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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Jackie Bradley Jr and the Sox

Mar 27, 2013|

Buster Olney joins the Mut and Merloni program to discuss why he believes the Sox should start Bradley Jr. in the minors and what people around baseball are saying about the young prospect.

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Are thrilled this baseball season to once again -- -- one of the best in the business he's Basra only. A ESPN he's becoming great front of the program he begins our baseball season -- we're now what five days away. Opening day for the Boston Red Sox they'll be in New York buster -- and Tom -- of NASA and fame today how are you. And I don't like us they're great to have you back on to become a huge fan your podcast which you started espn.com this year I know you guys talked about it and that's always talked about. The last ten days that is Jackie Bradley junior. A two part question what other Red Sox going to do which Jackie Bradley junior buster what should they do which Jackie Bradley junior start the year. Now you know an independent and he got you you get sort of a bit of credit -- -- And my sense is that they look at him. It being a possible exception Q general rule that you can -- servers I mean he can turn those things. And what it brought up constantly. I know in their conversation did. Hey look what happened with the Braves went Jason Heyward was a rookie they start the year -- that made the playoffs by one game. If you look at the angels last year who didn't start here with Trout they went six and working scrambled back and fell short because -- played the first month without him. They're there are examples of that and that's -- I'm like yes he would. That they gonna start the year with him on their roster. It's on the -- but it's a no brainer and I would not start the it would then I would say right away 08 gone out of minor league. As we've seen it Dodgers do with the prospect yet he'll week. I think that's what they should do because his agent got orders. He almost certainly not in -- eighteen -- deal. In the first couple years in his career he's probably gonna become a free agent and why not back that up by your decision that. You know involves millions of dollars in on the Red Sox in which nine games in April your -- Bob buster -- it's it's a good you know you're answered just encapsulated two hours of on talk radio here and I think I did the beginning was my point Debbie and was -- point. I I get my point wise I just think it's a rare moment in Red Sox history are really a lot of teams in history. Where the other business decision is an easy one like you said you protect him for the extra year the baseball decision for the best -- -- guys now would be keep mop. The PR decision which you should never use as part of your decision making abilities except I think right now you have to look at the Red Sox you have to. Put something out on the field -- to get people to buy back into this team and -- can't. If he doesn't get the job done if he's not ready of the teams really struggling he can send out that twenty games I just think. It's a little tougher in this case that he usually is with these guys isn't it. Oh and I what I hear that I get tight you know group mod. A lot of my friends are Red Sox and they told me all at our Allan watchable and how likable they thought the Red Sox work. And here you have odd guy and I know. You know bald -- ensure that -- to talk with them. You know Tom you having been down there a lot. I mean what an unbelievable kids eat a great guy -- -- -- for the Red Sox in terms -- they have. This this type of player with it's kind of personality that beginning of the year he's so overture. Even looks like he's going to be their version Derek Jeter really doesn't mean that it's like -- I can meet terms would be able to handle things. When he gets up -- you guys to a story. Before. We get areas in Red Sox yankees game last week you know I I wanted to talk to him at the outset of the game. And I explain dome before we went on the air okay this an -- -- -- you. How you feel about your chances for making the roster now I reporter noted that the question it's loaded with trap doors at all. Immediately -- the wrong way are you might get himself into trouble but I -- flag gave -- heads up -- -- give -- -- -- this sort of -- -- And you could see it is basically even seeing right away all would replace any godaddy or. And he answered it perfectly he certainly is prepared. As a player when you look at the walk strike out ratio summit that reminds you Pedroia when he was in the minor league. But I do think that when you look at the best front teams in baseball and in particular that Tampa Bay -- they always figured in the service time clock because. It's the best way to run a business to make sure that your players are productive. And they're absolutely caught deficient when they're on the clock. And I do think that you know you wait in nine days in nineteen. And he called -- again. By early today that no one is gonna remember that any -- start this evening Wear them. Good because we had a disagreement on error during our broadcast or oral or -- her. That you know you don't sit down and they'll -- here. Not a he played well early then he would have even a more typical political decision to make and that's why I think. Just start it with him and quietly. Awestruck with he compared them for personality may be -- team standpoint to Derek Jeter what the scouts telling you. About player comps is there a guy in Major League Baseball center fielder Major League Baseball that he compares favorably to. You know what happened at the