Bruins fans are asking will they pay the price. They're very talented player Greg -- on the eighteenth the off line Greg it's much Tom Garrity of Boston power you. Until I -- -- I'm -- -- beautiful -- Toronto Ontario right now having seen the exciting leave some Panthers game last night. Was it a business trip or a pleasure trip to Tehran this time Greg. I -- -- -- lonely and I got my my my radio partner -- -- American are -- -- -- targeting video stuff for Yahoo! so we had to go learn how to do that because I'm fumble and and you know -- so we had to kind of figured out how to do -- -- so long touted by the take -- scintillating. -- game I don't know anyone there'd been -- game but it's Tikrit is juxtaposition the scoreboard it's asking for people to screen their heads off. Meanwhile everybody's trust like it just came to work there's like seven -- and the crowd it's it's one of the worst atmosphere I think you can watch hockey in and. Niagara have been a couple -- -- and and and the scoreboard is actually the size of some HL -- -- kind of dwarfs the entire Xperia. Yeah exactly exactly that's how Michael Petit but I mean he can't he can't go wrong in Toronto -- like hockey created -- it was that the atmosphere at their game has matched that intensity of interest. Tonight should be rock and and Boston no worries about the atmosphere Montreal's in town for 730 national game and end. Look at talks been about the team around here Greg but it's been as much about Jarome Iginla and is he available what the price is going to be in. I guess my question for you is is the price as high as everyone says which is a player. A prospect in a number one pick is that. What you're hearing do you feel like the Bruins that the headline said today on your website. Are in the drivers seat and the favorite to land this guy if he's traded between now and next Wednesday. On the first four and I think that's the price. A it's this this is that this is the legacy move for the Calgary Flames management team they can't screw it up they got to get everything back they can foreign. It delayed this for so long that they got to get it right. And and so I think that is the price of that question. As far as the group being in the driver's seat at the combination of having -- that that's. And I think they do as well as other teams can't drop and out -- -- the Pittsburgh Penguin Group Brenden Morrow I think was was it. Symbolic of them dropping out of the of the game saying you've got teams like LA and Chicago that may not necessarily want exciting in the to a long term deal. I think Boston -- The flexibility financially especially including -- Norton in the dealer they don't bring -- back. Next year. Two to not only treat her in the but also signed him to a to a -- the kind of contract it is -- -- -- in a way to penetrate follows. I Greg I I you know I hosted Bruins games on NASA and from 9704. And I think IE I responded to the first -- deal with a Boston rumor in 2004. So it's nine years later. And we're still talking about him coming here obviously this might be. The point in time of what's the need is there more than they need some scored and he really needs help on the power play but -- beginning important. How much -- prospect how much of a draft -- you know what point does it just become too much and you have to move on. Well yeah I mean I think I think that the price tag is if I no question about it but I mean you are talking about a game changing player neck and any briefing room in that it was period back by both for his style of play for his ability is. True leadership for -- -- or other intangible there. I think you get make you look and then you know you're happy to -- -- the other aspect of -- different you know. To me it is -- two or three right now in all due respect -- in the Montreal in become an account. I think it's that Gergen heading to Boston and an expert -- made two moves in the last week. Speak to to the playoffs -- to play -- move that was buried in the is it to move directly tailored to playing the Bruins in the playoffs. So I think I think the -- got to respond. -- without any general ability airline -- or somebody like that but they can get local home run and frankly if you have the assets to move -- -- like -- local. And I think that the poetry get a without having to give up say but -- Havel and or Malcolm Uga. Saint Louis is somebody else we've heard a lot of rumors about it does does this tip a bigot I mean it -- the coaching move. But obviously with this but all conference schedule you always going for point games every night just may think they're out of it don't do they start moving assets or is that just. The -- the one guy that they think they can help rebuild. Well it can't they just fired John Cooper this HL coaching the circuit -- -- I'm a big fan of I think actually can get they're they're really good iron and the obvious when the -- and it. He's going to have a saying that he's coaching this year he's coaching for them to make the pullout by I don't see them making up that -- It is to make the bad. But as far as trading -- the real issue is whether or not. You want to move I mean you use -- got the ability to stop any trade. And I and I think you know if you on the open market it's gonna be an -- that'll be sought after abide by multiple team. But the window opportunities still rare for Tampa yet it is itself a goalie maybe have a Chad thank you and I don't know by. Obviously if you available that becomes a big game changer he might even start the turnaround ever quit the current elderly. Greg -- -- -- puck daddy blog guy who sports dot com joins us to -- technically I like I don't football. Or based like you make a trade for guy you have a 48 hour window negotiate an extension of the guys -- -- -- age