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Buzz Bissinger's crazy Gucci shopping addiction

Mar 27, 2013|

Gerry is fascinated by the article from Buzz Bissinger, which details him being a shopaholic.

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-- buzz Brisinger a contributing editor at vanity Vanity Fair wrote Friday Night Lights and a number of other very very accomplished you know things in his career. Is one sick pop. They know it's it's it's one thing to have an addiction it's one thing to have an obsession is one thing to have something that you just. Nobody else understands -- a year ago we talked about that woman who every day. Likes to lick her cat -- cat hair yes this system that a case of weirdness that is to have that sort of obsession or addiction. It's another thing to tell the world I have never. Read or seen or heard anyone bearing their soul like -- -- -- -- does in this -- 6400 words and you did not wanted to and it and at the end what a lot of people it was say it has to be in April fool's joke -- and the GQ released a statement this he wrote this piece for GQ. It's called my Gucci addiction that doesn't just. And they released a statement saying it is not an April fool's joke this is a guy who is. On the fringe you know I'm on -- precipice. He is an interest shrink read this they would say he's got more than one. Issue yes. He is borderline insane and it's like. I guess all geniuses are insane you know there is a dark place. And but this guy let you go of it -- -- -- -- and it's. It's. Magazine goal that is writing gold because he says you know what I'm hold nothing back -- -- that analysts what do you suppose. He's holding back would -- he's hiding. Maybe well maybe I didn't miss this as this might be. Therapy for him yet as opposed to lying on the shrinks couch and saying this sellout to one guy in one room by himself. He's telling the world about his addiction he's telling the world about his peccadilloes. To set the stranger than we can jump in and and in answer to expound upon this and and examine it. He is 888. Clothes freak but it particular Gucci is addicted to Gucci called. I don't 43 pieces of Gucci. 12 -- jackets 6 evening jackets five -- pants six pairs of boots. Four shirts seven pairs of gloves and three scars. I own items from acne affliction Alexander McQueen Alexander Wang -- Colorado goes -- to get the specifics. The most expensive leather jacket I O says bugs. Is a Gucci ostrich skin. The cost thirteen 1900. Dollars. Your wife put up put up I don't go to war your wife would not put up what he owns 81. Leather jackets the -- 81. The most expensive evening jacket by -- also from Gucci. Black Napa leather with gold threading cost 9800. Dollars. Most expensive leather pants 5600 dollars the most expensive jeans -- 500 dollars the most expensive pair of boots when he 600 dollars. The most expensive pair of gloves. 1015. Dollars Gucci by far makes up the highest percentage of my. Collection. And writes -- addiction it is in drugs or gambling I get to keep what I use after use it. But there are similarities the futile feeding of the bottomless beast and the unavoidable psychological implications the immediate hit. Of the new. That feels like orgasm and the inevitable coming down. And he gets into how much he -- Gucci he owns 81 leather jackets 75. Pairs of boots. 41 pairs of leather pants 32 pairs of jeans. And evening jackets and you know it is 115 pairs of leather gloves. 115. Pairs of leather gloves. He says I -- admits I have a leather fetish. He doesn't and he's already has a leather fetish he says some of the clothing does -- summer's women's I make no distinction. And he goes he keeps meticulous records of what he buys. This just blew me away he goes through as you point out all the the designer things and he goes through his records of all the expenses. In three years. He says and guess tonight's -- and a quarter of a million dollars I was somewhat off the price tag. 587412. Dollars and 97 cents he spent. Almost 600000. On his clothes and his wardrobe. And it goes chapter -- how we just orders he can't stop ordering things online it's pathetic it is he's got his phone -- dinner he's order and things -- -- the hotel this family is in bed and he's got a iPad and he's ordering these design things. He's become personal friends with these places Gucci and and in New York City where he just walks in and they've they've you know throw things enemy buys them all. And he doesn't even if he keeps in the closet with a price tag on. Well as much -- it it was the sort of the British are going to story but he goes from there and it kind of