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Wrestler Kurt Angle with Grande & Max: Wrestling needs to be in the Olympics

Mar 26, 2013|

Wrestler Kurt Angle with Grande & Max: Wrestling needs to be in the Olympics

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All right John thank you I was thinking as we're sitting here with an Olympic. Gold medal wrestler. That maybe one day if things don't change. My son is eighteen months -- won't get to see an Olympic gold medal Russell if things don't change Kurt angle. Joins us here and run talk about the and -- some verse two which is going to Boston as. You know CNN has a lot of momentum going right now feel deprived of the W what you have been at the forefront starting February when the Olympic Committee personal when the decision was based. This had to be in the amateur wrestling community is shocking decision. Accuses us the United States you know we have every level of -- from here in the middle school high school college. Olympic level. A lot of countries. Really protest against this because they only have to use words like Bulgaria. Or Slovakia you know they only have weightlifting wrestling you've taken away that are software. You know rush I've ran -- You know United States golfing together. Wanna keep resting in the Olympics. What occurred at the IOC -- uses might -- They were supposed to drop a half farm originally has eighteen countries represented it. Pretty much -- -- But the IOC presents them as an athlete. Passes that to keep it kept. They're -- sports cathedral on table that it was wonderful visit to the simply can't do that. Felt that I heard that there was a lot of money from an Asian countries it was broad diversity to keep that -- -- Comes down the politics of money and you know -- these new leader of our new president after -- had happened. We have a great leader announced and take languages politician which obviously -- In sports today especially Olympic sports with wrestling has over a 180 countries represented throughout the world. Not every country goes it's going to be what it -- you have to qualify. -- -- Asian games Pan American games. The European games so not every country and -- in the Olympics you know with them here eight countries but that doesn't mean it. Every country this -- so you have. Or like -- and it's one of the most popular. Sports worldwide orders work world you want to -- that. Whether it be because they don't believe drugs ratings draws money. Russert was sold out of every Olympics except for the UK because it was excellent UK the IOC but while. This might be a dark sport in realities growing. The reason was sold out -- case because there was nobody in the UK that was in the Olympics in roughly. So if you're gonna host wrestling in and nobody from the country's gonna be a bit nobody's gonna come so for the other countries. Could this be you know what to -- we relocated. With football my parents don't wanna have kids involved -- -- about the future of sports even as world championships every -- or could there not being an Olympic sport. Could death deter kids and and maybe directive warned other sports but they seem. I believe resting survivor United States thank god it's because of our our system like explodes you know junior high school college. Obviously we're gonna have the world champions every year the world championships that your but it you know the Olympics is a special it's 140 years and and every every kid that read some history to one day making it the Olympics he got a -- like Ohio today from Cornell University just one. His fourth that's -- title with four different weight classes. You think you'd like him you take these streams of live become in the future let him. That's just crazy. You know the other countries you out of the sports gonna -- if if if it gets dropped and I can't imagine. You know Bulgaria. Not happen to be able to go on the Olympics you know their ultimate dream is to become a -- Olympics I ran a perfect example of the country. Bill has -- few different sports are -- and the tough work. I can't imagine not being they would go to the Olympics are a lot of countries out there that are protesting. And now we're having a meeting in May with the IOC personally. Feel of president world governing body of Russian president with the IOC president. To see how we can save Russell and keep at that point five course words in god willing September when they vote. I believe they're gonna vote I believe they're gonna vote wrestling and so they took -- -- -- to put Russia back in and the last statement for nothing. Kids who watched the Celtics they can play youth basketball to watch hockey. It was what you talked I don't think obviously for Friday good reasons for people who make the connection when they watch. You know I watched every -- millions of people watching when they watch anime and watching USC. I don't think the same connection is made that the basics there start particularly in -- I don't think people understand. How many. Legitimate strong amateur background to the ultimate exit out of that but