you want a new contract. Is it work that way and hockey because everything you're saying about again -- agree with except for boy it's a lot for rental by new. -- they can negotiate and get an extension. Put in place I'd feel better about it how does that work they allow that the NHL. Well personally think he tampering rules but the great thing about the NHL that nobody paid attention -- the future. This -- wink wink nudge -- in the NHL. It can really the only coming after you they don't like you -- -- -- a double cut in political cause of that culture a contract it's going to be embarrassed the NHL like giving them that. This ridiculous. Deal where at by the end of the heat making it much of the etiquette -- at Wendy's does. So they got in for that I'd like you get these. Get these sort of agreement in place before it sometimes can make it yield on the bottom line is that. Again look not -- that it is no no trade clause. If he's not sure that the definition going to the debt that is it the deputies -- -- choice basically it's gonna go long term with themselves. That's part of the equation and and it's it's also some you got to factor enemy a player that age. Depending on what labor contract he looked like they keep looking for in a perfect world every team want this guy the rental. Every team wants that Chicago would would take the kind of milliseconds or until it's the aspect of it doesn't simply wanna go someplace either for a few months. Lot of excellent you he wants he wants a new all the believe Calgary and that's that's the tricky part. You know we talked about adding scoring it yet this is our annual a time of year where we start talking about the Bruins are -- need the puck moving defenseman. Obviously -- Hamilton fills some of that maybe you could do and I mean the list is amazing and I'm sort of stop my head. But Callaway -- door Norris. Could go on and on the guys they've had come to Mark -- Aaron Ward to an extent they would do this until the -- they went through a stretch. A basically trying to up to flip a defenseman every year to find the one guy who would stick. One of the -- everybody's always looking for a puck moving defenseman but is it is a defensive. I addition something the Bruins again export heavily. Yeah I I get the -- this year no -- her defense and you look at her Winger. And that defense can you imagine it's gonna be the puck moving variety. There they'll become available for sure I think the sexiest one. Would be a -- like with a guy like Dan Boyle with a candidate shirt he'd he'd be -- sexy one but. You know I think they'll be some available at deadline it's one thing about this -- my voice is that I I thought it was going to be kind of the news. Because he needs -- straight navigate trade deadline by. I'm kind of encouraged by morrow. And and Brenda Murray moving from two teams that are still in the playoff on the western -- makes you think that team has spoken out push away some some players at the deadline. Even if there in the playoff -- which -- it did you turn me that we don't have to spend five hours talking about a fourth lines that are being looked for a fifth round pick. Well and that's what some of this has been last couple years and we talked about it we talk about of this Bruins team you consider that one of the favorites EC -- a two horse race. Is there anything Montreal could do in terms of the trade market Greg we put them back in the mix is there. Is there something they could acquire we consider them located not just in the standings there. They could be a real playoff contender a cup contender on the east. I think -- on paper they are one and let them -- Michael Ryder move I think was sort of about that type of movie expect closer to the deadline. I just don't know what to make it look like there's that came out of nowhere I'd change I'd take from like thirteenth fourteenth in the conference. But -- -- -- very important miracle to get Cuba culture and you can Gallagher of the come out and play like they're pros they got. Moving scoring defense and they -- Carey Price and the pipes. They got good mix of veterans and young players up front what they've got all I just don't know what to expect from the playoff like. It's one thing that -- Montreal looked great going and if they meet the Bruins in the first round I don't think they'd be approved literature out. So hard to figure out exactly what Montreal -- I don't know if there's anything at the edit the Atlantic it -- to go while they're legit now I just have to see what they are in the -- -- Is your initial reaction to the report by MacKenzie and others today that mr. -- got himself mr. toe drag -- dog humans. Who tried that -- drag against the Bruins was picked up off waivers by the Bruins today. Clearly they were frightened by it clearly they wanted to take him out of circulation victory that he didn't try anything else out of the bag of tricks. Every everybody I'd argue that you know in Ottawa about -- kids in you know previously says. There's -- -- -- in the right organization with the rates. The environment around them I get the feeling that he could he could be -- -- I think it's a nice a nice -- -- -- Ali it's a good player to -- -- on. But he could be something more than just can't catch you have moved. Yeah I mean a 124 years old and you know the upside obviously is there you know -- giving up anything to get him. But but as you look at the penguins right now when you talked about some of the moves and where they're at they're going -- thirteen in a row. I've got to think that the team to beat in the east. Are they built to make it to the playoff run as well do you like that team through the long playoff call. -- -- and I know like the way the race sheer will build it play -- -- note is that