spirals out of control that's. That's the normal stuff yes then we find out if it. It it seeps into his. Sexual life where he. Sites he doesn't he decides he might be gay he he he might be a transvestite. What he and his wife have run their sexual course -- yes they don't have sex anymore so she said. Go experiment I -- expert and urge you experiment an experiment. He went out to the sex clubs -- uncle always took gay -- and trips over speaks duke sex clubs this is the front highlights guy. It's a day was a sports talk show host a couple months ago and he writes about how he blew that because of his temper the bad temper and -- Just as crazy disposition he just couldn't deal with people. Gay rights had always been attract the best and -- even an early age I didn't know what it was my mother or leather gloves and spring time. My first teacher can guard you probably thought I was mentally challengers and never spoke also -- leather gloves every day she left I would watch as she slowly put them on. With the stretch and pull of the fingers. Please I. Just writing sites like I. -- ball I began to wonder about sex and sexuality and where I fit in in the complex spectrum I -- go into the sexual unknown. And the clothing I began to -- routinely gave me the confidence to do it. To transcend the rigid definitions. Of sexuality and gender. Just as I also know there were the requisite stereotypical Snickers. It's about going out these leather clothes and all of Demi looks like he's dressed battling. Was I homosexual. Because so much of what I wars associated with -- I did experiment. Take balls can -- that -- us. And while I don't think this is my sexual -- I can tell you that gay man as a group are nicer smarter. And have a bleep load more fun than straight whites. Was -- hearing toward becoming a dominant -- master in the S and M scene. The letter leather fetish and obvious influence in most of my clothing purchased. And in much of the high fashion itself I did experiment. Was like closeted or maybe not so closet transvestite. Tom Ford makeup is divine and the right foundation and cheap blushed and eyeliner and lipstick. Can do wonders. For the pallid complexion we should try though you minute to look federal witness him some kind of -- you think. Lipstick would it help you would do wonders so I don't have any lips. By a high boots add to any wardrobe although walking on six inch stilettos for hours. Is just a bitch and therefore confined to the privacy. A -- -- seen only by the UPS man who at this point could not possibly be surprised by anything. But address. Or skirt just doesn't look good on me and I can't ever do a thing what my hair. The look I was going for was more David -- we androgynous. It wasn't successful but he says that went to Hong Kong and Macau. With friends I went to sex clubs many many sex clubs. We became tired. He goes through the price again adds up the prices and everything which is how we end to story -- -- -- -- any any points out that he inherited some money -- make good -- and Friday Night Lights sold two million copy was just his brother for money though to be -- in the story he's spending. Small fortunes on leather clothes that make him feel pretty. He spent so much money would Gucci. Gucci invited him as their guests to go to Italy is that correct right -- -- -- guy's -- yeah I was dressed in tight black full -- stretch pants. -- black Gucci T shirt and a black leather Gucci jacket -- we surely. I look so hip. That the order the club put us in the special VIP section overlooking the -- died jammed dance floor talks about -- -- still drinking tequila. And he said I was proud I felt alive I was alive. I felt myself. I was myself all for 6638412. Dollars and ninety's and that is one aspect it is so. Bizarre I I tweeted -- out three times because I just couldn't believe what I read and I think. If you re fantastic story you have to read because I can write his ass -- he's a great great. And part of it is the willing to go places you know me I always think. Not all first person stores work right you know sometimes -- persons. Who cares you know what -- elect Andy -- used to do. Right about -- Microwave -- made a funny sound ego that doesn't interest me you'll read about a fascinating guy who is on the the brink of insanity. -- surgery and is willing to share with you we just we have again it's worth that's worth your time out and. Peterson joins us -- the 8 o'clock hour the -- dog 9 o'clock hour from Red Sox spring training giveaway Bruins tickets as well about an hour from now. Your phone calls next with Dennis Kelly.

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