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Minihane wearing the same clothes? Time for a new wardrobe

Mar 27, 2013|

Dennis and Callahan comment on the fact that Kirk is wearing same thing Wednesday as he did on Monday.

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Peterson join us at 8 o'clock hour -- talk some Bruins hockey as a trade deadline approaches Jerry Remy from Fort Myers, Florida has via deadline I believe it's Sunday. Sometime Sunday. Where they have to if Iran will get down at the exact time and date but why is there some suspense left whether I think of -- or not. JB GA has. Eliminated and all all discussion debate with himself suspense. He's not only on the team start against lefties I think -- CC sabathia who thinks he sees about Sunday's 3 PM deadline for the sought to submit their roster for the Monday opener at Yankee Stadium. Right here from a friend bill -- once again -- in immediately as he knows he's one cent three -- -- around you when that your idea I Wear the -- Monday. It's it's Wednesday and we keep it that Washington didn't I'd like wash now watch gravy -- I'd watch I respect that you're on TV and you were in the same collapsed -- it was like here. It's a good question if you were single would you care the -- the care of Alaska it was in that boot used to Wear clothes want to throw them away like Michael Jordan in his own house he would -- in a brand new clothes every -- able -- lot of suggestions. On ways that you can save money and earn money make ends meet and be considered. Organ donation have. Yes that is -- here's a win win for everybody Kirk could sell his organs on the black market -- -- -- will bring in some big -- it's true -- -- -- true celebrity and the amendment which Hagerty I would do that you might not win okay. But she could get some money for that there's this big celebrity boxing actually in his. Is promoting. Human I don't know we can make money for those with Jimmy Fund. When. You get a I'm sure someone who is something again in the ring with Hagerty how about. Back. Or notion that sweats -- your bed worth about a hundred -- your point I would mind you know what they aren't they did you -- did you materials of course yes yes about magazines right in the if they've upgraded 2013. Spotlight like actors would you take your -- -- there all he can't -- what I'll do that yet of the -- -- -- sperm sample. -- I can tell us what you get for example. I was back to back up and rated text from six three. AT&T -- and six says I'm not sure what you guys did to Kirk I used to think he was the biggest -- Now I'm actually and detained by him and I feel bad that he didn't get the game well. We can and if I want talk about like assays that you know I experienced something similar root canal yesterday for two of the six. Which can figure terrible they got worse at. Kidding of course -- do you clip coupons cause people's denied knowing and by the way and my wife rose in order presents a doer you know we -- that concerned about routes are cut. Group on the degree I don't let's see there's lot of ways for. The sales weasels approached about commercials of this deals made lucrative yet assist people sort of accumulate. You know who are you and -- kind of like this guy's gonna sort of disappear actually that's about it -- those stunt triumph and he does mean you get what you do at the end of the show -- and they went right. Sales oh I know you're great you you lose weight -- the last guy -- -- the guy before I before I got Alaska for a good long while -- you never -- -- we disarm -- case and that -- in the sales people. And they throw businesses away and that's that we made -- me via. IR. Pretty close. There eyes -- he's doing OK I think it's a bit of an overreaction from my wife who gets concerned about the stuff understand well which I life's not happy that he's author John right you're right what what do you look at for me. You we wanna help. -- help us help you everything's fine. Ever -- -- free books you're gonna get that done if you don't agree what to do was tell you produces a book coming out I won. And -- the producer is. That goofy looking ahead in the Buffalo Sabres got a -- dude he was crying yesterday in his office does couldn't get. Barenaked -- tickets for some past so I got a sixteen probity and a congratulations. They still together and Scalia our favorite band. Rio state all I say -- open Mike last night I heard it was -- -- -- -- there were good. Adjusting. If I had a million dollar and I need another guy missing men you have to support -- oh yeah I can hear you -- open -- yeah absolutely again in the next hour slaughter them and what's wrong. Brian Wilson. It's that it's a Kirk -- set are well built for -- was just Texas race at let's get Kirk -- -- -- -- Okay all right I'll do it tonight just say that there is -- -- you know listen them absentee. I just said that for a while I got to Texas executed elect the buzz -- -- -- -- technically. -- -- have you sampled each and everyone's. What do you -- so powerful -- optional as you are confident about newest considered -- on FaceBook when you. -- We have this guys suggest you could do with a guy in horrible bosses did he had to make ends meet would you. -- for that I -- that's -- though some key to a school with money and know that there were successful and -- where you grew up. -- -- at some real don't you go find them where they hang out you're just appear just a pair of rubber gloves away from make some serious cash. I stated gambling tables -- it's cool you will be able I don't buy that you voted most likely to succeed weren't you -- -- -- recession. Everybody including eight who he has and understand -- I was leaking the high six figures now about. I hated it is great yeah. Well what will cover right it's not sure if -- don't like me on the there. It's you to -- you know what that's probably not if that is so -- Evidently because he can't. Whisenhunt. Forty bucks apiece -- due later in the bathroom. I feel like you guys -- hard bargains as I know you. Let's just get into my eyes and it's really profound -- we say candies and three musketeers. Come on are you know what has its rebuke at the same time Dell and deal with you right here behind me in the nobody's doing that right now eleven and you can cast an Iraqi. --

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