question in exactly that way. But I will tell you that when I talked with -- that the -- make that credit they think he's ready to be the big leagues they think he's going to be is a guy you can help the Red -- you're quite com. ET 125 best players I don't think there's any question about it. Now yeah -- you know again I just. I just find it very interesting decision beyond the baseball -- about like you said -- the -- a righty comes out here and and big comeback from the road trip and he did a great catch at Yankee Stadium but he's hitting 3-D -- and you know it becomes really yard. To send him down for those twenty days. Very hard to make that up I guess the other question is. You know as a fan and if you're looking at this. You gotta ask yourself where do you think this Red Sox team isn't close enough to contending for playoff spot that Jackie Bradley junior can make the difference I think the division is so. -- that even if you're picking Boston or New York to finish fourth of them you probably talking about a team that's probably still going to be for five games -- first place 'cause I think this all the -- going to be -- how do you see BA at least. Totally agree with you I I you know that is talking with my colleagues you know we've had a difficult time trying to figure out okay can have been his last. Among the fight scenes. Unit along with who's gonna finish first I think you literally could pick -- -- at. Of the fight -- and come up with plausible scenarios every single time. I'm. You know after wrestling with it and and being around the Yankees got picking them -- in the debate should -- big steps to the issue of that -- I've got the Red Sox that are about the Orioles first I think -- a lot more pitching depth that we think giving him credit for during the course what are. But I agree with -- that you know the debate -- a -- it is funny because you can. You can take that argument and twit either way an old Jacqui -- continue paying on one hand that the debate is gonna be so close you don't wanna give up one or two games. In April which you might at one if you had him on the team and on the flip side. You could say well you know it's not like they're gonna get blown out by some super team in the division because it -- appear -- their current club. So so buster you 2005 a big hero last night of the Yankee dynasty 2013. We finally getting through it. Why I didn't I would still argue that you -- the one with the end of the Yankee diet now from net O'Neal you know mark it'd -- but I do think that we are seeing. Shipped to where there -- they are at a crossroad now. You know I think Brian Cashman and the Yankees general managers being buried deferential Derek Jeter and very polite in saying things like what Derek. It was confident that he can -- back and people sick after he said last week it you know make it become back -- opening day. He's not getting played more than five adding that shortstop in an exhibition game when you -- to watch him Rodney drag it'll play. Eat -- not close to being full speed. And Brian has said that they're not gonna put him on the Major League roster until he demonstrates the two point nine innings. It's shortstop in back to back date I don't weeks he's -- close the gap. He hit 38 year old guy who. And deport people around it all respect and so much. But the bottom line if he he may never -- the paint defensively at shortstop coming back from a major ankle injury. And and I guess now I'm beginning to think that they're not gonna get a whole bunch out of this year -- think about it when it seemed an open. The players -- worst possible for 201. Edit their 245. Homers last year will not be available to them because neither departures or injuries. The great step Austral ESP and joining us the division itself like you said top to bottom is tight where do you view. Baltimore because I see a team that over achieved last year and usually buster these teams over TV and they -- sign a big name player I don't see any sort of big -- -- they almost went opposite what they did exactly did did. -- before a couple of small pieces can in Baltimore Buck Showalter repeat in the -- I think they can and it's -- -- came -- spring training I would actually prepared to pick the blue jays to win the division based on what they've done in the offseason and it what did Orioles came up. And -- and -- sort of realized that you know what they didn't have everything go right last year yet they did great one run games. But they didn't have a whole season and any which got out and now they do and he certainly change your defense. And the other thing too is they have so many. IE and type pitchers in their camp. That you you know that it -- they're gonna have the option to change it got Dylan Bundy. I'm told by one general manager of the best tight school pitching prospect he's never seen. They'll probably be up this year -- Kevin -- number four overall pick last year he's had a great spring training. You know big dollars they'll have a or beaten out of him. They have a lot more pitching and we think that's why picking them to win when I was around blue Jay. Major major questions about the bullpen and it and that beat the -- facts inevitable and yankees inevitable and Orioles -- they're gonna have really good bullpen. And that they real problem for Toronto that's -- picking them or. You know we talk about the the red socks -- -- agree all agree it's still comes back to the pitching they scored enough runs last year was the pitching that went south in September of 2011 it was the pitching that wasn't their last year. -- John Ferrell is back is manager but the but the more important relationship is obviously the pitching coach and won the