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Answer the Question! 3/26/13

Mar 26, 2013|

The new way we end our program. You ask us anything on the 37-937 text line, and we answer it.

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-- It's. Time for answering the question jerk answer the question with soccer and holly is the big question. So put should be years on answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question. Some good questions coming in -- here. It's the question jerk everyday sponsored by KRS restoration specialists of -- Property your facilities manager insurance -- a RS. To injury -- disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or a RS her dot com will -- -- RS by the way we -- area and great event at a casino night the other the other night aren't you do at Gillette Stadium. I tell you how we did we raise a lot of money for a great cause besides Matt Matt Hoffman here was auctioneer. It was really easily -- Angel was really getting a lot of people involved. Yeah yeah tell me how you personally I -- -- I -- agree that brought down the house you know three hockey team right here you'd be halls. And you'd be socking the -- -- -- -- phone while ago allegedly because. -- I mean deported -- big change today your name's holly story. They call you halls not state your name is soft real simple they caught you sake to make all your -- -- you -- yet. And I did it make you Jewish. They do. -- hockey. Our area we answer your questions Lisa Silverstone or Liv Tyler. And that is dates back to the -- yes Liv Tyler Tyler police easily to lie about having -- the -- let me tell you that right easy. It's it would it would -- Tyler why because. She is intriguing and that's one thing you can have conversations with her about her dad demeanor. -- at the end of the year like -- went -- -- -- She's relevant as the difference about police is Silverstone then Liv -- now. There elitism are still went downhill are in -- -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're gonna cry slipping avail. Now seven tour and that if she does that put their kids probably do that you don't chew -- food to the food -- -- -- -- -- you know is on terror for -- -- Silverstone who guys. Chick from Baywatch and Charles which are typical -- oh yeah have you seen her recently -- have big girls need love -- news. Next question -- -- with Google search or -- to bring a bookmark or just twelve. -- bench is the most the WB yeah. Who puts up the most on the bench all coma so overrated my address is heparin expressing is overrated critics question the question isn't whether it's -- yeah that's part of -- present the most that yeah I would say. Probably Andy Andy right now. Anybody likes -- huge -- 6465. What would you do you think 300 muscle definition all right. Well -- for disease or athlete -- tell you it is start out telling him Jason. It might be count north -- about it now it's the graphic designer. -- -- -- Junior -- she'd act really -- All of that the soccer player artery. Soccer players like a rugby -- it it's the minimally PO racism is wanted to our bench warrant for contractors gathered to Callahan is about puts up probably about 265. I think that it just figures for a -- morning steady they would -- -- by the but it put up to 25. You know 1520 times. Jack's questions. What's your your wives friends would you most -- -- Police source. Sure your wives now law obviously and I thought it was going to be which of your friends' wives. -- actually you can't say. Actually hear them you can increase of Egypt and that you probably don't apathetic look at all of us all if -- -- his fifth rockets -- they. You've got out of his way Oliver went widget all the Hollywood directly below that I characterizing. Her hairdresser stand -- if I. Don't answer that we -- me to answer every question honestly -- apparently necessary why this course is designed to get us into trouble in our lives is your wife you think your -- -- thing right now in Seattle is again and so well there absolutely shells on WE idol loves talking yeah. You've got to listen to come here crazy. Dating back to the interest questions -- -- a -- April. Missile proposal is a big bench guy always he's a -- yours weighs. He turns to creepy that whole thing anymore and that literally -- was a kid unnaturally. Bench press and the most WE next question. Guys Apollo in his -- or -- line. A golf -- I got a real problem. Not a poll at the end with political and primary and Nevada but Apollo in the dry run. I -- Melissa before over the weekend you don't care about their own product you're the Russian guy tomorrow -- -- -- -- history. I'm hostages and it was a final despite -- Next question watch in the -- rocky or over the weekend those guys must apology to the 250 tons -- and like a little solid. Plugs directly to the -- Next question to death from above to call the Russian. Guys are your other barbecue on the backs on the back deck or on yours do property keep the -- just to. And that's about it you have to have a stoop to -- where people where is the real questions. And it was a murder. Okay that backs you stupid he's the important. Thing we're largely. Over budget. That's true. -- -- Before our -- -- where he put department -- of his barbecue yarder. Right. Whether it's in the back to try towards whatever -- -- this once Earl Bennett -- -- are low and there. Midnight marauders -- low and -- well. I think you. Let everybody would stay low in theory but I don't think they're thinking about it enough yes -- if it's great debate. Low period that would play midnight marauders early personal that is this great track right now -- blowing theory -- play one awards or. God moves through. Here's the difference Michael. -- lowering rates long. But that's kind of the pinnacle for that now now it is. It's good album but that's what I put that on that at the best -- -- low end theory is excellent from start to finish every track on its us. Its commitment guys is -- agrees rock been right and I'm telling you that -- theories that it'd you'd I don't know I don't know how bad I don't know how you do it would you say. No impact. On the culture would you go track by track -- -- you know something you can go go any of it is not a ability what are -- to -- Red -- lower your prices you guys are having this debate history. You guys are you freaking mind we will never heard of either that's right very -- -- that's why Alamo and give a rat's ass about what you're debating and they both have outstanding covered as a matter back if -- -- fine. If I could bring both of those covers -- -- it hit its high art. From -- from all the MC's on the cover of midnight marauders okay to just the cover of blow it here. It would mean that -- -- watch that stupid interludes between its own at least fifteen and keep bouncing into -- just a waste that owns. Look at that okay that's that's a negative. One and negative. Thinking they wished them like you guys keep it until -- got to when he got to. That's out so we did -- -- This is a great day for Americans immigrants experience particularly. What's the big debate honestly it's lower prices. Apparently. Yes the people back but these same people come -- but I Arctic but it's -- might it's fake -- they don't buy it. Mike Adams and actually back tomorrow at 2 o'clock to Iraq.

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