people don't realize the athletes that are involved in the pro wrestling industry that this that this will start. It does in the wrestling does recruit you know pro wrestling does recruit officers and then he. 85% of the fighters and you have seen her or former wrestlers. Facility you know you're you have options emotion you can you can. You know par laid into profession that. You know if if you're Dana White and you have a national champion wrestler you're gonna pay him a certain amount of my life. If you're -- an Olympic gold medalists. You're going to be paid a heck of a lot more money through represented you have seen in the national champions so. These these browsers that that win national titles in college they have the opportunity to go to Olympics when it went a battle. They're gonna get a paid a lot higher to fight than than just -- -- -- -- there's nothing mobile -- -- it's amazing. But you know to take it to the next level. That just gives you more incentive to get paid more in a short period. It's obvious that you're recruited very heavily by WB of the state ECW's well back and then nine successive Olympics have really thought this if USC. Was -- -- was now. In 1996. Would you have thought differently. Yeah I would never -- pro wrestling I would have been. You know I talked about him. It just you know god bless we we tried to 2006 we tried two dozen -- couldn't agree on. Starting terms Marty was great game it was really good to me in 96 I was approached by the USC. And there's a misquote in the Chicago. Whenever times. But 9060 days -- they gave me the highest paid contract for -- -- -- but it was only fifteen grand -- they want me to fight and I'm here. With my career would only been one -- two years -- voted down that. So the body was then that back then and the money was in pro wrestling so I want with pro wrestler by 2003 I was like oh god would like to. I wanna go play with you know make a lot of money you're -- your view Russian businessman. And I broke my -- so that that's -- for that but then when I left of you are met with in -- way. We had we had we had a we had terms but unfortunately we couldn't agree on starting date. -- just it just kind of went by the wayside but I don't regret it there a way to great guy gave -- great opportunity. Well you know when it comes back to his you know amateur wrestlers have the opportunity to -- pro wrestlers are. Fighters. You -- it it's one -- it last week the NFL team with its latest decision to sort of legislate the violence in the game taken away the crown helmets -- talking about to kick out of the gate and you. Of all people on all the world talk to you put your body through an extraordinary. Amount for your profession more than people would ever realized. Is there. Enough legislation now or is there too much legislation of athletes who are inherently warriors. To take violence and danger out of things that apparently happened. I believe it's God's nature for this word to. You know aggressiveness. And somewhat violence would mean. I don't think you can take. Take it out completely because that's part of the game and in and when I played football high school you know thank god that was a great player I was and all state player. I loved the violence. I believe these players love to be aggressive and they loved it hard. You know to take it the game and you know become ankle byters it's just. It's not appealing to the fans and it's not a feeling that the players and not values in fines can -- left in Brighton. And and and some of the hits or -- and even that bad it's just like. You know what's the game coming through when it. I I know that there are a lot of former players that have gotten together there -- organization. Sudan itself for concussions and you know what when you start the sport of football. You know what you're getting into you know you're gonna have had damage I know what I got into when I got the pro -- If hope had several concussions broken bones. You know Miami's kill me every day in my neck of Brooklyn met four times -- I mean it's. It's part of the sport. You know I got myself into that I knew I love it and I -- I'd love. I loved the dangers of pro wrestler I loved aggressiveness I love the violence has. And and the fans are drawn to. Well let me quite the announcement we have you just I was like I want to ask if that's what questions such -- -- -- by the way in my you know. Let me choose to live on the year to Kurt angle angle unsentimental. That's when they ask you about that when he says he talks about you know going. The reputed to I think one of the things we look in the uniform later. Is we didn't know as much. As we've known now. And I think that is with the huge differences look at right now because they didn't know you well because I mean I remember having a concussion. -- -- -- -- a plane just hit it in and have. Want to enough that in the main thing about an -- what I remember by the so well recently had a concussion we saw one about former play one marvel is last year. So -- that the -- Remember cutie hit and -- -- -- -- not give up