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Missouri girls basketball team urinate in water cooler

Mar 27, 2013|

Mut, Tom Caron, and Joey discuss a prank pulled by a high school girls basketball team in which they urinated in the opposing team's water cooler and watched their opponents drink it during a game.

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I'm -- the house Butler 937 WEEI your calls and that till 2 o'clock salt and holly get you and 617. 77979837. He can text this on the AT&T text like 37937. You're the perfect got asked this question too because. You dealt or the thirties is that I get asked what time do you wrestle games -- Out there but thank you for letting us know that. You like these youth teams the suns are both good hockey players that fair to say that -- on travel teams you've been around a lot of teams. This happened to you. I'm curious how would you react as a father and you're also a team manager. An entire Missouri girl's basketball team. Drank diluted urine after a prankster from prankster players from rival high school tamper with their water cooler. Four girls from the cast -- high school basketball team urinated. Into cups and empty one of the cups into the visiting Manet high school's drinking water during the game on February 4. Cast -- school officials apparently learned not that funny Dan. About the disgusting incident more than a month later on Tuesday march 19 according to -- at times reported to demonic counterparts the following morning quote. Word -- this incident Wednesday morning about Wednesday afternoon we pulled our students the girls' basketball team that were involved let them know what had happened. We also sent a letter home to the parents. Face about -- parents who were concerned about possible health risks the principal ought to come for an urged calm discouraged any retaliatory action. They would tell you that their. There apology would be enough for right now the forecast felt -- -- in this watered names were not provided. Based unspecified. Disciplinary action an administrator for determining if quote. Further discipline is warranted for the again inappropriate act before -- respond. It seems like more than an inappropriate act. It's like the most disgusting ever heard of what accounts by school sports I play it we've all been there. Gross stuff happens and replies school's board your teammate is grows up the OK that's the truth. As part of it. You are urinating in somebody else's water supply -- And you're drinking in your teammates want no this is to rival the water visitor -- man it put the water jugs up the home teams responsible. They urinate in the visiting teams water they drank that -- water during the game. Your father your manager your reaction. Who won the game. I miss. Let's get the second how they ought to get up at a point one again you have Vincent it'll 52 in the big tilt the that the the girls who urinated in the water with the eight the year and eight errors won that game -- set at 3726. While captain -- nine and fourteen I scoring affair the poor lady cubs who drank the it's a great team nickname what you're editors. They end up -- year nine and fourteen. The urine drinkers and the year one and eighteen. Only won one game always felt injured right there vice. Awful. Should they arrested you might or is that they should be arrested. Spent a night in jail for this one night and those girls young girls but one night in jail make them in the last night about. One night in jail does your statistics that the criminal act as a -- children. It should be and urinating at somebody else's water. And urinated. Or coffee. You know and break up a company. What happens is the great frank. That is a very afraid to go to this -- -- being -- -- really this is the case someone did that to you John what are your buddies did that somebody bought -- -- at the bar and they said. Hey Joseph how is that year. The goalie can draw you kicked Iran so I would get them back. But it is -- at her house says or does America so it's -- makes it -- there's just one point that it's not you know it's -- right now the -- that those people on the cruise ship. We're stuck out there for a week this is worse than that this is not knowing drops the not knowing you're drinking urine of finding out that that's why's that is that. At that but the first thing I thought of though is there would be ten times more outrageous somehow this was considered hazing or bully. You know I mean that's what we're so caught up to -- -- is that -- at teammates and it was teammates I did well you know maybe expelled and it was like fresh and players -- -- it was the scene you're treated at all expel a instead right now. Is that we're finding out right before -- teams are trying to figure out if there's more -- -- further discipline warranted. Eight is at war and of course it is but what about the many other teams water supplies. Lady cubs won an eighteen and the tough years it is their rebuilding process. It's a bright cheerful lady cubs and that dragging your -- water and I get my nomination to the text of the daily -- beat this five Reuters John -- that we don't detects the debacle that I wonder if Jack Edwards says -- in the Montreal announcers drink. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that effects that acts ask here I would act it's a one year it's a one week suspension from school. And it's one night in jail. Agree that and usually the kid go some of them are music video of the -- early a left field goal fires fires that want to -- natural -- office coach law gets off the ice via. -- -- Suspension from this is at least it's got to be at least a week suspension maybe two weeks five and -- attendees -- -- against a member MTV show scared stiff or they bring like these kids in -- kids to go to prison. They get yelled at us and that just a local jail in Casper ever break it's a crime. It is more than a pro. I disagree -- is a player of the rhetoric we're gonna try and I have kids you look at this from the perspective of the parent. I wouldn't be happy if I've found out my son was drinking his rivals are as you know -- so it does. -- -- -- -- -- -- Get back to the UMass lol on TV I mean it or Sergio you're on a given me a hard guy -- -- this show is gone wildly off as a coach and a manager wanna get your reaction you obviously feel like -- that is the line I will say this right now as team manager. Of the central -- outlaws -- a minor team there's no place for your editors on our team. Gambles and get. We made him put that in the bylaws of the organization let's get an update your top of the hour -- -- -- -- urine involved and John Chambers update another subject was the best my best -- Rob Gronkowski in is up they know that for sure we come back in the other side. I Greg we should -- puck daddy the headline today Bruins in the driver's seat. For Jerome again we'll talk some hockey -- -- tickets are nice and warm I'm. All. I can taste of boats. The human case.

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