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Wyc Grousbeck with Grande & Max - Perkins School for the Blind honored tonight at the Garden

Mar 26, 2013|

Wyc Grousbeck with Grande & Max - Perkins School for the Blind honored tonight at the Garden

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Back to the garden at halftime as the 5844. New York's lead. Let's put that side was like knowing what prospect managing part of the Boston Celtics this year. What is a special night for him especially night for a lot of disconnect itself -- as we talked about during the first -- that's absolutely and what are. Specific rules are in the organization of the radio sides of he has a lot of significant. To us it is -- night. Your Boston whenever we have quick here to talk about this I always like -- almost fascinated by history in different directions things concerns and I would begin with this if there was no Perkins school for the blind would you be sitting here right now in Boston with me. No it it's not a right it's because of Campbell and is blindness that we moved the Boston. Somehow I got hit -- ordinance combined team so. It's been it's been quite a rise in Perkins and reckless management. We. Heard the National Anthem we -- a little bit of it earlier and I can't. Comcast is great job there was -- awaits you make should just shot or TNT tonight. But you want to try to imagine what is going through your mind. As you watch your son at his classmates of the -- school -- and certainly the other day he's looking forward to this all year. They they really just the high point for them have a good standing hopefully those 600 people. And there's a lot of warmth from the building they feel they they take that energy into their daily lives which are a bit of a struggle for some of them sometime in the the -- they use it's that energy. Does go to waste that we really all appreciated her mind you know like -- emails the idea or people who are. Don't have vision issues or whatever that listen to our broadcast it's a great reminder for me every once in awhile what it is doing now in significance of this particular. Side of things utility. There was a perfect trip into. We got about thirteen of us went over to review what people by hand visited two schools for the lines that we. You Perkins has been sporting since that haven't called Helen Helen to. Sort of two locations and the line at that point it's in Mumbai India the billions flying people you actually very little. Services and treatment for the service that you get comfort. Well okay for people learn more about working in this whitworth that's -- -- to -- to -- -- Perkins dot org thanks John it's really very kind of you. You know people around the Celtics on the community of helper that's quite a bit but there's more to do and -- do it every day for me tonight as you know. That is if you set down here I said before people a lot of people ask you about the season's often reminds reentry is the most difficult part of the mission when you've been in places. You don't appreciate how high you've been in the top of the basketball world until. You've become just a good team again and one of the teams jostling for positions has been a hard year for you. Both picked up because we had high hopes at the beginning and I'm really like this team and I'm like actually like the future princess in the just wants us. Play the -- the other night. You know on the court we have really our best run. We had I guess maybe we I guess Paul Pierce out there everybody else is under thirty. So I've got some optimism of -- born optimist but I think there's reason to hope for the future. -- someone younger guys but we're not bring it tonight because you better we're down fourteen. It is a Celtic fan of them get a lot of tweets evidence that people are. It's wherever -- -- named Kevin Garnett injury if flashback through through four years ago. Do you make people feel a little better that this is not that kind of situation that it would be a season ending situation. I don't believe I don't believe it is I talked to them today -- -- -- -- right here -- looked at the time with -- and the doctor. -- the end apparently it is proving there's information there but it's we don't believe it's. Thing you know -- it over to your right and so yes I thought everybody was so you can try to do a Little -- Try to do it to you couldn't see it literally cute he gave me the wrap up tonight. He looked over here and he gave -- to wrap up cite this as the boss I'm stretching it. Let's go to these old out of the third quarter though it's one. This is the boss owns the team. You don't wrapped him off his name is number two in the rafters raptors by the way. By the way you put them a thank you -- that we don't like that oversee come down just that simple thank you would be nice by the way -- -- called Pierce's told us by the way on many occasions that he's not let his number of -- -- -- comes down. -- you know the field Israel -- -- Right now over the -- now it is -- -- -- client -- did you guys work nights ago. It's special night for all of a penalty that -- -- -- -- I'll get that perfect look nice benefit it you know it it really resonates for us thanks right John thanks for things like Cleveland.

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