I got real if we haven't gotten auctions. And and all of a sudden I'm rich let me what I that was 25 years ago. So so you know they can tell you what we really explains a lot of things you say they've got and that's why weren't FY work which you who. That you do make a valid point. You know -- fact that they didn't. Whether they do work how dangerous it was. I don't think -- did -- long term. I believe that nowadays the learning of long term effects because of players like you wouldn't you know what what has happened in the so. You know I'm I'm I'm kinda borderline you know you know how to protect the guys. And what to do to make the sport safer but also. You know as a fan I want Houston. Object virus does I -- that's what gets me off of life being a and it these players play for a lot of money and obviously you know god forbid there's rears its Norton. You know god -- they should make as much -- they care they deserve. I can tell you that they -- get paid five times more right now because of what they do you know like you said you dated won't reflect that. You grow what you. Mean -- -- those guys were. Some people it innately ours. But he. -- -- cuts. Would mean that the doctors that -- which are members not to though with a view. -- just got to you know you if you look at it takes its balance solve the I got on I hate of the doctor that could be -- I want -- and the -- Though I don't remember two hours later I was on a -- in. Oxygen mask -- Wednesday. And that's what happens is that what you finished fifth column about a -- capital without. One. I did they -- some Mercer is coming in June is that one of the biggest events of the year for two unit for people who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Used just watching as you know nothing else sure for people who. Don't watch DNA right now or harass and why should they be watching. Right now we have the best -- for the world I'm not going down you. Fazed about it. Of these the monster. There they are what we yours shooting or. Whether we get close to modernize you know that's a bit put on amazing product but right now you made it has made rosters. A lot of good mix of older younger guys and and guys just have great chemistry with the child you know it guys never heard like -- rooted James -- AJ styles. -- -- -- -- -- -- Because they were never in the the just them just unbelievable talent right just. And just the perpetual the company is is really you know. -- -- Until this week it. Yes Mark -- night we could go on though Ticketmaster dot com password is leader not angles land. Which is what it is. Though. That that's because this level for Syria today but slam him hit the slams and there's so yeah password for Ticketmaster dot com things. -- opportunity beginning on now -- is really 7:10 AM and it goes through -- Thursday. Her -- been here you know we talked to Paul Pierce about. Ever wants Michael back LA's been near Boston for fifteen years you were. You already have a hall of fame career in this in -- pro wrestling industry but from time to time through the question comes up about where you wanna finish you -- Amok at a lighted by the -- Let's just say that they could be anyway. You know I'm not gonna amok and disrespect he's accompanied by. By telling lies you tell the truth about who say this. There's a chance I could be anywhere with. I'm sure that I I'm we'll have the option. Do you have retired. A -- business. Think I went I don't like our Rick there in this trolley that he knew that you and I don't judge when I retired. You'll never see them when I retire I am dark that. -- -- -- right. Rick not make polio. Whoever -- Terry club -- like what that I used to use them mind you some of that unit that you would if it was that what you meant. While -- and I accompany him who know maybe that I could take on the other. I'll -- you this I would say. The picks would be between undertaker. Brock Lesnar. War obviously John -- Or Dwayne Johnson and there is there a lot of guys wave comes you know it. You know when it comes down to it you know hopefully one of the guys that can retire there did. You don't know what's gonna happen my goodness -- my idea -- -- as -- narrow lead him I loved it and I love you know work for the company. But -- of the time you know when you went retired you wanna do it got to do it your way. This is true it's true it's true I am truly take years ago Brock Lesnar and no one pretty good year old. I thought I don't yeah I had that next hurt my neck was broken up my own though he I got a pin this guy kick out. And he kicked out mostly go think on this rock -- -- your F five. That is that is -- was. Can you give up a junior at five pieces I think -- -- at -- I thought he broke that guys are in no way that he's got a concussion. He's flip out backstage after the match that column you go to hospital. And he doesn't remember anything about them that I'd rather. That concussions have been brought -- Vertical it was a it was one gets open and good luck with that I -- some idiot idiot thank you.

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