evidence is really working on Jon Lester clay boggles to pick up their tempo. I'll work quicker and is that good result the spring training I know you can't take too much stock got a great for early results but if you're -- Red Sox fans. How encouraged should you be by what you've seen from western buckles in Florida. You should be encouraged. Because no -- -- data whether or not you know Jon Lester or clay buckle that challenge -- hasn't manifested itself especially last year. It's much -- it had in the past. And I really wondered about -- X-Factor for the -- that's going into spring training I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that group was last year I thought they were miserable. And not that bad job by itself by worked in a executed Keller. And I hated it. And 82 totally cloud your -- year sort of vision to go to the work everyday. And I really think it that was something that capitalists you with a red -- guy he didn't want to beat there will get what this year. Big deal they're excited to come to work they'd like John Farrell. They feel good about things and I do think that there's some element of that I don't know how to quantify that. But I that you probably were more aware that you know this spring did you around the -- more than nine. I know question and well I've got to might respond to last year at all I mean talking -- and you know Boston you talked a clubhouse guys and guys are on the team you can really get the temperature of a team. These guys saying it's a long time since spring training has been. You know an atmosphere where players are hanging around after the work day and talking about baseball you know it used to be a you know you can hear those wheels screech and out of the parking lot you know ninety seconds after the work it was officially over. I think you're right I mean does that translate into wins will see. You know that that there -- plenty Oakland a's teams in New York Yankees teams back in the data did a great chemistry and won a lot of games but I do think. When you're going to be in -- division I think you know a lot of teams are going to be in the mid eighties upper eighties for win total. Not being able that it stayed together play together is something this team is sorely lacked here for a couple years maybe more than most any other team in baseball. No doubt about it and I think the court that that would meet from last year was. You know one player talked about how to feeling was there said. Everybody hates everybody that's not the case anymore and I think you know as we look at Jon Lester had to buckle and a lack -- I mean we need to look at it through that prism as well as. Is it just making with a pitch. We'll put you on the spot here buster you're gonna have to make your picks for ESPN a by a guard post my apologize forge your World Series prediction here for 2013 knowing that. We always get all these wrong it's no big. It's an open and yeah just remind everybody I had the rate being diamond necklace you're a case of an idiot. But I don't find it did the prediction to be the most decent but we do it maybe the most fun thing we do. I -- -- the nationals beating the tigers the world here I think the national far away at the most talent. In baseball and I've heard from a number of general managers where they'd look at tiger's being. The most talented team in the American League and guys and in -- short at their defense right it would -- honor. Wal-Mart on today. Back into the rotation looks good skippers from don't have it ready out yesterday he looked like -- going to be able to be closer at some point this year that'd be great. That's why you brought the tigers nobody asked about the tigers -- I said in the post game show. On October 3 after game 162 the one guy -- want the Red Sox to go get this off season was Torii Hunter you know because what they accomplished anyway it was that. That chemistry changed an atmosphere changed. I don't Torii Hunter was the perfect guy to come and do that now obviously we know what he can do in the clubhouse how much can do on the field to help the tigers become that great team. Well we know that they were. According to metrics the worst defensive team in baseball and he still it in the leak right fielder L if you look at some of the the numbers statistics for how he alleged here. The -- especially it made it possible that -- numbers have come down but that'll be more than offset by. You know what he does defensively and here's a big thing guys Victor Martinez is back and he looks great. And he looks so much the middle and again and last year I haven't funny but I think they ranked twenty ninth to thirtieth and -- yet. In at number five spot in the line up behind Miguel Cabrera. And behind Prince Fielder -- Catholic Delmon Young -- didn't get the job done. Now you drop Victor Martinez in that -- -- day if they completely different look at that he'd watched -- entry. Buster we appreciate look at port talk in baseball at the again throughout the year -- on the show enjoy the opening weekend a baseball -- in next -- we get set for. The began to for the Red Sox yankees week from today. Report bus or alleviate EST -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink -- wanna spend a lot of time they would buster. On the Red Sox in the division I would that be some bigger question how bad as Houston going to be some nationally stop -- it's I wanna say that for next week because obviously Jackie Bradley junior. In this division what people -- talking about 6177797937. The -- text line 37937. If you didn't hear who -- only compared Jackie Bradley junior to play that back four in ninety seconds.

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