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NESN's Barry Pederson thinks the Bruins will make a trade, who does he like?

Mar 27, 2013|

Barry Pederson joined Dennis and Callahan. When asked if the Bruins will stand pat or make a deal, Barry said he thinks they will make a deal. He likes two different players to don the spoked B.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE to enlighten us on all things Bruins and hockey and trade deadline and line ships. Frederick Anderson good -- Gary how are -- Morning I don't good very very good would you suggest that this team is at a crossroads in terms of its this account that he and and and -- talked about speed is lacking they're playing heavy. And maybe this compressed schedule is taken it's it's all honesty if indeed that's the case is that fixable what a couple of in all days without practice and things like that. Well yeah it's we talked about -- progress and I think the beginning of the year because the Bruins didn't play very many -- -- Fourteen games the first 34 probably what seventy in the last thirty and haven't had two days -- and so I think February 22 and 23 -- They need your schedule you have more days off. This is done. Go to the wanna say this team is is tired yeah that weapon very unsuccessful world road trip one of three. They got that one note a lot -- -- had a kind of get to them a little bit with the idea. The panel that on the chances does shock the team a little bit he did that. He got a result he wanted does one have to do that very often but yes I think the team has a little bit tired but you know what everybody throughout the league is that we. They went a coach shuffles the lines doesn't have a physical or a mental impact on the guys. I think it's mental and it is more a situation where you're trying to sending a message. You know we did it once earlier put the -- important in Montreal but here he kind of that would -- We also left wingers and you could see the frustration I think some guys weren't happy with that which is part of the coach's message as well and it's like hey don't take things for granted here we need to pick up our play. And I think especially the first to tell he was really missing and especially with so important and Dellucci. People who teach picked it up that you could see that second here's where he came up after that power play which was very unsuccessful -- man he was frustrated the cracked his stick over the boards and I think he tried to slam that door not 34 fives -- to ensure that. The boys at the guard had to go back and try to straighten -- out after he got some frustration but it still that he did that. Because he has been tech companies started getting his legs -- him getting -- second -- the second wind a little bit and more importantly just be more physically. All the you know obviously hasn't been a great year for Lucic -- on eight gold pace he scored his first goal in sixteen games. -- to your expert guy when you're sitting watching the game can you see him coast at times. Where I concede is the problem is when he's not skating as well as he did at times especially earlier on. The other problem I have with that situation is that it's. At that the other problem is they've been playing almost a man down I think because -- really been struggling about. But great to -- to replace a little bit more consistent than Nathan has. You know after that your plot so often we were wrong. Just to stay out of the -- -- -- came back and we you know we're we're wondering -- of the things that he went -- Policy gonna start with you to be a little bit tentatively look you know we've not had -- that he was initiating physical contact the beginning of the year. He's got away from Matt Lou which I thought it got looked tired to be in this road trip. When he is skating you could see the energy you can see the passion and I picked it replaced -- -- -- it is the fear in the opposing defensemen. And when they're not fearful they have time. They can make good place when he is on top his game. You with the defensemen. Are very aware that he's on the back. But what happens when a guy goes into a slump again going what. Physically happens is it it I know fatigue has to be part of it confidence but does he lose confidence does it does -- lose his chemistry with his line -- what do you think. Yet that yesterday and I think it's it's kind of would -- your you hear coaches and players popular vote cheating I think what happens sometimes as. Yeah he's a proud guy he's also he knows he's called upon to do certain things and I know that when I was struggling a lot of times. You know built and I weren't getting things done offensively we know that we were responsible for that -- I got myself in trouble. Was I would start to do things to parade to try to create offensively in the building did you start pressing start cheating. Where. And how you get yourself but these problems as you kind of go back to basics that would -- system that means you do not get scored against. That means you go out there you play the defensive system you work hard and you check. It's what these guys get themselves in trouble to me is when they are -- -- -- -- from day one we've been talking about on the show as well. When they try and play for mess. And -- think there they believe that there are scoring -- in check. They get themselves in trouble he got to get himself Lucci chimp and made that have to get themselves back into the role. Of every game the opposing defense knows that these guys are checking team they're gonna put me through the boards because it creates space for create -- And bring that intensity when they do that their offense will look after itself if you go up there trying to score goals. Dependency issues start to -- the key commodity and the little bit late start pulling out years -- -- -- -- poorly. Not because you're doing it's obviously because you also know that there's a responsibility for you you're you're the top 264 in the TV go to our produce. I just balls and trying to do too much right yeah yeah I didn't see it start to get the start to crack. You know -- like you're sitting there on the golf course and all the sudden you know you're standing on the team your. You're looking at what things are going well that fairway looks like you you could drive at 747 on their win at struggling. Man you look down their you'd think you have no chance to keeping a piece of property level getting on the fairway. -- if I can circle back to the line -- at the end of the game were toward the end of the second period through the third called switch them back to original line -- is that unusual and B was that because you like what he saw and it was horrible war to put them back together. Yeah I think your reward is the right way I think he was. Try to get a point across and I think again after what should. -- from -- after the up power play and see the frustration. And you could see almost looked the part of the -- you wanna be where your little like you know I got to go down there right and then he got that goal. And I