Brenden -- -- remind it what it picked up Billy -- to -- cup run out beefing up the defense like they are you know obviously it did you know waiting to get all impacted they would do that followed up Malkovich which is pretty remarkable. I I they're both for the playoffs and and you know there are times when they've looked like the best team in hockey. There are a couple of now that the only question mark when he is is goaltending -- I hate saying second I would hope that. Mark on your -- winning a couple of put some that put that argument to rest. Like he's been such a -- this season and the next -- also to the memory to the way he played net period against the flyers out of my head either. So it's that would be the only question for me about things right now. The other guy people talk about around here go back one more guys often barely in the market is. Is jogger -- do you think he's kind of -- sign there that wanna re sign him is he available made. The power -- so bad here Greg that everyone in the auger is. Well you know Tim Thomas a net you better gets up and a special teams and they view him as a it power -- savior do you think he's available anything left in the tank for him. There's plenty left in the tank for him any big daddy could add any line in the line it's immediately better opinion as -- felt like Google extension in Dallas who before he he leaves in some kind of -- start purge at that that at least put the -- what last night. So you might be off the table but even exceed an interesting option for it -- I mean I I I wondered. If -- wasn't the disaster they are if they were closer to the bubble that -- stated they would have tried to re acquire him. To put him back with that Briere Hartnell and then reunited ally and carry them last year. -- don't ask the other -- and they're real good job after the last meeting with the Canadians got -- setting the golf -- for the league to be very. Much on the lookout for any diving or embellishment -- tonight in the gaming as a Canadian how much will the -- be watching what happens tonight. Yeah I think you know that's funny as I've forgotten about that the doppler radar a little -- Britain about the time it was clearly setting them opted to you know watch this game a little bit closer watch for any embellishment. Second sometimes backfire on you and and I and I give him credit the next eighteen out that you know I don't wanna throw. -- -- -- -- -- glass house here and we are guys that you sort of thing but. And of course the Montreal has the reputation and if need be put the official unnoticed appealed more cognizant of the night. And the big question -- -- before -- let you go I think the NHL all the major sports -- been very young pro active overtime you know they -- the red -- out to try to speed up the game they've done a lot. For the clutching and grabbing they brought in the shoot out what will they do to ensure that a fan can -- front row seats and not get an assistant coach's ear piece in his beer. Our players -- forever and we decided it was. Yeah you know it's. It's funny you the last primary remember that happening you know coached. Interfering with a player like that was when John Paul Burrell up through the water bottle in Washington DC a few years back with the Rangers and it took a fine port. That story with hilarious and and the reaction that you would not that they haven't Hewitt dropped the lap was also great I love the idea by the way of of not giving out -- and giveaways at the door. I just I like -- of the player to go to turning around and helping fans. All. And calendars instead I think I think it's really sort of building a bridge between that goes about watching the game goes. Well then they they get I think the healthy scratches could come out with that T shirt gun and fire that stuff up into the crowd between periods a. If you're healthy scratch you need to do and some wrong so yeah there's a and it's because operating the teacher cannot. Do you trust me they'd rather do that your boss can be stuck a level mind hearing these media members I I I feel that I'll let what this if you're not checked it out yet I very rarely call things like changing job puck daddy blog. As they life changing look back and NHL money for which turns in one years old and bark or those of us of a certain age in year Leo I I -- -- my early thirties and NHL money -- life changing and so remember. Some of the great things about that came puck daddy you guys do that this did today and thank god. You do because there wasn't enough written about how that changed our lives forget curls in 94 Greg I was planned for 56 hours in a row can I get the receive credit NHL money for. He won't what we emerged from the basement bedroom and the girls we we've got the girl over there which is why we didn't go back but it. But fled the in the time that it's -- yes please check out yesterday we had that. The ten greatest thing it's not like it or not but it skywalk through that it is an amazing trip down memory lane -- -- consumer. You'll want to go grab your any F controller you're Sega Genesis the third speaking your buddy again. I will be doing that later on today Greg Rusedski puck daddy Yahoo! Sports dot com know you're traveling Greg thanks your time we'll talk to you soon. One of our best eighties mixes and hear what the hockey and he joins on the eighteenth the -- to eighteen the four GL TE was speeds that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible ninety seconds from now. We'll talk about the rivalry that is Bruins -- Canadians try to compare attempt at a couple other. Boston robberies in these last couple days and even next week and how about one matches up through that what your phone calls next.

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