was kind of like you could start to -- -- his play the others played tech companies that okay. Point proven -- goal would get things going again let's get back to where we were in and hopefully move forward. They did Barry do you believe in May be more importantly do you think Peter and camp believe that this team as currently constituted. -- win a cup or must a change must an addition take place for that happened. I think they believe they the way they are constructed right now I think they feel they have the potential to win but -- a lot of question mark I think in order to that it happened. And again we've been talking about it all yearlong as well let you guys are they're not getting all cylinders right and they need to get their offense go they need to get their power play -- -- the things we've been talking about all along. Does that mean that Nathan Horton all the sudden get his game goal in Milan gets his game going consistently -- diverge along line. For the most part to me has been fairly consistent -- the march on schemes and picking up. But with that being said I think I was an organization if I can find him willing dance partner. That I don't have to give up too much. I want to try to Bergen and other top six or just global competition Edberg and other defenseman and give us a little bit more depth. Debate that wrought by the decision time the difficult part -- -- is he's been really good shape I mean there's not a lot of pressure on him since he won the cup a couple of years ago. He's got the core guys all signs they don't have salary. Cap constraints. Is he was young. And barring any injuries they should be competitive for a number of years why do you wanna go out and throw something away just for the sake of making a deal however if there's something there. I wanna try and explore that but right now it seems like there's not just not enough teams eliminated yet on the dance partner. All right let's get specific year does general manager Barry Petersen thing to -- McGinley is worth -- ban. A high prospect and a drastic. Depends of likened Donald. It depends. Like I need. I have to be really really careful given those guys up but the same time. That's like inside him for a longer term is -- -- good -- just not being a 11 year rental type of player. I don't want to bring him in good I think he still has more gas in the tank I think he's. He could play in this system well and again he has it's definitely a top. Six quite afford that to me makes the Bruins instantly better it was a little bit more pressure on the other guys. Well in the Calgary herald yesterday at George Johnson said Boston is the most likely. And destination. Or again -- -- What would happen if it if they amended deal obviously -- not given up on on and top three lines not given up well established -- -- a minor leaguers and whenever draft picks. -- say they acquired him today what line is the on and who gets demoted who gets moved around. I would think you have -- -- to think that the be direct where you'd like to think that maybe that I need to get moved down if that was the case. A -- -- other than the other name up there that to me is really intrigued -- yeah bit to me he is the guy that's criminal I'd just love his game. And I think the -- Serbs do as well he can play all three positions. He is he may be small in stature but as we have seen he has -- guy that given that he's got great intensity. I think he would love to play in this this system with this team he brings offense signature power play better. If there in the selling volatile being tricked up another name to me that's very intrigued. -- the price for Saint Louis B a little less than again look. I think the prices are generally -- be a little bit more really it is they do they have a history camper in Boston is it like. You know Red Sox and yankees was not gonna do with -- each other and I don't like the ravens in the patriots. Does it in and we were popular make with their coaching changes it's amazing. We think back to back great cup run at the Bruins had that series that they the seven game series between them in Tampa Bay. And that game seven at the garden is as good a game that I've ever seen one nothing no penalty by intense rough. You think from that moment on. The Bruins organizing picket kept moving along the the second year old -- Tampa based like how could make the playoffs. So all the sudden that was kind of their pinnacle and they've gone downhill the Bruins a credible good direction. Is in Saint -- friends with Tim Thomas still would have to call. You recommend. Go to Boston signed a long term -- that Tim would -- -- good to. Bloody report give a good word but I also think generally being around this -- would love it -- I I just think he's got a lot more to give and he product to win another cup. Very would you have any. Interest in new Yorker is clearly he's on the eighteenth fairway at least. Be again -- vital to give up much. I think he'd -- may have a little bit more left in the tank for a good playoff round. The problem is though I think a lot of other teams are gonna wanna take a look at him as well and I just don't know. You know we had Peter a couple weeks ago with -- Michelle what he which -- stated he's kind of burn. Holes in his. Helpful bill but he's just not getting enough guys in the asking price was way too high now we're starting to see some movements Dallas was selling -- you know earlier in the week we'll -- today. Some teams are starting to be the sellers but when you have those one or two assets around the league. That are coveted by multiple teams the asking price is too high and we've been talking about a -- the last three or four years but more teams to -- make the wrong moves that the deadline by overpaying. And put the organization. Heading in the wrong direction of those and actually help them. So which way is an -- pointing in your mind a little bit toward they're gonna make a deal a little bit toward the fact that they are not. I think they're going to make a deal yeah I just think the other thing too -- injury puts you in a tough position. He's such a warrior for this team at such an important part of the team physically. Chris Kelly I just -- the hollow and now he's gonna come back from an injury that's right we have a big injury so you have a question marks. I just think you're going to be able to get publicity stunt team doctors that are not only gonna be out of that the other thing of course we have to remember coming trade deadline this is the first time. That the last collective bargaining agreement -- next year's salary cap we know is going lower. So that means there's going to be a lot of teams that you may be better off as a seller making a deal now waiting. For the summer time when everybody had to do what you may not get the price you want for your assets either. As always very Peterson goes toppled a lot or next week we'll talk to down the road. OK guys thanks very -- -- to -- cal -- AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TT.

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